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From "Meyer, Dennis" <dennis.me...@adtech.com>
Subject Re: How to tail a flume stream?
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:54:06 GMT
Hi Thorsten,

I missed that part. This way it makes completely sense. For our use case a
second flow is pretty much acceptable if not even the better match at all.
Would be interested in the buffer/flush solution anyway.


Am 14.11.11 13:12 schrieb "Torsten Curdt" unter <tcurdt@vafer.org>:

>> As far as I understood a flume agent can sent to multiple sinks. Can't
>> just configure two sinks, one as HDFS and on as normal file system? I'm
>> interested in that functionality as well. Does anybody know?
>That's creates a copy but you want a buffer that gets flushed once
>HDFS is available again. Plus you don't want duplicates.

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