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From s ravi <sravi7...@gmail.com>
Subject Need help in flume with active MQ
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 17:39:37 GMT
Hi All,

i have an application with ActiveMQ/JMS messages it will be deployed
in multiple region servers.
right now i am collecting data as VirtualTopic in activemq and saving
this data into log files.

I would like to use FLUME to collect data.

I would like to convert my class into flume source/sinks so that i can
deploy this on flume agent/collector/master.

could anyone please give me suggestion how i can do that using  my
existing class instead of writing entire application.

if i convert my class as flume source(i need help, how i can convert
my existing code to flume source/sink) and  deploy on agent, does it
works or do i have do some other configurations...

Please help..


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