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From Mingjie Lai <mjla...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: multiconfig unmapped nodes with agentDFOChain will leading to refresh all nodes configuration
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 19:43:42 GMT

I'm a little bit confused by your description at flume-763.

Do you mean that step 1 and 3 are all from hbase6? After step 2, hbase2
should send data to hbase3 or hbase6, and it kind of makes sense, right?

Can you check the mapping before step 2 by ``getmappings''? And also
getconfigs. I think you missed some important timing information in the
description, can you try it again?

It's really weird that this (multiconfig + agentDFOChain) configure
combination will affect the behavior of a unmapped node. It might be
related to multiconfig, but would be weird if it's something about


On 09/15/2011 10:58 PM, 纪君祥 wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could anyone tell me Why this happen, how to avoid it? Thanks a lot.
> When I multiconfig unmapped nodes with agentDFOChain, this will leading 
> all node’s configuration being refresh. It seems run command refresh all.
> For more details, please refer to 
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLUME-763
> Thanks
> Longda
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