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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Jdo Wiki] Update of "Chapter18TestComponents" by MichelleCaisse
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 23:12:28 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by MichelleCaisse:

New page:
= XML Metadata Test Coverage =

The standard mappings of Company model will use the following elements and attributes.

||XML Element/attribute||Test||Model||Mapping||Priority||
|| <!ELEMENT jdo ((package)+, (query)*, (extension)*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT package (interface*, class*, sequence*, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST package name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT interface ((property)*, (extension*))> ||InterfaceTest||Interface model||interface
|| <!ATTLIST interface name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||InterfaceTest||Interface model||interface
|| <!ATTLIST interface requires-extent (true|false) ?true?> ||InterfaceTest||Interface
model||interface mapping||.||
|| <!ELEMENT property ((collection|map|array|column)? , extension*)>||InterfaceTest||Interface
model||interface mapping||.||
|| <!ATTLIST property name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||InterfaceTest||Interface model||interface
|| <!ATTLIST property column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||InterfaceTest||Interface model||interface
|| <!ELEMENT class (datastore-identity?, implements*, inheritance?, join*, foreign-key*,
index*, field*, version?, query*, fetch-group*, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST class name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST class identity-type (application|datastore|nondurable) #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST class table CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST class requires-extent (true|false) ?true?> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST class persistence-capable-superclass CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST class embedded-only (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company
|| <!ATTLIST class persistence-modifier (persistence-capable|persistence-aware|non-persistent)
#IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT join (column*, index?, foreign-key?, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST join table CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST join column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST join outer (true|false) ?false?> ||n ||Company ||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST join foreign-key CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT datastore-identity ((column)*, (extension)*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST datastore-identity column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST datastore-identity strategy CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||multiple
|| <!ATTLIST datastore-identity sequence-name CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||Company||multiple
|| <!ATTLIST datastore-identity factory-class CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||Company||multiple
|| <!ELEMENT implements ((property-field)+, (extension)*)> ||separate schema ||.||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST implements name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||separate schema ||.||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT inheritance (discriminator?, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST inheritance strategy CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||multiple
|| <!ELEMENT discriminator (column?, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST discriminator column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||multiple||.||
|| <!ATTLIST discriminator value CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||multiple||.||
|| <!ATTLIST discriminator strategy CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest ||Company||multiple||.||
|| <!ELEMENT column (extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column name CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column target CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column target-field CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||special test xcalia ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column jdbc-type CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column sql-type CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||special mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column length CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column scale CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST column nulls-allowed CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest ||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT property-field (extension*)> ||InterfaceTest||Interface model||interface
|| <!ATTLIST property-field name #REQUIRED> ||InterfaceTest||Interface model||interface
|| <!ATTLIST property-field field-name #REQUIRED> ||InterfaceTest||Interface model||interface
|| <!ELEMENT field ((collection|map|array|(column*))?, join?, element?, key?, value?, order?,
embedded?, index?, foreign-key?, extension*)?> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field persistence-modifier (persistent|transactional|none) #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest
|| <!ATTLIST field table CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field null-value (exception|default|none) ?none?> ||CompletenessTest||Company||different
|| <!ATTLIST field default-fetch-group (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||different
test case, different mappings ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field embedded (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||different
|| <!ATTLIST field serialized (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||different mappings ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field dependent (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest ||y||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field value-factory CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||different test case different
mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field foreign-key CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest ||y||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field fetch-group CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||same test different mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST field depth CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||different test case ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT foreign-key (column*, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST foreign-key deferred (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||different test case different
mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST foreign-key delete-action (cascade|restrict|null|default) #IMPLIED> ||n
||what does this mean? ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST foreign-key update-action (cascade|restrict|null|default) #IMPLIED> ||n
||what does this mean? ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST foreign-key unique (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||different test case ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST foreign-key name CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest ||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT collection (extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST collection element-type CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest ||.||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST collection embedded-element (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||different test
case different mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST collection dependent-element (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest
|| <!ELEMENT map (extension)*> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST map key-type CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST map embedded-key (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST map dependent-key (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST map value-type CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST map embedded-value (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST map dependent-value (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT key (column*, index?, embedded?, foreign-key?, extension*)> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST key column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST key serialized (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST key foreign-key CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT value (column*, index?, embedded?, foreign-key?, extension*)> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST value column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST value serialized (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST value foreign-key CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT array (extension*)> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST array embedded-element (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST array dependent-element (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||n ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT element (column*, index?, embedded?, foreign-key?, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST element column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST element serialized (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||different model ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST element foreign-key CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT order (column*, extension*)> ||n ||different model ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST order column CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n ||different model ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT fetch-group (fetch-group|field)*> ||n ||.||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST fetch-group name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||n ||.||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST fetch-group post-load (true|false) #IMPLIED> ||n ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT embedded (field*, owner?, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT owner (field?, extension*)> ||n ||different model ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT sequence (extension*)> ||n ||same model, different mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST sequence name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||n ||same model, different mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST sequence sequence-name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||n ||same model, different mapping
|| <!ATTLIST sequence strategy (non-transactional|transactional-contiguous|transactional-holes-allowed)
#REQUIRED> ||n ||same model, different mapping ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT index (column*, extension*)> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST index name CDATA #IMPLIED> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ATTLIST index unique (true|false) ?false?> ||CompletenessTest||Company||default||.||
|| <!ELEMENT query (extension*)> ||n/a ||.||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST query name CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST query language CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n/a ||.||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST query ignore-cache CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST query unmodifiable (true|false) false> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ELEMENT extension ANY> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST extension vendor-name CDATA #REQUIRED> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST extension key CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||
|| <!ATTLIST extension value CDATA #IMPLIED> ||n/a ||. ||.||.||

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