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Subject [Apache JDO Wiki] Updated: TechnologyCompatibilityKit
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:48:59 GMT
   Date: 2005-02-18T02:48:59
   Editor: MichaelBouschen
   Wiki: Apache JDO Wiki
   Page: TechnologyCompatibilityKit
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/jdo/TechnologyCompatibilityKit

   Added assertions section including the current version of the spreadsheet.

Change Log:

@@ -12,6 +12,16 @@
 It is a design goal of the TCK to reduce the number of permutations of these variables. 
In order to minimize the number of database schemata, the the TCK aims to generate, via a
DDL generator, any database schemas required.  It is not expected that the first version of
the JDO 2.0 TCK will include such a generator.  Until such time, database schemata will be
maintained manually.  In an effort to eliminate the number of vendor-specific database products,
SQL92 will be used to express the database schemata, and implementations will be able to test
their conformance against any number of database vendors' products.  We have not yet determined
to what degree variations from the TCK's schemata will affect conformance test results.
+= JDO TCK Assertions =
+The JDO team went through the JDO specification and identified assertions the JDO TCK needs
to test. An assertion consists of an assertion number and the corresponding text of the JDO
specification describing what the test class needs to check. Usually an assertion is implemented
by one JDO TCK test class and the test class covers one assertion. There is an assertion spreadsheet
listing all the assertions with their number, text and whether they are already implemented
in the current version of the JDO TCK. This assertion overview is organized in multiple sheets,
one sheet per chapter of the JDO specification. You find the current version of the spreadsheet
+'''Current version'''
+Download the current version of the assertions spreadsheet [attachment:JdoTckAssertionsTable.sxc
+It is in Star``Office/Open``Office format. 
+This version adds new assertions to the query chapter covering JDOQL extensions in JDO 2.0.
Furthermore it updates the assertions about JDOPersmissions. 
+You will find a version of the JDO Specification including the assertions here soon.
 = TCK ToDo =
 This is the list of tasks required to complete the JDO 2.0 TCK.

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