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Subject svn commit: r1786968 - /comdev/
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2017 23:57:35 GMT
Author: curcuru
Date: Tue Mar 14 23:57:35 2017
New Revision: 1786968

Update descriptions and point to whimsy


Modified: comdev/
--- comdev/ (original)
+++ comdev/ Tue Mar 14 23:57:35 2017
@@ -48,7 +48,11 @@
   <h2>How The Code Works</h2>
-  <p>The data about Apache projects on this site is generated at least daily from various
data sources:<ol>
+  <p>The data about Apache projects on this site is generated at least daily by cronjobs
running Python scripts from various data sources.
+    Various cronjobs check authoritative ASF data sources for updates, and then cache data
needed by this website (and possibly other websites) in 
+    a variety of JSON files that are checked into a Subversion repository for safety and
simplicity of backups.
+    This site then uses JavaScript and a variety of visualization tools to dynamically display
charts and listings of Apache project metadata. 
+  <ol>
     <li>Organizational information about Apache project <a href="">committees</a>
and <a href="">people</a>,</li>
     <li><a href="pmc_rdf.html">PMC RDF data files</a> in the <a href="">data/committees</a>
@@ -66,8 +70,7 @@
   <p>You can ask us questions on the <a href=""></a>
mailing list, or <a href="">read
the mail archives</a> online.
    To report a specific problem with the website, create a <a href="">COMDEV
Jira issue in the "Projects" component</a>.
-  <p>
   <h1>Learn More About The ASF</h1>
   <p>This site is one of a galaxy of sites where you can find out more
   information about the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). See also:
@@ -78,6 +81,7 @@
     <li><a href="">Apache Community Development</a>
- How to get involved and stay involved</li>
     <li><a href="">Technical information about tools</a>
- Pointers to the various tools (mail, SVN, git, etc.) Apache projects use</li>
     <li><a href="">Help Wanted</a> - Find
simple tasks to start contributing to an Apache project today</li>
+    <li><a href="">Board of Director
Minutes</a> - for official records of the ASF board and all projects</li>
 <div id="footer">

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