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From Gerrit Binnenmars <gerritbinnenm...@gmail.com>
Subject Release request and coding standards
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2013 19:13:18 GMT
Hello all,

Since a few months we (Thales) are working on "machine services" using 
the device access bundle in Celix.
I am quite impressed by the amount of work done in the Celix framework.

Recently I had a code review of this machine service implementation and 
had a few questions on the coding convention.
Can someone tell me which standard is used for Celix?

Especially, I am wondering why a lot of typedefs are defined as pointer 
to struct.
In the functions that use such a typedef parameter a double indirection 
is needed. This is not obvious from the code and not visible in the name 
of the type.
Is it an idea to use _pt if the typedef is actually a pointer?

The only exceptions to the used convention are:
  celix_status_t which is not a pointer.
Shall we also change these last two?

Another issue, although not that important: Most files use the Linux 
linefeed convention but a few files are Windows file (with carriage 
For example: celixbool.h + framework_exports

Final question: is there any plan for a new release? This would be 
helpful to start using Celix in a product.

With kind regards,

Gerrit Binnenmars

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