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Subject [axis-axis2-c-core] branch master created (now 5921557)
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2020 15:01:32 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

billblough pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 5921557  Fix autotools warnings about INCLUDES

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new f2b30c1  Added folder for Axis2/C implementation
     new 08767d1  Initial folder structure and initial implementation OM implementation
     new 8be554e  base maven projec files and LICENCE file
     new b668f5c  Folder for header files with API exposed to users
     new c0c6e12  Added this file to root to include application wide properties
     new a26a0ac  removed system specific property files. Instead keep which is defaulted to linus. In documention use will be told how to do it for other platforms. Also common properties are moved to root file
     new 5f47e13  Guththila C implemetation. This should not be part of Axis2/C but at the moment there is no other place to commit this source in, hence in here
     new 2f12c82  Removed unused file
     new 613dc96  Update the file to inclue apr_home and cutest_home
     new aee72fd  Added documentation folder and initial developer guide
     new 346ef40  Removed include files from source folder and put in root dir/include folder. Also prefixed the filesnames with axis2c_
     new 27224a5  Removed the header files from source directories
     new 62d7459  Maven build guide
     new 2b95e1f  Maven build files for Guththila
     new 7f8e112  Added indent syntax to be used
     new 8be5035  Now since Guththila(Stax c implemenation) is already put in to the source tree I made the property file to include headers from there
     new 8c54367  This file will includes axis2c specific error codes and status codes. This file internally includes apr_errno.h
     new 81aeab0  fixed axis2c prefix convention problems
     new 6803e8d  This file will include axis2c specific const and type definitions
     new 7c8fd7d  Added equals logic
     new e9a2d86  Fixed some coding conventions
     new af39d47  Fixed coding convention related stuff and added licence
     new c3b2cf9  Removing as they do not follow the naming convention
     new 3872080  Added the files with correct naming convention
     new 1f2d987  Few fixes on compilation errors
     new 5b7d4dd  Applied coding rules
     new e2db5e1  Fixed coding convention
     new 77dfc49  Fixed compiler errors
     new 1230ea4  Removed because of wrong naming
     new 64e3f9f  Fixed compile errors
     new 8dab5db  added the file with correct naming convention
     new 7f7f69d  Fixed compilation problems
     new eccd1be  Fixed compilatin problem
     new 328e87b  Fixed compilation problems
     new baf08ae  fixed compiler problems
     new db9c30c  Fixed compiler problems
     new e998c3a  fixed compilation problems
     new 91f870e  Fixed compilation problems due to name changes
     new d5e3d92  more fixes on name related refactorng
     new 3bb906a  Applied patch by Dinesh
     new 67f70e4  Removed all files in error
     new b7455d6  Addede naming convention fixes to files
     new 56dd761  file removed
     new cf03f27  Fixed compilation problems
     new 73e2863  Fixed the build problems
     new 851bf5c  Folder for system tests
     new da4cc7a  Fixed indentation
     new 2623e5a  
     new 40aa99e  Added boolean type
     new 1771164  Fixed enum naming
     new c96e09f  added -bls option so that struct start brace comes next line
     new 905116e  Code style: using indent updated
     new a7ad0b1  Added more style guidelines
     new c0a74ec  Updated the documents about nar plugin for mavin
     new 3a48892  applied the patch by nandika , axis2c_node.c functions changed
     new e8a5cef  I found that svn repo copy was not building due to some uncommited stuff
     new 3d726dd  
     new a8d34d4  Added the header for Guththila errors
     new ba6cd26  Initial implementation of XML stream writer API
     new 6cc3cd5  Added guththila build
     new 8a9cec4  Changed the documents to html format
     new 042b741  Changed om module. Added more to the builder code
     new 76a94a3  axis2c is replaced by axis2 in all file names and other
     new 367975b  Changed to define axis2c.home
     new 1b614f9  axis2c is replaced by axis2 in all file names and other
     new c331ac0  Removed axis2c prefixed files
     new 0f133fa  Added new module
     new e5400eb  module dependancy problem solved
     new 1dd2a8c  Added the output struct and seriaizing logic
     new bdba402  Added paramter validation for create
     new 2c460f6  Added the om system test
     new 9349e53  added project properties file
     new f4dcad9  Added the test for OM
     new 3855b19  Fixed id problem
     new e3e3ba5  Changed project properties files so that each sub project independantly include files and somewhat independantly include dll's
     new 92eb29e  Hi,     Implemented getAttributeNamespace () method, and did refactoring to the Guththila code. Please apply this patch to svn.     and please comment on refactoring thing.
     new 11a4ca2  Changed the dependancies
     new 3f308fe  Fixed the dependancies
     new 123da7d  Fixed the includes
     new d1a366c  build file for tests
     new 604ff30  More additions towards serialization
     new 5c65519  Fixed file name
     new da29106  axis2_node.h was changed to axis2_om_node.h
     new 680c63f  More changes in relation to om_node naming
     new e7d87c9  changed the node name stuff
     new e09f73a  added test compiler link arg
     new 726088c  Added serialize testing
     new d297b37  applied the patch for axis2_om_node.h
     new b6c221a  Fixed invalid pointer check issue
     new 710ace6  Fixed the out param problem
     new bdba920  Fixed naming, leaving room for other tests
     new af8ced0  More bug fixes and clean up
     new 74a47fb  memory handling macros added
     new 59891ff  initially I had defined a type called boolean_t. But it seems that apr has defined TRUE FALSE. So instead we will use it
     new 21cfd23  Fixed garbage appearing problem when serializing
     new 63fd4ef  Added missing header
     new 5c37521  Added more fixes to get serialization working
     new 7523ded  Added attribute serilization stuff
     new 2729afd  Added namespace and attibute serialization logic. Also modifide the om serializer test to have a full sample
     new 0b54ae6  
     new 61c794f  Fixed the limitation of repeated duplicate namespace declaration
     new b5af7d4  
     new bed8007  
     new bad5157  added file prefix to token
     new c647a60  Changing the file prefix
     new b1b49f2  More file name prefix changes
     new 9c2a2b9  more file name prefix changes added
     new 23dd97e  more file name style changes
     new 08d82b6  Renamed TOKEN to guththila_token_t
     new 8b69630  Refactered the naming in token
     new 9d64809  Changed naming ATTRIBUTE to guththila_attribute_t
     new 3a30b63  Naming convention refactoring BUFFER to guththila_buffer_t
     new 2ff384b  Applied changes in line with naming refactoring, changed DEPTH to guththila_depth_t
     new d1230f1  Naming convention refactoring, changed NAMESPACE to guththila_namespace_t
     new 8f28012  Did naming related changed to READER
     new 438a333  Changed the STACK naming convetions
     new 38703c5  Changed the unicode naming convention stuff
     new 7a800aa  xmlpullparser related naming convention changes
     new 68a22a3  Moew pull parser naming convention related fixes
     new a17541f  Removed exit calls
     new 37fbac4  Added the initial code for allocator, error, stream and environment
     new b0b2d1d  Added the test case for the envioroment
     new 70a3d8f  Added the environment and the related allocator, error and stream to help make the implemetation more portable
     new 6a300b2  Added the log to be included in envioronment
     new 53297c8  log related updates
     new e1ffed8  Log related updates done
     new 498f704  Added more comments to document the implementation
     new 1d39584  Moved coding convention to a seperate doc
     new 4e7b983  Added coding convention
     new 78bb17b  fixed axis2c to be axis2
     new 18a06f2  Used the new environment stuff in OM text
     new be7ebf7  canged char to axis2_char
     new d42e347  Few minor formatting changes and a new section included.
     new 1155944  revert back
     new a56cae9  Few minor changes
     new b8c7f0b  changes in guththila to make ansi complient
     new 57bbd85  System is not currently building because of new changes. Corrected some of these
     new 5c7ac40  Added gnu autobuild system.
     new 62b26ca  more build files
     new 54a91f2  more build files
     new 02ad5b3  more build files
     new 975fbf5  Fixed parameter mismatch
     new aa9708e  Added anjuta ide which can be used to develop axis2/c.
     new 8a97210  Fixes towards system build platform
     new 6d52698  changed the header include macro
     new 78ac85d  util folder created
     new cc7e722  Only one file is needed to add tests
     new 500b001  enhanced unit tests by adding a main test suite to test the all unit tests of the application at once
     new 8d86616  Added documentation on unit tests to the developer guide
     new 46528d7  
     new 82a8304  slight change
     new bcc64f8  Added more detaild to unit tests
     new 419b655  initial version of hash implementation
     new da711ae  Fixed the cast problems
     new 12e34ad  Test for axis2 hash
     new 8174774  make files updated
     new 3a346ec  added util make
     new 7cbcd1b  added subdir test
     new 79e154c  added test for common
     new 23be5e6  added main unit test suite
     new 3e43e18  added sub folder util
     new 8e3473b  defined ssize_t
     new 2584af8  Fixed make related stuff to define dependancies correctly
     new 97ed36a  Sorry I have forgotten to add this file
     new f38ea4a  Read me file for ides folder
     new 2e21b6c  changed project name and version
     new 2d79744  renamed the project file name
     new a3d2d22  This is not needed
     new 28e0b78  These files are more suited in util
     new 4dd35ba  Changed axis2_char to axis2_char_t becase it is a type
     new 82d268e  These files are best placed here
     new ad980eb  axis2_char_t related changes
     new 87cd873  char type renameing fixed
     new 2292786  Added bool type
     new d7da553  Added status type
     new f7c4cdf  fixed coding convention
     new a1a3514  Updated the main test suite
     new dce5bff  Updating the main test suite
     new d711e29  Added axis2_string
     new d5ca990  Fixed the -O related macro naming problems
     new 37ca687  Added envioronment related updates
     new 744ab0d  There was a problem in building. Corrected it
     new 1c035a6  added util tests
     new e45ec94  added missing file
     new 23c1573  
     new 97abcdc  Added system test for hash. Also updated the build files
     new a52fa21  Updated the anjuta project file
     new 9bf3ab6  Added missing build file
     new 3550a61  Added missing build file
     new 3682969  Added missing makefile
     new d72ad6f  Added om output source
     new 814bfca  Made it compilable with -O2 options
     new fd9e322  This file is obsolete now
     new 753eaca  Update the guide on unit tests and system tests
     new 69cd22e  These files are just links
     new fdd3e04  Previous links are removed and actual files are added
     new 8739336  Removed apr dependancies
     new 9dc1752  I have some problems with these files. Please wait until I correct the situation.
     new cee4a95  These files are temporarily readded. I'll chagne these later
     new 74ceefd  api folder and doxygen conf file added
     new 65c9f4c  doxygen comment related changes
     new 2a6c975  axis2_qname and axis2_om_attribute changed patch applied
     new 102a823  axis2_om_node changed and patch applied .
     new 654f6b2  Fixed compilation problems
     new 27275ff  Added env relatedmodificaions
     new 04776d7  Changed project name and version
     new dbbf8ef  Fixed compilation problems, warnings and indentation
     new 05e56b8  Removed old files and added new guththila files
     new d16f030  Changed file names to adhere to the file naming convention
     new 1181d02  Fixed compilation problems and stax builder naming
     new c726dc0  Fixed compilation problems and naming on stax builder
     new 985f860  previous links to files were removed and files added
     new ba5cf79  added conditional compilation for guththila and tests. renamed files in core/description
     new 967a29c  removed becaue there is a conflict
     new 0cff050  Added changes related to envioronment
     new 07226ba  Added changes related to env related updates
     new caa8df4  Added missing build files
     new beac21f  Some more changes related to envioronment related updates
     new faa311b  Changes to make system to compile with APR
     new 5087a00  eleminated warnings
     new 22a31eb  Added macros to the header
     new 45ab953  Fixed the error in impl function name
     new acb781a  Changes to get the serialization working
     new ba2dbdd  Removed errno.h as it is no more used
     new df4d433  Updated anjuta project file
     new 62c7be5  Updated project file
     new 927374f  updated axis2c.prj. Removed axis2_module_description.*. Some work on information model
     new 120d16c  Added comments and corrected some errors
     new 7ff703c  added coding convention
     new 28d25f1  New error code added
     new bfcd429  Fixes to stax_builder to work with envioronment
     new 52bcb40  Added more code to information model. Updated anjuta project by adding 4 files related to information model
     new 53fcfbd  Added missing file
     new dcd9750  more work service
     new 4b3c178  Added calling convention in axis2_defines.h
     new 67aae42  More fixes to get builder working
     new 23d5c5c  Added logic to handle empty tag
     new d9a7f8a  Prefixed all library names with axis2_ ex. before now
     new a50c41f  added space event
     new 898378e  Fixed the namepace prefix not being tracked bug in the element
     new a5dd97a  Fixed the problems with spaces before '/>' in empty tags
     new 3b59427  XML input file for testing builder
     new 6a71b75  changed the names
     new 800d1b6  Added AXIS2_DECLARE using import, export and call convention
     new f6f001e  For non-windows systems was AXIS2_DECLARE(type) type now AXIS2_DECLARE(type) type AXIS2_CALL
     new ded8af3  Added macro expantion stuff to skip AXIS2_DECLARE macro
     new 3ce67b8  Added doxygen comments to the util structs and also fixed indentation in all headers and the util c files
     new f5ad64e  Fixed formatting and removed commented blocks
     new 490286b  Updates related to doc comments and formatting applied
     new 5cfadba  Fixed some bugs in string.h. Added file handling code to stream. added two files to handle file diffs
     new 2b3cfde  Updated the doc comments, dropped the unwanted comment blocks and fixed compiler warnings
     new 562234c  Added doc comments
     new 9b591a4  Added doc comments and also eliminated warnings
     new 78a308f  Fixed doc comments and also switch statements in source files
     new 29e0d36  Added doc comments
     new 651cbda  Changes to stream.c and string.c to handle uninitialized situations
     new 586d47e  Improved the doc comments. Also dropped unused methods.
     new 3d14db6  corrected calling convention problems in these files
     new 21efa16  Added doc comments stuff. Fixed calling convention.
     new 039a4bd  fixed error
     new eba9901  Removed unwanted comments
     new ae5150c  droped the apr and added environment allocator etc. applied patch supplied by nandika
     new 5d0f511  removed warnings
     new c92d5f4  Added new API of guththila
     new 2ab6015  more code
     new cf189c4  removed warnings and moved axis2_qname.c from om to util
     new 94566a1  more work on engine config
     new 243819e  Removed outdated files
     new 470c727  Added updates related to qname
     new 64e5c15  aplied changes in line with changes to Guththila
     new 181b2ab  Added hash source
     new af8cc00  Changed Makefiles so that it is linked with dll's
     new 5a77380  Made test building by default yes. Also made some build order changes
     new fd94cc9  Project updated. Added axis2_file_diff.*
     new 7c91670  Fixed problems related to guththila environment
     new c229d13  Fixed guththila environment related problems
     new ecd1028  More changes related to calling convention of create methods
     new b23d4dc  Changes related to free of resources
     new 276435f  Memory leak fixes applied
     new 37b7ac3  More memory leak fixes
     new 2daedff  Text element released to fix leaks
     new d9c9fd3  More memory leak fixes
     new ff25bd2  More memory leak fixes
     new 3728f46  More memory leak fixes
     new ab8891b  added axis2_om_stax_builder_free method
     new 20c81ec  added axis2_om_stax_builder_free method
     new d5c73c2  added hash free function
     new f1e06c9  added hash_free function
     new 6fdd1cd  Code added
     new cff13ed  coding
     new 986eefb  fixed a few memory leaks
     new 7e5acd4  Added builder files for wsdl module and some code
     new 6ce0e8d  Added's
     new 981bfa0  calling convention is now added to guththila code
     new ffb5eb2  Applied calling conventions
     new a5ead1e  error fixed in axis2_om_stax_builider from changed method name guththila_xml_pull_parser_get_namespacecount to ...get_namespace_count
     new ff37464  indentation was done on guththila code
     new c5b6119  applied calling convention
     new f856988  added calling conventions
     new 87399eb  Added files required to add unit tests for om
     new 0799b7e  
     new 23f627d  
     new cb163a4  build files updated
     new 9fe3d9f  fixed a small bug
     new fadbdb5  small modification done
     new 368cd56  code in description
     new e7aaf76  Code added to description
     new 47616b0  added wsdl for build
     new 9ea3618  Please refer to the mail "[Axis2] Changes to environment"
     new 76bb9de  modules/util/src now builds with new changes
     new e669345  New file
     new 168d527  More changes
     new 3ce9b6a  changed to reflect changes in axis2_environment etc
     new 117c43c  Anjuta project updated
     new 6cd4d83  changed axis2_environment_t to axis2_env_t.
     new 6b2014f  Moved internal files from include to respective folde
     new b0c4fcf  warning removed
     new 268bcf2  util folder now compiles
     new 5cec32f  changes to reflect the changes in util
     new d3fad73  Updated the test method names
     new d2a757a  More changes on core and project updated
     new 048f65e  Changes to the code
     new ff2025c  Handlers core module
     new ef30987  Makefiles are not placed in svn
     new 9dde0d8  Added core/handlers
     new 493e3d8  core handler
     new c4e7d87  renamed axis2_context_msg_context.h to axis2_context_message.h
     new 17b4d56  Added the parameter header
     new e4dc42d  Handler description header
     new 8ba60d4  in hash files interchanged env and hash structure
     new 0f2b28b  Fixed compilation problems
     new e7cbcb5  changed to take axis2_env_t* parameter as a double pointer to axis2_env_t
     new a758819  hash test changed according to changes in axis2_hash
     new 0c6b759  AXIS2_ENVIRONMENT_CHECK macro added
     new 4def715  macro added
     new 14500b1  Fixed few naming conventions
     new d015211  Added AXIS2_CRTICAL_FAILURE
     new 01c487e  Fixed the status in check env to AXIS2_CRTICAL_FAILURE
     new 48be32e  New changes to environment
     new 80af751  New changes to environment
     new 743594e  changed the env create function according to the new changes in env
     new 7a2b036  Updated the test caess to reflect the changes in environment
     new 447477b  Added AXIS2_FUNC_PARAMETER_CHECK macro to ease the param check
     new 35113eb  Fixed status setting in the macro
     new a14b997  Fixed macro problem of setting success state
     new 9977bbf  Updated the tests to reflect the enviroment changes
     new b2fb348  Fixed the arg count in env create of macro
     new 6519b4d  parameter implementation, initial compiling version
     new 3a33fcd  File name prefix changed, hence deleting this
     new 5121dc9  
     new 335c344  Added env header
     new f428985  File name changes
     new c1d4391  More name changes
     new 62c211d  More file name changes
     new 1a82df8  more name changes
     new 4c832be  More file name changes
     new 7b9cf88  New's
     new e8254cd  Update the ide to reflect the file name changes
     new 9df9f73  Another name change
     new 383365d  Added space replcament option
     new 30ca407  Added phase rule initial compiling implemetation
     new 2516a2b  More name changes. changes to axis2_parameter_container and axis2_parameter
     new 906821f  minor changes
     new 223fd34  More file name changes
     new bb089b5  More file name changes
     new 1ef88de  More filenaem changes
     new aaa0afc  anjuta project updated
     new ab1abf0  project updated
     new 64ff22c  More changes due to file name changes
     new 9b8df33  Changes due to name changes. Still not complete
     new 8288bed  Added clone method
     new 50b218e  param container free function is modified
     new 6433f81  patch applied , axis2_qname modified to have a clone method and using new coding style
     new 2ef3475  Added param locked error
     new 8b946f3  AXIS2_ERROR_HANDLE is renamed to AXIS2_ERROR_SET
     new fa83c85  Parameter order changed for macro AXIS2_ERROR_HANDLE AND AXIS2_PARAM_CHECK
     new 9db0eaf  fixed a bug in macro AXIS2_ERROR_HANDLE
     new c59646c  fixed a bug in AXIS2_ERROR_SET
     new 58ba7cb  Global replace ment for AXIS2_ERROR_SET AND AXIS2_PARAM_CHECK
     new 7007970  errors and warnings fixed
     new 2e2afe2  Added the initial compiling version of handler description struct
     new cac2d6f  More changes to handler
     new ef0b23e  Fixed naming convention
     new 673998b  Added two more error codes
     new 1eb72e7  Updated param_container.c to reflect the changes in macro
     new 8a0c78d  svc grp header file is completed. But not tested
     new 09a2230  Initial compilig implementation of handler struct added. Fixed problems in macros
     new 91de8ba  Added folders for handler test
     new 8468f9a  Added the makefiles and empty test source for handler test
     new 20762fb  added handler into make
     new 0c8a32d  added handler test
     new 00b4851  Fixed compilation problems due to param related typedefs
     new 8ff8adb  As per the design, handler is part of the core engine
     new 72d4756  Moved handler.c to core
     new f3a640e  Added license
     new 35f8f65  Project updated
     new eca44af  
     new 600879f  Name change
     new 429713e  description context and engine modules are now compiling
     new 64c2c90  Anjuta project updated
     new a94654a  Added required's
     new 0541d8e  memory leaks fixed
     new 1515291  Fixed a bug in create method. Added some new errors
     new 4798223  replace environment_create with env_create
     new 2059658  wsdl_component is now compiling
     new f427e20  Create default error in env create with one para
     new 3c4e839  environment env change in env.h
     new 7e4faa6  Added the array list initial compiling version
     new 76b6726  Removed use of stringdup and implemented strdup with our own logic
     new 3fca483  Updated the use of axis2_strdup to AXIS2_STRDUP
     new 3575ff4  Fixed bugs, now the unit test pases
     new 7e010cb  More updates related to bug fixes
     new 192c018  Did the updated related to strdup
     new 901edbd  om code converted to new style , patch applied
     new 3f2ff99  Removed a warning
     new e808b1a  bug fixed
     new 48776aa  Fixed a bug in env.c
     new ee04eca  Added logging stuff
     new 5a0f928  wsdl component and wsdl operation are now compiling
     new 44785ab  name change
     new dfd1a94  wsdl svc also compiling now
     new d4fdcca  put and end of line to om_node.h. wsdl_svc.c is ok
     new 38ad9f0  More work on wsdl_svc
     new 644fd44  
     new f72848d  more work on svc and operation
     new 965880d  made some changed to om code and corrected test_om.c , patch applied
     new 2e407ff  fixed a bug
     new 33cc1c4  Added few more erros and fixed bugs
     new 631ce5f  added error AXIS2_ERROR_PHASE_FIRST_HANDLER_ALREADY_SET
     new 38becf6  Added phase last handler errors
     new 06d58c0  anjuta project updated
     new d88617c  om node serialize changed patch applied
     new 223d793  Anjuta project updated
     new 63b53e6  AXIS2_OM_NODE_FREE macro renamed to AXIS2_OM_NODE_FREE_TREE
     new 50c9d77  folder structure for parser abstraction
     new d1a85ac  copied guththila to parser/guththila/impl
     new 18d5687  flow and flow container done
     new c9e482a  axis2 pull parser api header
     new 2ac9af2  Changes in build system to enable parser abstraction
     new 9f1fc53  Initial compiling version of phase
     new d7b1051  Added set invoke for the base class method to be set from the derived class
     new b4e88cb  Added derived referance as handler is a base class and we would benefit from having plymorphism in handler when handling array list of handlers in phase
     new 748a303  Dropped the derived referance as the engine is supposed to be sate less and the invoke method implementation is not state sensitive
     new 2084028  Initital phase meta hader
     new b090fdd  
     new 6f56db9  
     new 8a3d4f9  work on wsdl
     new b7f3c16  Added a linked list
     new bb37c40  
     new 29e10b4  
     new ced83c8  Added relates_to and also updated message context
     new b6b621c  
     new 60b6835  Added relates_to
     new c68aa45  error fixed -This line, and those below, will be ignored--
     new 50eaccd  error checking added
     new 2241b2a  new function added
     new aa52b3e  new function added
     new 2010eae  changed using wrapper functions
     new f00250c  om_output struct and create function changed
     new 516c3eb  modifined with wrapper functions
     new 39e1983  
     new 76aacd1  guththila xml writer abstraction api added
     new d85c264  wrappers for guththila parser xml writer and reader
     new 6b7896a  
     new 0064067  
     new fef3321  
     new 4e4cc0a  Added dispatcher base
     new bb81ac2  Added dispatcher. The source is compiling but there are some TODOs
     new 5ea9b73  Added the initial compiling version. Needs bit of work on TODOs pending
     new 3db6330  
     new ce8821d  Added test case folders
     new 40e35e4  
     new 413124b  
     new ea29015  
     new 1b0d24e  
     new 7234c2b  C version of AbsractContext added. Compiles but needs testing.
     new 1ca8e10  Fixed missing funcion pointer assignments of ops
     new 16d20e1  operation is now almost complete. context related code has to be added
     new 26e7563  wsdl dependancy work related to description is done, except addAllOperations and some other few related stuff
     new eb0a888  guththila code improved and guththila_reader changed , libxml2 reader wrapper code added
     new 4e1268f  test updated
     new b1b1401  Fixed few memory management problems
     new 9efb44d  guththila_errno.h file removed as it is no longer used
     new f8dc77e  axis2_wsdl_operation_t is changed to struct axis2_wsdl_operation
     new 89121fa  include path for wsdl/src is added
     new 9044808  Include path for wsdl/src added
     new 6e8fcde  anjuta project updated
     new ae6dc4b  om_node tests added
     new a5fa482  
     new 0a68791  axis2_libxml2_writer_wrapper.c file added ,
     new 2bd3129  
     new ba251da  Added some more error codes
     new 0ed0d76  
     new 7b4d986  
     new 7c23683  some errors were fixed
     new 950c275  Removed the line including guththila src since dependancy is not now there
     new e95d019  
     new 5b2edc1  doc comments added
     new 99837e0  doc comments added
     new 4d1d1eb  doc comments added
     new 204065d  doc comments added
     new c809021  doc comments added
     new b640d8d  
     new 557428a  doc comments added
     new a0313ef  doc comments added
     new 88586ea  doc comments added
     new 042d880  
     new 0bc37c1  doc comments added
     new b209998  Added new folder phaseresolver in core. Added an error code.
     new 8d2b57d  
     new 23a3246  bug fixed
     new a3f4009  new folder added
     new d3d4e28  This is the transport lisnter interface for axis2. http, smtp, tcp etc will use this common interface
     new 22c3fbb  transport_in_desc implementation
     new e80de9c  doc comments added
     new 37615be  phase holder and resolver code added
     new bdae032  Fixed some warnings
     new c73442a  
     new 707faa2  Fixed warnings
     new d5e9bfe  
     new ab480d4  Required new builder file added
     new 29ae371  Fixed compiler warnings
     new a098d2e  
     new de4fde1  fixed compiler warnings
     new a3691d3  added install file
     new 23e152b  
     new bfaf28f  The comiling version of complete implementation. There are many blocks of code that are commented in this code. Those should be uncommented once external depandancies are resoled, that is when thos structs are implemented.
     new df3c56c  Fixed bug in AXIS2_SVC_GET_OPERATION_WITH_QNAME and AXIS2_SVC_GET_OPERATION_WITH_NAME macros. It should take three parameters instead of two
     new c60c65b  Fixed typo
     new 8317b56  Initial compiling version of operation context. There are few blocks of code commented that should be uncommented when the dependancy structs are implemented.
     new a67f251  Added initial compiling version of service context
     new b1eec3b  libxml2 reader and writer support added
     new cd6bc4e  
     new eb7de87  Added missing prefixes in method names
     new e8a109e  libxml2 support added
     new 7ab2e1b  memory leaks fixed , axis2_pull_parser was renamed to axis2_xml_reader
     new 8c4c936  Added initial compiling version of service group context
     new 861b8d5  
     new cce960c  Initial configuration context source along with bug fixes in other headrs
     new 517cd67  Added conf_ctx to make and bug fixes in ctx
     new ca23883  Removed wrong headers to get context compiling
     new 776ed2e  Fixed file names
     new b00efe5  modified
     new 60c273e  
     new f622671  
     new 627cf14  
     new 356a203  
     new 70a784e  memory leaks fixed
     new b5d1e9d  memory leaks fixed
     new 96bcd6b  Fixed compiler errors
     new 09ba9a7  Addressing make file system
     new 21cd698  Added addressing make files
     new 15ddb54  Fixed compilation errors
     new f529baa  Fixed doc comments
     new feb3e9f  Header for WS addressing service name
     new f179e08  Added initial compiling version of serivice name of addressing package
     new e28b692  Description module and wsdl module is not compiling. All the files and code now are in place. Need some refactoring
     new 887b67b  renamed description.h and wsdl.h
     new d82ab69  New transport related files
     new 100f850  Moving unit tests from respective module directories
     new 8f419a4  Moved files from test/xml/om/src to test/xml/om
     new e2b2ca5  
     new 4d1bc2f  Added any content header and fixed bugs
     new 7e55d43  Added compiling source for any content type
     new f737871  
     new 67ffdcf  
     new 235249f  New folder added. moved om to here
     new d84372a  Moved test folder from modules/test to c
     new d83f4cb  Moved unit test folders to root test
     new 0cdacf7  Moved unit test folders to c/test
     new ee84dca  modules/test is moved to c/test
     new 7005e44  added build file
     new 53a9d37  Added build file
     new 5257c2a  added build file
     new 7e7f796  Added build file
     new 5a5dc43  Added build file
     new 4fe9673  added build file
     new 3530762  Added new files
     new 25d7f4f  Added file. This will configure the system with the default --prefix=${AXIS2C_HOME}/install
     new 9439527  
     new 8350930  
     new 7cf4e9a  
     new 13e3598  Removed unneccessary folder
     new 50ca8ef  
     new c59dde3  Changes in for tests
     new 87a069b  Removed cutest as tests are now moved out of the main source
     new 400d643  om_test.c modified , new files added to php modules
     new 6c97222  Removing the wrong version of files
     new c75a31a  
     new 8ea5a3d  axis2_engine_config is complete except some methods which involve deployment.
     new 9a16411  
     new 2a3967a  
     new 32fd12a  
     new 0ed4250  is_paused is refered from phase.c but is not implemented in msg_ctx. Fixed this. also fixed some link dependancies for unit tests after they were moved to root
     new acc1f75  Fixed test and also removed the wrong COPYING file
     new 8e138b7  Added the correct licence here
     new 5e23c5d  Renamed the LICENSE file
     new 6a269b0  added the latest files
     new 7a85196  modified builder
     new 2e73586  Fixed compiler errors for php-5.1.1 also added missing files
     new a7fbff9  Eliminated compiler warnings
     new ab48dc4  resolved dependancies in unit tests after moving them into seperate folder
     new 455ed7a  Removed warnings from om module
     new a62e5fe  Removed COPYING from root
     new 2aa5138  COPYING is a symbolic link to LICENSE
     new 61ed28c  
     new 4057f66  tests added
     new 88acb12  
     new b990fad  Added for testing
     new 8a66cc8  Added newline at end
     new 5617f92  applied the patch send by Anuradha Rathnaweera to Removed warnings from libxml2 wrapper
     new 45120fd  Removed a warning form description module
     new d2d821d  Applied memory leak patch
     new a5b10a2  Fixed memory leak in the tests
     new ecd1bd7  These files are not required
     new da7fe24  Added initial compiling version of endpoint reference
     new 234cffe  Removed generated build files from the svn, following the discussion regarding this in mailing list
     new e375965  Removed unneccessary outdated entries
     new 55896c0  Added some util test cases for array list and hash
     new 03188b7  Replace axis2_config.h with config.h
     new 3bc4306  File remvoved
     new dc45863  Added readme with HOWTO for Linux
     new efcc7bd  Added mistakenly removed m4 file
     new c7e10b0  util is statically bound to om
     new 9505e17  removed util lid and included automake
     new c882236  eliminated warnings
     new a30dc7d  implemented unimplemented function axis2_xml_writer_create_for_memory
     new a731ff7  
     new c06f32a  removed getchar
     new 552b64a  unimplemented functions removed
     new 45145e8  Added memory leak patch
     new 330a6d6  Removed hard coded parser wrapper from build files in tests
     new 34dbb8e  Initial version of message information header
     new 4a99344  Addressing constands initial version
     new f42f5af  Removed set invoke
     new f70a845  Removed set handler
     new 55e24f7  Parser selection is made more configuralbe. Now user can build both parsers or none or one of them
     new eb35663  Added initial version of dispatcher checker and also fixed message context in line with that.
     new 34edb7d  Changes to selecting the parser from tests more flexible
     new eb4a2d8  Updated the anjuta project file
     new c25cad1  added initial compling version of event
     new 6fb1e11  Added find service and find operation
     new 81b8e52  Updated INSTALL document
     new 79dab7f  
     new 04e64ea  
     new 19dc481  macro name changed
     new a86b6fb  error fixed and unimplemented functions implemented
     new 4cda423  refactoring
     new b2385e1  Fixed the problems related to find service operation in dispatcher
     new db8d4f7  Moved invoke prototype to header
     new c487654  Added util.c and axis2_util.h
     new 81720f2  this file defines constants
     new 0e8e3bd  Changes to get the dispather hierarchy working
     new 7af1ece  Initial compiling version of addressing based dispatcher. This is not a class like implemetation, but a fuctional implemetation as the state is captured in message context and addressing dispatcher does not have any state.
     new a7cd4c8  Initial compiling version of request URI based dispatcher and few bug fixes to addressing dispatcher.
     new fa35746  refactoring completed
     new 7ec4235  refactoring completed
     new fadce40  Added initial compiling version of SOAP action based dispatcher
     new 5c38c2c  Initial SOAP body based dispatcher. There are commented blocks to be incommented when SOAP module is complete.
     new 857275e  Moved unit tests to root test/unit folder
     new 0d65144  
     new 28f71b1  Added create function prototypes for different dispatchers
     new a351346  Added missing parameter checking
     new 3ad3b46  axis2_om_constants.h renamed to axis2_om.h
     new 54536b4  Test files addded
     new ca1e9c4  Defines the constants used in soap
     new 17bedd8  
     new 02e8da4  axis2_handler_desc_create is changed to axis2_handler_desc_create_with_qname
     new e0df9cd  Added error codes and fixed prefixes.
     new ee2e6c4  Added http transport error : invalid header start line
     new 41fe26d  Added: HTTP transport module: utility functions
     new 21ede6e  iterator added for iterating children nodes
     new 4f5259a changed to add http module -This line, and those below, will be ignored--
     new 3cffcc5  Added HTTP transport module : source files
     new 3defcb4  Added a unit test to phase resolver. Fixed bugs during the course
     new 775b994  Removed unneccessary .deps folder from http. Added path to http in
     new b63fde9  Updated the main unit test suite
     new d2e4b95  Updated the anjuta project file
     new 18c938d  Added a unit test for axis2_operation
     new 14ecc50  Fixed a small typo in engine_config.c
     new 3240956  Added the initial compiling version of engine. There are many TODOs to be resolved wehn SOAP is available
     new 5e9c028  Fixed a small bug
     new 375d7cc  Fixed a small typo
     new 768f831  renamed axis2_operation to axis2_op
     new c584902  renamed operation to op
     new e0feb02  engine_config renamed to conf
     new e500be3  renamed .c files operation to op and engine_config to conf
     new 951c249  renamed inphase to in_phase and outphase to out_phase
     new ca566c4  renamed operation_ctx.c to op_ctx.c
     new 93ec46c  Updated anjuta project file
     new b478e15  Added deployment unit test folder and descritpion tset files
     new a69d089  renamed optr to op
     new 90c5719  removed unneccessary folder .deps
     new 7c792ef  added two new unit test files
     new 8f9a64c  OUTFAULT to OUT_FAULT
     new 43c58d5  Updated the code to remove comments that were put to cover up for dependancy on description structs. Now the code is complete, but needs testing
     new 59bd72e  Removed comments due to dependancie.
     new 7f7ae2e  Completed the code, removing the comments and integrating dependancies on description structs
     new 3000e45  Rmoved commets to complete the code using description
     new 16aa369  
     new d88d997  More fixes
     new 0fd95f5  Removed session context as that is not being used.
     new d33ed7a  Added ctx related code into svc_grp
     new eb6c3c2  Added get_property interface. Need to implement the logic
     new 8ac8421  
     new 2a065b7  Integrating with context
     new 9aa99ec  name change to qname
     new 8553757  fixed a small bug
     new 8c62eff  Fixed few bugs
     new d3483e3  
     new f37d07c  axis2_svc_get_name replaced with axis2_cvs_get_qname
     new bc0d2cd  replaced axis2_svc_set_name with axis2_svc_set_qname
     new 20594a5  there were some bug due to name change of axis2_svc_set/get_qname Fixed them
     new 8f6d3af  
     new 3ecf025  Fixed a bug in AXIS2_ERROR_SET macro. Modified all affected files
     new 4ce7b5f  Patch applied.
     new 27ffba6  
     new a9baf92  Added stracat function
     new bf67dfc  Fixed the bug in the stracat function
     new b0945aa  added initial structs for clientapi
     new 22109cc  Added the headers for client API
     new 96c15e8  Removed unwanted comment
     new 308b130  Added http_out_transport_info
     new 27368c6  Added http_out_transport_info.h
     new ec1f45b  Fixed error
     new 5831ec7  Added initial compiling mep client
     new 4e908b5  Fixed a bug in error_set
     new 382399b  More error codes
     new fcb1b47  Fixed bugs
     new 849aa6b  ops struct was added to om_output
     new 004ffad  fixed GET_SOAP_ENVELOPE
     new bdf3b15  get content type method added om_output.h
     new 6aa5ed6  Added support for Sync Callback and formmatting
     new 0a5314e  Added async callback stuff into the callback. I see no meaning in inheriting here
     new fd39c89  Fixed doing_mtom param name error
     new 02805b3  Added two way send method.
     new a0a66c1  Added accessor for service context
     new 9cc3a13  some of soap faults implemented
     new c926c61  soap_fault_reason added
     new d6075a9  soap_utils added contains two utility functions
     new 2cd51bf  Added initial listener manager and related changes
     new 7cffb95  added method signatures
     new 9469b0d  Added the AXIS2 profiex for GET_BASE
     new 841d76b  
     new 78b18ee  
     new 4e451f5  Added void* parameter to receieve to help with derived class implemetations to handle state
     new aa797a8  class loader header is moved to impl file
     new e87ecaa  Added callback receiver
     new a54208a  msg_recv is done
     new 1489ca0  Added error code
     new cc0b1df  
     new f234441  soap_fault added
     new 8387702  Added more call struct related errors
     new fc01535  Description builder completed
     new ec924d2  $(LDFLAGS) is removed from's
     new 0ede7ad  Fixed AXIS2_CALL appearing in DESCLARE line
     new 5413025  Added axis2_http_transport_sender, axis2_soap_over_http_sender
     new 61331e6  Fixed having AXIS2_CALL in DECLARE line for methods
     new 7efc946  New files added
     new 349a5ce  
     new ff3ffc7  New files added
     new 4823c43  Applied the patches
     new 97841e4  Applied te patch for http transport
     new d5b7c85  Added new files
     new ad58de8  axis2_soap_header_block added
     new 8ff5377  
     new 3b54a65  
     new e5e8dbf  
     new 53fb1c7  Fixed few bugs
     new cf14c3a  Fixed few bugs
     new 5e33c8a  
     new 0d873e0  
     new c17a77f  Added initial version of call in client API
     new d61bfa1  Added the make file for SOAP
     new ab6ad46  Added code for SOAP body and resolved dependancies in the headers, fixed few bugs
     new 50595fc  Added namespace to the create method
     new fe0f41e  Added implementation for SOAP envelope
     new 49c74f3  Added SOAP envelope logic in message context
     new 8815173  Added get property logic
     new 187708c  Fixed the TODO on adding message context
     new a72ce0a  Fixed the TODO items and related bugs in conf context
     new 6d9d949  Fixed TODO items in addressing based dispatcher
     new 48b5a41  removed ws_info.c for the time being to make the source building
     new afe7d74  More fixes related to SOAP envelope
     new 1c76097  Added dir handler code and test cases for it. Also made changes in's to include path for platforms
     new 9d82ae6  Added more SOAP envelope related logic
     new 0b0d3ae  
     new 24faae2  Added missing strcasecmp and strncasecmp functions
     new 0263ac4  More SOAP envelope related fixes
     new 20666e7  More logic exposed related to SOAP envelope
     new 5763d47  More SOAP envelope exposing to resolve the dependancies
     new 39a90b9  Added include path to platforms folder. Temporarily removed axis2_env_free from om tests
     new 8523238  Commented AXIS2_TRANSPORT_SENDER_INVOKE call until unitl it is implemented with a TODO comment
     new 7e9b07f  Added a skeleton server sample. This is supposed not to work just now. Not even compile !!!
     new 8872374  Sorry this file addition was a mistake
     new 0cb610f  
     new b2c6eb6  Merged the two files calc_svc.c and calc_skeleton.c(Now all code in calc_skeleton.c. Added license info
     new b0b5aae  Added Message Sender
     new e343128  Fixed compilation error by adding array list header
     new 5f53799  Fixed errors to get the SVN code compiling
     new f970044  Fixed errors and eliminated warnings
     new 6d6111d  eleminated compiler warnings
     new aed2c3f  Eliminated warnings
     new 9bca1d2  Eliminated warnings
     new 6da5d02  Fixed warnings
     new 7040323  Fixed compiler warnings
     new 7253acc  arch file data is completed
     new be8d350  Moved files from src to prev
     new 87577fd  removed src
     new 5262a49  Removed all 's module folders. This is because I'm removing src subdirectories
     new 9ffed21  Moved files from src to modules folder in core subfolders
     new 9745c28  Removed src folders
     new 2a738bb  Moved files from src to module folder
     new 40d0c86  Removed src folders
     new edc5031  Moved files from src to module folder
     new 7fde584  Moved files from src to module folder
     new 615e8ed  Removed src folders
     new 21d4cf1  Removed common folder because it is not used in the project
     new 9f7693d  Removed test/common folder as well
     new e25120f  Moved .c and .h files from src folder to module folder.
     new 0e3107f  Moved to module folder
     new 1377652  Removed src folders
     new 0a64bec  made changes regarding to deletion src folders
     new 332ab76  Changes in build files in respect to the changes in src folder remove
     new 3cbef86  Made the changes in tests corresponding to the src folder remove change. All the tests are now passing
     new 87343f3  Cleaning of the's. Removed CUTEST_HOME/include entries. (although I removed these from the release M0.2 I forgot to remove it from the svn
     new fc22e69  Anjuta project files updated
     new d23e79a  Added a file hander header file and implementation for it. Moved axis2_dir_handler.h from c/modules/util to include
     new e78e187  Fixed a bug in axis2_msg_sender
     new 5977d8c  Removed src folder in http
     new 5f27cb9  Added service builder and service group builder implementation
     new ecf0dfd  removed axis2_ prefix from c files
     new b7c3503  
     new 62c6207  
     new 0825223  Added implementations of service builder and service group builder
     new fe9f422  
     new 5c3b549  soap_message added
     new eabae62  conf builder is done
     new 4d8f0ac  to string method added to qname
     new 683409c  
     new a4579da  
     new 6c1b3a8  
     new 266ae1b  
     new a704ed9  
     new 9a11bec  
     new 19bb4af  
     new 1ee6002  Added new file repos_listener. Now all code for deployment and description are in place
     new 70e214c  Added axis2_http_client
     new ea8bae7  Chenges to the stream abstraction
     new cc3ecab  New stream impl
     new 6e6c1f8  Removed stream from env
     new e2c969f  Added more error codes
     new 3e8b8e7  New stream compliance
     new 20d5674  Added new file
     new 351731e  Deployment folder is complete(source is building) No test is done yet
     new 71c1937  Missing files added. I have missed these two files in my previous check in
     new 652898a  Added URL parsing functions
     new 7ece425  Added network handling functions
     new f482e77  files updated
     new 312991c  Changes for http_client, new stream
     new c0ee7da  Added network_handler and fixed a bug in string
     new bf6a91b  Changes in transport/http module
     new 3ad8f90  Tested op_engage_module
     new e7b5b1d  Fixed a method name bug in transport_*_desc.c. dir_handler unit tests was not working after new code commits. Fixed it. After Sahan's changes to stream the corresponding unit tests were not working. Fixed it. Yet 3 tests still fail. Sahan please look into them if you have time.
     new f821acb  Added test files into test/unit/infiles/dir_handler. Fixed a bug in dir_handler_test.c
     new e175605  Changed to comply with new stream
     new 0f7e76d  Fixed compiler warnings
     new 5ba78ff  Added the type name
     new 732a2c1  Eleminated warnings
     new 252853e  Fixed warning
     new 4187425  line -laxis2_deployment added
     new e362995  line added test/core/description/Makefile
     new 3ee7ee4  SUBDIRS added description
     new 758990f  line added modules/core/context/Makefile
     new 1fb6b85  SUBDIRS added context
     new cf934e5  
     new a9400e6  Added engine tests
     new ccb20cf  Added context tests
     new 31c7709  
     new 3cd7d81  Fixed error in function name
     new e3de664  Fixed some errors
     new 18797de  warnings removed
     new 769ed0c  builder added
     new 6bc7352  builder helpers added
     new 54dd16c  
     new 6de039b  Added HTTP Transport Test cases
     new b1ee7fe  Added http test cases
     new 9c181dc  
     new c748e0d  Fixed leaks
     new ffaf0cc  Added more error handling. Need to fix the segfault.
     new 11a6ba7  Removed no argument create method from axis2_svc.h Added some error codes
     new 5e6b477  Fixed memory leaks
     new 9d475c5  create function now has only three args
     new 3a770fe  Macro AXIS2_MSG_RECV_RECEIVE is changed to allow the change in previous commit
     new 728e26d  Fixed problems due to change in msg recv param list
     new a44f29c  make some changes
     new dcc21ed  added new method create_out_msg_ctx in utils.c
     new 7836907  fixed
     new 798c394  Reverting the change
     new 5e0b461  Removed unwanted empty file
     new 0b144a9  Added a core/util folder and moved a method from modules/util/utils.c to modules/core/util/core_utils.c
     new 0066123  added new folder
     new 1b0b947  axis2_xml_reader_create_for_memory function changed
     new 27c2ad9  
     new 4e7e440  removed binary file
     new 867c8e1  Removed binary files and added empty files for testing
     new 9b34757  project file updated
     new cabd992  Fixed doc comments
     new d06436a  Fixed AXIS2C-6 jira issue
     new 7a9501b  Fixed minor problems
     new 77e148e  Fixed the bug. Jira - 1.
     new b63939a  Added a unit test to test axis2_svc_create_with_qname
     new 4f09de2  Fixed Jira AXIS2C-10
     new 8a14cd8  Fixed some memory leaks
     new 3f8ae73  Added functionality which were missing
     new 19f7ac1  testcase for clientapi
     new aeb6b28  Added clientapi test
     new 7111197  In axis2_description.h prefixed macros with AXIS2_. In unit test for dir_hanlder_list_dir make the path to get from env
     new 94929b4  Added more test code
     new bab9fd7  msg_ctx created
     new 7d7ed0a  comments
     new 7b4facd  dropped the unused folder
     new ab94a9f  Removed unwanted folder
     new 76448e1  modified
     new 9fb496a  function name changed
     new 5469842  There is a bug in resizing the array list(a seg fault occur) To avoid that while initial testing set the default array create size to 20(where it was 0). This is a temporary solution until the bug is fixed. Also renamed the axis2_op_create_with_name to axis2_op_create_with_qname
     new 3a95189  get_char_set_encoding() added to xml_reader.h
     new 230c5ab  
     new a0c2e31  
     new 4de4b5f  Changed axis2_wsd_op_set_name to axis2_wsdl_op_set_qname
     new 8e0ddc0  Fixed the array list capacity problem. Also fixed the make system to be in sync with the removal of empty handler folder
     new 4179bf9  added testcases for some methods
     new a8b9739  error fixed
     new 037ce04  Added functionality
     new 16bceca  Added functionality
     new 377ff16  Added the builder and builder helpers. These were missing hence were not build into the lib
     new 86b579f  Added libs and also included transport into the main test build
     new a8a2d2e  Eliminated warning
     new 6e2c17d  Fixed the compiler warnings which could have lead to errors
     new ecd012f  Eliminated warnings
     new e673b69  eleminated warnings
     new d62ddf9  Eliminated warnings.
     new b87668a  
     new 2baad01  errors corrected
     new 9d325aa  axis2_soap_model_builder.h renamed to axis2_soap_builder.h
     new ef54f7f  
     new 42923b5  Changed the (soap_model_builder => soap_builder)
     new f1791be  Fixed Jira  axis2c-2. Added several unit tests in the process
     new d00387b  Fixed the build break due to SOAP changes
     new 4e12923  Added initialization for config and fixed the rest to get it working
     new 2a712a7  done some changes
     new c3f4274  Fixed the bug due to non allocation of a hash for a required member
     new 8b85ae1  Changed the logging API to include log level. Also as there is no point in logging binary stuff, changed the API to only take strings
     new ccc25f3  Fixed the prototype to get the string as a const
     new 60935c1  
     new 64a647c  freed allocated memory
     new 9dc51d5  Added new deployment test
     new 7fac9bd  Added new path to deploymetn test
     new a17f835  
     new a90079e  
     new 45b5a02  
     new ac641b3  Added more tests. Fixed several bugs found during writing the tests
     new 6a74e93  Commented the block causing the dam build problem
     new 6962520  Fixed bugs to get the deployment test working
     new d77a7c3  Modified test to have the axis2.xml in the same folder as the test is
     new 86acfff  Fixed some more memory allocation related bugs
     new b80e146  Implemented some funtions(which were TODOs)
     new da67861  Implemented network_handler_accept and changes to the log
     new 760d1b9  Implemented some functions (which were TODOs)
     new 4da4cdb  Added serverside functionality
     new cb23998  Added headers of the http sever
     new a91a2c9  Fixed make system to get the simple axis server built
     new ddfa20e  Added AXIS2_ERROR_LAST and also fixed few more bugs
     new 417fb57  transport should be the last module built
     new 2a795d9  Fixed build order
     new 4483230  Added more build order fixes
     new ac923e7  Fixed more build order problems
     new dae76a9  Added more easy to use command line options
     new d653295  Added code to facilitate the access of the error message based on the error code
     new d5e7dd7  Added unit test for message receiver loading
     new e7bda02  Added raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c
     new cd67ae4  *Fixed the problem of searching hash by qname. *Now message recievers are loading. Still seg faults when  configuring transport senders. This can be fixed by  properly configureing axis2.xml for receivers
     new c429a3f  added missing header
     new eaac37b  Added testing installation folder
     new 2f29a1f  Fixed the build script to use deploy as home
     new 16fb546  Fixed the NULL pointer bug
     new 1a92447  replaced $(top_builddir)/lib with $(AXIS2C_HOME)/lib
     new 2dd1024  AXIS2C_INSTALL replace with AXIS2C_HOME
     new ae9731b  modified
     new 9e023fa  Fixed warnings and compilation problems
     new 8c41ce9  Fixed warnings
     new d9c4aa6  soap_test added
     new 338ca24  get the path from env
     new bcecf00  makefile added for soap test
     new c9cc1a1  Removed 'axis2' prefixes
     new 16f601e  Added fixes
     new be1470b  Fixed warnings and errors
     new cb3a4b7  Project file updated
     new 4b9e3b4  Adde more error handling logic
     new ffac618  Removed 'axis2' prefixes. Moved to sender, reciever
     new 39e0ea8  Renamed Listener => Receiver
     new 6ad48fa  Deleted transport/axis2_transport_listener.h
     new fdc8022  removed files (move them to diff names)
     new 4157049  Renamed "listener" => "receiver"
     new 4a76c20  Renamed "listener" => 'receiver"
     new 1336bb2  Renamed "listener" => "receiver"
     new 95f8cb1  Moved axis2_url url
     new b268bdd  Added sender receiver
     new 9f92768  Added sender receiver
     new 9e0b023  get rid of printfs
     new c2bc5fe  integration test for addr
     new c294999  added line test/core/addr/Makefile \
     new 765eae7  Fixed an logic error in axis2_dep_engine_validate_system_predefined_phases
     new 73de756  IN_VALID is changed to INVALID
     new d0bcf95  
     new 71cb440  bug fixed
     new 5de358e  Changed the names of the transport senders/receivers
     new a56d261  Fixed more problems
     new 6402732  a conflict is resolved in engage_module
     new 6ec5e2c  Fixed the gung of not checking for NULL
     new 5cc288b  axis2_conf_module, file is not allocated. Fixed it
     new c3fc6c4  axis2_dep_engine_build_module conf is null. fixed
     new 0f927c9  add unit test cases for deployment
     new 237d444  updated unit test cases for deployment
     new fbea17a  Added more fixes to seg faults
     new d2f2cdd  More fixes related to transport related changes
     new 039397e  Now deployment engines load method test is working
     new 6261445  Added error code
     new 27607f7  Added error
     new 6a23de3  Fixed some bugs
     new 3715891  Fixed some bugs ... added listen
     new 50b20f4  DLL functionality
     new 114e588  Changed reply_to_epr
     new 24e6963  Fixed the return type problem
     new 694c13b  Fixed more bugs leading to crash of the server
     new f0add87  More fixes to get the server working. Mainly the pointer handling problems were fixed
     new 4c13f19  More fixes added
     new 54c8f2b  Fixed a read bug in stream. Improved server socket creation
     new b112ebb  test for some more methods
     new de3069e  fixed a bug in read
     new 5465275  Added two new file axis2_file.*. Tested and fixed bugs in axis2_dep_engine_load method
     new 961d1f8  More fixes to get the server working
     new 264195e  Changed the constructor to accept null repos name
     new ab7b995  Transport receiver load test is done
     new 5d84685  Added content length
     new c3abc34  soap11_builder_helper.c completed
     new 7accfba  Fixed a bug in a macro
     new 50ff0ba  Added content lenght
     new e21d1a0  Added a server sample called echo
     new 77c06e4  Added invoke function
     new 40feff3  Changed to return a transport_sender
     new 89eb733  Changed to return axis2_transport_sender
     new fe0c208  
     new 182f2ed  
     new 2623914  More fixes to get the server working
     new b821187  This test file is not needed yet
     new d3adfb0  Now work upto loading the service. Now it returns fail in axis2_svc_builder_populate_svc
     new 8b5b7fe  Added DLL support
     new 6ff8139  Added a test for transport sender loading
     new 0bc9a57  This test file is not needed
     new c6c6ed2  new logic to get the service name and set it
     new b8fae9b  Added sending a soap_fault for a faulty request
     new 03265ad  More pointer related fixes to prevent seg faults
     new b5f949b  bugs fixed
     new e97b329  load engine is now returning valid conf
     new 7241532  More fixes to get the stuff working. Fixed mainly the pointer problems. Also changed fread to read
     new 6a4fbb1  xml files added to test folder
     new 7912ae6  warnings removed
     new 5bdd6b9  
     new 551cd44  Added testing the svc map count
     new 2d5ac70  File structure is hidden in .c file
     new 76a5470  
     new 6633189  deployment engine load had the problem of not listing the deployed services when conf is retured. Fixed it.
     new be406a4  There was a bug in util_dir_handle_test.c Fixed it
     new 948a387  Anjuta project updated
     new e962bab  
     new e62e433  Fixed linux build break.
     new 2316d3d  
     new 89b8d12  Fixed the ambiguous logic to make the code more readable in the html build part
     new 98c4222  Added testing ops map
     new a5c5a38  
     new 41209b7  added test for operation map in svc
     new dcd5e3b  added function set builder
     new 342604c  Added more tests
     new 281a7b2  Fixed the logic to get the operations map
     new 1988f3a  debug printf's removed
     new de61a51  Fixed the logging level related problems
     new bd88125  Formatted out put.
     new e1fa08c  Added test resources
     new 3cee969  More changes related to log to make it more neat
     new 718c225  errors corrected
     new 22c2478  Added two new services
     new 4e98ea8  Now services are put into deployment folders as folders. Code is changed to reflect that
     new 3feb473  Fixd bugs to prevent seg faults
     new 709448a  Fixed to get the error message on error
     new 2d66d06  Added timeout to socket read to make sure the SOAP builder callback does not block infinitely
     new 535dd1c  Fixed the bug introdued
     new a3bafc7  Now services can have a separate directory for each service in deploy/services directory and modules can have the same. Services and directories are listed properly
     new f000374  Added stub.* files
     new 2e2daaa  set builder method added
     new 836b9ec  Added the find operation logic which was missing
     new af4caa7  Moved socket timeout setting to simple_http_svr_conn.c
     new c3045a6  Added process dispatchers code again.
     new 1915e6a  error corrected
     new f8d0b09  Fixed the bug of loaind only addressing based dispatcher
     new 2ad4f9b  
     new 936da32  
     new a704b68  Resolved AXIS2C-24
     new dc7f82f  Added a log message. Fixed removeinstance
     new 738cc85  Fixed to work with the endpoint URL
     new 6ec6aeb  Added test starting messages
     new 6de79a2  Added Content-Length checking logic. fixed some bugs in comments
     new 13c4eb1  Added some testcases. Added Content-Length checking logic
     new 7f52208  Cleaning the code
     new beff0df  Added new test
     new 73f1749  
     new b546bed  created a test to test wsdl_component
     new 0ead534  Added missing messages in error.c for corresponding error codes in error.h
     new 5c064f0   memory leaks fixed
     new ab5cf57  
     new c95c463  
     new 97eab2b  
     new 8c4a3db  added write_to_socket function
     new 75da9c4  
     new b1c8bb7  More fixes to get the simple axis server working. Added the ctx_handler, equivalant of Instance Dispatcher
     new c2c7eff  Added test client to make system
     new 3bfdc24  Added some improvements
     new a7b2a18  Added getopt
     new 9c78441  
     new 1efd21b  in svc_builder.c's populate_svc method, earlier dll_path for service is not set. Fixed it
     new 87f8495  
     new 10b25f3  More bug fixes related to context set/get property
     new 3564f40  Added debug details
     new e5b33eb  removed printf
     new de05490  Fixed the bug of not taking service file path correctly
     new 856c737  More tidying up to get the output clean and simple.
     new b56f65e  params are not properly set in service from svc builder. Fixed this problem
     new 831ad77  
     new 1993db2  serialize function added
     new f1c1781  Removed duplicate svc_obj creation
     new 80ead1a  warnings removed
     new 7b8b394  Fixed the use of qname in transport description maps
     new 7692c7b  write_xml_version_encoding method added to om_output
     new c01597b  Added more fixes to get the simple service working
     new b4ea1f5  added options
     new f35760a  Fix to get the correct HTTP code 200 with the SOAP response
     new 559347e  soap_body build method added
     new 2eb4c57  Fixed Jira Axis2c-26
     new eb2aa51  default char set encoding added
     new e209976  Added uuid generator
     new 2646ba8  added uuid_gen supporting functions and test case
     new 4d1851a  user can specify the timeout in command line. Fixed some crashes due to not checking null pointers
     new 4bf652e  Fixed a bug in http header parsing and in retrieving charset
     new 1868c79  Added the OM processing logic to get the service process in OM parameter comming in
     new ba059c0  added char-set passing to xml reader
     new fb8a598   error handler added
     new 077a1fc  Added some improvements
     new 68229f2  Gave more finer solution to jira AXIS2C-26
     new 1405875  
     new 4a779b7  Fixed bugs in the test. Cleaned up the code
     new a34db59  Fix to get the socket client working
     new a8d0df3  Fixed Jira AXIS2C-34
     new da15798  Remove unneccessary folders
     new 3cba205  Added log messages instead of printf's
     new 30f3a95  removed populdate_conf test case because it is not needed now.
     new 9bdd68f  changed from om node serialization to soap envelope serialization
     new a084a0a  Replaced AXIS2_FUNC_PARAM_CHECK AXIS2_ENV_CHECK
     new 887e38d  Adding math service test. This is to test multiple operations in the same service
     new fcde2b2  removing the .deps added mistakenly
     new 448a8b8  Added test math service
     new 748ff9e  added the service.sml for new math service
     new ebd9516  Added build file for math sample
     new 2cc541c  AXIS2_OM_NODE_ADD_CHILD parameter mixup resolved , loging added , close_input_callback function added to xml_reader
     new 26f0fe9  removed
     new 5ccfbc4  Fixed Jira AXIS2C-35
     new 1d59688  logging added
     new 84f038a  Fixed some memory leaks in svc builder
     new 80888ae  Cleaned up the error return logic to enable SOAP fault generation
     new 0b1440f  loging added
     new ad124be  Added SOAP version handling logic. Also changed the encoding to UTF-8
     new 573a5f0  Fixed a crash due to NULL soap envelope
     new 5500adc  Added echo client stub sample
     new aac642e  create_default_soap_envelope method added
     new 0e3b642  Added error codes for null soap envelope
     new 5864a4e  Moved platform dependant code in uuid_gen to platforms directory and added platform dependent code
     new 75bf03b  Removed MAC address removing logic from network handler and added to platform dependent code. Added some error codes/messages. Fixed a build break
     new a496740  Added SOAP Fault setting on error. Seems to be working OK
     new 5e6e108  Fixed the message receiver to return SOAP faults correctly. Also changed the service skeleton method signatures to enable setting errors to be converted into SOAP faults. Added serivce skeleton related errors. Fixed SOAP fault related bug in soap body implementation
     new 0bb83f8  Fixed the errors caused due to platfrom not being included
     new d6d8bb9  Added the SOAP body processing to get this working. Initial tests are successful.
     new 83476c3  Added rindex method to string to be used in SOAP Action based dispatcher. Also fixed the SOAP action based dispatcher to find the operation using SOAP action
     new d9a30ab  new function, documentation added
     new 7b1e931  axis2_ prefix removed from file name
     new 6446b4a  added -laxis2_unix
     new 30a63be  Fixed the log level name
     new c3d7f9e  cleaned
     new d334a82  
     new 943024a  added test to test log functions
     new a0a7501  get_all_header_blocks function added
     new 22689b8  updated log.c to add more functions
     new 55b937f  new header files included
     new 7baa538  stub client test
     new ad301ac  updated for new log functions added changed log level enums
     new 9a0ef73  Wrote stub.*
     new be18a5b  
     new cb61495  added command line arguments
     new f8c450a  fixed a bug with log macros
     new d5664c9  moved prototypes to axis2_log.h
     new c0ba0f7  Fixed logging mechanism in source files in line with new logging API.
     new b1dff30  More logging related updates to sync with new improved logging API
     new e25b135  Fixed the usage method
     new 1143e77  Added log level option
     new 27f754d  Added a message to be shown when onloy errors and critial logs are enebled
     new a3bbf35  Wrote a missing method in call.c. Now echo client is not segfaulting. But still the client return with failure.
     new bc2b16b  client repository folder for testing purposes
     new 8a174b0  
     new 3e642d4  Added more log related fixes
     new 3150187  made some changes to echo_client to get client repos path correctly
     new 1fe4631  
     new bcab0ac  updated log tests
     new 1a83e9f  changed this to add test_log.c
     new 7dd0ed4  added more tests
     new 1de43d6  Added error reporting and changed the services HTML
     new 0508ec5  Fixed a crash due to 'to be implemented' function
     new 2a95030  Added the addressing fix
     new 8fcf616  Fixed the param check bug
     new 837123b  Fixing bugs while making request from stub client work
     new b99e489  added unix lib
     new 359e7b9  added wsdl_test.c
     new 2ee4ba6  axis2_soap_over_http_sender_send() now sets Content length header
     new d183694  updated the anjuta project
     new 10b956a  LOG_LEVEL enum changed
     new fff1caf  has_fault function modified
     new 4f44d6e  Added some fixes related to transport and message context
     new ec8acd1  Fixed the seg faulting errors
     new 3b7c564  content type header setting added
     new ab27d90  removed unneccessary folder
     new 7db9ac7  echo_client.c is cleaned
     new 4899bf4  Added axis2_http_transport_utils_create_soap_msg
     new ca0aed9  Some more fixes to get the Stub working
     new 19f61ab  Changed the services HTML externel pictures are not included
     new b7d02ea  Added more compatibility stuff with Java echo sample
     new 0c49ebe  Added more stub related fixes
     new 355fd62  More log related fixes
     new bb3b762  Added prefix to LOG_SI
     new 287df25  Added more eye candy
     new 6e28ac3  Added more eye candy
     new 2c1d94e  More eye candy
     new f967849  More eye candy
     new 7fd1921  Adding the math client sample
     new eac7da4  Added the math client test
     new 0b93689  There was linking error in almost every test. Fixed it
     new 12eaeac  
     new 5c8c741  Moved server and client sample from test to samples. Fixed a memeory leak in deployment module
     new e04a7f5  Added missing build file
     new 219cac1  Fixed a crash due to null pointer
     new ff54110  Fixed a critical bug
     new d8bf517  Removed the calculator as it is not working. Also fixed the div by zero bug
     new f627f70  Fixed LOG_SI prefix
     new 15274e1  New install instructions for M0.3
     new 9382714  Chaged to make by default
     new 22f4e21  renaming to is no longer needed
     new 24e6081  added few fixes
     new e65013a  added few fixes
     new fc107db  added few more fixes
     new a711f86  Patch applied mentioned in mail [AXIS2]help needed on gnu build system. Thanks Sanjaya for the patch.
     new 7939dd8  Added Makefile.
     new aea75cb  Added
     new 0168284  There was junk commited in previous commit. Removed it
     new 2789192  added services.xml files
     new 0b70861  Removed Exception throws from method comments. Updated anjuta projec files
     new 7057cdf  enabled tests and samples in
     new 4ceda23  variable declarations were moved to the start of blocks to compile code on windows
     new 437f3b8  updated for windows compatibility
     new a2c0ab3  updated for win compatibility
     new aec60c6  added dir and uuid for windows
     new ab42de7  updated platform code for windows
     new 25fa109  updated for windows compatibility
     new e3d8a27  udated for win compatibility
     new 8d2c86b  udpated for win compatibility
     new 560e554  udaated for win compatibility
     new 4217c6d  updated for win compatibility
     new d6af055  updated for win compatibility
     new f358109  Fixed minor error message hitch
     new 1be9acf  make install will install sample libs in correct places. made some local methods static.
     new 2c5e482  See Re: [AXIS2]help needed on gnu build system
     new d892934  Since sanjaya's last patch copying xml files is no longer needed
     new 45b9048  Use the same prifix for libs and data
     new 3a66121  
     new 2e8fda7  there was a but of not initializing a function pointer. so when there is no services.xml file in a service server segfaults when trying to  free params.
     new bb386ce  Added linger setting and TCP_NODELAY for sockets to prevent java client hanging
     new 1be09cf  Serverside chunking handling enabled
     new f2e2bba  Removed axis2_stream_default.h because it is no longer in use after Sahan's changes to original stream
     new d8b8bde  Fixed a bug in transports init
     new 60d2a51  added file support
     new fbbff67  for the changes done to file_handler.c
     new 0c1b87c  removed env specific code
     new 95297c4  removed env specific code
     new fb8c688  svnprinf is masked
     new a48e00c  svnprintf is masked
     new 19fc95d  added file support
     new 366c725  updated
     new a676091  updated
     new 1527a61  Fixed a bug in log_free
     new 0902abb  changes done to compile for win32
     new 345213e  Fixed not logging into a file
     new deca5a6  Changed the tests to comply with the new log constructor, as well as the server and the samples. Added HTTP chunking at the client side
     new f403f80  Initial compiling version of addressing in handler added along with fixes to other sources to get it working.
     new 912681d  Added asynchronous support to msg_recv. This will be completed once the threading is available. Fixed some memory leaks in deployment module
     new 8b57513  modified for compiling on vc7
     new 5b6bba3  
     new 4b8e77e  
     new c477cbd  modified to compile on vc7
     new b11e296  
     new c00c560  Added initial version of addressing out handler and also changed others to work with it
     new 1c7a447  Fixed the error and added to make
     new 1e8be1f  Fixed the build break due to constant name change
     new 369b1d1  Added the module xml file for addressing
     new 5dbf941  see [jira] Commented: (AXIS2C-54) include files in src folders. Removed axis2_wsdl_component's dependancy on axis2_description.h
     new ced810f  Fixed few crsh points when addressing module is enabled
     new 776075f  Fixed a bug in HTTP version handling
     new 551469a  
     new 4cc7e2c  module loading related stuff. Now I think module addressing module is ready to be loaded
     new 9159bc6  In process of making the module load working
     new 40e43df  Modified to parse many files. Need to give xml file as input
     new e4e15e9  module handler loading is changed. Now there is separate method for module handler loading
     new b157f43  more seg fault fix
     new bda03b4  Now libraries are copied to respective folder when installed
     new f1f2580  More work on module loading
     new 38a29eb  added error printing code when dl handler creation failed
     new e9776d9  Sorry my last commit has wrong content. This is the right one
     new 4c5fa15  there was a method name error. fixed it
     new 9afd43d  comments added
     new fe09e47  Enabled addressing
     new 3472962  Removed the comment
     new d0ec60c  Few more fixes
     new 52861d8  
     new ca9be7a  Added navigation and fixed the maven file to build site
     new 2a5d4e1  Adds "make check" target.
     new be31c02  added xml files to make dist
     new bfa8bf8  Now it is not seg faulting. but still I could not check whether logic is ok. ie. whether phases resolver does it well
     new 43dea99  Fixed the element name
     new 03c91c7  Fixed output in echo sample
     new b6b29e7  now logic fails at phase_resolver
     new 4a41320  modified for compiling on win32
     new d8c6937  More fixes towards makieng module work
     new 751b10f  Added some error codes. Modified exception method. Put guththila_event into the structure
     new 7910e07  add error handler code
     new 0b575e8  Fixes to get modules working
     new 283b815  More fixes to get addressing working
     new 69192c7  installing module.xml
     new 1b703ba  Removed error fn
     new 7903076  eased the logging mechanism to get the op to std err with simple axis server
     new a0762c0  more fixes to get module working
     new c9945a1  modified to compile in windows
     new d681d46  These are the changes I needed to make whilst testing SDO for C++ with Guththila. There are a few signed/unsigned problems, one return of an integer where an object is expected, and the problem of reallocation of the read buffer.
     new 2763529  Addressing message for testing
     new 82f4236  
     new 0aed189  adds make target
     new c0194f6  Fixed the segfault
     new dd69679  Fixed the seg fault
     new 488520f  installing binary to bin/system_test
     new 5a0dcaa  some minor fixes
     new 7ce253f  
     new 250423a  
     new abc9d02  Added the WSA action
     new 99c053e  Fixed the tag mismatch bug
     new 0bbe844  Fixed the problem of server not starting when addressing module not present in axis2.xml
     new 9c30052  removed some commented code because now they can be used
     new de8ec8f  init code for windows added
     new 84647a0  Fixed cleint to work without addressing
     new 4cb0f51  Some cleaning done on phase_resolver.c
     new a472eae  time stamp prefix to the log messages
     new 49827a1  Initial files for thread support.(platform independent thread abstraction and the unix (linux) implementation of the abstraction)
     new 58aaf10  error checking and calling convention added
     new 4d0689c  moved variable declaration up
     new 4432d3d  moved declaration up
     new 761a4cf  Fixed some more bugs related to module loading
     new 011b74e  Bug fix for windows (fdopen)
     new a455386  there was hash set with qname. fixed it
     new 6675e09  Removed fdopen and treating socket as a file
     new 5cea706  Setting values to hash map should be done using a key which has type axis2_char_t. In some code fragments this done using qname. This could lead to unexpected problems. So fixed it.
     new b4e15d0  When module is already engaged it set the error code and return AXIS2_SUCCESS. But currently it return AXIS2_SUCCESS
     new b6b2ea5  modified to compile on windows
     new 273d7a1  Changes to support Windows
     new 21866c7  bug fixed
     new 315ceea  Fixed non building problem
     new 971961a  Removed threading for the time being
     new db3a003  Added trace loging support to help enable trace with a compiler option
     new d2dc853  Fixed the crash in hash map in the proper way
     new 0ded7da  Fixed the crash in hash map in the proper way
     new 208dae9  
     new ef9f34b  Workaround added to get this working on windows
     new 2e2c0e9  installing binary to AXIS2C_HOME/bin/samples
     new f577665  installing binary to AXIS2C_HOME/bin/samples
     new cd9d488  replaced AXIS2_FUNC_PARAM_CHECK with ENV_CHECK
     new cdf2337  
     new 7a1b473  modified to compile on windows
     new 6d39be6  modified to compile on windows
     new de2af5f  Fixed a bug in callback function as well as the soap over http sender for not taking the content length into account
     new d5cedc2  
     new f17be09  now we have the configure option --enable-trace. by default this no. added --enable-trace=yes to
     new b225683  Added some eye candy to help with locating traces
     new f9a2c72  Changed log level to enable trace
     new f4ad32f  Commented out the unused phases
     new 2a04780  replaced AXIS2_FUNC_PARAM_CHECK with ENV_CHECK
     new 3d1d39c  calling convention added to handler create function
     new ade35d0  modified to compile on windows
     new 4fa484c  Some fixes to get the addressing module working. Added tracing to help find problems
     new e3ba25f  correction for to_string to add the leading slash for the path
     new ae7902a  more fixes towards getting out handler work
     new b67baca  Fix to get all the modules loaded
     new 79aef22  Removed env from function calls
     new 7bf6d7f  Added thread pool and removed some warnings
     new cbb4295  Fixed the TO related bug in addressing. Also exposed the required methods to hel write addressing based clients
     new 4b092b0  Some more fixes to get Addressing working. Basically there was a bug in getting the wsa action mapping from service xml
     new 112046d  Added more helpful debug info to help locate which dispatcher founf the service and operation
     new 58d2cb3  Added sample to demo addressing on client side
     new 2a61834  Fixed header missing error
     new a5d9a0a  Added licence header comments
     new 84fc87c  Fixed more bugs to get addressing working. There was a problem in setting header and body in the envelope in message receiver. There were bugs in assigning the mutator functions in soap envelope. Also the soap version in soap header was not handled properly
     new b98da86  mutex prototypes
     new 3845d72  thread and mutex implementation for win32
     new d1c5870  axis2_thread_func defined
     new c7f7352  axis2_thread_func definition removed, made minor changes to a fn prototype
     new 34ece73  added calling convension
     new 1f4488d  modified to compile on windows
     new e19c13c  Fixed lot of would be bugs in deployment and description modules. Removed dependancies between modules.
     new 2d0aa6a  test cases for theads and mutexes
     new 672cb25  Added prototype for mutex locks
     new 1cf2e2e  Threading support. Mutex lock implementation. Server is still single threaded
     new 4a3e269  Added thread tests. Change the format of the thread_once_init
     new eb426f3  mutex header file change
     new 2965fd4  mutex header change
     new dcf06e3  mutex header change
     new 4af2012  change for the addition of util function
     new 2b12227  added axis2_declare
     new ce7399a  added axis2_declare
     new 714f3f7  changes for the prototype change of axis2_thread_once_init
     new 5467740  moved axis2_thread_mutex moved to axis2_thread.h
     new eb25765  Added threading to the http_server
     new 6950310  This was not building due to multiple definitions of main. Fixed that by using 2 bin programs
     new a89df53  More fixes related to the current repo loading if services present
     new 2a134a9  Made this sample "Windows Ready"
     new fabee80  One more minor variable move to support windows
     new 3f60d8d  Now in linux, I have configured the build system to produce to deliver appropriate binaries.
     new 52e68ed  On fixing Jira Axis2c-17
     new 6a47618  added -lpthread to
     new 4b8afc4  Removed axis2_core.h which is not used in the project
     new 100b437  added -lpthread
     new 636f614  I removed redundant lines from these make files. Sanjaya can we remove these files now?
     new 83c6314  HTTP/1.1 needs Host header. So added
     new 0a28803  added axis2_thread_unix.h to 'make dist'
     new 257985d  Moved deployemt header files to deployment folder.
     new b4ceffa  Added google API sample
     new 3af62d1  added google sample
     new ccec77d  I have mistakenly moved these files to internal folders
     new 936d54f  In process of moving header files
     new b93c51d  Added the credits
     new 108f508  small fix
     new 0ebcd7a  issues 55 and 56, plus make thread safe
     new a9f1508  
     new a002589  removed unneccessary header includes
     new 78d7f85  reverted a change
     new b056fff  Fixed seg fault on SOAP Fault
     new acb5edc  More fixes to not segfault on SOAP Fault
     new 4b00dc7  Fixed a critical bug in free. Removed shallow copy freeing
     new 23a42fa  Added signal handler function. Compile time option to disable multi threading
     new feb5077  add LDFLAG to include -lpthread
     new 18d863a  add LDFLAGS to google client
     new 8c8c90c  snprintf moved to platforms
     new 78fbd90  Fixed the duplicate header and body setting
     new 0607038  updated description test
     new 60a0173  removed wrong s in open mode
     new 011c75b  minor fix
     new d0f13c0  floating point problem in win22 is resolved
     new 3684af3  Added some user friendly documentation
     new 882dee3  Fixed the places where UUID was hard coded, using axis2_uuid_gen
     new c14b6ba  updated unit and system tests
     new 0c8d421  working on make dist
     new c80bcc6  Fixed the test make files to get make check working
     new dc91a9a  Fixed the seg, need to fix memory leaks
     new aa68c0b  Changed the version number to M0.4
     new 100f8c0  More work on make dist
     new 40abb62  unistd.h header removed from included headers
     new 155595d  Changed so that make dist reflect the current version
     new 73c43d2  changed the release name
     new 016e8bf  
     new 15c855a  added 'check' target
     new 8945401  signal handling masked for win32
     new c46d7f7  modified for compiling on windows
     new 586a7e1  Synchronizing configuration context and operation context using mutextes
     new 4b2206b  Added the changes to fix doc bugs. Also added Windows section
     new f86d014  updated
     new c9fe2bd  Removed bogus command
     new dfb6d89  replaces close with AXIS2_CLOSE_SOCKET macro
     new 314c661  win32 makefile added
     new 6ba300a  
     new cb3000e  added INSTALL README LICENCE AUTHORS NEWS  CREDITS to 'make install'
     new f2c95ea  We should go through network_handler when closing sockets
     new 991e895 file added for win32 build
     new 6d5281f  makefile modified
     new 114bfca  changed the default logfile name
     new 1b4faff  changed the default logfile name
     new ec416fe  changed the default logfile name
     new 3799b24  changed the default logfile name
     new c121879  added windows src and bin installation guide
     new 3fb0305  added logs
     new 03a31ba  
     new 941c7ee  
     new bb4c085  
     new 5e371b4  added logs
     new 5f77bab  Removed linux from the dist name, becaues I plan to provide one source dist
     new 11934a2  structured and added a Table of Contents
     new d02d08a  AXIS2_ENV_CHECK macro error fixed
     new 68fa331  comments added , om_document_free function changed to free the underlying om tree structure
     new e6b3b57  soap_body_create_with_parent now sets soap_envelope's soap_body
     new e28513f  Fixed some memory leaks
     new cb17632  More fixes towards leak fixes
     new 2e76b4c  some memory leaks fixed
     new 8be8689  Changed the directory structure to accomodate Apache httpd module
     new b4b3234  moved xml reader/writer headers into include
     new 4bcf5ae  Added install of required headers into include
     new 1de2d9a  jira issue fixed ( soap_envelope_set_soap_version does not set envelope namespace )
     new 401c019  stops intalling header files in test directories.
     new 834675c  Fixed the platform header dependancy. This is a problem when clients are using headers out of the source tree. Users should be able to use the headers only in the include folder
     new dee3d8b  jira issue 72 fixed [ soap body and soap header should not have a set_soap_version method ]
     new 334f1ae  set_soap_version method removed
     new 96879ed  
     new fe01bc6  Fixed the build problems
     new 0df48bd  Hack to fix google sample segfault
     new b746859  Yet another hack for SOAP 1.1
     new 729fda8  Fixed the setting of To in addressing when no To was set
     new 9dc40e5  Removed .libs because it gives problems in debian based distros
     new 1acd7b1  Modified code to return status based on phase invocation status
     new 3a5b4fe  Reverted the change as client side fails with this
     new 37d6c90  Fixed the logic to revert the mistake
     new cba9310  AXIS2_FREE() in hash_next commented
     new 9dcd490  CPPFLAGS removed
     new e60eb32  jira issue fixed
     new 6369051  property struct is meant as a solution to release memory occupied by properties. For every property set in wsdl_component_properties we need to wrap it inside this struct. When we wrap the property by this struct we also set the scope of property and free function of property
     new 4da453b  Added 100 continue status code
     new 64989e6  Added support for handling 100 continue code. This is required to interop with services hosted with IIS web server.
     new 8fdca90  added a new type axis2_scope_t
     new f8807a7  Freeing conf_ctx when server exits
     new 59d1aec  Fixed Jira AXIS2C-73 Fixed some memory leaks as well.
     new 901fd67  Fixed a bug which occured after my yesterday commit
     new 826f825  More memory leak fixes
     new 3f521ed  an error in attribute processing corrected
     new 0580e70  Small fix to
     new cb2cd72  Fixing a cresh by not initlizing status_code in http_status_line
     new 31d38af  More fixed on memory leaks
     new c635b08  Fixed a leak in hash and set the default timeout to 30
     new 52c7709  Fixed more memory leaks
     new baa5cc8  removed todo comment
     new 008ef6a  Fixed memory leak
     new fc888ee  More memory leak fixes
     new 19a1c07  Added fix to get the timeout working correct
     new 8aa3092  added the whitemesa round1 test
     new db45d7f  Added install folder and also fixed
     new f2b1ac2  crash problem
     new 937ecdf  Now arch_reader is released
     new 013472f  Fixed the problem in hash, that caused crach on expand. Also updated the round 1 test to have better output
     new 6d8f1f6  Added more eye candy to the output
     new 042d9cd  Fixed some memory leaks, amd memory management related bugs
     new 16dd20d  more memory leak fixes
     new afa44bc  bug fixed in axis2_om_element_find_namespace
     new 1c361d0  conf is not freed from client side. Fixed it
     new 6d2a0a4  Uncommented the parser freeing in stax builder because now it does not give segfaults. After this step together with my previous commits early today now memory leaks are greatly reduced both in server and client.
     new 520aacc  Removed warning from receivers module
     new 84dc631  Fixed to enable redirection of log to std out/err
     new 87c13ae  Fixed some memory leaks
     new 4a47816  Fixed some more memory leaks
     new 6a58a4b  More memory leak fixes by calling the correct free methods
     new bbdfb8f  Fixed the problem of using the same OM node for return. Now it creates a new OM node set for return
     new 9104b0c  Some fixes to ensure soap envelope is freed in message context
     new a18846d  Fixed a possible bug in add child macro
     new 475c374  Removed verbose output
     new a9e984e  Fixed a double delete
     new f72b694  More leak fixes
     new 7509e59  Creating Makefile in test/tools
     new 68185af  Bring up the server and runs samples to 'check' target
     new 360a374  local variable key is replaced with a malloced value
     new c7ff263  dup the param name
     new a2cf4fa  More memory leak fixes
     new 59b4da0  more leak fixes
     new 1266f46  Fixed the memory problems
     new d3ad0a3  bug fixed in add header_block method
     new 2833bfe  soap_builder_free function modified to free stax_om_builder
     new e83e3ef  soap_builder free function removed since is is done in envelope
     new 4ea0516  CHILD_ELEMENT_ITERATOR_FREE function removed, this will be done is om element
     new 3fff97c  iterators returned from om_element is now freed in om_element_free function
     new bbd3425  More memory leak fixes.
     new b2e4ad6  memory leak fixed
     new e2c2a38  Fixed a bug in creating epr using a relative address.
     new 42d8c1b  Removed a double free
     new 9d65b5f  Made a local variable tobe allocated in heap to prevent a memory corruption
     new 6ae1670  Fixed segfaulting in addr_client. Fixed more memory leaks
     new 8a7052e  Fixed a small bug
     new 62403c0  Deleted some junk lines
     new f64f478  added calling convention for compiling on win32
     new 621baaf  modified to compile for win32
     new 832a9bc  Added missing files in 'make dist'
     new a826af9  Fixed a memory corrupt - not taking the length of the serialized url correctly
     new e9451b9  ignoring the sigpipe in threads
     new 006e30b  Fixed the need to have a comment in service XML file's operation tag
     new 5696904  Now if user does not configure with a prefix a default prefix is used to install to /usr/local/axis2c.
     new 0c7fa1d  Updated the INSTALL document
     new 5a65347  Removed socket closing to handle java clients. Need a good solution later
     new 6718768  When  createing a operation description from operation name and filling phases from TemplateOperation there was problem of double freeing because both new op and TemplateOperation tries to free them. Fixed it by not creating a new operation but by using the Template Operation itself, setting the new name to TemplateOperation.
     new bfe3caf  Fixed a bug in conf_builder. In transport receivers it checks for tranport inflow and if inflow is not null it return error. Obviously this should be reverse. This error is also in axis2 java version in an earlier version. Need to check whether it still exists.
     new 539c0ac  Some minor fixes
     new ae8e05e  Now services are freed by arch_file_data instead of service group. Otherwise there will be leaks in exception flows
     new 5024fef  scandir allocated memeory is not deleted. Fixed it
     new b1b86aa  further memory leaks fixed which were due to scandir
     new 0e69a41  Fixed some memory leaks
     new 027d976  minor fix
     new 3715ffb  Again fixing memory leaks
     new 33c981e  memory leak fixed
     new c91a0a3  More memory leak fixes
     new 9ebaac6  memory leak fixed
     new 7082a75  memory leak fixed
     new 09499cb  memory leak fixed
     new 25fc907  Changed the socket close mechanism to allow slow clients
     new 8463f9d  need to close the socket anyway
     new f99a92e  Fixed AXIS2C-89. There was a double free of om_builder
     new d608a16  Fixed the LOG macros
     new 312a1eb  There was this problem of freeing properties which were set in ctx.c. I solved this by adopting the same technique as wsdl_component.
     new 58d8ec2  Moved axis2_property.h to exposed set of include files
     new 784a4ef  axis2_om_node_detach method modified
     new ea1bc3b  log_write function removed
     new 6105aa9  log_write removed
     new e2557ed  Creating binary file
     new a30cc81  Creating binary file.
     new 4bec321  I have removed some lines that I have added in my previous commit which is junk
     new ecf9211  Fixed the segmentation fault in context test.
     new b788cea  Adding apache2 module
     new fe53620  Fixed the double free of the om builder
     new cd9159a  Changed the version to next one
     new 6f0e9ac  windows make file modified
     new de40b18  modified to compile on win32
     new d94d818  Changing the network handler to compile in windows
     new 58e559d  old error handling macros removed with new ones , set_last_child function removed from om node
     new 93d4e9b  Improved Apache2 module
     new 705c8f1  Fixed some bugs to get addressing 1.0 working
     new 3a982b7  Adding documentation from Chatra, Making some changes to build site properly
     new a289b4b  macro replaced
     new e8cc01f  Changes to some docs
     new 05fb64e  Oh my mistake
     new 4a5ac91  Applied the patch sent by Sanjaya to avoid setting LIBXML2_INCLUDES env variable. But the patch has the problem of build searching for libxml2 and guththila both when trying to configure. If user does not want to enable guththila it still try to find guththila. If guththila libs and includes are not in the system configure process fails. Anyway I think since we are still using libxml2 I can proceed applying the patch. But We need to put a Jira to solve this soon.
     new 7699c30  modified to compile on win32
     new d799d56  Added with-apache2=PATH configure option
     new b801ea7  Now apr include also can be given as a path to configure
     new f5eba7f  Updated the install documentation
     new 7bbd112  Fixed a miner bug
     new 6e5a0c1  Fixed some problems in null pointer handlings
     new 05119a8  Fixed the memory leak
     new cdf5f57  Fixed the memory leaks, also fixed the pointer assignment bug in call
     new 09dfe83  added missing files to 'make dist'
     new da4345b  AXIS2_LOG_WRITE macro replace with AXIS2_LOG_ERROR
     new ec4504d  Fixing JIRA AXIS2C-94
     new 34fd4f8  Added Apache2 INSTALL guide
     new 5bf3656  
     new d549fcb  Reviewd the apache2 related stuff submitted by Sahan
     new fa747aa  Fixing issue AXIS2C-95
     new 6612b40  added sources of samples to 'install' target
     new bc7d191  in MSVC8 read is deprecated. replaced with recv
     new 1bf2d4c  Adding more docs
     new 46ed699  Fixed a bug in download.html
     new e582ac0  code reviewed and error handling improved , internal functions moved to internal headers
     new 56cf640  Fixed a typo, it is not the first working version :)
     new 581c468  Added the chunking line as a comment, so that it is easier to enable/disable this
     new 668645d  fixed memory leak
     new 46e39c5  The free cause a seg here
     new 337f691  Work regarding to WOM
     new b99d11b  Work related to WOM
     new 37f9d58  New files added
     new b5d508f  Added new files
     new da26bd1  Fixing issue AXIS2C-98.
     new 8adcce5  
     new 339c36e  Added the round 2 test contributed by Dimuthu
     new 2a0ffed  Added round 2 itest
     new 85dd715  Added the correct endpoint
     new d7ec25e  Added correct endpoint
     new be574b4  error hanling improved
     new 4b855d4  Anjuta project updated
     new eb169a0  #ifdef __cplusplus +extern "C" added to header file
     new ec77ad1  Fixed a bug in linking libraries. Now tests not linking against installed libraries.
     new 218db0d  internal functions moved to internal headers and some warning also fixed
     new 9330d95  warnings fixed
     new 32c4bb8  warnings fixed
     new 0babd4a  Implemented the non blocking invocation logic
     new 8d19581  Added the invoke non blocking sample
     new b1bbafd  Added wsdl parser api files
     new af28842  removed double freeing of files dirent pointer
     new 2643a49  warnings removed
     new 1b975a2  warnings removed
     new 812211e  Installing tests to $(prefix)/bin/system_test
     new 20fda61  Warning elimination. Added axis2_types to hold type conversion.
     new fa99376  warnings removed
     new c25ef60  Improved the text
     new c2c4ed8  warnings removed
     new b562831  warnings removed
     new efbb6ae  removed undef NULL
     new 72524bf  removed undef NULL
     new dc8216d  
     new 9d799be  warnings removed
     new dfe598b  memory leak fixed
     new f50544f  
     new 678c349  
     new 222165c  
     new 3a3110d  
     new 75b66c3  Makefile to install include/unix and windows directories
     new 5b52a7c  Creating makefile in include
     new c5e48a7  
     new d0916ec  
     new d5de049  
     new 171736d  This is not required any more
     new 12f0cab  Fixed the formatting problems
     new a3aa4cf  Fixed some typos and added more details
     new d448a14  added a method to get encoding method
     new 9c7a98a  Fixed some typos ans improved text
     new a1e23fc  Added a test to test axis2_wsdl4c, the WsdlPull Wrapper implementing the axis2_wsdl4c interfaces.
     new cb88732  Changed the action mapping
     new db62729  Added the comments required for the user guide
     new 509b588  Improved the text and also included the syntax highliting for code
     new a2c4b9a  code layout corrected according to cording convention, warnings removed
     new 368395c  Added downloads for previous versions as well
     new 97239ea  Removed some memory leaks
     new b3e2ca0  Some more fixes on the docs
     new f705ffe  Fixing memory leaks
     new 5246439  More mem leak fixes
     new 332ebc8  seperate build system for samples
     new eefc550  Added comments to explain the flow for user guide and removed code that has been commented out
     new 25e910f  More improvements to the user guide with code syntax highliting
     new ec745d4  seperate build system for sampels
     new 61f105a  
     new 749d340  More memory leak fixes
     new 9b0f8f8  Fixed typo
     new 5d5f247  Added new error code
     new 07be755  Fixed more typos
     new 56fd651  More styling fixes
     new 66884de  Fixed the title and Axis2/C name
     new 194ce32  
     new f600aec  Removed the duplicate creation of axis2_msg_info_headers. Fix for AXIS2C-101
     new 0126959  Added in team information
     new 43adc23  Added the team information and some more improvements
     new b3ea99a  Fixed the segfault when AXIS2C_HOME is not set. AXIS2C-91
     new 78de2dd  Fixed the problem of client segfaulting when repo is not given. AXIS2C-91
     new 96954f0  Fixed the problem of client segfaulting when repo path not set properly. AXIS2C-91
     new 267dd34  Fixed the segfault on not setting the repo path properly. AXIS2C-91
     new 2b5b7ac  Fixed the service and operation name
     new b9862c5  Fixed the invalid read problem
     new 49b7c5c  Memory leak fixes, Fix for the break in google client, Cleanups for AXIS2C-52
     new e97e85a  Leak fix
     new 8da38a2  Fixed memory leak
     new 4221c95  Fixed thread pool free mechanism
     new 7d973cc  Added samples direcotry to 'make dist'
     new fef2ca0  added samples direcotry to 'make dist'
     new 55a17d5  Fixed handler related memory leaks
     new 4342c26  Fixed the memory leak
     new b0fc090  Removed mistakenly put .deps
     new cb779ca  Added missing headers to 'make dist'
     new e65a656  Added missing headers to 'make dist'
     new fa52ee6  Added wsdl directory to 'make dist'
     new 1b265bd  Fixed the build problems in samples and also updated the file
     new 33e1482  Added new error code
     new 47d786a  Fixed the erroneous freeing of content-type
     new 882a398  Fixed the double free
     new 1d2ba7c  removed white spaces
     new ba77d22  Removed some unnecessary buggy logic in axis2_om_element_get_children_with_qname()
     new b2836cd  Some fixes to eliminate compiler warinings. There were some bugs fixed as well.
     new b04fc66  More fixes to have the callback data pointer
     new cf272f9  Fixed the bug that caused seg fault
     new f850309  Fixed the warning
     new 3d56c24  get_text function modified
     new 2fadf41  Fixed the problem of seg fault
     new 45e9987  php extension is removed
     new 4594ff6  Fixed the segfault
     new 3e3c7c8  clone function added to om_namespace and om_attribute
     new 104392b  Stops running samples with 'make check'
     new e658fbf  add_header_block function in soap header modified to use a cloned namespace
     new 38f74f1  Fixing memory leaks
     new 69cb99b  Fixed a crash in windows platform_uuid_gen
     new 7c1ea7f  More memory leak fixes
     new 423eaa7  More mem leak fixes
     new 8760830  Added some soap extension files
     new 707a0dd  Added some soap extension files
     new 56d0dab  Memory leak fixes again
     new afa2173  Linking libraries from source
     new 308c586  Memory leak fixes again
     new f5ad265  Fixed the freeing logic in linked list
     new f66cd76  Memory leak fixes
     new dbb2ef1  Fixed the memory leak due to unwanted dec init
     new 2bb5821  More mem leak fixes
     new 7ae39c9  more mem leak fixes
     new ca1ba7d  mem leak fixes
     new 96acec7  AXIS2_SLEEP abstraction added to platform header files
     new 9e2880c  Fixed more memory leaks and fixed seg faults
     new 9e0e9a2  Fixing jira AXIS2C-105
     new cd850a8  moved sleep to platforms
     new 3f89a38  fixed a bug in axis2_soap_envelope_create_default_soap_fault_envelope
     new cc1b016  changed the signature of axis2_soap_envelope_create_default_soap_fault_envelope to include code_value and reason_text
     new 8b20716  changed the signature of axis2_soap_envelope_create_default_soap_fault_envelope to include code_value and reason_text
     new 6e4047e  Fixed the build break caused by the application of the patch
     new be22a97  Some improvements on memory managemt added
     new e13ca59  Fixed the memory leak
     new c714bf4  More memory leak fixes
     new f6c3785  Memory cleaning of transport sender added in
     new 361447d  Fixed more memory leaks
     new e3fe368  commented out files free to prevent segfault when invoked through php
     new 3f6e16a  Removed the duplicate headers in the svn. These headers are now in include folder
     new 3d739dd  Fixes to include sleep and correct UUID function signature
     new 578bfd1  Fixed to use the headers in include
     new db08e34  code formatted according to standards and bugs memory leaks fixed
     new 9c6e702  Added the memory fee logic
     new a736316  More leak fixes.
     new d67b7e5  Fixed more memory leaks
     new 71937c7  More leak fixes
     new 5fc83d5  Fixed memory leaks due to non call of shutdown
     new 33e2a77  More memory leak fixes
     new 89f2375  More leak fixes
     new 84f2d7d  Fixed param value free
     new a732136  More memory leak fixes
     new 2f85b7b  More memory leaks
     new 9f132f1  Fixed the memory leaks caused by non freeing of the created msg context
     new ebd095f  Fixed more leaks
     new 31f3cde  fixed warnings
     new f762ee5  More mem leak fixes
     new 3feabe4  more mem leak fixes
     new 8997ffe  Fixed the double setting of transport out
     new 003767d  modified to compile on win32
     new b47f3f9  Some more memory leak fixes
     new 29eb4e6  Moving axis2_log_default.h axis2_error_default.h axis2_array_list.h axis2_linked_list.h to include directory
     new 77c0914  At last I was able to fix the nasty leak in the hash table; what a relief! :-)
     new d9a98a8  Some more leak fixes
     new 73d0e74  Fixed the leak
     new 22688f7  Fixed the memory initing
     new 09e77c8  Fixes to get one way services and clients working
     new 0159f92  Getting closer to 0 mem leaks in Linux
     new 04e5a4a  Some memory leak fixes
     new 152c5ec  Fixes for client side
     new f2c1dc4  Added the notify for one sample
     new c8236ad  removed unwanted files
     new 8b5a8e2  Removed unwanted file
     new 09348d1  Fix to get one way working
     new 0525408  Moving headers to include directory
     new 0274668  Added the am file and removed in file
     new 715506a  moving axis2_linked_list.h, axis2_array_list.h, axis2_log_default.h axis2_error_default.h from modules/util to include.
     new 1fd6bfb  Applied the MTOM related patch. Thanks to Kapila for the patch.
     new 30119a3  Changed the displayed message
     new 490fe4e  more memory leak cleaning
     new 8c02366  Fixed a buid break. Eliminated some warnings
     new 20471ce  Fixed a leak for failure case
     new 456b1cb  more memory leak fixes for one way case
     new acb9d03  Clean leaks in case of errors
     new 3ab0c11  xml files in test/xml/om and test/xml/soap  moved to test/resources/om and test/resources/soap , code formatted according to coding standards , om_navigater added , warning and memory leaks removed
     new 3d5aa15  Fixed for one way case
     new eba1040  Added missing files to 'make dist'
     new abc2e61  Fixed the last pending leak
     new ed30f6f  Fixed the error causing seg
     new 4793fb9  warnings fixed
     new 125c84d  warning fixed
     new f27622e  Fix to prevent double free for non blocking case
     new c243f81  Memory leak fix
     new 670d71f  It is a wrong fix, causes memoray leak
     new 606b3c3  Correct behaviour of sender in a fault. Correcting some spelling mistakes. Memory leak fixes
     new a66f594  Set the default addressing to 1.0
     new 32e1019  Cleaning http_client mem leak
     new 77da20c  om_document is now create in the builder ,since document is freed when om_stax_builder_free function is called
     new c18124c  double free of endpoint_ref fixed
     new 396e31b  Initial coding of WOM model is done. Also added an dynamic invocation client to test this. Yet no testing is done
     new 7711e5e  memory leak fixed
     new 31b97c7  missing file from previous release
     new c3bc218  xml_reader_init and xml_reader_cleanup functions added to axis2_xml_reader.h
     new c13ac68  init and cleanup function signatures changed
     new 34f2da9  dynamic_invocation removed
     new 2292204  This sample had bug so that it seg fault when the mep is one way
     new 7b36e2e  dynamic client sample is refractored.
     new 2c16a05  Fixes to get addressign working properly. These changes are required to get the interop test working with public endpoints
     new 49d6405  we should init parser before using it
     new b4db79f  fixed a miner bug
     new 3ee56cd  axis2_qname_create_from_string and axis2_qname_to_string functions added
     new 514ec08  Some changes to compile on windows
     new 467919f  Changed to compile on Windows
     new 42c701e  More improvements to get the addressing interopm tests passed
     new 78ed17c  om_output_format.c and om_output_format.h removed from
     new f77beea  om_output_format.c and .h files removed , the necessary functions in that file was moved to om_output.c file
     new 880874b  om_stax_builder.c set_document removed , memory leak fixed
     new a449e4a  memory leak fixed
     new f15b6e5  More work on dynamic invocation.
     new a2dd9eb  warning fixed
     new 45d1ca4  changed version M0.5 to 0.90
     new afa73e6  Added new folder
     new f531fe9  Added new file
     new 9ba4400  Moved new file
     new 064640e  Files related to dynamic invocation
     new a88821f  More addressing fixes for interop to work
     new 2633b58  
     new da55427  no longer needed
     new 18972bd  
     new fea3309  Added build time configure option for diclient
     new d0d9c85  trivial changes
     new f5284dd  added language attribute for soap fault text in creating default soap fault
     new 5a580f6  Improvements to diclient
     new 576ccc9  trivial change
     new 5283f5c  makefile and file modified
     new 2f51e38  Fixed warnings
     new aaacf37  adding samples directory to binary distribution
     new b6e3e35  More addressing related fixes
     new e8ccaef  Fixed warnings
     new 8b3bf55  Fixed the build scripts to get working in one step
     new 039aaf3  Fixed warnings
     new 356700d  Removed unwanted file
     new 1d0fa5d  Memory leak fixes for client side
     new a3f79fb  Fixed more client side leaks
     new 04dfc3f  Fixed and exposed the test method
     new 46fa594  Changed the download order to have last release first. AXIS2C-104
     new f7ee20b  Fixed a bug in mod_axis2.c. Renamed output of apache module in win32 makefile
     new 6ba94ac  Addind INSTALL guide for Apache module on Windows
     new d04fd3f  Adding a directive to apache module to specify log level. Updating INSTALL file
     new a7be8ff  added axis2_xml_reader header to http_svr_thread to fix a linking error in windows build
     new 10d6fcd  Fixed a crash in Win32, Fixed the build system in Windows, Updated INSTALL doc
     new a61da26  Fixing build
     new 0475b67  developerguide.html updated
     new 991fc5c  Remove .svn from dist
     new db7e040  Fixed to map the latest sample build mechanism
     new 051db9d  om_tutorial.html updated
     new 205b4ea  M0_5 renamed to docs
     new f6313b7  Fixed to reflect the new folder structure
     new e450bd3  code formatted
     new 25774b5  moved the include files to include to have them in dist
     new da06768  tutorial modified
     new d992443  Fixing build problem
     new 39dd99a  added how to create non-blocking client
     new 0fe7579  Updating the docs ... correction for build
     new 8aa8c9b  Fixed a bug occured during file move
     new d22f26e  makefile modified to copy platform directory as well
     new c8fa98c  Fixed a build bug
     new e6fa321  Change for site for 0.90
     new bbb7071  added a method to soap_fault_value_t
     new ceeeb1d  soap_body_add_child method added
     new 3124821  Dynamic Invocation client is now working fine. Added api documentation as well
     new c2b65f6  Added missing file from my previous commit
     new 665d22e  Fixed a bug in wsdl_pump.c
     new 9809feb  Updated README
     new cb44a7c  set text method added
     new dd9159a  ops struct corrected
     new 2d418cc  Fixes to get seperate listner working with client
     new 02edfca  error fixed
     new 5530232  axis2_om_document_build_all method modified
     new 4112c88  soap_fault_text.c set_text function added
     new e7d46bd  axis2_init_thread_env to thread pool
     new afbaee7  Fixed to use the axis2_init_thread_env function
     new b754fe0  Added usleep to the platform
     new d0df120  Added new file
     new 7b19b6d  Improved the polling mechanism
     new 3fc00ec  Some improvements to di client
     new 732dd8c  Fixed the tag name to have Axis2/C
     new c1d9431  Fixed the problem of picking the correct listen port
     new 5cc0716  Fixes to get the listner manager working to get the result on a seperate listner
     new f065e5a  More fixes to get the client side listner manager working. There was a problem with double free and now it is solved
     new 85a7d22  REST thru POST works on server side. Client side code is in place. Didn't test
     new 0b04f56  Fixed memory leak
     new f1a07b4  Added the capability to enable the user to set a callback function to be called on completion of callback. AXIS2C-119. Thnaks to Nabeel for his suggestions
     new 30445f0  Added the ability for user to define an error function on callback AXIS2C-119
     new c32f8e3  axis2_libxml2 writer wrapper changed to handle namespaces properly om_node serialize function is also changed , added a stack
     new d1eba4e  Making the stack.c to compile in Linux. Eliminating some warning
     new 9fcf50e  added methods to get/set data in callback, to set on_complete and on_error callback functions
     new 873c5d4  
     new 519c462  axis2_error_default.h added to includes
     new 2885db7  functions added to om_element.c
     new 862afdb  schema folder added
     new 354f3c8  Added service group sample
     new a265713  axis2_xml_schema_constants.h added
     new 48316be  Fixed the namespaces
     new 2999a93  Updated echo nonblocking sample and added documentation
     new 95ce717  Updated the version number to next release
     new 59bae9f  guththila_stack_free () tends to memory leaks when there are no elements
     new c3ea77a  Fixed the incorrect SOAP Action for SOAP 1.2 We were adding it as SOAPAction http header, but this should really go as action part of Content-Type. I fixed the code to send the SOAP action only if it is SOAP 1.1, else to append to Content-Type.
     new 5bbb5f6  Fixed the problem of using SOAP 1.2 as the SOAP version, despite setting the SOAP version. Now the prepare soap envelope method would take SOAP version set into account when creating the SOAP envelope AXIS2C-123
     new fdeb053  Added message context as a parameter to the invoke method of service skeleton. This is required to manage the service specific stuff at service implementation level, e.g. outgoing WSA action, session management etc.
     new 43ffef7  Added TCPMON trace capability, by default this is off. Need to use -DAXIS2_TCPMON macro at compile time to enable this
     new a4cb86a  Fixed the problem of calling end element twice in case of an empty element Fix for AXIS2C-129
     new 2515012  Reverted the faulty fix and did a hack to get around the problem for the time being
     new 36c6977  new methods added to xml reader and soap-fault-reason changed
     new f7a17c1  Added SOAP header to default fault envelope. Also enabled the service impl to set the SOAP envelope in case of error
     new 729cb15  element level setting corrected in om builder
     new 6684e1e  convenient create methods added to soap_fault_code and soap_fault_sub_code
     new 125143d  get_namespace and get_qname functions changed in om_element
     new 915ed49  Added new files related to Xml Schema. Three files are not compiling yet By tomorrow morning will correct this
     new 77f286a  Wrong files sorry
     new 72449b7  Fixed the build break caused due to API change
     new 89ffed9  Now all files are compiling
     new 9fa36b5  Adding more fixes related to the fault model. These shortcommings in the fault model were revealed when working on addressing interop.
     new 1221a12  Fixed the build break due to API change
     new 465f6a2  Fixed a small bug
     new e5be6b7  Moved files from constants to main folder
     new 8defda6  Removed constatns folder
     new 13eefdd  compilation problems fixed
     new 8a5c410  It compiles after moving files from constatns folder
     new 6fe9eaf  Removed line containint modules/xml/xml_schema/constants/Makefile
     new ea6e649  AXIS2_OM_ELEMENT_GET_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE method added
     new 8bbeae1  warnings removed
     new a82bf92  internal header files included with "" instead of <>
     new 3765c6f  includes changed
     new bfa5f61  added new writer and reader methods to deal direclty with xmlDoc
     new 0802300  Fixes added to get the correct SOAP fault handling model working. Now the server is capable of dealing with the out fault flow
     new 958d6db  Fixed the problem of not being able to run non-addressing clients when addressing is enabled
     new 03a143d  compilation problems fixed on windows
     new 899b02d  More fault related changes. Now it sends 500 in case of fault
     new c264148  Added support for processing the status of must understand headers
     new 15b566c  Moved url.c to util
     new a5b4d62  moved url.c to util
     new fe4b1db  Moved to util
     new 748dcd9  Added new folder to add xml schema header files
     new 20bb751  Moved xml schema header files to include/xml_schema
     new 1f16f63  Added new folders and files for woden
     new a62d394  Make it compile after header file move
     new 4b47482   fixes related to module engaging on client side, there were a problem in engaging the same handler  from a module multiple times incorrectly to the same phase
     new 8d8e3c1  AXIS2_OM_NODE_GET_BUILD_STATUS renamed to AXIS2_OM_NODE_IS_COMPLETE which is more appropriate name and xml_schema files updated , axis2_xml_schema_external added
     new fc8525e  schema folder removed
     new e0ca489  soap_header changed to fix jira issue 133
     new 2064750  AXIS2_SOAP_ENVELOPE_SET_SOAP_VERSION moved to _axis2_soap_envelope.h and new function added to soap_envelope axis2_soap_envelope_create_with_soap_version_prefix
     new 905e6d6  More files added in related to Axis2 C woden project
     new 1ab1aa4  Fixes to get the two cannel seperate listner case working correctly for both success and fault cases
     new f818af1  Adding module versioning support
     new 52e35dc  utils folder removed
     new 428b926  Added code to handle none role in header blocks
     new cffb74c  Fix to get the SOAP version correct in the application specific SOAP faults
     new f83c672  Fixed a bug in module engagement. Added a test for versioned module engagement
     new a652dd8  
     new a46cca3  fixing AXIS2C-134 and AXIS2C-135
     new 110d6cc  status check added
     new 34fdb00  axis2_soap_envelope_set_soap_version added , which set the soap_version and changes the envelope namespace accordingly and the existed axis2_soap_envelope_set_soap_version renamed to axis2_soap_envelope_set_soap_version_internal which sets the soap version only needed by soap_builder, and internal function axis2_om_namespace_set_uri added in a internal header axis2_om_namespace_internal.h
     new 7f8c010  Fixed a double free
     new 9721b65  get xml function changed to access xml output multiple times
     new c09786c  axis2_om_util files added , core files modified to remove compilation problems in win32
     new b6d8a59  Fixed the build break due to the fact it could not locate header
     new 86a7da5  Removed commented code blocks
     new 25f3a8a  Commiting in the MTOM related patches by Kapila
     new 41fa26c  Commiting in the MTOM related patches by Kapila
     new fdd91d4  Commiting in MTOM related patches by Kapila
     new db255af  MTOM integration code added. These changes are required to get MTOM working
     new 8d5d3e1  Added the sample by Kapila on MTOM
     new f9f4069  Added detail to error messages
     new 1b29406  Moving data handler to include
     new 3051800  Fixed the build break due to missing readme file
     new 2b9e2b7  get_namespace method fixed to handle default namespace
     new 4903b15  attachments/attachments_mime_helper.c removed, soap_fault_text_get_text added
     new 265cf59  Changes to fix new line problems that presented the client orking with Java server. Now it can talk to Java server successfully
     new 9ef3357  added include path include/xml_schema
     new 7e33d1d  soap faults modified
     new 3ebe4d5  error fixed
     new f56790f  This fix is in reply to Samisa's mail under the heading [Axis2] Same source file compiled multiple times in the build
     new d437d0e  Fixed a bug in build system. This bug was introduced new to the system by my earlier commit today
     new e6246aa  This folder should not go to svn
     new b707d37  Removed obsolete parts from build file
     new 44d268b  Fixed the make dist break
     new 3c56f0c  Charset encodings can have  or '' around them
     new 534b961  Patch applied sent by Mike Bristow
     new ece0d2e  added --enable-static= no
     new 89b0cf9  Removed java code and comments.
     new 677dd63  Added new folder
     new e4769e4  added new files
     new 25d5ce1  Moved files from include to woden/include. This is because woden is an independant project
     new a8f09c3  Moved string_util.c into axis2c util folder because this can be useful as a util
     new f657fcb  Added new folders;
     new a9f64c0  Added new folder and moved files
     new d9ff65b  added new folder
     new 9b961e6  Added new folder and moved files
     new ff6daa7  add new folders and moved files
     new 53541ca  added new folder
     new 8685f03  Added and moved files
     new 4e87eb7  Added the build system.
     new 98995b0  more files added to implement types
     new 0b98a03  More changes to get the MTOM working on the server side
     new a417fd7  Added the sample for mtom server side and improved mtom client
     new 171f328  Fixed the bug in TCPMON case
     new c56831f  Removed printfs
     new 97193cd  patch to remove sys/dir.h by Mike applied
     new cee7580  Fixes to get service session working
     new 80d0f53  Service Client API function prototypes are added
     new d02b6c1  Initial implementation of Service Client API added
     new f7bf1a4  Added svc_client.c, op_client.c and options.c to
     new 3daa550  Fixed the build break due to undefined refernece
     new f95ead4  Fixed a typo in AXIS2_LISTENER_MANAGER_STOP macro
     new d99a6bf  Fixed the build break due to undefined reference Corrected typos
     new 549ce9d  Moved axis2_soap.h to axis2_soap_const.h
     new be1e6f1  Removed unwanted files
     new f26be81  Added the convinient header so that users could include only one hader and get all SOAP functionality
     new 687ab9e  moved to constant header laving room for axis2_om.h be used as one off header for om
     new 13c7753  Removing as this file is not used anywhere
     new 021fae7  Minor Fix - added a semicolon to an ops functions
     new 89c2d7e  Added the convinienet header for OM
     new c97a2e6  modified to compile on windows
     new 75212f3  Fixing AXIS2C-148. Adding some ssl code as well
     new 847a6d0  error in include directive corrected
     new 3887276  Added util header
     new 87e6232  Convinent header for client API added
     new 3897e0c  Moved axis2.h to axis2_const.h
     new 94b95e0  patch applied for AXIS2C-142
     new 03b6b46  Provided convinient method to create the env. Also fixed a few bugs
     new 5e19e5f  Fixing AXIS2C-125
     new 51f6f07  error corrected in soap_over_http_sender.c
     new 846e004  Fixed few bugs in service client
     new 3a0e0da  more fixes related to options to prevent segfaults
     new 0dc20be  Added ssl support at the client side
     new cc7be10  Fixes to get the service client bloking API working
     new e6ddff8  AXIS2_OM_NODE_TO_STRING function added
     new 3a4d60c  Updated to sepereate common logic
     new 55c2bd9  Added error checking code for SSL transport
     new 689625a  fixed the service crash
     new acceb82  Added support to add options to message context
     new a89eb41  Added setting doing_rest from properties map in options
     new 427473d  Start grouping errors
     new 59161ab  Added setting options to message context
     new 6dbb4cb  Corrected the wrong error message
     new afbd914  
     new 5a66cb8  Corrected the wrong error code name
     new 57fd41f  Added comments
     new 45c2b59  Enabled REST at client side. Added REST sample
     new 22a84e4  fixing a build break
     new 1cf2145  visual studio project added , many thanks to Ed Slattery for contribution
     new 539bec4  Error code grouping
     new 0848817  More error code groupings, fixed some minor issues/warnings
     new 3717cd6  Fixes related to module engaging in service client
     new 56e3e0a  Fix to get the module engaging work correct with service client
     new 67c3970  Grouping errors in error.c
     new 8286e92  Code formatted
     new 638373c  Adding the addr module engaging sample
     new b984d88  error code descriptions added
     new 4133961  more files added
     new 11e5717  Added more error code comments
     new 72c544c  Added new error code
     new d337110  Fixes to get non blocking working with service client
     new 6cfdbaf  Final steps of error grouping
     new fb44a5c  om_element.c set_namespace_with_no_find_in_current_scope function added to om_element
     new 695de0e  Fixes to get use seperate listner working
     new b02735d  Fixes to solve build break
     new 8587212  Adding the seperate listner sample for non blocking case
     new 41f8b20  Added free method logic to to deal with memory cleaning
     new 5f0acca  
     new 2a676b2  Fixes to get SOAP version setting working
     new dca3bd0  content type added
     new b1f2c36  severity type added
     new 90a53ef  Added new files
     new a7e7dba  Added new file
     new cf9f257  xml schema import added
     new 5ab6b19  xml xchema redefine added
     new 4b13855  Converted sample to use service client API
     new 3f0bf1b  Minor typo change
     new 1ca3d16  Added new files
     new 78aa534  Updated the code to use service client API
     new d65f166  This sample is using old call API. Hence removing to be replaced with one that using the new service client API
     new 82d9ca5  Added new sample using the new service client API
     new 1aefbbf  This sample using the new service client API is now in user_guide folder. Hence this sample using old call API is not required
     new 18df0e1  This sample is removed until we get the WSDL tool ready
     new 922efa7  Fixed the build system to reflect the new structure
     new 6b25dae  Moved xml_schema include files into moudles/xml/xml_schema
     new 952875f  removed
     new 89469da  Added new folder
     new edc0c91  makefile updated
     new b76d13e  Changes regaring the file moving from inluce/xml_schema to xml/xml_schmea/include
     new 745306b  Added the build tools to the project
     new 6817a69  xml_schema_header files updated
     new 68a34fb  This contain the types enumeration for xml_schema
     new ac98f65  Fixing a bug found in casting
     new 48d5f7e  Fixed the threading problem related to the listner manager startup AXIS2C-159
     new fc34913  Adding the minizip uncompressing library.
     new 54502b5  More fixes
     new d5740f1  More fixes
     new 556f734  installing axis2.jpg to $(prefix)/bin/samples/resources
     new fa5e1b9  Changed the signature of the following methods to support xmlDoc: axis2_xml_writer_create_for_memory axis2_xml_reader_create_for_memory (previously axis2_xml_reader_create_for_buffer) AXIS2_XML_WRITER_GET_XML
     new 2dcec7f  moved axis2.jpg to resources directory
     new 6385bfa  Added
     new 5b3c446  Added doc comments. Also updated the API to be nice and clean
     new 082c882  xml_reader_init and xml_reader_cleanup functions added
     new e7158ed  added modules/core/clientapi/diclient directory to tar ball created by 'make dist'
     new 89d3bd7  Added xml_schema directory to the tar ball created by 'make dist'
     new 646e6e9  Added woden directory to 'make dist'
     new 57e1493  Added the new user guide samples with service client API
     new d882ffb  Updated the version number
     new 2d9dae4  Fixed the typos in macro names
     new 2b74a92  Fixes to eleminate compiler warnings
     new 37e8f1c  Server didn't work properlly when we put a file to services directory. Fixed that bug.
     new 14a9e62  Windows makefile changes to include new user guide samples
     new eea0a18  Applied patches by Kapila to improve performance of MTOM
     new 77b48f9  Updates related to 0.91 release
     new 4286c6d  Fixed the vesion number
     new f5521cf  Removing a garbage file
     new cd07f89  Fixed windows build break and also the release version in file
     new f641c70  Fixed the break in mtom building and also added some more improvements
     new 35538fd  Implementing archive based deployment model
     new a8b80fc  changes for archive based deployment model
     new cb8f4d1  New files added
     new 9a7b58d  added modules/util/minizip to script
     new 50c2748  Fixed some typos
     new 69b9b6a  Fixed typo
     new d15f8d6  moved headers to correct locations.
     new a86471e  moved headers to correct locations.
     new e8d7eb7  Removing '.deps' directory from tarball created by 'make dist'
     new ceb7040  including unzip.h from include directory. Earlier it was in modules/util/minizip/ directory.
     new 560c131  Added new files
     new 942a865  more files added to xml schema
     new d294c79  Added more files
     new 5f60fb3  AXIS2_OM_ELEMENT_EXTRACT_ATTRIBUTES function added
     new 42c3346  Added new file
     new 68e0c16  Fixed more problems related to website
     new 3162d1d  This is required to ensure we ship samples with Apache license
     new ac73034  macro error corrected
     new 3d5ac58  0.91 is done. Next is 0.92, hence the version update
     new 2028707  Removed old files and fixed a typo in user guide
     new 06a19c8  Adding patches by Dimuthu to drop call from stub  and include service client
     new 0d88483  Making URL's to work with files
     new 432b9ad  schema files updated
     new b70bef9  c++ style comment removed
     new 45fc286  make file  updated
     new 4a10b57  Now attributes can be set into param as a hash table.
     new a0b5276  Sorry, I have done a mistake in the previous commit. Fixed it.
     new 3c6ad37  Added new class called axis2_generic_obj. This is intended to be used in places where we have to set a void pointer but the receiving end don't know how to free this. So instead of setting a void pointer directly it is set as the value of generic_obj. The free function of this value is also set. So when the generic object is freed from the receiving end, its value is also freed using the set free function.
     new c60de55  Fixed a bug that happened after my previous commit
     new 2e6a5c6  "S_ISDIR" defiened twice. Corrected that.
     new fb503fe  Added more new files
     new 64aa320  removed some warnings.
     new f9da21f  Fixed the problem fo dual client failing when addressing is engaged at client level and is not in axis2.xml file
     new ec7fc9e  jira issue 153 patch applied to fix warnings on windows build
     new 40ea198  jira issue 152 fixed
     new 355f527  Added fire and forget
     new e15ad0c  Added new folder
     new 6d21db9  
     new 8a1f443  
     new 5667693  Moved xml_schema to c/modules/xml_schema
     new f345b50  Moved guththila project to c/modules
     new ab1157a  Added new folder
     new 873a58e  Added new build files
     new c7805e2  Moved xml to axiom
     new c654f50  Added fire and forget logic
     new 63e09ef  minor fix - corrected the type in get_subcode function
     new e88e995  Moved platforms into util
     new 375cbd6  moved utils header files into utils/include
     new bb2633c  Moved include/platforms modules/util/include
     new eb1671c  Removed unwated files and fixed the notify client to use service client API
     new 11106a1  more changes
     new ce4fa9c  more changes
     new 97ca17a  Fixs to get MTOM working with service client
     new fa087a0  More changes
     new eeea05e  more changes
     new 2edcff5  More changes
     new b11d212  More changes
     new 628bf65  New files added
     new 1d18ad4  More changes
     new f9dd59d  New file added
     new 9603f53  Changes regarding folder structure changes
     new 5048bed  Changes due to folder structure change
     new e893257  moved files to correct locations.
     new 0c15dc6  commented some lines for time being.
     new 03fd3bb  changed done to fix compilation problems
     new c54796f  fixed compilation problems
     new 50b9796  fixed compilation problems
     new 19daafa  Changes due to folder structure change
     new 3fb933a  Changes due to change of folder strucure
     new 3d487c8  jira issue 167 fixed
     new 4fe68c1  Changes due to folder structure change
     new f375b4d  Changes due to folder structure change
     new fd21bf4  Changes due to folder structure changes
     new f6542f7  added to util
     new fa8067c  build files added
     new 3ce9525  Changes due to folder structure change
     new 2da091a  Changes due to folder structure change
     new a0ad66e  more changes due to folder structure change
     new 36ea58c  More changes due to folder structure change
     new f4ce8a9  
     new 78cc336  Applied patches by Dimuthu
     new 3623c2c  changing file access permissions.
     new bcbd099  changed the file access permissions
     new 4d90da5  compilation problems and warnings fixed
     new 8d8dccb  Added new folder
     new c396e35  Changes due to test moves
     new 7549f14  util tests are moved successfully into the util project
     new 0d9cd71  Changes due to tests moving to respective projects
     new c5e10eb  Changes due to test moves into respective projects
     new e96121c  Moving tests into respective projects
     new 12f3767  More changes due to test folder moves into respective projects
     new 301df76  More changes due to test folder moves
     new fb3add8  makefile updated for new folder structure
     new 1b2bf2b  Changed due to test folder movements
     new 3597c64  More changes due to test folder moves into respective projects
     new f649c5c  chnages due to test folder moves
     new e9c400a  ifdef declaration changed
     new 28240ee  New file added
     new d5c6619  New file added
     new f703993  Added new files
     new 80b9a3d  Added new file
     new 87714bd  New file added
     new 0e3b090  Fixed a dependancy bug
     new be16b40  Changes due to test moves
     new b2c8bc6  --enable-test=no by default
     new 98e0270  --enable-tests=yes
     new 751af4f  Added new build scripts
     new 54148bb  multiple externally defined variables removed
     new 74a0761  Added proxy config
     new 6e56d27  Adding proxy supprt for the HTTP transport
     new 1564899  moving file to correct location.
     new 5da5843  Added new files and more work done
     new b53fc94  Files added
     new d06cb73  Fixed executing non fault flow in case of a fault
     new 6a62088  Added SOAP header adding support for service client
     new 7356960  Added new files
     new d5543ea  schema files updated
     new 2d56287  Extended timeout and fixed the same channel fault case when reply to is not anonymous
     new f1ef1bb  Added Sanjaya and Nabeel as developers
     new 738b6af  Removed redundant data
     new 414bf07  Added the typedef for the function pointers used as callbacks
     new 633ea49  compilation problems fixed on windows
     new d1d9ee3  changes to archive based deployment model
     new 684688c  Changes to archive based deployment model
     new b25860b  Changes to archive based deployment model
     new b340d50  Changes to archive based deployment model
     new 608ca23  changes to archive based deployment model
     new 46e7e34  changes to archive based deployment model
     new bff3b6d  added a new header file needed by minizip uncompression library.
     new 2cc77f7  moved header file to correct location
     new 087c274  removed axis2_aar_extract() function from header.
     new 1652558  defined ".mar" and ".aar" extention names in axis2_dir_handler.h
     new c92b4a8  moved header files to correct locations and added axis2 prefix
     new 85e26ed  Added intial cut of mime parser. Also cleaned up the use of callback funtion pointer definition
     new 1453e2d  axis2_archive_extract.h added
     new 7296331  fixed a miner bug
     new 7e42325  added axis2 prefix unzip.h
     new c713a7e  Added new folder structure for Rampart, The Axis2 security project
     new ca1c9f9  Moving mime parsing logic from transport util to a seperate mime parser
     new c3e9dd2  Fixes related to mime parser to fix build break
     new 0a0b8b3  added error handling for script.
     new f897344  New files added and more code
     new b277313  added error handling to script
     new dd57b96  added error handling to script
     new 2a57dc7  fixed a miner bug
     new 18b2a91  fixed a miner bug
     new 507c02e  added error handling to script
     new 0d1014c  added error handling to script
     new f192bd0  added axis2_archive_extract.h, axis2_crypt.h, axis2_ioapi.h, axis2_iowin32.h, axis2_unzip.h to tar ball created by 'make dist'
     new 98aea0e  added iowin32.c to tar ball created by 'make dist'
     new 8aabc5f  added "string_util.c" to tar ball created by 'make dist'
     new 19e9974  added some files to tar ball created by 'make dist'
     new fd0b518  makefile updated and build problems fixed
     new 2a8a83b  changed build scripts for time being
     new 0bce57c  Added the missing op assignments
     new 05a5eda  Added support for parsing multiple mime attachments
     new 2dc9805  xml schema files modified
     new 0620054  added base64 encode/decode functionality. This code was borrowed from Axis C++, which in turn has borrowed from apr
     new 81ed45d  Added non optimized base64 MTOM attachment support
     new 197e872  More code
     new 4d501b8  Added new error code
     new bfb0719  warning fixed
     new 8565748  instead of om, soap and attachements now there is one axiom lib. Instead of util, unix now there is util lib
     new 7939c47  Added essential project details
     new d36542f  Updated the new file to reflect the latest release
     new fd19156  Fixed doc comments
     new 27aa2dc  Replaced tabs with spaces
     new 2c67df0  tests added to xml_schema
     new 79f2673  .c files moved to src folder
     new d03a0d3  unused files removed
     new d1736e2  Fixed typos related to environment. Replaced long var names with shor version. Also changed the env_check macro
     new 42183fd  Replaced the double pointer parameter for environment with single const pointer This would make the code more efficinet and also removed the unwanted use of double pointer parameter
     new 24d1aa2  Fixed problems with OUT_ONLY clients
     new db53992  Added additional parameter, allocator, to the ops of allocator to facilitate the use of a memory pool
     new 7107053  Added missing calling convention
     new 2cb9798  Added missing calling convention
     new bf3d4d9  Replaced AXIS2_DECLARE with AXIS2_EXTERN to seperate the concerns of import/export and calling convention
     new 09f0c9d  Added automatic indent
     new a6b1ab8  added new files
     new df9c40c  Added new folder and files
     new eef2efc  Resolving Conflicts after env change
     new 6c1d685  corrected build errors
     new c2a909f  Replaced confliced files
     new e22b67d  Fixes related to env double pointer
     new 9558800  Changed README
     new 1430452  in dll_desc a new attribute called type is added. In class loader added a general case to load an object
     new 0e7e825  Added new folder
     new f6184ce  Addded new folder
     new 68b66ca  Added new files
     new cee54ba  Fixed env and AXIS2_DECLARE related update problems
     new 850ae5b  added new file
     new 1ebe3cd  To free methods are no longer needed. Removed them
     new d0d041b  compilation problems fixed on windows
     new c1aba7f  Fixed build break
     new 5b2f9ed  added new files
     new bea0b24  Cleaning up url.c
     new 8475eba  uri resolver added to xml_schema c
     new 6b374ca  replace axis2_env_t **env with *env in clone method
     new d84f541  added new files
     new b6fd7ba  added license to the file
     new 0b3753f  Fixed Jira Axis2C 177
     new aa91784  There was a bug in my earlier fix of Jira AXIS2 C 177. Fixed it.
     new 227e557  added --prefix to script
     new 5b2477e  make file added for tests
     new 9482276  makefile added for tests
     new 10f50f2  makefile modified
     new 7c31760  Adding message description initial implementation
     new 4080d37  Replacing all tab characters with 4 spaces
     new 44cb01d  Fixed the issue #178 with a minor patch
     new b3ce5cb  Removing deprecated call API
     new bc5d746  Added the readme file.
     new ec07590  Added content to ChangeLog.
     new f58ba96  Added LICENSE
     new 8929c3d  Fixed -Wwrite-strings related warnings
     new ad9ab88  Fixed -Wwrite-strings related warnings
     new 2e4e896  Added content to INSTALL file
     new 0be3597  Removing call, fixing build break
     new 7c5aacd  Removed call header
     new 69d92a4  We need to update the tests to use svc and op client APIs. As a temp measure, I am removing those that are using call
     new 120d939  Added trim functions and did some minor improvements as well
     new 9801436  Fixed -Wwrite-strings related warnings
     new 965b665  xmlTextReaderClose releases any resource allocated. Hence removed xmlFreeTextReader
     new 4d609ed  fixed a minor bug.
     new a6eb649  Updated readme file
     new b9079f2  added content to LICENSE
     new 63ecbc1  Added INSTALL file.
     new cd2b797  more -Wwrite-strings related fixes
     new 31cc958  Updated README and added LICENSE
     new 19ba799  Updated LICENSE and README
     new 36b9cc1  
     new 89d6a0e  Added LICENSE and updated INSTALL and README files.
     new 00d2a61  Updated ChangeLog and README
     new 99da5e5  Updated ChangeLog
     new 080a864  Fixed some minor errors.
     new b2ef0e7  removed unwanted line from's in source directories.
     new 635f6e6  Removed a unwanted line from's.
     new 2d09dc9  Removed an unwanted line from's.
     new fcced04  bug fixed and tests added
     new 8133291  fixeing build break
     new e0ac183  Removing tabs with 4 spaces
     new e054a94  fixing build break of util tests.
     new 59bb3ea  deleted INSTALL file.
     new 75deac2  Added correct INSTALL file.
     new 1acad48  Added INSTALL file
     new a1b6a47  more -Wwrite-strings related fixes
     new b8552c3  Updated NEWS file.
     new bd54c84  old makefiles removed
     new 9f571a7  more files added
     new 9052b3d  warnings removed
     new 45cafca  readme file updated
     new d146894  removed some warnings
     new 6fb2d78  removed some warnings.
     new 9891544  warnings removed
     new b6e5481  warnings removed
     new a2ae207  fixing build break
     new 84371b7  Fixing more warnings in the code, Mainly -Wwrite-strings related stuff
     new 0aaba47  fixed warnings
     new 138d1c7  added a file to fix warnings.
     new d5c3d53  Added -Werror to configure. Now all warnings would be treated as errors
     new 42812aa  Added new tests
     new 27a9264  fixed a warning
     new db294c6  Fixed typo
     new baa2216  Added -Werror to error on warnings
     new 2f528aa  Added some utility function to string.c like axis2_strndup, axis2_strmemdup, axis2_memchr, axis2_strcat. Wrote some tests to test these new functions. added new function to hash.c call contains_key.
     new 947df60  More work on Woden
     new f4c799a  Added a test folder for woden
     new bef7a7b  More work on Woden
     new 97fac2a  added --force option to libtoolize and cleand script.
     new efd8bfc  fixed a minor bug.
     new 880a9e4  added --force option to libtoolize and cleaned script.
     new 231e157  added --force option to libtoolize and cleaned script.
     new e23999b  Updated INSTALL file.
     new 65e90dd  Updated NEWS files
     new 074660d  fixed minor errors.
     new 2711631  updated INSTALL file
     new eb02151  Added a new uri class, which has resolving capabilities. Added some tests to test the functionlity. Also added few more string utility funcions like strcat.
     new 9038ad7  Added new function to url call to_string where a uri can be created from a url.
     new 3b4ea54  added documentation to parse_relative method
     new e3c7235  AXIS2_DECLARE macro changed to AXIS2_EXTERN
     new ef216bd  Improved service client API with const paramters and more detailed doc comments
     new 9e0b231  updated the script.
     new be5ee03  updated build_all script
     new 79db139  Removed redundant methods,  and replaced with a macro
     new e679842  added new tests
     new 68fb08f  More style fixes
     new 4a541fa  stops generating latex files.
     new 8123103  Improved uri class to hide the axis2_uri_t structure
     new ab759fa  Made changes to take axis2_uri instead of axis2_url
     new d2e8201  changes due to change of using axis2_url instead of axis2_uri
     new 375f211  
     new 87fca5a  Removed locally help om_util.c since this is now moved to axiom/util from xml_schema
     new fd69829  Macros changed
     new 8d88380  More work on woden_om_util
     new 1cc296a  Replacing tabs with spaces
     new fc48574  Added the missing license
     new 3163821  Fixed build break
     new 0a37e29  Added missing license
     new d9f2e89  build break fixed
     new f71c9b5  -Werror to error on warnings
     new e099505   warning fixed
     new db77996  warning fixed
     new 3625484  Fixed the double engagement in case of globly engaging a module
     new d979a79  Test for trim functions added.
     new fda8dd9  modified string trim functions to return a newly allocated string after trimming. More work on woden
     new 1e25a71  adding the desc base struct for description
     new 9eb63ff  compilation problems fixed and new files added
     new d12f73e  Fixed a bug in trim functions. Initial work on Woden wsdl parser is almost finished.
     new a63dbf3  reader is now compiling without warnings
     new c89f376  Made the first argument of free function to take void *
     new 09afbae  warning removed
     new ebe8076  warnings fixed
     new ddeb7ca  Added new files
     new 6879dda  Change from axis2_om to axiom
     new 94a690d  Renamed axis_om prefix as axiom
     new 9e86ec8  Removed xml_schema folder prefix
     new aef8a38  Renamed axis2_xml_schema prefixes to xml_schema
     new bb5d67a  Changed axis2_soap prefix into axiom_soap and axis2_mime prefix to axiom_mime
     new d78d8f8  Changes after prefix changes in axiom and xml_schema
     new 041bbba  Updated op to make use of msg. Tests passed hence it is working
     new 2dd490c  Added soap_header_block_deserializer and soap_module_deserializer.
     new d74bfb7  Parsing logic is completed
     new d2c4682  Changes for get 'make dist' working properlly.
     new 93f30e1  warnings fixed
     new 302d9ac  Finished ext_registry code
     new 9bd8a6f  Fixed few problems in the svc client API and updated the doc comments
     new ba4c4f7  added 'make bindist' target
     new bb10c4d  removed header block method added
     new b4f2490  Commiting the code attached in AXIS2C-168. Thanks Kaushalye
     new f2d7bdc  Adding echo sample.
     new 19b9972  Changing echo_sec to echo
     new b02c5e8  Adding submitted in JIRA [AXIS2C-168] . Thank kaushalye for the script
     new ef2d7cc  Fixing breaks
     new 6b1fcf9  nmake makefile added for axis2_utils
     new e90aa84  removed warnings
     new 2006ff9  removed warnings
     new 7c1d7d6  Removed unwanted comments
     new 94203e9  added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 3765564  Adding modified HTML pages. This is due to prefix changes in the code. E.g. axis2_om > axiom
     new 93aaf3c  Removing link errors
     new 688a0f3  warnings fixed
     new b4796c3  Fixing linke errors
     new 2847687  included axiom_util.h
     new 8b81e41  More link error fixes
     new d71b01d  warnings removed , Makefile error fixed
     new 592d01e  Fixed a bug in reader.wsdl
     new 3db6382  Flattend the header files strucute of woden
     new d590056  nmake makefile added axiom and xml_schema
     new f5394ae  Fixed build break
     new 888aa86  Removed axis2 prefixes
     new 8fb43fa  Fixed build break
     new e0c1bf6  Removed axis2_ prefix
     new a91421f  Fixing doxygen structure
     new 3118ac9  axis2 prefix removing is completed
     new 528d4dc  Changes to give prefix
     new 8c80f44  This folder is no more needed
     new 16dc1d9  Fixed some bugs
     new 278925b  Fixed typo
     new 2cbe74e  added to sample.
     new 28f3338  Fixed parser linking
     new 725745c  Included the missing file
     new a12b884  Fixed typo
     new daf3a0e  Fixed typo
     new f9cde33  Committing patches supplied by Kaushalye.
     new 092b3f4  More fixes
     new 65155d5  fixed compilation problems on win32
     new cc6421a  Fixed typo
     new 5528fcb  Fixed compilation problem.
     new 8fa8cd3  Fixed typo
     new 1ba29f4  added newline
     new 80f69bf  removed getchar()
     new f24dc57  Fixed typo
     new 0e9a228  Fixed typos
     new 183117a  Included missing header
     new 733dbab  Fixed typo
     new 4cdf79e  Fixed some more typos
     new 3c0c6da  Fixed few missing header problems
     new 87d7790  Fiximg more typos and problems
     new 24404bc  Fixed more missing headers and typos
     new acae8c3  added tests to build
     new 42c7488  added headers to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 6e66d6c  component model builder is now compiling
     new a4c882c  More link error fixes
     new 9624929  More link error fixes
     new 1a55fcd  Fixed macro error
     new 2b164f8  Changed get_axis2_svc_name to get_name AXIS2C-150
     new d410e50  changed get/set name methods to make them simple AXIS2C-151
     new cb4e825  All the link errors are solved and a sampe is added to test with
     new afd46f3  Applying patches supplied by Kaushalye
     new 88373db  added tests to default build.
     new 83acee6  fixed a minor bug
     new be35a05  added the INSTALL file
     new c6f9483  fixed small bugs
     new c5d29e9  Delete unused file user_sec_param.c
     new 834900f  getopt function corrected , makefile update
     new 4979cc9  Removed foler prefixes from header files
     new b6182f3  fixing bugs
     new 6531e2b  Added arg check
     new b4ed3c2  In the process of makeing woden work
     new e151beb  corrected build problems
     new 5df896d  installing sample to correct location
     new ce37e37  Fixeing more bugs
     new 74c9aae  ignore installing test
     new ee02a75  installing sample to correct location
     new 31f4437  more fixes
     new 69c2b0e  Added make install
     new 93dfca8  Removed unwanted folder
     new c83de81  compilation problems fixed for win32
     new af2c138  Updated user guide and dev guide to refelect the changes to the code done from .91 to .92
     new ad54ae0  ignore installing test
     new 20c76d9  corrections to 'make bindist'
     new 1d923aa  Updated docs for version 0.92
     new c660df4  Updated docs to reflect code chages done 1. replacing double pointer to single pointer 2. om to axiom 3. passing const 4. minor typos
     new 6c454da updated
     new 51f5589  More bug fixes
     new ae6766d  installing rampart to correct location
     new f4f366c  Updated to use service client API
     new 122913f  Adding the samples related to codegen.
     new db60c85  removing unwanted bin file
     new 388b14c  Deleted directory rampart.
     new 098fde6  Adding date time and base64 binary structs that is useful in ADB
     new 138fd2d  Applying patches submitted by kaushalye. [AXIS2C-168]
     new a6bd7a1  AXIS2_ERROR_GET_STATUS_CODE does not return a default AXIS2_SUCEES. Fixed this
     new da67e59  Added more info on new release
     new 0a0b059  More bug fixes
     new cb0c35c  Removed the codegen folders from make and added codegen to list
     new d8e49e5  Fixed some uninitialization bugs
     new 6882b26  xml_schema folder in xml_schema/include deleted , makefile updated
     new 2f9e825  Updated the link version to Axis2/Java 1.0
     new 1009be3  compilation problem fixed in win32
     new 33f7c4e  installing library to correct place
     new 3ae3503  more bug fixes
     new 0aea8b0  corrections to 'make bindist'
     new cd20a2c  Updated the text to reflect that we are reaching 1.0
     new f284baf  Removed some TODOs
     new 37db48f  added tests and samples to the build
     new 940ba3f  Reverted the change done regarding AXIS2_ERROR_GET_STATUS_CODE
     new c8c6bbc  More bug fixes
     new 6254b14  added wsdl for codegen sample
     new 9abb64c  Fixed a bug in xml_schema_collection
     new 716b6a9  Applying patch submitted by kaushalye. [AXIS2C-168]
     new deefb4f file modified
     new 2e0c734  fixed a minor bug
     new 3431f98  axis2_xml_reader and axis2_xml_writer and axis2_data_handler are changed respectively into axiom_reader axiom_writer and axiom_data_handler
     new 080e69c  fixed a minor bug.
     new 975c91d  axiom_reader is changed to axiom_xml_reader and axiom_writer is changed to axiom_xml_writer
     new 60486a3  More bug fixes
     new 2570daa  fixed a minor bug
     new 7c23365  more fixes
     new 1362660  fixed a minor bug
     new 15aafd2  include guide for code generator
     new 9769954  added missing file to the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 606a4fb  added missing files to the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new a5ff0b2  added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 77e234a  corrected minor build problems
     new 6efb7de  fixed a minor bug
     new d5aad29  fixed a minor fault in user guide
     new 49b073f  linking library from correct location
     new 618ab9e  Replaced tab characters
     new f9d6c41  added itest directory to build.
     new 611087d  changes to 'make dist'
     new 9d88054  changes to 'make dist'
     new df3553f  fixed a minor bug
     new 0441b75  Updated the code generation section of the user guide
     new d0e57a6  More bug fixes
     new c06e6f9  Removed unwanted empty unions
     new 0506629  nmake makefile added to rampart and compilation problems fixed in woden
     new 40f5aae  added
     new 3752f06  fixes to
     new d5d81a1  added docs to source dist
     new 70cf4c0  Fixed some bugs
     new 8f596d3  More bug fixes
     new 8fd3549  Fixed warnings
     new dd719a2  fixed a minor bug.
     new 327bdd9  Applying patch submitted by Kaushalye. [AXIS2C-168]
     new 55fbfcc  update clientapi test to use service cient API
     new ff78b65  added 0.92 download information
     new c2deb44  added
     new 4dffe46  warnings removed in woden , build file changed
     new f211f1c  error fixed in makefile
     new fa2c0e3  Fixed build break
     new b9c9584  added docs directory
     new 12ce073  removed warnings
     new ae66a2a  Fixed typo
     new c468318  fixed a minor bug.
     new b5c5407  makefile updated , warnings fixed
     new c12ade7  fixed a minor bug
     new 38c1a6d  added
     new 16c42c1  Fxed install instructions to build sub folders
     new 33d6e93  Added more info
     new 1745435  More fixes
     new 724142a  more fixes
     new 43cb562  We do not expect to pass pointers to bools
     new a81df22  stopped checking libxml2
     new 505fcd3  fixing jira issue 164
     new 5254fc0  Working on wsdl1 support
     new b88e674  Files added related to wsdl1 support
     new 3f3e385  More work on wsdl1 support
     new 8710a3b  added wsdl1 sample
     new 1c8b273  new file added
     new 87a8ab7  Fixed a small bug
     new 82a776d  Did some improvements using strcat where earlier used stracat
     new 7b69d6d  fixed jira issue 191.
     new 60fef09  Fixed warnings
     new d50da73  Fixed tabs
     new f3256e9  Fixed warning
     new 7bb5e0c  Fixed typo
     new 3f9099e  Fixed some bugs
     new 3e085fd  Bug fixes
     new b8d3f66  AXIS2C_HOME should come at the top of the page
     new b6b3d73  serialize function added
     new d2a6386  Added new files related to wsdl10
     new 58b6f6d  Woden wsdl1 support is now working
     new 7a535a8  Added new wsdl1 file for testing
     new 6491e9c  Fixed warning
     new cd4b729  added xml_schema to script.
     new 5e47deb  free function pointer renamed to free_fn
     new f15e074  error corrected
     new f2d8d54  Fixed minor error
     new d1c3c62  Fixed a small bug
     new df81bee  Fixed more doc comment stuff -This line, and those below, will be ignored--
     new 288ebe7  fixed wrong configure option
     new 035d796  1. Adding xml schema support to the axis2_svc and axis2_msg 2. Enabling REST GET case in both client side and server side
     new 2b33aa6  Fixing a build break
     new b2df02d  adding xml in/out model samples for codegen
     new 1f4997d  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 98e0714  Fixing the doc comments stuff to get the doxygen doc structure right
     new 4861005  Fixed the error reporting to include the service name
     new 99913a3  Adding directory omxmlsec for AXIOM security library
     new 993f097  Adding source for omxmlsec
     new 6757df5  Adding header files for omxmlsec library
     new 8719a3b  Removed omxmlsec directory and add header files to include directory. Thanks kaushalye for changes
     new 959e279  Applying patches for omxmlsec
     new 6cb581a  more fixes in the lines of doc comments
     new dbf6d8b  Improving the sample
     new 098da5f  More header doxygen comment related fixes
     new 7c10ea0  free function pointer changed to free_fn
     new 1574eb5  In the process of organizing code
     new 8184208  In the process of organizing code
     new c16ec0f  In the process of organizing code
     new b1226e9  More code organization work
     new af816ed  Adding more doc comment stuff
     new a481dd4  Fixed some warnings
     new 9f7c349  Removed the woden folder and will soon commit a new folder
     new f09a74d  Added woden project again
     new a279ae7  Removed unwanted file
     new 08339f4  Unwanted files
     new 2ab1fae  trivial change
     new fd79364  Work on making it a one lib.
     new 4beedc4  Fixing doc comments to get the doxygen doc structure correctly.
     new 5b8cd56  more refacoring
     new 1ff0004  More refactoring
     new de8f01a  Adding a wsdl spec resolver
     new c91e74e  More refactoring work
     new e994b56  More refactoring work
     new 7905577  dynamic client code is complete. Need to be tested
     new 734260d  dynamic client code is complete
     new f1d8cb9  Added resume send and resume receive functions
     new 019ca83  Moved engine header to include to make it a public one as required by Sandesha/C
     new fb35c55  Added executaion chain and current handler chain related stuff. Also fixed the install problem of engine header
     new a755d75  warning fixed
     new 294b350  Added new files
     new 624a25e  added woden to script
     new c605258  Added a missing file
     new a7a73f7  - Prepared axis2_conf_init.h to make it public => moved private includes in it to the impl file
     new 8240e6a  - Moved axis2_conf_init.h to include
     new 3b10f62  make file changed as conf_init.h was moved to include
     new 017e52d  Added flow information to msg_ctx to track the flow
     new 32c93f4  added xml_schema and woden to script
     new efb9a8a  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new d22cdf9  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 15f0870  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new aac1ffb  Fixing a bug in syschronization in conf ctx. Removing some javadocs Fixing a function in core/addr
     new 6ea6bc9  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 6ce4fe6  Added correct linking libs
     new f5d863b  correcting linking libraries
     new 290a00b  correcting linking in libraries
     new 4cf53db  correcting linking in libraries
     new 01bc9e3  correcting linking in libraries
     new 2ff2ed8  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new ad82593  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new a275b5f  fixed a spelling mistake
     new 79e5214  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new a5c51ee  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 3c2ded7  Fixed problems that were related to SOAP version when using MTOM
     new aa6082f  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new b10065a  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 989b899  fixed build break
     new 384bf7f  1. Moved axis2_core_utils.h to global include 2. Added AXIS2_STRNCMP
     new 0a31edd  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 15ccd5f  Fixing a build break
     new 5ad32ce  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 2047d17  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new f3b53d2  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 60c7c63  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 742eb1c  Adding openssl related files of omxmlsec library. Thanks kaushalye for the code.
     new 3be479f  Adding headers openssl related code
     new 5d4c542  Adding header files. Thanks Kaushalye
     new 4bb430e  Adding buffer and utility classes for omxmlsec library
     new ed1ac72  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 5cf6c73  Fixing a bug in writing binary data to network
     new 9347c25  Fixed a bug in remove. The size was not updated after remove
     new 5bfd62e  Fixing a content type "MTOM" not checking bug
     new e4d8a91  Fixes to get MTOM working from server to client
     new 2d8ca16  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 60bbed2  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 0faaa05  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new dfd3f3d  Adding files for error handling. Thanks kaushalye
     new ad81768  Adding files for error handling. Thanks kaushalye
     new 04c3a44  Hacked code to get around MTOM serialization problem
     new 6c22cc2  Fixed a bug
     new e183dfc  Added an method header to do dynamic invocation
     new 8cedccb  removed unwanted files
     new ba10afc  Removed unwanted files
     new 4a80f04  Adding files for token classes
     new 8b4ad42  Adding token files for omxmlsec
     new 7343c71  Added file op error info
     new 314cba3  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new fe5f662  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 29f9f7c  Adding new token files
     new 899454f  Adding new token files
     new 3a7cad2  Added get_properties method to ctx.
     new 5ad3820  fixed build break
     new a5fd5b4  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new f45f30d  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 6745675  Please refer JIRA AXIS2C-208
     new 4ab3801  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new c113194  Applying patch for change in function mod_rampart_init() in mod_rampart.c
     new 2566979  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 4be1d82  Removed some gargabe
     new e993eb4  Added dynamic client sample
     new ed7cc61  Added diclient Makefile to configure
     new 9f45d5c  modified guththila to use with axis2_utils
     new 7bfc079  When endpoints are requested from service it returns NULL. Fixed this bug
     new e80f2a4  Improving wsdl2 sample
     new a353546  Small fix
     new 3927404  In the process of making diclient work
     new a281c73  bug fixed in axis2_env_create_all
     new a7818fb  modified guththila to work with axis2_utils
     new 10c797e  guththila stack removed
     new 0abd22a  There was this problem of not adding user phase handlers. Fixed this
     new 6e21241  Fixed some bugs in Woden. Also fixed AXIS2C-215
     new 08b0f5e  Renamed diclient to dynamic_client
     new 3b9059f  Renamed diclient to dynamic_client
     new 7be7745  Moved listener_manager.h from clientapi folder to main include folder and renamed axis2_listner_manager.h. Dynamic client sample is now working in client side.
     new adcda58  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 6a580ec  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 2307dc6  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new d083c3f  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 03e7459  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 5b6768b  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 248e0c8  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new c081a0a  More work on dynamic client to get it working.
     new 815fb38  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 0e0daef  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new b6e9cf1  Applying patch for omxmlsec
     new 5354fb4  Applying patches for omxmlsec
     new f3fa340  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new cf01302  Added new files
     new bd0351e  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 5af026a  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 1377b0f  folder calculator is changed to Calculator
     new 93c96f0  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 7f3cc17  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new d1bc95f  fixed build break.
     new 0d997a0  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 3a354e5  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new c1397cc  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 829c37f  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 9329ce8  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new d81f01e  Applying patches and adding cipher files
     new 8b43918  Applying patches and adding cipher files
     new fd510cd  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new cdff8f2  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 79d4619  dyanmic client is working now
     new 9f2b178  Fixing a bug
     new 6d8311d  Added Calculator server sample which will be the server side sample for dynamic client.
     new 0ff68d5  Added README contents
     new dba32bf  Added message exchange pattern setting from woden to axis2 operation
     new 7804112   buffer length calculation missing
     new 4ec19d9  Fixed doc comments and const params
     new cbd34ce  Client samples were not working after my tuesday commit. The reason was in receive_send method of svc_client where I didn't check for operations NULL value
     new 3090b02  Applying patches.
     new ec86f9e  Applying patches.
     new 0ac484f  unused files removed
     new fd2805a  Fixed Jira AXIS2C-218. Also did some fixes in Woden.
     new 2bad3b3  Sahan pointed that server does not start when sandesha2 modules is added to axis2.xml. Fixed this.
     new 73d4bf6  stops building samples twice in build_all script.
     new 9183106  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new bb41c42  Applying patch for rampart
     new b891c9f  Applying patches for rampart
     new 03ec43b  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 994a15f  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 2ac0a82  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 42f92b4  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new c86dd8e  Removed unnecessary files
     new f88c805  Removed unneccessary files
     new b410d82  Removed unneccessary files
     new 8fb0d38  guththila writer implementation
     new c855f2f  Please refer Jira AXIS2C-220
     new 90f036c  remove unwanted files
     new 40caba7  make sample directory
     new 2897b91  renew guththila definitions
     new cdfd957  I have previously by mistake changed port to 5555
     new 59c3adc  More style fixes along with doc comment improvements
     new fa86e3b  Added documentation
     new 58e8f7e  svc_client constructor name change for dyanmic invocation.
     new bfd7b07  Fixed some build breaks due to API improvements
     new 0d47fec  fixing memory leaks in woden
     new cffd02f  Displayed the content of the received om
     new ed0235c  Improvements done on wsdl2 sample
     new b3a3e44  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 71ca559  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new f0e856e  Fixed the port
     new 75970eb  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 49ed764  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new d4d222f  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 0200dd6  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 9c3291a  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 95877af  More fixes on doc comments and spellings
     new f133c20  More spellings correction
     new 61c2133  In process of dynamic client working for wsdl2
     new 612869c  In making dynamic cleint working for wsdl2
     new 9fda809  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new bcb3e0b  Changed the dynamic client so that it can be used for Calculator and Hotel Reservation wsdl's
     new 88e21b2  Renamed calc_client.c to dynamic_client.c
     new 44a66a2  Changed the Makefile to reflect the filename change
     new 18a4f2a  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new e433a4f  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new 331fc29  Changing file names. See AXIS2C-221
     new 8a01204  More fixes in the lines of doc comments better API
     new 1cc82b0  Spelling fixes
     new a6acf69  File name changes. See AXIS2-221
     new 202c8e0  Adding RSA file
     new a08d64d  Adding RSA files
     new c4cfa1a  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new be7fc8f  compilation problems on win32 fixed
     new c0092ee  compilation errors in win32 fixed
     new 9dc171a  makefile updated
     new 061edc0  Updated doxygen comments to clean doc structure
     new cd1c4e8  Reemovd unwanted obsoleted files that are not required for the latest client API
     new c3291b1  op client uses mep client so we cannot remove it as of now
     new 19805ba  Removing diclient as this is no longer used or needed. Dynamic client now uses svc_client interface
     new e62b45a  removed dilcient stuff as it is removed from source tree
     new 407c7e9  Fixed spellings and formatting
     new 41a016e  Fxed tabs and formatting
     new 4463f13  Fixed formatting
     new d884dba  Fixed formatting.
     new 738ec84  Adding files and applying patches
     new 51e44c7  Adding new files and applying paches
     new ad58424  Fixed fomatting
     new 4b737b9  More spelling corrections and formatting as well as parameter changes to and const
     new 49d0311  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to to const.
     new ebe724f  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to to const.
     new b5e5780  Fixed the doc comments, layout and comment spellings
     new 56c2f5a  Fixed build break due to incompatible function declaration
     new bb86045  Adding files for openssl wrapper
     new 9d6b074  Adding files for openssl wrapper and applying the patch
     new 354d7b8  Fixed formatting
     new 4a15790  Fixed formatting
     new c974dcb  Fixed formatting
     new 8cf5129  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to to const.
     new ae92f4b  Fixed more coding style stuff, doc comments and spellings
     new 059f053  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to to const.
     new 6a080ac  More style changes
     new 357a5b3  Some bug fixes along getting Sandesha2 working
     new 33fb653  fixed some memory leaks in writer, AXIS2_EXTERN and AXIS2_CALL used in guththila code
     new 814a4de  Adding files for omxmlsec token
     new a0eb795  Adding files
     new 47e61b0  Seperate build system to guththila.
     new 77d10cd  added autogen and build script to guththila build system
     new 4afc05a  header files moved into include directory
     new 21e14ea  Fixed a build error in guththila
     new e15cd4f  methods hash table which was used to store functions, removed
     new 030269c  make file modified
     new 29e549b  compilation errors fixed in win32
     new 4ad79e3  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 5b71ad7  samples
     new c1b92b0  removed temporary files
     new 0d54a3a  More formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new aeff3fd  added guththila directory to script
     new 6c55656  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new da19253  More formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 200ee0f  Fixed doc comments, parameter lists and spellings
     new 2c9c08b  Fixed build breaks caused due to updates to conf API
     new 72c92a3  More formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new ed7d40b  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 593e3a9  More formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 0587c5f  Applying patches
     new 8ad260a  Applying patch and deleting oxs_enc.c and oxs_ctx.c files
     new 235099a  In process of getting sandesha2 work. Now addressing headers are sent from client side
     new 0dfe882  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 90e224e  More formatting fixes.
     new 1c5b011  I removed the AXIS2_EPR_REF_FREE. Instead set the locally created epr to msg_info_headers
     new 86ae175  More formatting fixes.
     new 0b12c49  Fixed some formatting problems.
     new 6a6e3ee  More formatting fixes
     new 7c775a6  In process of makeing sandesha2 work
     new d5db792  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 34dfd0d  More work in getting the sandesha2 work
     new ad11d5e  Updated more doc comments and param lists
     new a7b54df  More doc comment improvements and API fixes
     new ccec982  Fixing more comment stuff
     new 2646632  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new e02dc06  Adding oxs_iv.h and applying patches
     new 397f477  Adding files and applying patches
     new 49f726c  Applying patch for sample
     new 6b452ee  Formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new dee8934  more formatting fixes .
     new 5492fd8  More formatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 1dba3d3  More fixes in the lines of doc comment fixes and parameter list improvements
     new 998edfe  Fixed spellings in comments
     new 6c3761a  More improvements to formatting and comments
     new 3608260  Updated phase with doc comments and API improvements
     new 5573254  More code style fixes
     new 79552ad  More style, doc comment and API improvements
     new 2918c92  Applying patch
     new 1cc5c4b  Applying patch
     new 7fe5b50  more formatting changes.
     new 3f26b34  patch applied, thanks to dimuthu
     new 26da76f  Fixed the bug by ignoring the resturn status in axis2_engine_invoke_phases call.
     new ccbdc4e  More formatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 77e0c07  More formatting fixes
     new befd26e  More fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 31ecfab  Fixed context related headers for better doc comments and API
     new d542039  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 1899e16  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 2b0cc3d  Fixed doc commetns and spellings
     new 56c3346  Fixed doc comments and API in service context
     new 9e0f822  In process of sandesha2 work
     new b479153  Fixed doc commenta and improved API
     new 748427a  More fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 6ea4813  Commiting changes
     new dd4890b  Committing changes made
     new 7956086  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 2cc2c42  More doc comments, style and API fixes
     new 5b3b5c1  Corrected few spellings mistakes
     new ce898c4  More doc comment and API fixes
     new 687a157  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 66e77b4  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 20abce3  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 7dc4d85  More API doc and API fixes done
     new ad1e98e  Fixed API docs and some of the API
     new 76ec6de  Fixed few bugs introduced in API improvements
     new f472803  Fixed more build breaks due to API changes
     new bd3c89a  Added logic to remove deploy when cleaning all
     new ffb8cbf  module.c was empty and is not required in the source tree
     new 96ffde2  Added methods to axis2_date_time_t to retrieve year, month, date, hour, minute, sconds components
     new e565437  Committing changes made in rampart_util
     new 6aadf08  Commititng changes made to Timestamptoken validation and rampart_util
     new 5895d3e  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 51a3608  More fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 1c611c8  Fixed many API typos
     new aabb1d9  Fixed spellings
     new 3f3e651  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new e0338d7  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 57dc3b1  Committing changes made
     new ce268fd  Committing changes made
     new 5764e19  Improved API of message struct and related structs. Also fixed the doc comments
     new ed9edf1  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 82fc021  More fomatting fixes.
     new 4c6b21a  More fomatting fixes.
     new aa72394  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new b42a632  Code modified for the coding style
     new 6b21a84  Code modified for the coding style
     new 511ed01  Fixed operation API, and related implementation
     new bca470f  Fixed spellings in comments
     new 52d24c7  More fomatting fixes
     new 4f250a9  More fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new b523897  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 01d3c36  More fomatting fixes.
     new a94bcce  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new d84266c  doc comments added
     new 9b3b2dc  More fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 0e191a5  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 6ed9006  Fixed API and doc comments in phase rule
     new 48d2780  Adding openssl_pkey and committing changes
     new 34438c6  Adding pkey.c and committing changes
     new 36dc30f  doc comments added
     new 8468efe  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new eb9aa50  doc comments added
     new 003fbd0  More fomatting changes and parameter changes to const
     new 475a150  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 1ad8098  Resolved conflicts after Samisa's formatting and documentation changes
     new 3f282e6  Improved API of service struct of description hierarcy and also fixed doc comments
     new a736f89  Committing changes made in Username token and Timestamp token validation processes. Also deleting unused files
     new d7332bf  Committing changes made in Username token and Timestamp token validation precedures.
     new 10aa9ba  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const
     new 36d70f1  Changes to get 'make dist' working properlly.
     new 770e23b  Changes to get 'make dist' working properlly.
     new 75a81cd  Remove printinfo
     new 832390f  Adding sample axis2.xml for Username and timestamp configurations
     new e4050fe  Changes to get 'make dist' working properlly.
     new 59a6006  Adding test files for openssl
     new 40d476f  Adding rsa related testing files for openssl
     new ab2cfc4  Adding omxmlsec related testing files
     new e234529  Adding omxmlsec for the build system
     new 723b4a4  Committing changes
     new edab035  Fixed service group API and doc comments. Also fixed related stuff
     new e8980ff  Adding ctx.c
     new 9f69d84  Adding test_util.c
     new fb95408  Committing changes made to test_sha.c
     new d482c85  free function added
     new 2b8ee39  Adding test_rsa.c
     new 365dfbf  Changes to get 'make dist' working properlly.
     new c127809  warnings fixed
     new b97a94c  Applied patch by Ishan
     new e2ffdfd  warnings fixed
     new a7b3ca2  Fixed bug
     new f7eb49c  error in function corrected
     new f9165e3  Fixed transport in API docs and API itself. Also updated related structs using the API
     new efc47a7  Added new contributors and also updated change of emails and organizations
     new 2cf622c  Committing changes made. Added log information for Username token and Timestamp token functionalities.
     new dacf65b  warnings fixed , comments added
     new 185fe1f  Modified user guide to include how to use Rampart/C in Axis2/C
     new 7772580  Changes to get 'make dist' working properly.
     new 6d8c0d9  Modified user guide to fix a formatitng error
     new b019611  Installing correct INSTALL file.
     new b3289d8  makefile modified to compile omxmlsec
     new 8acaabb  modified
     new 2b945f5  Fixed transport out description API and API docs along with those that use the API
     new 61e79bf  Installing correct NEWS file
     new ac29328  Updated userguide for Archive Based Deployment Model.
     new b8576aa  Committing changes made
     new 184c095  Changed the version to 0.93
     new a18b12c  Fixed compilation error in pkey.c
     new e2c72a4  Updated the dist version to 0.93
     new 5b15702  Corrected the version.
     new 02f9fcc  Added missing files to the tarball created by "make bindist".
     new a0e0c4c  Adding new sample to test encryption. Then the old echo sample not need to be tempered for encryption testing. That can be dedicated for username token and timestamps
     new 6d2f77a  Added svn checkout information
     new 53ca989  Added missing files to the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 19698ae  Added correct samples directory to the binary distribution.
     new f9d5e86  missing AXIS2_EXTERN in axis2_svc_client_create_for_dynamic_invocation , added
     new 2a881d7  Stopped checking for CuTest library in configure time.
     new 4405d6a  Removed macro AP_HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER because it's already in apache headers
     new 1d13d78  Stopped checking for CuTest library in configure time.
     new 729ff78  makefile updated
     new ec20c24  Addeding wsdl2 documents and renaming wsdl1 document
     new c65bdae  Renaming
     new 355e620  Committing changes made
     new 3698908  Added sample wsdl's to binary distribution.
     new 009ad47  Applied patch by Ishan
     new 81f5e28  Added sample wsdl's to binary distribution.
     new d327bd5  makefile modified
     new 0d394ce  
     new 61c83bb  Added sources of samples to binary distribution.
     new 6c4f5a5  Fixed typo
     new 85ad771  Updated for 0.93 release
     new b1634c8  Added a script to build all projects for users
     new d63c2ea  Renamed the build all script for users.
     new 8ab33dc  Added the script to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new b202d20  Exported LD_LIBRARY_PATH in script
     new 7bf34fe  Fixed the default install location
     new 163861d  Added more detail on source installation
     new e21aec6  Fixed spellings
     new b08a8f7  Added correct samples diretory to the source distribution.
     new cde0968  Fixed the warning
     new a372ff1  Changed the rights of the script
     new 64e99eb  Added the script with excutable rights
     new 196d086  Applied patch by Ishan
     new 1a8dc8c  Fixed a linking problem.
     new a57d706  Updated the INSTALL file.
     new 73314eb  Fixed typos of joined words
     new 24d9b15  Added 0.93 release info
     new a580fd4  Updated news for 0.93 release and fixed typos
     new 9a7ea2a  Updated the version number to correct one
     new d0e72e2  Fixed few typos
     new 5bcb880  Ficed typo
     new 094706c  jira issue 231, Thanks to dimuthu
     new b792856  adding files in jira 231. thanks to dimuthu
     new 582e000  addding initial codegen code. submitted by dimuthu for his google summer of code project
     new 8f32fa2  code from JIRA 216, thanks to samitha.
     new 2b2876c  unused header file entry removed
     new 8c29788  Committing changes made
     new 70136c7  get_op_client method added
     new cf77fd6  Fixed API and API comments
     new 4dff621  Fixed endpoint reference API and related structs. Also fixed API doc comments
     new be297e4  
     new 5fa8095  Fixed message information headers API and doc comments along with related structs
     new a51afb4  Fixed the build system so that it would not assume CuTest
     new 44e0ef9  Added tests to script
     new 7a03ab0  Fixed, issue raised by JIRA AXIS2C-240.
     new facb650  Added set -e Fix for AXIS2C-248
     new 76761d0  Fomatting fixes and parameter changes to const.
     new 2b91d2b  Applying patch for meory leaks fixed - JIRA AXIS2C-253
     new 26a6860  Fixed the problem related to the reuse of service client for multiple invocations. Fix for AXIS2C-230
     new 74ecaae  Fixed segfault
     new 8ce6002  Fixed segfault
     new 60f529b  Fixed help message typo on default location
     new 41bfe02  Committing changes made in rampart openssl wrappers.
     new 2f18217  reader and writer modified to deal with memory buffer, memory reader and writer is added
     new 317ab2f  guththila_reader_wrapper and guththila_writer_wrapper implemented
     new e33b02e  Added rm samples
     new 35ccbce  rename guththila_xml_pull_parser_ prefix to guththila_
     new e05d812  change guththila_xml_pull_parser_ prefix to guththila_
     new 2a32889  change guththila_xml_pull_parser_ prefix to guththila_
     new 7bdc0ee  change guththila_xml_pull_parser.h to guththila.h
     new 3e2e684  Resolved Jira AXIS2C_260. Added several fixes to problems found when doing RM
     new 4a7493a  rm_ping is now working
     new edb3d51  Added rm blocing sample
     new eac5a3a  function name changed
     new 12d63af  Fixed the double addressing header problem for multiple call for one-way client
     new 9f2f77a  updated
     new fe141e7  Now RM is working in following schenarios rm_ping rm_echo dual client non blocking rm_echo dual client blocing
     new bb445de  Removing these sample because they should be in sandesha
     new 2a272e4  Fixed build breaks and removed rm samples from build system
     new a1e317c  Replaced AXIS2_CRTICAL_FAILURE with AXIS2_CRITICAL_FAILURE
     new 5c78256  Removed double invocation
     new 68c2fe9  Committing changes made for the buffer class. Along with some code formatting and memory leak fixes.
     new 67b8517  Changed the way rampart generating nonce. Instead of using rand() now we are using the openssl based implementation. JIRA - AXIS2C-273
     new 74e5cd3  Modified the axis2_date_time_* to support generating time structs other than the current time. Rampart now uses axis2_date_time_* instead of its own implementation. JIRA AXIS2C-274
     new bae425d  Replaced ap_rputs with ap_rwrite. Fix for AXIS2C-275
     new e2bf039  Fixed bug in timestamp token validation. The expire element is optional. Rampart does not return a failure if theere is not expire element. JIRA  AXIS2C-266
     new 43b8f8a  Fixed jira issue 247.
     new ff56ab3  Replaced gmtime, which is not thread safe, with gmtime_r, the thread safe counterpart. Fix for AXIS2C-277
     new 2894eb8  Commititng changes made in UsernameToken and Timestamp
     new 9eaeb62  Committing changes made for timestamp token validation.
     new c38fdc3  Committing changes made in username token
     new 822ee03  Added checks in timestamp validation : Any TIMESTAMP containing an EXPIRES MUST contain a CREATED that preceeds its sibling EXPIRES. First child of a timestamp token MUST be the Created element
     new 32e83dc  Applying patch for memory leaks fixed - JIRA AXIS2C 253
     new 4106ff3  removed the unwanted logic
     new e924adc  Fixed the gmtime non complilation problem on windows
     new 00eabf4  added is_whitespace to identifiy whitespace in CHARACTER event
     new 45e8cce  Committing changes made. 1. Added detailed fault messages using subcodes for username token and timestamp auth failures. 2. Fixed echo client sample to get rid of the seg fault.
     new 7751129  Fixed the windows problem
     new 954d492  Committing changes made
     new 7986ffe  Applying patch for memory leaks fixed - JIRA AXIS2C-253
     new 904bae5  Fixed seg fault when no comments in axis2.xml
     new 886ddba  add tcpmon for text transfer mode support.
     new eb5bf0f  some correction to tcpmon
     new 229d8c2  patch applied , thanks to Manjula
     new 1a09d54  Removed use of stream type
     new 32338aa  error corrected
     new 48883e3  By default enable REST
     new c7c7071  Removed unwanted api calls unget get_type and get_char
     new 58b7f49  Fixed build break and removed unwated source
     new 11b1dbb  Fixd doc comments and API
     new 78a279a  Applied the patch in jira AXIS2C-287.
     new 8fbfffa  Put back -Werror into files. Fixed errors caused by enabling -Werror
     new 5a9f78f  Fixed spellings
     new 9ead7b1  Removed the test logic
     new b125693  Rmoved AXIS2_DECLARE_DATA that is used with struct declarations which was incorrect Fix for AXIS2C-259
     new a72f6d2  Committing changes made
     new e0b4ce1  Memory leak fixed
     new 8206c09  Memory leak fixed. Freeing soap builder
     new 26297de  Fixed API and doc comments
     new 6c1361a  Added Astyle formatting info along with some more formatting details
     new 99c237f  Fixed indentation problems
     new 9069e6c  AXIS2_SLEEP macro corrected
     new f18ee3e  Had to comment this block to avoid client segfault.
     new c665a4c  Replaced (foo != NULL) with (foo) Also fixed formatting
     new e5f218c  added getopt.h include file
     new d902575  Seg fault fixed
     new 5079b87  modified to work with both linux and windows
     new 9d328af  modified to work with both windows and linux
     new a11fee8  sample changed
     new f05d5ab  modified to work with windows
     new 2551c22  FIxed REST sample command line param processing
     new 6ee9c94  Fixed build break
     new 824d92b  Fixed REST problems with Apache
     new 770542d  guththila_xml_pull_parser.c conflict resolved
     new 7f08916  Fixed formatting
     new fd7af2e  Fixed callback prefix
     new 8c83c44  Fixed some memory leaks
     new 3c9a8a5  Modified to work with --enable-guththila=yes.
     new 41185d5  removed hard coded libxml2 from's.
     new 878b639  Applying patch for meory leaks fixed - JIRA AXIS2C-253
     new efe777a  The last commit makes the client to segfault. Revoking the commit.
     new 508caaa  removing spaces
     new 5a1a63e  Fixed the problem of segfault with sandesha engaged. Fix for AXIS2C-301
     new a1faff5  Fixed seg fault for RM sample when MIME enabled
     new 1a982f6  Applying patch for meory leaks fixed in core_utis.c - JIRA AXIS2C-253
     new 2e9515b  Fixed the seg fault cuased with RM in place
     new 5eac02e  Memory leak fixing
     new 9faf045  Fixing memory leaks
     new bae9295  Applying patch for meory leaks fixed - JIRA AXIS2C-253
     new a7314cd  Applying patch for multiple unlocking of mutex - JIRA AXIS2C-303
     new 7e4c0d3  Memory leaks fixed
     new 7159dfd  Applying patch for memory leaks fixed - JIRA AXIS2C-253
     new aa5aec8  modified axiom_namespace and libxml_writer_wrapper to support default empty namespaces
     new 4d02bb7  update om test
     new c24d55c  compilation problems fixed
     new 05b4213  Fixed the problem of one way client not picking the status code
     new ee035a1  Fixing jira 305.
     new 6997e37  fixing xml indenting
     new f2531b9  changes to xml_schema to run schema code generator
     new 7d0a67f  bug fixed
     new f5f93e2  changes to commit schema generator by dimuthu
     new f9141b5  removing deprecated directories
     new 1254c4b  adding schema compiler
     new e5ad4c9  changes to to compile schema compiler
     new e53bf59  fixing a MACRO in a header
     new 0a6e6e3  removing test at default
     new df7dab9  changes for wsdl spec constants: used in codegen
     new 391a4fd  Fixed chunking problems with managed transports
     new b239eb0  corrected double free
     new 6d46694  Committing changes made
     new e7c9dc3  Fix to jira 250
     new d87d4ea  Fix for jira 250
     new 8a17dd4  Applied patch for OM tutorial by Ishan
     new 4ac9eb9  Fix for the jira 250.
     new 22c5c58  
     new 1f03833  Updated the version number to 0.94
     new 1e25b34  Added codegen to main build.
     new 8c34dc9  Created a seperate build system to samples
     new 4ce510b  Removing unwanted files from tarball created by "make dist"
     new e552ef0  Fixed the build break in codegen.
     new 1d6d0fc  Removing codegen and tcpmon from main build.
     new 1038264  Removing .lo files from tarball created by "make dist"
     new 28e8f93  Applying patch for memory leaks fixed - JIRA AXIS2C-253
     new 05d68ae  Changes to get 'make bindist' working.
     new bfb8d8b  corrected the version number.
     new d5f4faf  building only root directory in
     new 9ed9c3c  Removing unwanted files from source distribution.
     new ade9bc3  Changed the default prefix of samples
     new 14eec5d  Removed script because does the same thing now.
     new 01438b8  Linking libraries giving relative path instead of linking against installed libraries.
     new fd85f60  Added docs to source distribution.
     new ef7c808  woden wsdl2c patch
     new a23aa58  incorrect freeing of msg_ctx removed
     new 4b08056  compilation problem fixed
     new eff007f  free function commented
     new 142a4c6  release 0.94 docs update
     new 53c8eea  xdocs update for 0.94
     new 8de4562  incorrect prefix axiom renamed to axis2 , bug fixed in AXIS2_SVC_ADD_MAPPING
     new dac2cb4  Added rampart samples to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 9810404  removing tests from binary distribution
     new eb28fe5  when there is no null checking, samples give segmentation faults
     new ffadccd  Stopped linking libxml2 by hard coding.
     new 0ef6b60  Removing rampart from default build.
     new beca989  Removed rampart from default build.
     new b9fc230  Removed hard coded libxml2 from
     new ad3c7cd  Removed hard coded libxml2 from
     new b4445e8  removed hard coded libxml2 from's.
     new f3a6adc  Removed a syntax error in
     new b595710  added rampart to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 297c263  Removed hard coded libxml2 from tests.
     new 4a79f1c  Added apache2 to tarball created by 'make bindist'.
     new 8eeeff3  error corrected
     new 0c3ff18  0.94 documantation update patch sent by dumindu
     new ca43d76  Installing rampart samples to correct location
     new 31a6f17  configuration file for 0.94 release
     new 7a11f48  Added strcasestr
     new c0052a1  fixed typo
     new f578ed9  Fixed content-if header text comparin by making it case insensitive. Fix for AXIS2C-315
     new 2cb03eb  Fixed the infinite loop problem
     new c7e2edd  Fixed the use of xmlBufferPtr. Used size of xmlBufferPtr to malloc buffer.
     new d5e7ef6  Fixed the action problem in SOAP 1.1 content header and also sending MIME headers when not needed
     new 7e8476e  Default is to switch off MTOM
     new 7471ba0  The free stuff commented out lead to memory problems. Should check more details beofre commenting them out
     new 794c6e4  Adding some error codes and added set_listener_address methods and set/get_target_epr methods to svc_client
     new 6822f0e  Added documentation to newly added methods of svc_client
     new 9808d2a  Sorry I forget the -Werror in
     new 4698e59  Added content to COPYING
     new e50f00d  Added missing file.
     new 0894ac9  Added api documentation
     new 1c1afe2  Removed the warnings that affected the build
     new 5f0e68b  Fixed the dam build breaks
     new 108665e  Reverting chnges to the core API and the related changes to make the build stable back again
     new 370869e  Few updates to get WSA addressing submission working correctly
     new 90c1b86  getting includes and linking libraries from source tree instead from ${AXIS2C_HOME}
     new 67f2554  Added necessary files to tarball created by 'make bindist'
     new 924debf  strncasecmp function changed to axis2_strncasecmp
     new c14a777  Fixed the Calculator sample segfault
     new 6c8885a  review in progress
     new 7184ea6  Added -Werror to
     new 90b3921  Please refer the mail to axis-c-dev list with topic [Axis2][Fwd: Changes in files]
     new 7b4e449  completed review
     new ea819fe  tcpmon options changed
     new 6eb1946  fixing jira AXIS2C-325
     new 06f79b2  fixed: segmentation fault of clients when AXIS2C_HOME not set
     new 3508874  Creating a
     new 18876a3  fixed:write to stderr when logfile=NULL
     new d9a501b  completed review
     new b4420ef  Removed a duplicate line
     new 1ad094e  Added the extern stuff for windows
     new 3075b22  Moved declaration to the header
     new 0f85223  Fixed the windows build break
     new a1fd705  Fix to jira 289. Supporting pkgconfig.
     new 3cbd00b  fixed:http://localhost:9090/axis2/services giving empty page
     new 0f7b84f  fixed:http://localhost:9090/axis2/services doesn't giving deployed services
     new f192367  compile errors fixed
     new 711e900  fixed:displaying service descriptions
     new cfcd190  fixed:displaying service discriptions
     new 0079403  axis2_error_init () added to axis2_env_create_with_error_log ()
     new 375653d  Formatted service skeleton header and removed unwasnted free_void_arg method
     new c5827c4  patch sent by Ishan:sample logging module
     new 5931592  removing cache file
     new bf76ffb  Fixed build break.
     new 6566c61  Completed Review using patch on AXIS2C-352. Thanks karthiga
     new c12480f  XML_NAMESPACE_URI removed, it is not used in anywhere in code
     new 188a1d1  Removed unwanted comments
     new 8f6f9d2  Updated version number from 0.94 to 0.95
     new d2bc3db  reviewed and committing patch in Jira AXIS2C-354. Thanks Karthiga
     new bd1d7b8  Fixed axis2c-241
     new c6b245f  fixed:return type of log functions changed to void
     new 648788c  Changed the format of the date time deserialization. The timestamp should have values in two digits other than for the year component. i.e. If the month is january it should show 01 rather than 1.  e.g. 2006-01-08T12:01:31Z. Also the month starting value was 0(for January). This I changed to January=1, February=2...
     new d5bb989  Applying the om tutorial patch sent by Dumindu.
     new 33de7cd  reviewed and committing patch of Jira AXIS2C-356. Review complete on document
     new a59d468  Treating to warnings as errors in samples
     new 09cc3bc  Treating to warnings as errors in samples
     new f0d0b07  fixed:trailing slash in namespace uri causes service load error
     new 9e12c4a  Treating to samples as errors in samples
     new fcab037  Treating to warnings as errors
     new c588975  completed review. reviewd and committed patch on Jira AXIS2C-363. Thanks Karthiga
     new 9f4fcb5  fixed:calls to NULL pointers in wsdl10/msg_ref.c
     new aa604f7  adding trailling /
     new 3cd75ce  patch submitted by Manjula
     new 0280f3f  Changed the digest  calculation
     new 47abc6b  Make the usage of nonce compatible with rampart/java.
     new b8f99f8  authors, news and changelog updated for 0.95 release
     new 53c98b6  add new contibutors
     new 53c6813  Changed the version number to 0.95
     new f27a7ff  Added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 8fbacd6  reviewed and committing patch in Jira AXIS2C-366. Thanks Karthiga
     new 98b4d6f  fixed:Axis2c Server sends addressing headers when addressing headers are not sent in request
     new bb1fbe4  docs update for 0.95
     new 3b0c364  Fix to jira issue 369.
     new 9403a8b  Sample dynamic client updated.
     new 6c4a8ce  
     new f73141d  
     new c502538  fixed the content type parsing
     new 5d931e2  Added AUTHORS file to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 01e8918  changed windows build system to 0.95
     new 4c8c7ad  echo client modified
     new 0deb5c4  simple axis server gives segmentation fault when not having enough permissions
     new 35fc193  add ops to log
     new b55df9c  simple axis server crashed when there is no enough permissions
     new f3ba73a  Adding new sample callback module. This will read UN/PW pairs from the files created using apache's htpasswd.
     new e4f09e2  Fixed a typo
     new 8ed06b2  Fixed AXIS2C-372
     new 5f7b51e  Fixed AXIS2C-307
     new 34d6d92  Modified callback module. Now it is posisble to pass any parameter (i.e.string, struct...) to the callback module using the message context. This is specifically done for PHP extension to pass parameters to its password call back modules.
     new 8a50638  Rectifying a typo
     new 3075281  Modified the way to retireve Out/In flow parameters. Now we read these from the message ctx. This allows a client (I have PHP in mind) to set parameters in any tier of the description hierarchy.
     new af718eb  Adding new authentication module for rampart. This is related to JIRA issue AXIS2C-261
     new fbf4d5b  Fix AXIS2C-307
     new b3d7764  Fixing a seg fault
     new bf60d54  moved details of previous releases to archived_news.html
     new caea6a2  minor improvements
     new 92e42c8  minor corrrections
     new cf1c637  remove fix for issue :Accessing http://localhost:9090/axis2/services gives me an empty page (axis2c-343), because this is not a proper fix and lead to crashes windows build.  --This line, and those below, will be ignored--
     new b473031  release date updated
     new 5e02d21  Changed out handler logic. Now Clients(e.g. PHP) doesnt need to use xml descriptors. If there is any action item in the message context, (e.g. UsernameToken) relavent security headers will be added to the out going message. But we might need to revert this hack in order to facilitate multiple action in the future.
     new fe774d0  makefile modified to compile htpasswd callback
     new 2e9c699  Removing commented sub dir in the Makefile
     new 0b0b763  error corrected
     new 615a986  axis2c manual added
     new 1273e47  Changed the in handler logic to get security paramteres entirely through the message context.
     new 287d8e6  axis2_manual code snippets formatted
     new e9c350f  Installing the library to two locations.
     new 0f7d15b  use guide modified
     new acfa1f1  hello sample added to axis2c manual
     new e630cdb  Stopped checking for cutest library during configure time.
     new 09714c9  fixed: incorrect handling of spaces in rest get method
     new a6e2142  Reverting the commited wrong file.
     new 8c1e938  Fixed AXIS2C-310
     new c412bac  Fixed AXIS2C-308
     new de6ec9a  Fixing jira issue 369
     new a05edcf  Fixing jira issue 369
     new 7a33d4a  test commit
     new ea523dc  Added get_callback function to op_client. Added thread locking mutext to callback_recv and callback.
     new 5533377  By mistake Ihave removed get_msg_recv method from axis2_op.h
     new 64a91ba  replyTo problem fixed
     new 485481e  adding "&" to rest request parameters fixed
     new 08fdbba  Addeing in message context to the operation context as well
     new af468d8  Fixed bug in generating the digest in Windows.
     new a21b2c1  bug fixed in  axis2_phases_info_set_op_phases
     new be09495  Fixed public key typo
     new 17402bb  Adding the script.
     new fdc17c1  commented the blocks mentioned in AXIS2C-310. This is tempory solution until the real problem found.
     new 68d4202  fixed axis2c-394 (patch submitted by Chris Darroch):element free segfaults if namespace reused
     new 34af4b9  Changes made for openssl cipher context
     new da58afe  Moved callback_recv.h to c/include as axis2_callback_recv.h
     new fffcf24  Deleting unused files
     new 739365c  removed callback_recv.h
     new 0951c5f  Restoring the original util file.
     new 1470990  Introducing new encryption and xml_encryption files to omxmlsec.
     new c83367a  Committing changes made to oxs_encryption.h
     new 7f78a4b  Adding util for omxmlsec and comititng changes made in test.
     new 67adfcf  Fixing jira issue 376
     new 5b37c60  Added decryption functionalities for xml encryption
     new bacd033  Fixed a bug in openssl/crypt.c
     new 61e9a63  Renaming oxs_util to oxs_utility
     new 9c789e5  Appllied codegen patch by Milinda
     new 5396c45  Fixing some bugs/build breaks due to changes in stream and env
     new 71fe8a6  fixed:axis2c-396 element free segfaults if attributes reused
     new a8c1ff0  fixed:axis2c-380 improvment to mod_axis2, patch submitted by Chris Darroch
     new cac1649  fixes for null handling in woden code
     new 5c92ab7  fixes for null handling in woden code
     new b5f2b1f  Fixed AXIS2C-332 moving QName values to macros
     new ee0c408  Removed hardcoded values with constants
     new 93719bd  Added error message log before returning NULL
     new 12c681e  Removed unwanted memory allocation
     new a116ba4  Declared the appropriate functions static
     new d078805  Fixed leaks in case of errors
     new 540b785  Fixed memory leaks - AXIS2C-387
     new 6e2bbc0  Fixed memory leak related to flow
     new 2e4dcaa  Fixed more memory leaks
     new 5977b38  fixes for null handling in woden
     new c37e9db  fixes for null handling in woden
     new 81cb180  Comititng following changes 1. Introducing rampart_encryption : Handles en/decrypting soap messages. 2. Introducing oxs_asym_ctx : Encapsulates information related to assymetric en/decryption. 3. Introducing certificate : Encapsulates x509 certificate related information. 4. Changes made to rampart action to support asymmetric encryption. 5. Introducing new features to the OMXMLSec to encrypt a session key. 6. Removed rampart_crypto engine from the Makefile - No longer i [...]
     new 2197119  In one place where xml_schema_complex_content_restriction_create is needed it was xml_schema_complex_content_create. When fixing this googlesearch.wsdl was working
     new 64dfc8e  added new wsdl
     new 868d1f0  Renaming macros
     new 497459d  vc8 project added
     new 06055d6  Removing rampart crypto engine.
     new afe5044  Changed constant varaible names from MixedCase to UPPER_CASE. Modified all files that is effected by this change.
     new 8fa370c  Sets mustUnderstand attribute of the Security header element in the out-flow. And resets if processed in the in-flow.
     new c63f2c2  Removing encryption engine and the encrypted_type token from OMXMLSec
     new 30320bb  
     new bb83c3c  
     new 639778f  project properties corrected
     new 51dee29  project properties modified
     new cdfb1b4  project properties changed
     new 1e9aba3  Removing unit tests written using CuTest.
     new 0f951bf  include directive changed
     new 5b5eed5  include directive changed
     new 02a6963  project properties changed
     new 17c5758  Adding AXIS2_EXTERN  for methods in xml_encryption
     new f6fc5fc  project properties corrected
     new a07da6e  project properties corrected
     new c6d0a04  project properties changed
     new 426de9c  project properties changed
     new d0ac0bb  project properties corrected
     new c602640  Fixed build break.
     new 46da8f9  Fixed loads of memory leaks
     new cbf5dbc  Introduced format for the asymmetric context.
     new 56e2997  If the server side doesnt need to verify security rampart should not tru to do so.
     new dcc5318  include directive changed
     new 7521d9f  warnings removed
     new 36fcd01  Removing cutest from tests
     new d3d62d1  Fixed build break
     new 3008355  patch applied, thanks to dumindu
     new e9ac602  Removing unwanted sample files
     new 30f04b8  Few log entries were added to handlers and username token to make debugging more easier.
     new 11b20b0  set_attribute macros had diffrenct nubmer of params than the ops function pointer. fixed this
     new fe52b52  Fixed multiple memory leaks.
     new f455940  More memoryleak fixes.
     new 8b6ea3b  Fixing jira issue 157
     new 9fee660  Fixed AXIS2C-330
     new a3f09ef  This commit includes following modifications + improvements. 1. EncryptedKey processing in security header processor. 2. Use of a oxs_buffer inside oxs_key class. 3. Building SecurityTokenReferences. 4. Parsing Security Token references 5. Decrypting a session key using the recievers private key(right now we have limitation of supporting only one key)
     new 9793206  Including xml encryption
     new 7ca8dac  Removing encryption code from the out handler
     new 2c16cd8  Including reference list
     new 7dd7357  1. Fixed JIRA       AXIS2C-411 2. If user needs to send only the Created element in the Timestamp specify a negative value for timeToLive.
     new 5848119  Adding rampart_sec_header_processor
     new c2cb5ae  more memory leak fixes
     new 9c1befd  fixed: axis2c-416, patch submitted by Dumindu
     new afad218  This update includes. 1. On arrival token verification for usernametoken and timestamps. 2. More specific LOG messages. 3. Improved soap fault generation.
     new a0a9b3e  A quick fix for windows
     new 66b3988  Fixed the array bounds problem
     new 5c23cbd  Removing printfs
     new 715665b  crash problem fixed
     new 36ccaaf  fixed:axis2c-417 echo -mGET sends post request
     new 3725a82  fixed:simple axis server segfaults on REST get requests
     new 351bff6  Fixing jira issue 157
     new 3519e83  services and client project added
     new 22473f1  Treating to warnings as errors.
     new 349889c  bug fixed
     new 7fe8c42  1. Introducing x509 certificate 2. Modifications in XML encryption.
     new d57d74d  Fixed a bug in function axiom_util_get_localname()
     new bfef0b1  Fixed break due to memory corruption
     new f323207  More memory leak fixes
     new 3da49b6  Bit of code cleaning was done
     new 6c56e49  property value strings should be duplicated
     new f7d4fb2  Introducing rampart security processed results. In the message processing stage certian information(e.g. Username) will be stored in a hash table so that the reciever (e.g. Service) would be able to use them without processing the message again.
     new 630bb1f  Fixing thead pool related leaks on server side
     new c0f1b7b  Committing minor changes made
     new 4d0f5f2  More memory leak fixes
     new 30a7f59  Seperated security enforcement from the message processing. With a proper security policy implementation we might replace this.
     new 4be123e  Name change in the method rampart_get_all_security_processed_results
     new d24ea09  Fixed more memory leaks, specially those related to cased where the invocation fails
     new 1165a9e  Fixing jira issue 412
     new 96b1a1d  Fixed more memory leaks.
     new 287643c  when we use default time to value rampart segfaults. That is because in log function we passed a integer with a string format. Changed it to integer format.
     new 916f0d5  MTOM related memory leak fixes
     new 25c67ea  Removed link to wrong file
     new d5c3465  Added correct license for copying file
     new bf1a073  Fixed more leaks, related to dual client and also fixed server crash
     new 6a02f0a  1. Introducing key manager 2. Introducing pkcs12 support 3. Introducing x509 certificate support 4. Changes made in the asym ctx to use pkcs12
     new 4beb231  Including header rampart_sec_processed_result.h
     new 955653f  fixed a memory leak
     new 21c6382  Removing test from Makefile
     new 0f172bf  fixed memory leaks
     new 712a116  removing test for pkcs12
     new cdf4a4c  fixed the windows build break
     new 40782aa  Fixed more memory leaks; specially those related to MTOM stuff
     new b56ed35  MTOM related leak fix
     new 1d152b4  -Adding suppoert for KeyIdentifier node -Changes made  in Key manager class to load the public key using the pkcs12 -Embedding base64 encoded x509 certificate to the security header -Plus some other modifications.
     new 056d581  Comitting minor changes
     new c8035d3  Fixed dual client (use seperate listner case) related memory leaks
     new 4656f4b  Introducing tokens... X509IssuerSerial, X509SerialNumber and X509IssuerName
     new 9ecc6e5  Creating a directory for tokens in OMXMLSecurity
     new b6da107  Moving tokens in OMXMLSec to a seperate folder
     new 1be783e  including source from omxmlsec/tokens
     new 4269a48  -Adding security token reference support for encryption -Modified build to link to the token library -Send key information using issuer name and the serial number of the certificate used to encrypt. -Modification in the asymmetric encryption context to store the password for key store.
     new 7994b93  Freed existing value when freeing. AXIS2C-422
     new 9a7fffa  project settings corrected
     new c95d35c  LoadLibrary parameter type changed to char
     new cb615df  tcpmon compilation errors fixed for windows
     new f2ae01c  tcpmon VC2005 project added
     new e567196  Support for X509 certificates in .cert files in PEM format.
     new 4dab895  Fixed AXIS2C-434
     new 44ede45  
     new a32f0f4  give more detail about documantation
     new 7374c02  removed printf from http_client
     new bb5c578  wrong vc project removed
     new 44d9cb9  
     new b6a2729  codegen tool vc project added
     new 061af9e  use of keyword as a variable changed
     new d44e092  AXIS2_MKDIR macro added
     new 40650ae  codegen tool compilation problems fixed for win32
     new 2b55597  Initial version of notice file
     new 4385461  compile option for tcpmon added
     new 305ee4a  http_sender project added
     new eaaeab4  Applied the patch by Chris to fix the memory leaks in httpd module using APR pools.
     new 1d7def6  Fixed windows build break
     new 63dcaf4  Fixed warning by considering the return values of the OpenSSL functions
     new d00843e  user can specify content-type of the message using hash map
     new 6482550  setting user specified http headers into request. remove unused varaible from rampart
     new 40242a1  project updated
     new 4909501  properties load function changed to take a filename instead of a file
     new a1b763d  codegen tool problems fixed for windows
     new c242863  free functions causing crash problems commented
     new 8f9dc3e  configure entries changed to more meaningful names , makefile modified to build tcpmon and codegen tools as well
     new d0f7a4a  This commit includes 1. Support for BinarySecurityTokens 2. Ability to send Key Information using embedded references 3. Ability to send Key Information using X509Data references 4. Fixed random failure in EVP_CipherFinal_ex 5. Introducing wsse:Embedded and wsse:Reference tokens 6. Improving the default behavior in case of missing configurations in rampart
     new f9cdc26  
     new d258d3b  Addede non-optimized case to the MTOM sample. AXIS2C-442
     new f02b588  Adding axis2.xml for client side
     new 1a68bc0  Adding sample certificates and keystores.
     new 9463611  Adding easy to use script to create a client repository
     new 953dc1a  xmlTextWriterFlush added to fix the problem of file not being able to close
     new d6430f5  Added support to handle REST calls with content-type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded
     new 00bf408  crash problem fixed
     new deb2464  Improved SOAP fault mechanism in rampart.
     new cbf31da  yahoo search sample added
     new 8aa36f6  yahoo sample configuration files
     new 0547b5a  yahoo search sample added
     new 67432d4  Applied patch by Milinda
     new c039e85  Removed link
     new 3584d02  Adding the correct INSTALL with some initial text
     new ef3e0f4  Adding easy-to-use script to run the encryption sample client. The script will copy the latest module to the client repository and then execute the client.
     new 6e5ef13  Added a shell script to generate C code using WSDL2C java tool.
     new c219848  Added patch by milinda
     new b31c5b6  minor error corrected
     new 5990830  
     new 7c14088  transport headers array list
     new 6c863d2  transport header
     new 5fff621  Fixing jira issue 436.
     new 83aab87  Added support for SOAP action. Fix for AXIS2C-437
     new 6224502  Removed logic that strips the URL segment after ?. AXIS2C-432
     new 9c8ebc3  Fixed the non-checking of pointer value. AXIS2C-311
     new 141ea79  Fixed the seg fault in case there are errors in service.xml. AXIS2C-358
     new f469204  Fixed the charset problem when using MTOM on server side. AXIS2C-431
     new e799afc  Support for Subject Key Identifier to send Key Information. Plus some other modification.
     new ed31a04  Fixed memory leak
     new e811dc6  project settings updated
     new 0349155  client will return -1 when sever shutdown while client waiting for response
     new 740463d  correcting comment on header file
     new 7e696a3  Corrected the install location.
     new fee35da  Fixing value NULL case. AXIS2C-238
     new 726cc0a  Fixing jira issue 376
     new a0d78ef  This commit includes 1. Fault handling in EncryptedKey and EncryptedData element processing 2. Removing AXIS2_REALLOC form the buffer. (JIRA AXIS2C-441)
     new f4891ff  Fixing jira issue 346
     new 1f0d762  Removed seperate channel form mtom sample and added a sleep to dual clients to prevent crashing
     new f3f20de  This commit includes 1. Support for using PrivateKeys in PEM format for decryption. 2. Modified Key Manager to support both PKCS12 and PEM formats in reading private keys 3. Automatic determining of the format of the en/decryption file. 4. Using password callbacks to get password for the keystore depending on the encryption user.
     new 2966493  files added from jira 451 Thanks to Manjula
     new ad2a8e6  Applying patch to allow axis2_date_time to show milliseconds. Changed rampart util to compare time using milliseconds.
     new 4761ac6  makefile target added to create a single dll
     new 69234b2  error corrected
     new 12a1930  project updated
     new a8ca2c4  project modified
     new be15a18  Fixed few bugs in OM
     new 5724465  project updated
     new e69bdc8  added error code
     new 996b6eb  Linking from correct path.
     new 90c653e  modified to fix compile error
     new e9e1dfe  windows compilation errors fixed
     new aeef1ac  Fixed the error in case of multiple invocations when the service is down. AXIS2C-453
     new 341727c  fixed:axis2c-209, invoke service with in a service. it crashes becasue of some problems in axiom_node and op_client.
     new f782881  fixed:axis2c-381 and axis2c-328 , related to custom soap faults and giving proper soap faults
     new 7669089  operation not found soap fault
     new 910074f  removed AXIS2C_REALLOC from guththila code
     new 1e35a4f  echo skeleton, mistakenly checked in, this is the original one
     new 72e1f96  remove unused header variable
     new f8b18af  ssl client document
     new a6c55bb  -Introduced post security processing for the rampart module -Add comments for important header files. Improved inline comments -Changed the assymmetric RSA encryption to use buffers. -Plus some monir changes
     new 383d9c7  Fixed JIRA AXIS2C-454
     new d8e3c94  -Moved callback function to rampart_handler ustls -Utlised get milli second function in the axis2_date_time
     new fd2f042  Removing unneccessary public private keys from svn
     new c893579  Adding sample certificates and keystores
     new 8278aa4  Adding two bat files to update/deploy samples
     new bd121f3  error corrected
     new c67f3e1  tcpmon formatting
     new 4e357cc  Changed the version to 0.96
     new c846f6d  Changed the version to 0.96
     new aed6eb6  Modified makefile to build enc_echo sample
     new 4c45eb3  Fixed SOAP 1.2 SOAP action problem in case of using MTOM
     new 6c48638  project properties corrected
     new eda71ac  Fixed bug in JIRA AXIS2C-456 Plus some minor modifications in rampart
     new 2b13582  Changed the license.
     new 76e70bb  patch spplied from jirs 458 thsnks to dumindu
     new 19b7026  Stopped using cutest
     new ae7e687  Removing test directory from xml_schema
     new 25bc085  
     new 3c86244  Fixing jira issue 157
     new 936ae25 is looking for README.txt which is not exist. Therefore removed that line.
     new 2a64740  Changed the version to 0.96
     new 04b8974  Adding sample service for rampart Modified xml encryption
     new 3ee08aa  Added apache license
     new 88f194b  axis2_property_create_with_args function added
     new 722e0c2  project properties modified
     new d84a589  codegen tool crash problem fixed for win32
     new 8af01b8  makefile modified
     new 10e86ea  fixed:382 get request , url encoding method implemented
     new 476c8c7  Modified deploy script, run script and  README file of the client sample.
     new 2ff6f1c  fixed:455 add function prefix
     new 6f2f7b7  Fixed memory leaks in block encryption
     new 5b5074b  Giving the full path for get apahce includes
     new f0da226  Removing the old echo sample. This is no longer needed as we have a new echo sample which can be configured for many security scnearios.
     new 1494316  Fixed problem in AXIS2_DATE_TIME_SET_DATE_TIME macro
     new 5f9d04c  fix for the issue AXIS2C-464
     new 6e1af6a  Removed rampart echo sample from win32 build
     new 3211fd0  a dos bat file to use code gen tool
     new bab37ef  Added rand.c new file rand.c. Added shallow cloning function to property.c.
     new 8a3f2c5  Committing changes made to win32 build
     new 32d54ec  Changed the Apache2 configuration in document.
     new 663ac22  Uncommented commented line.
     new d03083d  added keys directory
     new f31294e  Installing keys directory to 'make install' target
     new d09a5f3  Made a few corrections in file paths.
     new 328eaca  Fixed leaks
     new 6eeb8b9  add a new line for mtom client fail message
     new 90ba9eb  Fixed more memory leaks
     new 746b311  changed the google_spell client name to google
     new 6ade231  Fixed return value for one way invocations. AXIS2C-467
     new 73dfb32  No failure if the SOPA header is missing
     new b8386f6  Fixed addressing being sent in SOAP 1.1 response when request did not use addressing. AXIS2C-470
     new b8adf1c  Fixed the use of addressing always in case of a fault
     new b27995f  project include path added
     new deaf388  stopped building apache2 in default build.
     new e13c70c  Linking apahce2 includes from /usr/local/apache2/include
     new ce64102  Changed the license.
     new 1d057de  Fixed build break
     new c563e02  Changed the version number
     new b5cdbe2  added data binding codegen samples
     new 4835d3b  linking libraries from $AXIS2C_HOME
     new 4575dca  Added NOTICE to binary and source distribution
     new e5ecd06  news file for 0.96 release
     new 76dd6f1  changelog for 0.96
     new d767f47  document updates for 0.96
     new 9b0872a  document updates
     new 95b5fc2  Added NOTICE file to binary and source distribution.
     new 1e7dec6  docs update for 0.96
     new 1a0dc6e  change the release date
     new 8d260b2  
     new e9ca2b2  axis2c manual updated
     new 29a39eb  Fixing bad license file
     new 062e284  Fixing bad COPYING file
     new 5f35304  removed guththila install file
     new 5e231ff  Fixed a minor grammatical error.
     new 104123a  added new guththila install file
     new 322cf4a  Added content to README
     new 13f3747  Added content to README
     new 906f7f9  Fixed a spelling mistake
     new bd1478a  Added content to README
     new 3ca6fc2  Added content to README
     new 13c477c  Added the INSTALL file
     new 35dc978  Added content to README
     new 8dbd897  Added the INSTALL file
     new a61a472  Removed unnecessary creation of XOP namespace when text element is not NULL. AXIS2C-478
     new e3bea44  guththila read me
     new 03a21fe  Changed the default install location.
     new 2f8ec98  Added correct content to INSTALL file
     new 901315a  Corrected the default installation path
     new 0fabba4  warning fixed
     new 92b1e92  Fixed the memmove to use a buffer head and update the pointer in place of memory move. AXIS2C-472
     new c32bd08  fixed:maven generated user guide incomplete
     new c0c5922  Fixed a bug in windows build of the security echo service.
     new 76ca223  Added vc directory to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 2849b1d  site updates for 0.96 release
     new 9a41a9c  site download page updated
     new ff51300  Modifying README files for rampart/samples
     new e2c6cca  Modified INSTALL file
     new 6be2e9a  modified to suit for the new directory stucture
     new 5f0f781  Improved creating key from namespace
     new d291bdd  Dropped swith statements and replaced with if else as that seemed to be more performant
     new 4edef7d  removed dynamic allocation of ops struct and did static allocation. Also dropped the use of ops struct function pointers for operation that do not requires inheritance
     new b75482e  Fixed windows build break
     new cf3253a  Fixed windows build break
     new ea0da23  Fixed windows build breaks
     new 2e2dadd  index file updated
     new 90da302  modified the rampart build
     new 965e107  typo error fixed
     new c854450  Added axiom data source to strem the serialized XML representation with adb rather than building the whole OM tree
     new b85636d  Fixed windows build break
     new d71e89b  Fixed the wrong cast
     new 1d65a6b  Expanded the read size as it is inefficient to read just 32 bytes in one go
     new 97ec68b  Fixed formatting
     new bb1607c  Fixed formatting
     new 2bed77d  Dropped ops struct
     new 80d1ce9  removed ops struct declatation typo
     new ed54fb1  Fixed formatting
     new aedea4f  Removed an unwanted comment
     new 344e03d  Removed ops struct from qname and fixed related bugs.
     new ee20e2e  Added the ssl directory to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 7fcbf7c  to build ssl client correctly document updated
     new de84900  fixed a bug in axiom_children_iterator_create
     new 0469a00  More fixes with removal of ops struct
     new 6083d29  More improvements and formatting
     new 2e8366b  Fixed formatting
     new 7c3e656  Removed ops struct
     new 639a384  fix for the seg fault in woden
     new 14994e2  Fixed formatting, also replaced char with axis2_char
     new 04dd2fc  Fixed interop problems.
     new ac6ceec  Fixed a formatting error in axis2_date_time. The format should be      YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.msecZ e.g. 2007-01-05T07:46:34.685Z
     new 6a86039  Dropped ops
     new 1f20453  Fixed formatting and removed comments
     new d451005  Fixed formatting
     new 21882b0  Removed ops
     new 6740c91  Made few changes in samples
     new a553519  When dump property is set , we don't need to free out_msg_ctx. If we free it here when we trying to get out going messages later it will return null.
     new b41c3d4  Dropped ops form util structs and fixed some logc as well. Fixed the formatting in most cases
     new 26cb2ad  fixed:broken when REST messages failed
     new d85c03f  Modified OMXMLSecurity to use the log mechanism available under axis2. JIRA
     new d389c7b  Fixed formatting and also removed ops struct
     new c72ec99  Modified sserver and client sample config files
     new 612681c  Fixed windows break
     new 346d116  Fixed formatting
     new ab6f8d4  Fixed a linking problem
     new d96f37d  More formatting fixing and dropping of ops struct
     new 077379f  Fixed the bug due to typo
     new 92200a7  Dropping ops from context. Also fixed formatting
     new e631809  Removed duplicate reading from stream when the stream already have the buffer filled
     new da01ac9  patch of jira 496 applied, thanks to supun
     new b400a5a  project updated
     new b7a80b4  vc project added for axis2_iis module
     new 5ef1467  makefile target added to compile IIS module
     new e7c6c50  fixed:wrong param checking
     new 831c0ad  Removed ops, fixed formatting
     new 61d0842  1. Extended asymmetric encryption support for algorithm RSA-OAEP in OMXMLSecurity. 2. Modified rampart to configure it to use RSA-OAEP to transport the symmetric key. 3. Modified rampart action to hold a certificate/key as a string.
     new ef23dc8  Removed loading the service on each request. Also fixed string termination bug
     new 8fd61ca  Fixed using unwated logic to set SOAP version
     new 6877bd1  Removed strdup for paused pase name
     new dc365f8  Changed the way of loading the private key
     new 17a23c0  Removed some unwanted stringdups
     new 2833d8f  Fix windows build problem.
     new c6d7950  Updated logic to improve performance dropping toupper
     new 5564802  Fixed the 1 byte per read socked read logic
     new 63e87ab  Fixed typos
     new 354a83d  Fixed the apache chrash busg by switching pools
     new cf89011  Fixed formatting
     new 559495a  vc project mod_iis renamed to mod_axis2_IIS
     new aae4e9a  mod_iis renamed to mod_axis2_IIS
     new 5bab9cb  VC project for apache module added
     new ae95fe6  makefile updated
     new feb171d  modifications done in order to give https transport related options programmatically
     new f240de1  Dropped ops completely, also fixed some formatting as well
     new 349e636  Fixed the services html servig bug
     new aede728  Dropped ops from soap classes
     new c2e4a4e  Some fixes to builder to improve performance - really added some caching
     new f3aaeb5  Removed hash in op context to store message contextx. We can do with an array.
     new b78a366  Fixed windows build breaks
     new 61b3c6e  Fix for windows build break
     new de8e74d  Modified qname clone to have a ref rather than to create a new each time. Also added propaerty map copying in core utils to preveny get and set hash values which are not useful
     new 0258ca3  Fixed break on some gcc version
     new 5e662a0  Adding an authentication module for rampart. This is needed to validate an incoming Usernametoken. Configuration is similar to the Callback module but is more flexible in validating a username token. Refer the sample authentication module in rampart/authn_provider
     new 48b4a15  Dropped hash tables into the respective locations
     new e4a2fee  Removed an unwanted ">"
     new 6126188  Changed function name to make more sense of it
     new 891f167  Adding rempart credentials interface
     new 3ea2b74  
     new a9944fe  Commented where it free thread_env. commented  AXIS2_SVC_SKELETON_FREE(svc_obj, env); in raw_xml_msg_recv.c file. These issues should be readdressed once the problems identified resolved. Please refer to corresponding jira
     new 6fe934a  corrected file.
     new 1e842c0  readme file added , jira 505 , thanks to supun
     new 50213cb  build directory deleted
     new 7220713  guththila write raw method implemented
     new b324933  removed svn:executable property
     new a06755a  compilation errors fixed
     new a021dae  makefile corrected
     new 73597f2  guththila vc project added
     new 290501d  Changes to get --enable-guththila=yes configure option working
     new 87ed1f2  1. Seperating handler specific logic with rampart core logic [JIRA-509] 2. Adding header comments
     new 8d74739  Removed ops, fixed logic to remove unwanted logic and make it more efficient. Dopped logic to minimize use of properties. Also introduced a string struct
     new 91884eb  Removing unused server.enc.axis2.xml. We are now using the services.xml file in samples/server/sec_echo. Plus some minor changes.
     new 17f6a53  Adding security policy to rampart-C. Thanks Manjula for the effort.
     new 4fe90a1  Adding c14n header. Thanks Dumindu for the effort
     new 82912cd  Adding C14N related files
     new b2f036f  Changing to support c14n
     new 3353267  Fixed a syntax error
     new 99c7a8e  Removing sample axs2.xml file
     new 8729b17  axis2c-512, savan module implementation (WS-Eventing for axis2c). seems working well. Thanks Ishan. Keep them coming.
     new 0ed8096  OMXMLSecurity - adding two functions in openssl wrapper layer for Sig and verification.
     new 1e06d0d  Fixed loads of stuff. 1. Removeduse of qnames where it can be done with other more efficient means 2. Removed hash and replaced with array where it would be possible and more efficient to use arryas 3. Removed unwated buffer duplication in xml writer 4. Removed unwanted namespace declaration checking in libxml writer wrapper
     new 721744d  Fixed windows build break
     new c760a79  guththila some memory leak fixed, logics without functions in addr_out_handler.c removed.
     new 029d431  guththila_attribute.c added, more effective way to deal with memory leak in attributes
     new fa000b3  Modified rampart handlers to suit the latest changes in axis2/c.
     new 2d94791  projects updated
     new 7e51ef4  axis2_property_set_own_value function which was not exported properly, corrected
     new cfff0a0  link error fixed
     new 1e6d66c  compile error fixed in IIS worker
     new 428e260  IIS module added to main solution file
     new da2e87c  removed binary files from the code base, COPING and INSTALL files are symlinks to gnu auto tools files
     new 2999dff  Dropped one more property setting from message context
     new 869bcb1  guththila get buffer size function implemented
     new a386c03  Applying the patch sent by Dumindu, for exclusive canonicalization. JIRA AXIS2C-511
     new 7884e99  Fixed more string duplication stuff
     new 9ef8e69  Fixed Windows build break
     new 95e8942  patch applied, thanks to supun
     new 0dc6815  guthtila memory leaks fixed
     new 8dc9c5a  Removed unwanted files
     new de7eca4  Removed an unwated file
     new aca3fca  memory leak fixes
     new 5392d94  Fixing memory free problem
     new 32915f9  memory leak fixes for guththila, op_client logics no longer need
     new 845b144  lengths initialized
     new 967da24  Fixed performance problems
     new 52aa283  Dropped unwanted code and comments
     new 6ac6add  guththila reader memory lead fixed, buffer growing problem fixed
     new e19eaad  Fixed bug in DirectReference(Encryption) scenario
     new 799186f  Removing printf
     new 9212316  Adding md5 digest
     new 1cb436f  memory leaks fixed, correction for writer buffer problem
     new 7d2326c  space handling
     new 87a1159  space handling
     new 09aa85e  Adding credentials provider sample
     new bd0aa7a  Fixed axis2.xml file, removing some outdated comments. Also did some improvements to phase names and const strings
     new c0a8792  removed printf
     new 827631a  Fixed the thread crach
     new 140356c  invalid frees fixed
     new fbbe126  Modified sample client axis2.xml to suit axis2/c new configurations
     new c335133  Renaming "enc_echo" client sample to "sec_echo"
     new 3b6802d  Changing build system to comply with the name change in client sample
     new b02e620  Modified  makefile for security echo client sample
     new 8159ab1  patch from supun applied , thanks to supun
     new b948493  Seperated module loading and calling logic.
     new 2856a76  fixed:axiom space handling, rest get case crashing
     new 056888d  added a method to get first om element, fixed axiom proble with guththila space handling, replaced axiom_node_get_first_child with axiom_node_get_first_element
     new 4287641  Removing WSDL WOM layer form operation and service
     new fd11719  Dropping WSDL WOM related stuff
     new 8eaf0be  Removing old WSDL WOM code
     new 6b17928  Removed WSDL wom related stuff
     new d3b0333  in addition to local_pool and global_pool introduced a current_pool. At any moment current pool could be global or local depending on the pool switch.
     new 5bbb9c6  guththila windows build fixed, thanks supun for the patch
     new 2d63c59  Changed the wrong version name
     new bbd52a3  This commit includes 1. New tokens added to the OMXMLSecurity token base.     ds:SignatureValue, ds:SignedInfo, ds:C14nMethod, ds:SignatureMethod, ds:DigestMethod, ds:DigestValue,ds:Transform,ds:Transforms 2. Seperated password callback module loading and calling logic. This will help to write a init() function later that will load all DLLs at the   on the startup. Definitely will boost the performance. 3. Few logs were added to the mod_rampart and rampart handlers. 4. M [...]
     new fb333ce  Fixed the linking to woden and xml-schema
     new f0b1d91  axis2_wsdl remoed from target
     new 87e897f  Changed client exec name "sec_echo.exe" -> "echo.exe"
     new bea1bfa  checking for get_first_element method
     new 8c97ceb  fixed a seg fault that occured due to a bad check
     new db767e1  remove redefinition of set_msg_info_headers
     new a80e8fd  guththila unit tests added
     new 3d6a901  guththila unit tests
     new 080f112  Changing sample echo service name for rampart from "echo" to "sec_echo"
     new f0d1579  more unit tests
     new 997b121  In process_params methods null check is done for parent parameter which cause premature exit of the method when parent is NULL(which is possible). Fixed this
     new 487baec  guththila unit testing added
     new a75109c  VC Project updated for codegen tool
     new 25da086  VC Project updated for axis2c
     new bfb5e86  compile error fixed in rampart_in_handler.c , __FUNCTION__ macro is not defined for vc6, so added a if defined in oxs_error.h
     new d09c8ed  compilation error fixed
     new 7c26b4c  axis2_stream_free changed to AXIS2_STREAM_FREE
     new 2c64d48  makefile changed to use intermediate directory for .obj files
     new 55f4d32  fixed apache module build break
     new 41b4e36  changed the windows build system to create apache2 module in the deploy/lib folder.
     new 92c020d  guththila unit tests
     new dc7dddf  Added c14n tests.
     new 89d1adf  Adding ds:Signature token to OMXMLSecurity
     new ba43ac3  Adding Signature Parts to OMXMLSecurity
     new 7dbdbaf  Adding signature context to OMXMLSecurity
     new 2d03fe4  Adding ds:Reference element
     new 4b91516  Adding ds:Reference token
     new 78d52d4  Adding XML Signature building module
     new dd40609  minor change in makefile
     new 5a6a40e  fixed:ssl client segfauts, axis2c-526
     new 3418aac  Adding signature support in OMXMLSecurity
     new c58f48f  Implementing XML signature in OMXMLSecurity.
     new 8ab8d0a  makefile modified to use intermediate directory
     new bc6529b  Adding XML Signature support in OMXMLSecurity
     new 5aaccec  Edited makefile to display the windows build cleaner.
     new 591a9a7  Introducing new functionalities to Key Manager. Implementing XML-Signature.
     new d7bd846  Adding sample sceurity policy files
     new d027f40  Integrating security policy with Rampart/C ------------------------------------------ This is a major change in the configurations in Rampart/C. Now the configurations are based on WS-Security Policy specification 1.1 -July 2005. There are samples available under rampart/samples/secpolicy. These samples are to cover all the scenarios that Rampart/C is supporting up to now.
     new e010c64  Modifieng the README file in security policy samples
     new cd7f4cb  Modified deploy script
     new 4eda12f  Fixed rampart windows build break
     new a1140b4  Some re-arrangements to make the common case fast
     new afbe458  Removed obsolete logic block
     new 469b93d  Removed the un-necessary lookup for default namespace
     new ee03ef9  Adding script to replace the user in rampart sample files. usage: sh user
     new 39646af  Changing sample username from manjula -> user :)
     new 0c1aab2  Adding signature wrappers for openssl layer in OMXMLSecurity
     new 4bca16c  Applying the patch sent by dumindu. This patch removes the use of axiom_children_iterator.
     new 50d96e0  Applying patch for c14n document subset support. JIRA AXIS2C-511
     new c4c8aa9  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-507872" from
     new 8478236  Applying patch for ssl client authentication. JIRA AXIS2C-529.
     new 40f33f6  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-503988" from
     new 6bcd2f7  Applting the patch
     new 7bc8f9c  axis2c-486: transport refactoring, phase 1.branch merged
     new 7d6ec2d  Fixed few warnings
     new 8933ed9  We do not need these in files in svn
     new 1f47181  removed transport dependancy engine had. Make build system accordingly with it
     new 1d67639  removed transport dependancy engine had. Make build system accordingly
     new fa9b236  Fixed warning
     new e6d01d5  axis2c-486 , added new two libraries to transport , therefore edit vc project
     new e82bde1  patch applied , thanks jared
     new 8238524  makefile updated
     new f9756a0  axis2c-504:removed unwanted maven.xml files, for site generation we need only top directory maven.xml and project.xml, therefore removed others
     new 0190c58  C14N in OMXMLSecurity
     new f958e97  Function for Key Manage in OMXMLSec to load certificates from a PEM buffer.
     new d857ac1  Openssl and xml-tokens should be linked with OMXMLSecurity. Changed the build system. Plus some minor code modifications in Key Manager.
     new 109583f  Applying patch sent for JIRA AXIS2C-511.
     new 65531f9  Including C14N related files to the win32 build system
     new 8e2ceff  Removed hash for trnasport info property
     new e189aad  1. Adding token <ds:X509Certificate> to OMXMLSecurity 2. Building KeyInfo element while signing.
     new 2cf7271  Fixing jira issue 229
     new 8bfff1a  Removed some more uses of hash table
     new 4f80cfc  Fixed warnings
     new 036699a  Removed merge tracking for "svnmerge" for
     new 7ded3c8  Fixing jira issue 376
     new 3269842  1. Adding transform struct to keep information abt a single step of transformation as specified in XML-Signature 2. Adding a transform factory to produce predefined transforms. 3. Modified omxmlsecurity test to load a certificate.
     new 5c1026b  Fixed the client trasport break
     new 3b2e940  Fixing build break !!!
     new 61c3efc  Fixing jira issue 376
     new 7adb427  Fixing jira issue 376
     new 6f6259f  Fixing jira issue 376
     new 95c3558  Adidng create and free methods for oxs_transforms.
     new fe1fd12  Fixed the windows build break
     new 743f58a  modified tcpmon to append the messages to request/response file.
     new 2fad1ae  Fixed windows build break
     new a0866c4  Fixed seg fault
     new 2f2bf85  Fixed the error caused by not initing the response SOAP envelope to NULL
     new a8514db  1. Processing transforms in OMXMLSecurity 2. Modified test to use the tranform factory to load transforms. 3. Plus some other minor modifications
     new da321cf  Fixed windows build break
     new c8d9750  Fixed the #define directive. Thanks to Dave Meier for pointing this out
     new 2f50c68  Applying patch sent by Dumindu. JIRA AXIS2C-511.
     new 398e2b6  savan vc project added , axis2_http_common project removed
     new dd1606e  Fixed the MEP logic bug
     new 7deec23  mod_savan vc project added
     new fe8c029  savan compile errors fixed for win32
     new 75b7093  include <axis2_disp_checker.h> changed to include "axis2_disp_checker.h"
     new 7a6e601  savan build added to makefile
     new 35e5a89  fixing bug after AXIOM treating spaces as AXIOM_TEXT
     new cf41f17  Implementig XML Signature in OMXMLSecurity
     new 0cff634  Implementing the XML Signature.
     new f6d098c  Applying patch sent for JIRA AXIS2C-529
     new d8d7a3a  Applying the patch for JIRA AXIS2C-538.
     new 343645f  Implementing XML Signature in OMXMLSecurity. Adding ds:Signature node processing rules.
     new ca6a426  Verifying signature parts
     new 38734c6  Implemented digest comparison in signature parts: OMXMLSecurity
     new a74a388  Modified the omxmlsec to facilitate both Signing and verification.
     new 2264636  Applying the patch in AXIS2C-488 Jira.
     new 5bf04a3  Deleting files. Mentioned in JIRA AXIS2C-488
     new 575efd4  Adding signature verification for the OpenSSL wrapper layer in OMXMLSecurity
     new d582b64  Fixed some attachment problems and some module engagement related problems
     new a60304e  Fixed windows build break.
     new 0a54c68  Signature verification in OMXMLSecurity.
     new ad172e1  printf changed to logs
     new 8b29938  Bridging openssl routines and XML Signature routines to verify a digital signature.
     new acc1fdb  makefile updated, patch applied from jared , vc projects updated
     new a118b38  fixed:mep_client.c complains platfrom_auto_sens.h not found
     new 0b00f2c  old unmaintained vc project removed
     new 7d9b15b  vc project added for rampart
     new 12de524  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-512195" from
     new eaf5c11  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-509081" from
     new d8ea466  Applying the patch in AXIS2C-535.
     new 24bb978  XML Signature in OMXMLSecurity
     new 18d31e3  We do not need a signature context to be passed into openssl layer of OMXMLSecurity. Only pass the relavent key.
     new 4a10508  axis2c:523 transport sender refactoring and libcurl base transport
     new 1b19ff7  revert changes, branch not in sync with trunk
     new 3cf60dd  revert changes, branch is not in sync with trunk
     new 9be769b  axis2c.sln project updated
     new de80a27  client project updated
     new a395fd8  axis2c:523, transport sender refactoring, axis2c:487 implementing libcurl base transport
     new 898dd8c  Removed merge tracking for "svnmerge" for
     new 06083b3  windows build failed with libcurl implementation
     new ce70f1a  Added axis2_disp_checker.h to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 53a0b37  Fixed AXIS2C-535
     new af39959  Added documentation to the new function added
     new d19c032  rest_sender.c and soap_over_http_sender.c removed from the build system, but it causes for windows build breaks, therefore I'm removing those files from the repo. Function of the soap_over_http_sender and rest_sender functionalities done by http_sender
     new c7eca74  Adding test case for signature. This test case ensures wether the signing + verification works fine in the openssl wrapper layer of OMXMLSecurity.
     new 9a11baf  Changing the deploy script for sec policy
     new 0fb00ef  Adding enable_security flags and relevant methods.
     new 075528b  Adding method headers.
     new 57fde48  Modifying scripts get the $USER from the system and modifying the logic in is_rampart_engaged.
     new b907329  Removed ops from description hierarchy
     new a4fece4  Fixed linkage problem on windows
     new d57d8f8  Fixed typo
     new bd9e76e  Fixed typo
     new 5b11057  Please refer AXIS2C-543
     new f861c78  Some bugs were fixed and done some error handling.
     new 6b11dba  Please refer AXIS2C-543
     new cc1886a  include directive corrected
     new 466bddf  XML-Signature in OMXMLSecurity
     new cc48383  Removing some unwanted comments
     new fcf5b19  Fixed formatting
     new 3be5439  null checking fixed
     new 8cb43f9  vc project updated
     new 755b086  AXIS2_SVC_IS_MODULE_ENGAGED function exported
     new f9bd999  My previous commit haven't handled the null response_envelope case. Fixed it.
     new 13842e4  Removed macros and corrected indentation
     new 8cbcd06  Adding XML Key Processor to process Key information available in signed XML documents.
     new e7cf40b  Modify the README.txt
     new e8de407  axis2c-466:echo non blocking hang indefinetly, fixed
     new 969334c  Key info processing in OMXMLSecurity
     new adef9d3  Processing Key Information to obtain the Issuer name and the serial number
     new 764bf06  Removed Macros, corrected indentation, replaced strdup with string_clone
     new c98dae9  compile error fixed
     new c2b27d0  revert the strdup change to avoid the segfault
     new 843f110  removed warnings
     new 3cbe3b9  Adding two more key information processing patterns to OMXMLSecurity. X509SKI and X509 Subject Name
     new 90d73f0  Client VC project linker options are updated for including the axis2c lib path.
     new 734d6ae  Server VC projects linker options are updated for including the axis2c libs
     new 6c95846  IIS filter event notification registration types are changed.
     new 64ac549  Removing macros
     new c96a89a  droped maros from axis2_array_list
     new 46f5776  1. Add copy method to X509 certificate 2. Modified Key Process methods to get a certificate from the calling party. 3. Modified test case for XML Signature
     new e1072e2  removed some unused method
     new 490e451  removed ENV check from get method
     new eca9e61  corrected indentation
     new 5502bdf  base64.c file formatted
     new 8a20b27  axis2_http_sender_get_param_string function added
     new e352948  axis2c libcurl module compilation problems fixed for win32
     new 25ff776  axis2_engine.vcproj vc project updated
     new f6d7161  libcurl files added to the project
     new 7c19c93  makefile updated to build libcurl transport
     new 4425264  Adding policy stuff to call message signing at rampart level.
     new 62996ca  Added SECURE_PORT notifications and AUTH_COMPLETE notifications to the filter
     new e864031  Adding a token processor for Rampart.
     new 70b044a  warning fixed
     new 3dda96c  Implementing token processing in Rampart
     new 5e47e11  Did some code cleaning
     new 17f8437  Adding a missed header.
     new abecacc  corrected indentation, Dropped macros.
     new 9f9ee8b  
     new dce54db  Fixed the problem of sending empty mtom attachments in the JIRA 452.
     new 2b8ef0c  Adding a Security Token Reference builder for Rampart
     new 858239f  removing macros
     new 046c53f  macro's removed from base64_binary
     new 10cd0cc  Removing macros
     new 5000370  Implementing token reference building in Rampart
     new 0c45704  removed macros and corrected indentation
     new 3febdf1  removed macro from date_time functions
     new fc81e46  Adding reference token building patterns to Rampart.
     new 663e0dd  Fixed AXIS2C-545 by checking for a proprety called AXIS2_HANDLER_ALREADY_VISITED
     new 2f9b4e3  Removing macros
     new ac2ade0  Macros dropped, fixed documentation.
     new a8959c5  Dropped macros, fixed indentation.
     new cc470f6  1. Adding a KeyInfo node builder to OMXMLSecurity. 2. Fixing the build break!!!
     new 4e7b826  Fixing build break
     new e223dec  Fixing error in method name axis2_date_time_deserialize_date_time
     new b1fb39a  Drpped macros, fixed indentation.
     new ea2b67c  env check removed from get methods
     new 7cbeab3  code formatting , dir_handler.c
     new 60f72ce  Allowing sign method of OMXMLSecurity to return a reference to a signature node. Changing the test case for latest changes.
     new 0648987  Adding Signature verifycation methods at rampart level.
     new 354ba29  macors removed from dll_desc.c and code formatted
     new 786bf9b  Initializing values in method c14n_get_root_node() in c14n.c
     new 129157e  Fixed the warning
     new 8a47d69  corrected indentation.
     new 953807a  made a parameter const
     new e7b1f5a  Dropped macros, fixed indentation.
     new 4b2c9dd  adding sample directory for OMXMLSecurity
     new 83349f6  Adding xml signature sample for OMXMLSecurity This includes input xml file, x509 certificates, keys that are required to run the sample.
     new ebd4ba6  Adding Makefile for the XML-Signature sample
     new 6e19bb8  Adding a README for the XML-Signature sample.
     new 82f0a43  Dropped macros
     new e31decb  macro's removed file.c
     new 2473c4b  code formatted, file.c
     new 45e0b22  removed macros and code formatted in generic_obj.c
     new 08a9369  Removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new 102106d  Adding Symmetric encryption sample for OMXMLSecurity.
     new d1aea7e  Fixing build break!!! Pls be kind enough to compile before you commit.
     new 9556652  Fixed the build break
     new 2a2286f  corrected indentation
     new 186aedc  removed macros from axis2_link_list.c
     new 9f58dd2  corrected indentation
     new 0287002  indentation corrected
     new 1a9ec7c  compilation errors fixed
     new 159fc6b  modifying security header builder to build signature and making key reference elements.
     new 1a7675a  Adding a missed header.
     new 9fe4bab  corrected indentation
     new 181a022  Replacing axiom_node_get_first_child method with axiom_node_get_first_element.
     new de6b1fa  code formatted, linked list
     new 7713f9a  Corrected indentation.
     new 97b782f  code formatted, network handler
     new 7582ef4  log.c code formatted
     new 40c147b  Dropped macros. Fixed indentation.
     new 145c9d1  Macros dropped. Fixed indentation.
     new 3bce2ce  Corrected indentation
     new 656acd1  Build error fixed caused by entry.c line number 700 comment
     new d30f0bc  Stopped linking unwanted libraries
     new 8513577  Changing the encryption sample in OMXMLSec
     new a41361c  changing rampart_config to keep sender and receiver public keys in the configurations.
     new dcb69b2   Modified the security policy README file to provide a summary of scenarions available.
     new 1565148  Dropped macros
     new 9a5d5ef  Fixed indentation.
     new fdb9835  removed macros and corrected indentation
     new 1962f86  Changing references of macro AXIOM_NODE_GET_FIRST_CHILD to axiom_node_get_first_element() function
     new f853c61  applied correct indentation
     new 689aae2  Adding a new method to Key Manager in OMXMLSecurity to read a PKCS12 key store.
     new 3571daf  Returning proper status on failures while signing.
     new 00ab021  Documenting OMXMLSecurity
     new fc4f2de  conf_ctx.c: removed macros , source code formatted
     new bd90016  ctx.c macros removed , code formatted
     new 4c647f9  msg_ctx.c , macros removed
     new ff0b801  removed unnecessary env checks
     new 3dae103  Completing signature building and signature verification at rampart level.
     new aec4ae1  Adding a sample for signature.
     new 0822af7  Adding x509 certificates for samples
     new ad4d26b  removed macros from conf_ctx.c
     new 9b5d88b  removed unnecessary env changes
     new 6e2c9be  Adding a single header for all the tokens in OMXMLSecurity
     new d6920a6  svc_ctx.c , removed macros
     new 9cdbb57  removed unnecessary env checks
     new 4c6a131  Replacing multiple includes of header files with a oxs_tokens.h.
     new b586961  Dropped macros
     new 66b0e47  removed macros and unwanted env checks form svc_grp_ctx.c and svc_grp.c
     new 925a1e0  Removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new 527b77f  code formatted for core/util/core_util.c
     new ae6d1c7  Dropped macros
     new f4a195e  Fixed indentation
     new 6c4c323  Code cleaning in Rampart
     new 379888a  fixed the problem in echo_non_blocking_dual sample -This line, and those below, will be ignored--
     new 4b0e838  removed macros and corrected indentation
     new c7d877f  removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new 66868b7  fixed mtom segfault.
     new b7787d3  Dropped macros
     new f537238  Fixed indentation
     new 32d5fa5  Dropped macros
     new 9b1f974  Fixed indentation
     new 2b22a3c  Fixed indentation
     new eb08af8  Dropped macros. Fixed indentation.
     new 14429aa  Dropped macros
     new 221240e  Fixed indentation.
     new 019987a  fixed windows build break
     new 3795435  Modified x509.c to remove \n from buffer.
     new 40a67fd  Code improvement in Rampart
     new f11ab63  corrected indentation.
     new 5ec1eab  removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new aaed563  Code improvement in Rampart
     new 9e634f1  removed macros and corrected indentation
     new 659d79a  Dropped ops; fixed formatting; removed unused functions and commented blocks of code;
     new 55e4a4b  Fixed the crash by fixing logic. AXIS2C-548
     new dc3a436  fixed build break
     new 2adfca0  Interop changes for Signature
     new ee40132  removing printfs in openssl wrapper
     new b75ddff  removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new f4a8bb8  removed few macroreferences.
     new c95613c  Fixed windows build break
     new 02c8837  Code improvement in OMXMLSecurity
     new 4d33b44  Code improvement in OMXMLSecurity
     new 8df8237  Applying patch sent for JIRA AXIS2C-511.
     new 801aba1  Applied patch supplied in AXIS2C-502
     new 8d3a4f7  remove the svn:executable property from the .c and .h files, files, XML, XSL, HTML, WSDL, and text files
     new b517f78  patch applied, thanks Diluka
     new 49f8b21  patch applied, thanks Diluka
     new 762d061  patch applied, thanks Diluka
     new e209f79  patch applied, thanks Diluka
     new 6695e4f  patch applied, thanks Diluka
     new fcc9aec  Fixed the build break by moving out the dynamic client related stuff
     new e958d44  Fixed build break
     new 0e31ee9  Applying the patch sent for JIRA AXIS2C-498.
     new 5b2aea0  Fixed a mistake in the usage of AXIS2_STRCMP
     new cd6972a  Removed ops and fixed formatting
     new 135612d  Fixed woden build break.
     new 965c364  Added instructions for installing mod_axis2_IIS.dll for IIS support.
     new 6b57afb  axis2_disp.h , removed macros
     new 2334fe7  axis2_disp_checker.h removed macros
     new 7777443  Uploading some of the changes done during the interop with Axis2/java .
     new aa914dc  removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new 20948ce  removed macros and corrected indentation
     new 2d286d2  axis2_conf.h macros, unwanted code segments removed
     new a7b53f4  removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new 2de507f  Dropped macros
     new 29d6eb2  Dropped macros
     new 57d84dd  Dropped macros
     new bdbebfe  engine.c macros removed, code formatted
     new a96a35d  axis2c-555, applied patch submitted by Diluka
     new 5020294  axis2c-555, patch applied, thanks Diluka
     new d684f79  axis2_phase.h , macros removed, code formatted
     new d9165f9  changing a Macro to avoid build break.
     new 56b69da  code formatted
     new c1e70a2  event.c file removed
     new bf8fe00  axis2_event.h , event.c files removed
     new 524b861  corrected indentation
     new ccc3b98  Dropped macros
     new 00452bd  Fixed indentation.
     new 7bd5965  fixed:axis2c-556, thanks Diluka for the patch
     new 3a01f73  added vc project for google sample client
     new 0f8d169  added vc project for notify sample client
     new c7796da  added vc project for yahoo sample client
     new f1b0616  Dropped macros, fixed indentation.
     new b7b8fdc  added vc project for echo_blocking sample client
     new 5c2e5db  added few more vc projects for sample clients
     new f5b65fa  Code improvement in Rampart
     new 766f9e8  added vc projects for echo_blocking_addr and echo_blocking_dual sample clients
     new 86eaf94  
     new e4393fe  
     new fd52ab6  
     new 3070e72  added vc project for echo_non_blocking sample client.
     new dcbc9a7  added vc project for echo_non_blocking_dual sample client
     new 8dacd91  
     new a6c88de  added vc project for echo_rest sample client
     new bf603f5  
     new c4e816f  Fixed apache module build break
     new dbd3059  added vc projects for sample clients to distribute with windows binary
     new dd0d67a  added vc projects for sample services to distribute with windows binary
     new dea0178  Fixed a linking error.
     new eb46027  Fixed SOAP fault format problem in case of SOAP 1.1 - AXIS2C-239
     new 5b246a5  Fixed windows hanging problem
     new 152ba17  Adding Timestamp and username token to be signed.
     new 9f3aa4d  Modified OM test to use string in place of char*
     new f42cf88  Fixning bbuild break in C14N
     new 23cff74  Code cleaning in OMXMLSecurity
     new e094fff  fixed linux compiler wornings. removed few macros and corrected indentation This line, and those below, will be ignored--
     new d16339c  
     new b60cd67  Removed macros and corrected indentation
     new 852ef3e  Ops removed from iis_transport_info
     new 1bc073f  fixed woden build break.
     new bf96bf9  Removed macros.
     new fe04f51  Fixed indentation.
     new deaf11c   removed macros and corrected indentation
     new dd36cf4  Dropped macros
     new 33e6a4a  Fixed indentation
     new 39f8e86  removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new 2134333  Modified key identifier building and processing logic.
     new 4618d5e  Removed macros and corrected indentation.
     new 5d53e74  Added string in place of char*
     new 868e3de  removed macros
     new 072d5b1  Dropped macros
     new 2725e18  JIRA AXIS2C-560. Applying the patch sent by Dumindu.
     new f0b5a98  Fix the  build break in windows.
     new af7e86e  corrected indentation
     new b6d651d  Fixed indentation.
     new 4676e5b  Fixed indentation
     new 2a128a9  removed macros
     new 11a2382  Dropped macros
     new ab72824  compilation errors fixed, axis2_out_transport_info.h axis2_out_transport_info.c modified
     new 15fdca0  warnings removed
     new f3ffc49  Applying patch in JIRA Thanks Supun for the contribution.
     new f0865b0  Changed qname comparison logic
     new 1d54fe7  Fixed formatting
     new 95aaf87  Fixed formatting
     new 5b72877  Added logic to call svc_skeleton->ops->init once per service. Fix for AXIS2C-414
     new 8b8ce1c  Fixed incorrect links
     new 3657236  fixed axis2c linux build failure
     new c72ce56  Added SOAP fault checking and last response SOAP envelope APIs - AXIS2C-156
     new 5fc5f4c  Fixing JIRA AXIS2C-553 related problems in Rampart
     new 723c7c5  Fixing bug in key.c
     new bf6ffda  Code improvement in OMXMLSecurity
     new aac9088  Fixing JIRA AXIS2C-553 related problems in  OMXMLSecurity
     new 5ca984a  http_out_transport_info modified
     new 3614cfe  http_out_transport_info compile errors fixed
     new 225fc00  Fixing some failures due to changes in axiom.
     new fb61aed  AXIS2_USLEEP macro corrected
     new c444059  Linking axis2/c engine for the rampart/c core. The perl ext needs this to fix the linking problem.
     new 7b453df  Removed persistant parameter form ctx parameter storage logic AXIS2C-207
     new 2d7015c  More fixes related to AXIS2C-207
     new 91ecf14  fixed axis2c-378, this keep alive issue solved only with libcurl transport
     new 388a3d9  Modified method calls of axis2_ctx_get_property and axis2_msg_ctx_set_property due to the changes in latest axis2 svn.
     new d02aad3  Fixed the success return error in case of faulure on client receive AXIS2C-544
     new 42b3dc7  Modifying the logic in calling paswword callback function to pass a void parameter.
     new fd7a181  Applying patch in JIRA AXIS2C-558. Plus some other minor modifications...
     new 3b54b73  Fixed returning sucess on re-engaging an already engaged module AXIS2C-360
     new 1bb33ec  Added more fault handling logic
     new f057582  removed macros and corrected indentation
     new 7c82fc8  typo fix
     new cbae560  Removed ops
     new ef1d7ef  Fixed function call semantics
     new 4f4b8bc  more ops drops
     new 9631cfd  Dropped macros.
     new 02f2ec6  added nmake files as a fix for the jira
     new fd4a3f2  Fixed indentation. Dropped commented code blocks
     new 668dd99  Fixed the problems in xml processing after the introduction of the string struct. this commit also fixes the jira issue AXIS2C-553.
     new 8b7608c  Fixed build break on Windows
     new c4f0b79  Removed unwanted if blocks - AXIS2C-170
     new f788bad  Changed return type of free methods to void
     new 08a35fe  fixed Guththila build break
     new 4029a0d  Dropped rampart from build scripts
     new 43a68f6  Changed return value of free method to be void
     new 698d6c0  warnings fixed
     new 99bad6e  updcate the installation guide to include information on how to build parser with guththila
     new 8a6e00b  Changed the windows build system to build the parser with guththila when the user set the option ENABLE_GUTHTHILA = 1 in file
     new 006bb7d  added the option ENABLE_GUTHTHILA to build parser with guththila
     new ec58273  Fixed Linux buld breaks
     new de4812d  Fixed break
     new 2065394  Removing rampart from axis2/c. The new location for rampart is
     new 5684f6b  Fixed build break
     new 837ace0  Fixed Linux build break
     new cf0c8cf  Added double quotes around SOAP action URI
     new 1c0766d  Fixed build break
     new 89bec3f  Applied patch by Simon
     new a1e874f  fixed some typos
     new be31723  Adding comparison method to axis2_date_time.
     new 16c8915  Fixed serialize logic and also added a serialize sub tree method to deal with the bug of not serializing the namespaces properly in case of serializing a sub tree
     new f905151  Fixed memory leak due to not freeing client - AXIS2C-536
     new 161a62e  Added flush and close methods - AXIS2C-269
     new f7fc09d  fixed a spelling mistake
     new 9f3ef49  fixed a spelling mistake
     new c475732  fixed the jira - Arrange the parameter list taken by string functions to be consistant
     new b1cf9eb  
     new 72a435c  rampart build target removed
     new ae4c68a  rampart vc project removed
     new 40a0241  fixed, build fail due to swaping parameters
     new 52930d0  Removed comments
     new ae5f06d  fixed, axis2c-497, now it gives 415 Unsupported media error
     new 62258b6  warnings enabled in makefile
     new 8a17e76  Removed mep_client and merged the logic to op_client
     new 7c359f1  corrected axis2_strdup function call
     new 13d4cbb  Added a flush method - AXIS2C-448
     new 6c71ac2  minor modification to makefile
     new 7a4cc5e  Removed Woden and XML-Schema from solution
     new 7ef584e  Removed ops
     new da032ff  Fixed some stuff related to ops
     new 0f49622  Fixing jira issue 313
     new c848a8f  Removed ops and also removed some printfs
     new e5b40ad  Fixed build break by removing unwanted function
     new e31d4b0  fixed:axis2c-418, client ip address append to msg_ctx as a property named AXIS2_SVC_PEER_IP_ADDR
     new d1c4706  Fixed build break
     new ea472c4  More stream ops related fixes
     new fd1b78d  More stream ops related fixes
     new b2aed8a  removed ops
     new 40e29fb  Dropped ops
     new 26e34f7  Deleted soap_message that is not used
     new 5af751b  Removed ops
     new c22cf64  Removed ops
     new ec66696  Fixed build break
     new 74212a3  Removed ops
     new ec6033c  Removed obsolete headers
     new c6c4a9f  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 1bf067a  Removed ops
     new e49a770  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 5bb762a  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 5399aaf  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 5cb1651  Fixing jira issue 292
     new cee7b62  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 4fbdb00  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 5ed9884  Fixing jira issue 292
     new b7aff09  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 8ed4c52  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 2fd080a  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 43cbf03  reverting a wrong commit
     new da1aed0  Fixing jira issue 292
     new be94a64  Fixing jira issue 292
     new b8de7d6  Fixing jira issue 292
     new f6b46c7  Fixed the one way 202 error with mod_axis2. 202 message used to send an HTML file with an error
     new 9e8f185  Fixing jira issue 292
     new a9ad79b  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 4c1bbed  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 537f5cc  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 0c1b07f  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 7746d4a  Fixing jira issue 292
     new e0f8537  Fixing jira issue 292
     new b5079ed  Fixing jira issue 292
     new f8edd0f  Fixing jira issue 292
     new 5f41efa  Fixed Windows build break due to util prefix change
     new 3317b42  Removed ops form svr_conn and moved files to common to fix resulting build breaks
     new e0a3a15  fixed:axis2c-146 (disengaging a module), fixed savan build
     new 82febd1  fixed:axis2c-283, providing static wsdl serving capability
     new ddc8416  Dropped ops from handler
     new a5d5e34  Made ops struct static
     new 50cbcc3  Made ops struct static
     new 75280b6  Fixed Windows build break
     new 1947ab0  Removed ops
     new 93100a9  Fixed Linux build breaks
     new f56c1a2  Removed ops
     new 7874b6a  Removed ops
     new a4f28b5  Made ops struct static
     new 3a7e704  Removed ops
     new 69f3fa7  Made ops struct static
     new de88ee0  Made ops struct static
     new b0e0aac  Arranged ops struct members
     new 2cc3b10  Made ops struct static
     new 0316c89  Removed macros form axiom_node
     new 3ccbc8d  Removed macros form stream
     new 41eec2e  Removed macros form simple response
     new a6c79c8  Removed macros form http_header
     new 42a0961  Removed macros form http_request_line
     new ad7611a  Removed macros form handler
     new 2abd49b  Removed macros form thread_pool
     new 3841f29  Removed macros form thread_pool
     new df2cead  Removed macros form http_receiver
     new 4de5cf8  Removed macros form data_handler
     new bd79885  Removed macros form XML related and transport related files Organized source accordingly
     new 47255df  fixed:axis2c-574, api for proxy support axis2_svc_client_set_proxy
     new 3cdbdfd  Removed macros and organized source files accordingly
     new b93aefa  Added version checking support
     new c93b378  Fixing jira issue 517
     new 31ff4bc  Changed the version number to 1.0
     new c9b6816  Fixing jira issue 313
     new 138f6c1  fixed build break with libcurl.
     new 1ded230  Fixed the build break.
     new d58ec1b  Moving woden to scratch
     new c2ddd03  Moving xml_schema to scratch
     new 64e9242  Moving samples/client/dynamic_client toscratch
     new 7847861  Moved woden and xml_schema to scratch
     new 6ff2c67  Fixed build break
     new 2c2deb9  Moved codegen tool to scratch
     new 9c17f02  Fixing jira issue 313
     new 490be7c  Fixed typos
     new 71935e1  Fixing jira issue 292
     new a46f16e  Fixed jira issue 292
     new c30f1de  Fixed error
     new 3e9e88b  Fixed error
     new f22b37e  fixed build break with guththila
     new e529b18  Fixed typos pointed out by Evanthika
     new 4bcbed2  Fixed version number
     new e231040  Fixed jira issue 292
     new 16acc57  updated installation guide
     new 3785411  Fixing jira issue 292
     new adbe0e3  Fixing jira issue 292
     new f5fcb8f  Fixed link to mailing list page
     new 9f46e4e  Fixed the typos pointed out by Evanthika
     new 38af95c  updated axis2c manual.
     new 8514fbb  updated install guide
     new 06b47e6  Fixed JIRA AXIS2C-571.
     new 0fde4bc  Fixed build break
     new 41b999b  Fixed more errors
     new 38a7b86  Fixed build break
     new 253daf5  Added more info printfs
     new 4979547  Corrected the problem with IIS6. Corrected some typos from the previous modifications for removing ops. Improved the code in some functions.
     new d2f6f32  vc project axis2_util renamed to axutil
     new 2dd5c09  send_util.c removed.
     new 17167da  Changed the version
     new e3d4da2  compile errors fixed, vc project updated
     new 39f278f  Changed libaxis2_util to libaxutil
     new ac654ff  Added .so stripping
     new ec62544  compile errors fixed
     new eb5b277  Fixed Linux build breaks
     new b790fd7  fixed manual navigation, add how to use proxy
     new 20f84f1  Correct some typos from the previous modification to remove ops.
     new 51d281b  Fixed test build breaks
     new 1b677e6  Fixed build break
     new af946d2  Fixed break
     new 2084ffa  add the axutil.lib to the clients, services and mod_sarvan
     new 7f71e1a  Corrected a error with the notification handling in HttpFilterProc function.
     new 497ebec  corrected makefiles of samples to build with axutil.lib
     new 33f1ba8  vc projects updated
     new 18ec4f9  nmake dist doesnt copy makefiles of samples. Fixed this problem
     new 011a9e3  free function corrected in om_stax_builder.c
     new 8ea0d14  Fixed help message to include missing stuff and also improved the look and feel
     new 2d89e84  Fixed simple axis server related stuff. Thanks to Evanthika for raising issues - AXIS2C-577
     new 5e953a8  changed the makefile to copy vc projects of samples in to the distribution
     new ff4ace7  fix for the jira AXIS2C-583
     new 874ba55  modifed makefile to copy vc projects
     new f812f58  modified vc projects of samples
     new b1e7bb5  Fixed formatting and content
     new f32d796  Fixed spelling
     new 9af499f  Fixed formatting
     new 88bd673  More fixes on quick start guide
     new 1c369f3  Fixed linking for Also updated code for hello sample in manual
     new ad66c4a  Fixed quick start guide
     new b5579de  Fixed upto section 3 - service API
     new a9c8bcb  Improved client API to make it more user friendly in case of using REST
     new ab03387  Fixed up to MTOM section
     new ae3ab44  Added more comments
     new 14d3d34  Fixed upto section 7, engaging a module
     new 886d5e4  Improved logging handler sample and added html code
     new 2164a86  Added sample module file
     new 4d60df2  Fixed up to appendix D
     new 262e3af  Completed review
     new 2c0a3ae  Fixed some memory leaks
     new 67dec89  Fixed spellings
     new 4b6bd70  Updated version to 1.0.0 form 0.96
     new 50571cf  More improvements to writing module section
     new f79c1ac  Fixed windows build break
     new 94f66d6  Updated author lists
     new 42a81eb  Updated for 1.0.0 release
     new 05c0047  dropped 0.96 form doc
     new fa9d135  Fixed the problems and obsolete instructions
     new 587dedf  Removing this as the content is outdated and most of the facts here are covers in user guide and manual
     new 1106ca9  Removed obsolete docs
     new 7df24d9  Fixed some typos, there are some more pending work
     new a136578  Removing obsolete test on wsdl
     new 92e087c  Removing obsolete folder
     new 07ed3f4  Updated make files in preparation of moving modules to src
     new efa398b  Moving modules to src
     new 6033a6f  Fixed build break
     new e03ceb8  added modules folder
     new c56ab66  Moving mod_addr and mod_log to modules
     new c144c58  Added src/modules to build system
     new 0e5b098  Added content form user guide to the manual and deleted the use guide
     new ffe4906  Fixed make files and documentation
     new d5ca5be  Fixed title
     new 349a26e  Updated for 1.0.0
     new 53a6f05  Fixed release download links for 1.0.0
     new 311250c  Removing deprecated stuff
     new f67298b  Fixed header location
     new 93ed1d7  Fixed the file copying to include missing files.
     new 8f31504  Fixed missing tcpmon from bin dist
     new 1ba6c74  addind placeholders for https transport parameters
     new 888bcff  removing a mistakenly added configure option
     new 1a65a65  Fixed build break
     new 02a8594  Applied patch by Marietta - AXIS2C-585
     new 4a75bef  removed an unwanted printf
     new 67b92ce  Moved savan to the new location
     new 3f9e300  Copying correct AUTHORS file to binary distribution
     new 56b7bb6  Removed savan build
     new 664b91d  Moved axutil_error_messages array declaration from .c file to .c file. This is in order to support error extending mechanism in axis2c modules.
     new 9785d39  making minor corrections and upgrades
     new 5521c74  reviewed and committing patch in JIRA AXIS2C-587
     new fa4b783  Fixed the seg fault in case of incorrect endpoint used by client. AXIS2C-586
     new 92b266b  Fixed the WSDL2C Java svn revision
     new 21b82a2  1. Modified logic in svc_client's SOAP BODY check. 2. Removed unneccessary log message in axutil stream. This is troublesome in C14N.
     new b014e28  Fixed minor typos
     new 08709cf  Including axiom_util.h to fix the build break in windows
     new 22919bd  applied the patch for om_stax_builder.c
     new cc88636  1 In phase_resolver.c's axis2_phase_resolver_engage_module_to_svc function    I can see a new change has added that if the module is already engaged it returns    AXIS2_FAILURE. But when I run sandesha2 samples it always fails because of this.    If I don't engage module from my client then also it fails. So temporarily I changed    it to return AXIS2_SUCCESS even if module is already engaged.
     new 421f68e  anjuta project moved
     new dfc3608  There was a axis2c/modules entry which is obsolete now. Changed it to axis2c/src
     new bf72de9  modifications to issue-tracking page and check out source code page.
     new 276f61e  document updated
     new d2b5ed0  reviewed and committing JIRA Thanks Marietta.
     new e446f81  changed the vc project to cater new changes in the folder structure
     new 45a0402  Added RM anon URI to enable interop
     new 0bbd690  reviewed files
     new 78ddeb4  Fixed file contents to map to 1.0 notes
     new e612109  made few upgrades
     new 102522c  minor improvement
     new f3684c8  minor improvements
     new f968171  reviewed README files
     new 2b3aa9a  update vesioning document
     new 57844c9  added versioning doc
     new dac65cd  reviewed and committing patch in
     new 091db63  Added the IIS directory to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 4ffeeb9  Fixed build problems in RC2
     new cf954c5  Commented free calls to make it work with Sandesha
     new 47388ca  Fixed few typos
     new 00da620  axiom_node_free_tree commented in remove header block function
     new 9069019  corrected the README
     new 89b7658  Corrected few mistakes
     new 2c4d8d7  committing patches on
     new b4a646c  minor corrections
     new ccde090  committing patch in
     new a760000  corrected hyperlink in section 13
     new 4ad0516  Fixed typo
     new f1e0de6  Added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 58df608  added trace for engine_receive
     new f8005cd  Added some entry and exit traces
     new 06d0b89  Fixed a typo
     new 90aebd4  log message added
     new bb30559  Dropped macros
     new 8d7179b  Fixed the handle count increase problem. AXIS2C-584
     new 9078594  Fixed a small issue
     new ba41f70  Removed some outdated TODO notes from code
     new 505b5d3  Fixed making mutex NULL
     new 23dd459  Added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 1e9210f  Added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 8fa494a  Added missing files to the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 5af3e4d  Fixed uncommented line
     new 3b69b4d  Fixed module.xml not going with packages
     new 389b4ab  committing patch in that fixes the internal anchor tags in TOC
     new c89c200  savan vc project deleted
     new f93fc37  axis2_mod_addr vc project updated
     new 5ebb9ea  mod_savan removed
     new 54e4f2c  Added is_in_use attribute to the op_ctx. This is necessary when destroying the thread mutex at the http_worker to check whether the operation context is still in use
     new af31a8c  crash problem in windows fixed
     new 23ad8fd  fixed a mistake in makefiles
     new a66b743  In the function get_text when allocating increased size by 2 fixing a valgrind context error encoded_str = AXIS2_MALLOC(env->allocator, encoded_len + 2);
     new 3dfc952  Fixed buffer size bug
     new c3e2653  Fixed the array boundry bug
     new 3877ba2  added some logs
     new ba4c1c2  added some logs
     new 88d8f36  Fixed test resource packaging
     new 6d060ea  Removed incorrect copying of xdocs
     new d7c3f60  Fixed build break
     new 388e6bf  Fixed some typos
     new c0df08a  Fixed navigation
     new 81f132f  Fixed file names
     new bc1a09c  Fixed typo
     new 6ac00f5  Fixed soem typos
     new 03b4d34  Fixed typo
     new ab6eb70  Fixed memory leaking per request
     new 07bb112  Removed duplicate variables
     new 5468331  Fixed the pool switching logic to drop allocating op_ctx from global pool
     new da57ecf  Fixed the issues pointed by Chris on release
     new 2d3dc83  Fixed the segfault with dual clients
     new b6d8b0d  Fixed some bugs and doc typos
     new ebe8da6  Fixed some bugs and typos
     new 7c8726d  Fixed release date
     new db40e58  Minor change to deal with white spaces in payload
     new 1d971ec  Fixed SSL related build problem
     new da79266  adding http headers
     new f881812  Fixed the ugly typo
     new b2eb086  Applied patch by Mark and also some more improvments to help and command line options
     new f920e78  Committing the changes done to the echo service
     new e14a9bd  Fixed some build problems
     new c51447c  Solaris changes (
     new 81968fa  Undoing the previous change.
     new 17309be  
     new 30b0e3a  fixed a small problem in echo service.
     new 3d3493c  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-529878" from
     new 40d8228  Merging Neethi Development to the trunk.
     new bdbb992  Fixed UUID problem on Solaris
     new 4265bc8  Fixed some memory leaks
     new 64ae8c3  Fixed the content type ; bug
     new ae310c7  Fixed memory leaks
     new 7e4932d  Fixed more memory leaks
     new de1c265  Fixed the bresk due to invalid free
     new ddff9eb  Changing the free function to return void in secpolicy assertions.
     new 007a0ac  Changing assertion_create function to pass the free function pointer.
     new 3757688  Fixed build break
     new aaa7fcd  Add XSD Duration support to Axis2 Data Binding.
     new 9785fd0  Fixed some typos
     new 6eed00b  Changed the policy assertion name
     new 9ef0db5  Changed install location.
     new 28b6842  Handling assertions in x509_builder.
     new 9d85413  Port to Mac OS
     new fb8d935  Replay detection is now based on message count. Using a more meaningful name for the policy assertion.
     new 2f80601  Fixed some build problems in relation to MacOS port
     new 719e414  Fix Reported bug in compilation
     new 7fee85b  Fixed the macro conflicts with APR
     new ca8412b  Fixing builbreaks in solaris.
     new a94f0df  fixed a link error on windows
     new 5fec09c  Changes to work on Solaris ( and removing unistd.h and stdio.h in neethi)
     new d880428  Fixing build break in OSX
     new 7a96acb  Freeing neethi assertion->type=OPERATOR_TYPE_ASSERTION
     new 184ff2e  fixed link error in Sandesha2c windows build
     new 9ace9d8  Fixing some memory leaks due to neethi_operator create.
     new 65cb411  removed transport dependancy from engine
     new d57e9ec  Fixing memory leaks in policy normalization logic.
     new ac1ffc2  vc projects updated
     new b141e8c  Fixing memory leaks.
     new 105f3e6  Change the sample implementations to reflect the changes in naming and removing macros from generated code.
     new 41cf1dc  Updated the version to 1.1.0
     new b9cc3ef  I have implemented the functionlity for initiliasing services at the load time of the axis2c engine.
     new 97ba23a  Fixed version to 1.1.0
     new 342ccc3  Updated the release version to 1.1.0
     new 92f7f53  Changed the version number of libraries
     new 45aae06  Fixed a error in include path
     new c6a01cf  Fixed samples break
     new 6e594e8  Fixing memory leaks by keeping a ref count.
     new 6a2d42c  Fixed version to be 1.1.0
     new f0e489d  Fixed version to 1.1.0
     new fb27979  Fixed version problems updating to 1.1.0
     new 3498f78  Fixed more build syetem problems related to rpl_malloc and rpl_realloc
     new fbff60c  removing param check in when setting sign parts.
     new 50a175a  renameing the functions concerned with initial service loading.
     new b2eac44  Fixed proxy problem
     new c80b38f  Fixed the segfault problem when the shared lib for the service is missing in the service fulder in the repository. Fix for AXIS2C-612
     new 953f17f  Creating the
     new 66c3e69  A simple documentation improvement.
     new 62053d3  Fixing the build break due to adding util in neethi
     new 8124343  Fixed some content in main page and added more information
     new ff787a5  Fixed spellings
     new eb0dbce  Adding two methods to set policy from file and om in svc_client.
     new 95eb688  Method signatures of the two new methods of the last commit.
     new e54a2a2  Fixed typos
     new 022d978  Fixed the problem of defining the PROXY constants in the incorrect place
     new cae6920  Adding a method to svc_client to return a policy object.
     new db9261d  Adding util to create policy from file and om.
     new 6de4291  Added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new cdd4bde  Fixed build break
     new 7a76f04  Fixed build break
     new 1d7ffc5  added a init function to axis2_svc_skeleton so that it can take conf as parameter
     new 1fd9a13  Sorry I have mistakenly replaced wrong build files. Correcting them.
     new 2ec1885  Added 2007
     new 7c26c06  I have mistakenly declared a function twice. Fixed it
     new dda7f8f  Fixed break
     new 631387a  guththila memory_reader bug fixed
     new b4e0b12  Fixed build break
     new 2cb3938  fixed guththila memory reader bug
     new 677b8f2 restored
     new dd9739e  test_om restored
     new 692fa09  Fixed build break
     new d508d28  Contributing the new improved XML parser for Axis2/C. Special thanks goes to Milinda for help writing some code and doing all the testing in Linux.
     new 6224b48  Wrappers for the new XML parser.
     new 4e35c87  Fixed warning in the code
     new 22f18f3  Getting includes form correct location
     new 9d7cef1  Fixed build break
     new a126767  Fixing a double free
     new 30de2a3  Installing samples to 'make install' target
     new 1ab1d3c  Removed the setting of SO_OPENTYPE in WIN32 (network_handler.c:239-240)
     new 58997f2  Added RMPhase and SavanPhase to the axis2.xml. These are commented by default
     new cb84653  VC Project for New guththila updated
     new 6f0004b  Fixed handling white spaces.
     new ff4d092  Fixed whitespace handling
     new f25b10e  Fixed the build break with Guththila
     new 71f3679  Fixed the link break
     new 25eab59  axis environment is added to the guththila code
     new d1691f7  axutil_env_t is added
     new 9ccb0a8  Added const qualifiers
     new c6cf4ed  
     new 499b37d  
     new 9928efa  
     new 9dcdec6  Fixed build break
     new 47dbc92  guththila attribute serialization bug fixed
     new faf8b75  Some formatting and sending the content-type in services html
     new 622bbab  Fixed the ssl client test.
     new b4feafe  Fix the bug, loading addressing module.xml using guththila.
     new 8c32cfd  source code formatted
     new 1fc5e0c  makefile corrected
     new 4e40cd2  xmpp transport support
     new 3c8d146  add new function to get property value directly
     new 68d3b80  add new function to get property value directly
     new bf202a1  Fixing a bug in get_mac_addr logic ("eth0" was hardcoded)
     new e181e76  Removed unwanted printf
     new 3fd0054  Moved release version to makefile, which is the correct place, because version is not set bu user
     new 7164bab  Installing config.h to 'make install' target
     new 90fbcab  Fixed build error
     new b224691  incremental linking added to build
     new dad538d  minor change
     new 0f2635e  Cleaning up some log messages
     new c8088a6  Fixing AXIS2C-631 issue
     new c4bdd62  Added missing files to tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 2acbe7b  Replaced AM_PROG_LIBTOOL with AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
     new 8400ced  new free function added to axiom_stax_builder and axiom_document to free itself without freeing axiom tree
     new 138e291  return added
     new e4dcb7b  Fixing a problem of generating NULL mac addresses for the machines without "up" interfaces on Linux. Currently we assign a default mac address if no interfaces are up
     new 4d104b5  Fixed the default mac addr 0 case
     new be63b6f  return added
     new aec8a33  Removed unwanted function map setting that leads to bugs in case of external invocations in init method.
     new a592e25  Adding ref count to fix memory leaks.
     new 3e2ea1d  Fixing platform portablity bug with missing . in find, pointed by Terry Wilson
     new 3cf7297  using getifaddrs on BSD class platforms instead of the old ioctl method
     new b18d4a5  Fixed the AXIOM_SOAP_11 vs AXIOM_SOAP11 problem
     new 2444d6b  Fixed the free of thread resources
     new 0896c9b  Added DEPRECATED notes to AXIOM_SOAP_11 and AXIOM_SOAP_12
     new 8b769e4  Freeing the policy_wrapper hash element by element.
     new 89552c2  Fixing tme memory leaks using ref count.
     new 84e4c5f  op client code indention, tabs  replaced with four spaces
     new 6f1f9f4  op client code indention, tabs  replaced with four spaces
     new d280894  op client code indention, tabs  replaced with four spaces
     new 63a481d  Adding google analytics code
     new 795ef2d  axiom_stax_builder_free_self function modified
     new 520777b  fixed:unused variable gives a warning
     new bc71548  We do not need a lob with tcpmon, so I changed it to compile all the stuff together
     new fb0c318  Error handling in neethi.
     new 509503c  Adding error codes for neethi.
     new 90e72c7  Modifying the code as in AXIS2C-626.
     new 73a066c  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-558286" from
     new 71ba6f1  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-556671" from
     new 1346152  Merged revisions 556672-558283,558286-558288 via svnmerge from
     new e9daa8a  Removed merge tracking for "svnmerge" for
     new 4d0fa3e  removed unwanted files
     new af2f00f  added tcp headers
     new 0cdcf4e  remove temporary files
     new cda450d  This commit includes some error handling stuff and code formatting in neethi.
     new 85d93c8  axis2 tcp transport sender modified, extra bytes at response buffer
     new 3d46279  Fixed AXIS2C634
     new 2d762ec  samples changed to work with soap body based dispatching
     new 4dceaf0  Fixed AXIS2C634
     new 1263b1b  tcp header files license changed
     new 5c63078  removed mistakenly pasted value
     new c09e3e8  moved tcp headers to tcp folder
     new e2694ba  moved tcp headers to tcp folder
     new 022f213  moved tcp headers to tcp folder
     new 2e696f2  added free functions
     new a3846ea  mtom bug fixed
     new 09adf9a  Added missing files to the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new c53cbd1  Fixing a double free by adding a dummy free function to param
     new d00d715  fix for svc_client not receiving fault
     new adf6219  convenient function added to axiom node
     new 1edcb59  when soap11 fault should be sent, disp_checker was sending soap12 fault, this bug is fixed
     new 64d47c7  fault handling corrected
     new 6fd6599  1. Sending a proper fault when invalid XML is recieved 2. Fixing AXIS2C-647
     new 357e619  Removing unwanted printf()s Setting proper soap version at faults
     new 3777c85  exported axiom_text_get_text
     new a1d22fc  Fixed a compilation error
     new 582fbfd  Added --enable-tcp option
     new afb11ec  buffer handling with larger requests
     new 02fe318  change xmpp configure options so that user can give the path to include files
     new 982b422  Fixed the Jira Axis2c-646
     new 9d4722d  Fixed build break
     new 916ded3  Changing the rp_property type to a enum.
     new 79f3439  Removed unneccessary entries and added tcp and xmpp transport senders. By default these are commented out.
     new 59f5fa8  commented out axutil_free_thread_env , to overcome a segfault
     new 69d1837  sample restored
     new 191be17  sample client
     new 5335cb7  service.xml restored
     new 819bc62  change buffer size temporary, please fix this
     new 8b8c9f9  Fixed the bug with releasing tokens. Related to Jira Axi2C-646
     new d796308  Fixed build break
     new b67f1e5  Fixed a typo
     new a4d0645  Fixed jira issue AXIS2C-635.
     new 3945e82  Fixing some errors when policy is NULL.
     new db2bb14  Fixing errors when a policy file has wrong syntaxs.
     new c31c5e6  Fixed code formatting
     new 1c6ceee  fixed AXIS2C-624
     new e2d7599  build fail problem fixed
     new a136d75  updating with the latest svn of wsfc
     new fbe6ffb  uncommented thread_env_free
     new 357dbcd  fixing the build break.
     new 7b3c306  Fixing the build break.
     new 13be43f  Fixing the build break.
     new c82d04c  Fixed the build breaks
     new f2c15d1  Fixed build break
     new aa5336e  Fixed the build break
     new 389a78e  Fixing the build break.
     new 2066b38  fixing axis2.xml
     new 867d3d1  readded xmpp related entries which were removed by mistake in a previous commit
     new d2f66ea  Fixed the MTOM issue with additional <xop:Include>. Jira AXIS2C-653.
     new c18fafe  Added missing function defenition
     new b7a9843  changed the version number
     new 72d18e4  Fixing RampartC-26.
     new b1d1a04  Fixing RampartC-26.
     new ce90869  Removed an unwanted script
     new 354b9fa  removed an unwanted line
     new 29752d6  removed an unwanted line
     new cb2358c  Added the mime_type to be set in the axiom_text_create_with_data_handler.
     new 5db45e7  1. Added code for HTTP Authentication. jira issue AXIS2C-656.    Currently only Basic auth is implemented. 2. Fixed a bug in apache2_stream 3. Added axutil_strchr(axis2_char_t *, axis2_char_t) function to string.c 4. Fixed few inconsistancies in code formatting.
     new ec78a90  Correcting a line mistakenly committed.
     new 6dc2b65  Adding an increment ref.
     new c44f10f  Adding an Increment ref to msg.c.
     new 325af70  Fixing the break on Fedora 7. AXIS2C-641. Applied patch from Shaun Mangelsdorf.
     new 632272c  compilation error fixed
     new dd99d23  Fixed the empty tag writing style to write it like <tag/> and not <tag></tag>.
     new 00a8887  fixed a little mistake
     new 62fe3eb  Adding a reference to the root node to build the policy in policy struct.
     new b6de44b  Fixing jira issue 632
     new 54834d3  Adding a new phase called "Security" (not active by default) for Rampart Handler.
     new f7f9746  fixed a bug in xop:Include node processing.
     new 23cac1b  removing commented code
     new 9229735  Fixed the length of the base64 decoded message.
     new 433455a  Adding patch to set ReferenceParameters for wsa:To. Applied patch by Jamie Lyon - AXIS2C-668
     new e95c2fb  Fixed the removal of packing samples
     new 512e1a0  In remove_all_headers functions we need to remove the header element from the array list as well
     new 26613a4  Fixed AXIS2C-644
     new 917c75d  Fixed AXIS2C-667
     new 864561a  commented thread_env_free and axutil_thread_pool_exit_thread. Also fixed AXIS2C-670
     new dd1c608  increased the hard coded value of content_length to fix large attachement with chunking failure, I will raise a jira issue for this as well.
     new 5d0c8aa  Fixing the bug when the soap message contains empty headers in the soap header.
     new cc09e61  added --enable-tcp option
     new dfd9a1e  Duplicating the name and namespace in rp_header.
     new aa74aac  Fixing AXIS2C-665 and AXIS2C-640.Handling Soap faults.
     new bfc1606  Fixing a bug.
     new 13d251d  Fixing a memory leak in conf.c.
     new fc1375b  Fixed the attchment problem with large attachments with apache module
     new 7dcfb38  Fixed the break
     new e6aa990  fixed windows build break
     new c3c2033  Fixed a bug in type casting.
     new d83561b  Added the patch by Subra to get the buffer and buffer length
     new aad895e  Fixing AXIS2C-673.
     new 5465349  Added param check for qname in getters.
     new 5dd5a61  engaged Addressing module to the client programatically.
     new a014d23  Fixed build break in mac os
     new 082b95e  vcproject updated
     new 023910c  vc projects updated
     new 8320493  Removed inappropriate log message with offending content :)
     new 3626183  commenting the namespace free after creating a namespace , because now it is done inside axiom_element_create.
     new 84ed47b  Modifying the axiom_element_create to free the namespace which is used to build that element when it found that namkespace already in the tree.
     new e2c7603  Assigned some variables to NULL after freeing.
     new 7f2672c  Fixed the fault handling problems when addressing is in use. AXIS2C-681
     new 7ce7e0b  Fixed the build break
     new c5d7850  Fixed formatting. Corrected a few comments.
     new 2d81e03  Fixing a bug.
     new cb8ab5c  compiler warning fixed
     new c203db7  compiler warning fixed
     new 7adc582  compiler warning fixed
     new 6c399ec  Added XML quote function to help escape special chars
     new dabb44d  vc 2005 projects updated and modified to build release build. woden and xml_schema projects removed
     new cb8c686  fixed aproblem in soup test
     new 797f843  memory leak fixed , when sending an mtom message from service large memory leak occurs in http_transport_sender.c, Now it is fixed
     new 4d5d25e  memory leak fixed
     new 091e9ed  memory leak fixed
     new 268f4c8  Added test cases to test soap fault creation with exception.
     new 099268f  unused line removed
     new d038ce7  warning fixed
     new 7979f74  memory leak problem fixed
     new ad25021  used -j option for make to make it faster
     new 8b31b32  Fixed formatting
     new 3438ab2  Updated the versions for next release
     new 1b12c35  double free problem with content type fixed
     new 4bce963  added a test case to test axiom_soap_fault_node
     new 7083065  Fixed the build break
     new 4bd69b3  Fixing memory leaks in axiom.
     new 80bccee  Fixed the error in case of SOAP faults, where the deault 500 doc was returned in place of the SOAP fault      AXIS2C-676
     new 8d5755c  corected configure options for samples
     new 2685262  fixed a build break enabling libcurl. Thanks samisa for the fix.
     new 2eb51c5  Fixed the problem of not returning faults on missing operations
     new 9c11b56  Added code to show how toset custom faults
     new a859a7f  Fixed the error message returned in case of undefined custom error
     new 6a2e3a4  Fixed copying extra files in case of install
     new c310293  Added a test case to test svc_client handler count
     new ec28d17  Renamed the file to a more meningful name
     new 87a7af5  Fixing the memory leak when request url contains the operation.
     new 14998e8  Fixed build break
     new 5c12269  Giving the ownership of container buffer to the parser when xml_reaader creating from memory.
     new 23c1bb4  Initializing the body protection to AXIS2_FALSE.
     new a9e9308  freeing the buffer passed to the xml_reader removed
     new d9b76d5  Removing the container buffer from reader wrapper.
     new c463ab6  Giving the responsibility of the buffer, which is used to create the om model to the user.
     new caa1c79  Fixed the service prefix problems
     new 6f77f40  Fixed the service prefix problems
     new 089a0ae  Fixed the service prefix problems
     new 7178b63  Fixed formatting
     new c65b0bc  Fixed windows build break
     new 437a147  Fixed the send robust bug - AXIS2C-680
     new 5e600d4  Improved the text on the main page
     new f754bc3  Added 1.1.0 info and archived 1.0.0 info
     new cf9fe27  Added the service URL prefix info to the manual
     new ae5079c  Added 1.1.0 information
     new 21bfd8f  Added the changes done for 1.1.0
     new 74d0478  Fixed the attribute namespace serialize problem in case of serializing sub tree
     new 8ca2e17  Used macros for hard coded values, also made sure that already set values are not overriden
     new c934089  Removed redefinition of AXIS2_FAILURE. It is an enum defined in axutil_error.h
     new ca1c5f1  Added versioning information for server when startup
     new b48167e  Fixed windows build break
     new b23fd1a  Fixed windows build break
     new 9bf380f  Fixed a monor bug
     new ebc2dfb  Adding a ref count to axis2_phase_t
     new a34b43d  Adding the method signature of increment ref.
     new bbb161e  Calling increment ref from phase_infro when flows are copying.
     new 2794c70  fixed: a warning , str_line always true
     new 0d0b6d7  compile issues fixed
     new 3290553  makefile updated to build tcp server
     new 4f69847  Added links for 1.1.0 release downloads
     new e730bab  Fixed typo
     new 78d36c2  Fixed the bug
     new 5e88063  tcp receiver entry added
     new 317fedb  Fixed the bug in case the repo is not set correcly
     new 678ba62 file and makefile updated
     new 7958843  Applying patch attached in JIRA AXIS2C-695 Thanks Uthaiyashankar for submitting this
     new 0ae3d10  Fixed a warning
     new a16409a  Fixed the addressing namespace checking logic
     new dd13fdf  vc projects for tcp added
     new 66d0865  Fixed the log messages
     new 574af9d  fixed the axutil_url_parse_string to use the default https port when the port is not specified
     new b12ba64  Fixed JIRA AXIS2C-698. SSL transport now verifies the certificate chain. Added code for logging on ssl_client.
     new bbf173b  compiler error fixed
     new 2371959  free function corrected
     new 67e49f8  Fixed some packagin issues
     new a6cfefd  Fixed typo
     new c90ff58  Fixed the logic to avoid segfault
     new 6d41d05  Fixed project document version
     new 1331bab  Fixing a bug.
     new 1df02b5  Fixing the bug when invoking multiple messages with apache.
     new 5434a07  Fixed typo
     new 11b4dcf  Fixed some typos and removed unwanted files in dist
     new 02cbab3  Fixed the release date, in line with the delays
     new d1a7cd2  Fixed indentation
     new a53419d  Fixed indentation
     new 699ccf2  Fixed indentation
     new 92c7c5d  Fixed indentation
     new e27ca30  Fixed indentation
     new a3f28fe  Fixed build break
     new ee4c1a2  Fixed formatting
     new 7c3a00a  Fixed formatting
     new cb602d8  Fixed indentation
     new 7a602c2  Fixed formatting
     new 52901ba  Fixed formatting
     new 5fe14d4  Fixed formatting
     new 71788ba  Fixed formatting
     new 8c60abd  
     new 3654e33  Fixed typos
     new b7b39ea  Fixed release date typo
     new bd7d5b4  Fixed formatting and logic
     new 083c391  Fixed the spellings in comments and formatting
     new f7e7dfd  Fixed more formatting
     new 48174f0  Fixed the log file names and the port numbers. Also added macros for those values so that they could be configured during compile time if needed
     new 0353afd  This commit adds symmetric binding support through policy and some code formatting.
     new 1d24042  Adds symmetric binding support through policy.
     new b674538  Fixed some formatting
     new b4be848  Fixed the build breaks caused by my formatting commit done earlier this week
     new 6be434e  Fixed logic as well as formatting
     new 10ce8a2  Some comments added to the method declarations of neethi_engine.h.
     new ca6f789  Fixed some spelling mistakes
     new 2cb7d19  fixed some of the build errors in iis module
     new e371d59  compilation issues fixed
     new 05063e0  Fixed some formatting and did some improvement to the code
     new 2ec89b3  Fixed more spelling in the error messages
     new f937536  Fixed the fixed hardcoded location for repo in the tcp and http servers. Now the default is ../, but one can give a different location at compile time using a macro
     new 201a7c8  changed body first namespace to match with service
     new 84a1a67  Improving the tests in neethi.
     new ec51ea1  Deleting unnecessary files.
     new 7b0a19b  Modified the code to return NULL when unknown element is found.
     new e454b67  Adding a new errror code for neethi.
     new a2866aa  Fixed build break
     new db9a459  Fixed build break
     new 6ab7f25  Moving test-resources to test and removing a printf.
     new c59f341  This commit includes processing of wss11 assertions, trust10 assertions and processing derived keys.
     new e652d68  Adding wss11 and trust10 to secpolicy object.
     new 03d079b  Removing unnecessary inside neethi/src.
     new fc01628  Processing SYMMETRIC BINDING assertion in a policy file
     new 1b31dce  Adding an ref increment to protection token.
     new d432acf  There was no check on the return value of AXIS2_SVC_SKELETON_INIT_WITH_CONF(). Fixed this by writing to the error log and returning failure if this function fail
     new bb50e5e  
     new 4b907a6  makefile and file updated to read and use the runtime library from user
     new d27baee  neethi compilation error fixed
     new 32db98f  Fixing x509_token_builder. Missing "if else" check in method "x509_token_process_alternatives".
     new 54dede4  Fix the VC project.
     new cee9a51  Adding increment ref to op_ctx.
     new df712e2  Adding ref count to op_ctx.
     new 267fc82  replay detection module configuration added. (patch for RAMPARTC-35
     new 1c1414d  Oh my mistake to return AXIS2_FAILURE when one of the service load fails
     new f80c23c  
     new f5f1969  fixed the VC project
     new a3441e7  Fixed the lage file signal problem by ignoring the signal, need to improve the logic there Also fixed the formatting
     new bd07c19  Removed junk characters
     new d385cef  Removed junk characters
     new 94c925b  Removed junk characters
     new 7eb7305  Applied the patch for AXIS2C-729. Thanks Lahiru.
     new cf1a611  Applied the diff for AXIS2C-726. Thanks Senaka.
     new 5ddad38  Added ref count to axutil_env struct. And increment this ref in hash_make.
     new 4ee437a  Uncommenting the thred_env free .
     new 7807505  makefile updated to embed manifest
     new 887f488  vc projects updated
     new 26e828c  makefile updated to embed manifest
     new ad397e0  patch applied sent by Senaka
     new 396facc  Fix a bug in axutil_duration_create_from_string - Thanks Dimuthu
     new bb1354c  axis2_env_create_with_error_log_thread_pool function changed, Instead of using axis2_env_create function to create the env, it is malloced so that unnecessary creation of error and log avoided
     new 56d1076  typo corrected
     new 99732f7  conf_init add some null checking and meaningful log messages
     new 7aaaa6b  axutil_url_decode and axutil_hexit functions added
     new 6863b36  fix bug in mime processing, url decoding is done when extracting content id
     new 6c58ad3  New implementation for axutil_base64_decode_len. JIRA issue : AXIS2C-731
     new 54418a0  changing log messages to be more meaningful
     new 59c54da  Fixing AXIS2C-732 and AXIS2C-734
     new fe7cdb1  
     new fd55ccd  changed the includedir in
     new 5773f70  Fixing bugs found during the interop.
     new af14fa4  Applying patch sent by Senaka for Jira issue AXIS2C-728.
     new 3b60658  mtom sample modified to send back the received content
     new 308676e  Fixed Jira AXIS2C-747
     new 259280f  made the default maximum log file size 1M
     new ad68c5e  interchanged log level service and log level trace. Now 5 is for log level service     6 is for log level trace
     new 22ebe47  compile errors fixed in axis2_file_handler on win32
     new 45e3d2a  fixed the clients for including neethi files.
     new e84651b  
     new 930d8a3  In usage function I mistakenly put default maximum log file size ad 8Mb instead of 1Mb. Corrected this.
     new 417e4de  I have mistakenly removed maximum log file size signal handling functionlity put py Samisa. Fixed it.
     new 8bb51a5  changed LOG_LEVEL_SERVICE to LOG_LEVEL_USER. Added user level logging functionlity to apache2 module.
     new a930417  implementing maximum file size configuration option for apache2 module
     new fc1ce44  implemented maximum log file size option for simple tcp server and introduced user level log for tcp transport.
     new c896089  Applied lahiru's patch in jira 756
     new 59cb52b   processing logic added for action part in ContentType header
     new f690056  soap action dispatching problem fixed
     new 527b61d  unused files removed
     new 1db8c83  unused files removed
     new 28a9ecd  Fixed warning
     new bc4184c  defined distinct error blocks in module and user space
     new da07fc7  defined distinct error blocks in module and user space
     new d76cbcc  compile error fixed in error.c
     new 2d815a3  Please refer to Jira AXIS2C-763
     new dbf85c9  Fixing a bug in WSS11 scenario.
     new e619e3d  Fixing jira issue 760
     new e58d191  Fixing jira issue 700
     new 6885fc4  Fixing jira issue 738
     new 1d306ba  modified readme files to close the JIRA AXIS2C-704
     new bd4f06b  Fixing jira issue 742 and 743
     new 1ab05eb  Fixing jira issue 741
     new 3ad27c0  Fixing jira issue 739
     new 01f0a29  Fixing jira issue 772.
     new 0ab61c6  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-596097" from
     new f741aba  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-594491" from
     new c53ac0d  Merged revisions 594492-596102 via svnmerge from
     new 80051c7  Removed merge tracking for "svnmerge" for
     new 52d284e  Removed merge tracking for "svnmerge" for
     new 00425b4  revert the samples to older version.
     new a00689e  Fixed warnings
     new 8e4c91a  fixed ?wsdl request didn't show wsdl file in the browser. Change content type "text/xml" to "applicaiton/xml". "applicatoin/xml" is the suitable one for xml documents.
     new 980d88e  fix for axis2c-754
     new 99c43f9  fix:axis2c-735
     new 5d4f4e8  fixed windows build break
     new b8429b8  Ignoring the prefix macthing and adding policy 1.5 namespace to neethi_constants.
     new 92551c5  makefile updated
     new c9d5114  Changed the version number
     new f03173f  Added error log messages
     new 4b057fe  fixed:axis2c-777, getting soapfaults while processing rest messages
     new 60af406  
     new dfe0957  imporoved fault handling REST
     new 8d0ab54  REST fault handling
     new adc5933  Bug fix in base64 decode length calculation
     new 0259c099 
     new b7b1540  Added scripts to auto-generate C code from WSDL2C java tool.
     new 6e5f62f  report an error when axis2.xml is not found
     new f760e2a1 Installing to $(prefix)/bin.
     new 072ca6a  Applied patches in AXIS2C-748, AXIS2C-751 and AXIS2C-752
     new 4594be1  Fixing jira issue 772.
     new d70abb3  add param checks
     new 19d5056  Fixing issue 764
     new cef15ca  fixed:775 , thanks senaka
     new fafa483  added more informative log messages to deployment engine
     new db215d4  made the changes suggest in axis2c-783, Thanks Bill Mitchel !
     new c70091a  free dep_engine upon failure, thanks Bill for pointing this out
     new d0822b0  removed error codes since they over rides more important (i.e. meaningful and appropiate) error codes at lower level.
     new 5072cb1  Improved param checking in array_list and made the changes suggested by bill in axis2c-783
     new 1284171  fixed: axis2_http_server not starting
     new 065e73c  Fixing jira issue 788
     new 1eb9753  Fixing jira issue 699
     new 0e5e2a3  fixed: echo blocking dual client segmentation fault
     new 338dbac  In sample clients setting log levels does not change the default log level. ie. always default log level of DEBUG is on. Fixed this in axutil_env_create_all function.
     new a9df7c8  updating for axis2-1.2
     new f617f0d  updating to axis2-1.2
     new 3974ee0  updating to axis2c-1.2
     new ee34e1f  updating to axis2c-1.2
     new 487361d  updating to axis2c-1.2
     new 122f72b  Changed the version number
     new 6caaf55  Changed the version number
     new 2956c3b  Changed the version number
     new 8980804  Changed the version number
     new 62cc23d  updating from axis2c-1.1 to axis2c-1.2
     new 9f465c0  fixed:axis2_http_server segmentation fault when modules not present
     new 4bc02e0  Update the codegen samples
     new b971710  Correcting my apache id - Dimuthu
     new 65aa819  Fixing jira issue 785.
     new 1881bc1  Fixing jira issue 785
     new e3e83c6  Fixing jira issue 789
     new 141ab5c  Fixing jira issue 785
     new 7fed7f8  fixed memory leaks in fault path
     new c80fb75  fixed:axis2c-796 thanks Bill and Senaka for the input
     new fe64e4f  fixed:axis2c-790 , thanks Bill for the suggestions
     new 82a8c41  fixed:axis2c-795 thanks Bill and Senaka for the effort
     new bde965b  Correcting calculation of duration
     new d388bb4  fixed windows build break
     new d98e228  Fixed segfault in windows
     new e67d92b  reverted the change to make axis2c work on windows.
     new 51097c1  Fixing jira issue 799
     new 4aaa0a2  Fixing jira issue 796
     new c40b80c  fixed windows build break
     new 50c8020  Fixing JIRA :
     new be2f248  Fixing jira issue 800
     new 6e22233  adding entry/exit trace logs
     new ed4d2c6  Fixing jira issue 794
     new 0d0bdb0  Removed junk charactors
     new bc05545  Fixed a syntax error
     new da9d94e  Fixing jira issue 798
     new 1913d97  fixed:axis2c-780, shared global pool for apache process, Thanks Udayashankar and Lahiru for the input
     new d738d5c  Fixing jira issue 804
     new 45c1c86  fixed build failure in windows
     new 1984861  minor bug fixed in makefile
     new cc25952  unused folder removed
     new c04db62  Fixing jira issue 807
     new fadee33  Added --with-archive option
     new 548b1ee  Added --with-archive option
     new b223ae5  Fixing jira issue 803
     new 279bb68  Fixing jira issue 808
     new 337a2ea  Fixed a build break
     new a412263  AXIS2_GUTHTHILA_ENABLED macro added
     new 2f4e0e5  Fixed a build break
     new aecee5b  Changed to libmod_axis2.0.2.0
     new 3aec084  Fixing jira issue 810
     new d7bbd74  Fixing Jira issues 716, 757, 821, 817, 820, 814, 815 and 819. (HTTP authentication and Proxy authetication related issues)
     new db7261c  ran dos2unix on axis2.xml
     new 86e8b13  Fixed a few probable win32 build issues in the previous commit.
     new dabc915  New file updated to the new version 1.2.0
     new 244751d  Updating the ChangeLog
     new eb085c8  updated the file
     new 2f2a680  adding information on markmail mail archives
     new 2829e16  Applied patch in AXIS2C-784
     new 8302c4d  updated ChangeLog
     new aa229eb  Fixing jira issue 825
     new 3540e0e  axis2c-797, worked on that issue, however i was unable to reproduce that bug.added some meaningful log messages
     new c646964  Fixing jira AXIS2C-822
     new 49fd385  fixed Jira AXIS2C-765
     new eb3fa72  updated AUTHORS file
     new c1e894e  Applying senaka's patch for jira AXIS2-823.
     new 876f37e  Applying patch attached for AXIS2C-767.
     new f1f7363  updating the files
     new d65ee8c  makefile and file updated
     new ea7c5b4  adding new files for basic auth sample
     new 727e256  updating the make file for jira AXIS2C-824
     new eeb30dd  removing basic auth related code from the echo sample. see jira AXIS2C-824
     new 7af723d  fixed windows build break and applied the patch for
     new b35ed72  unused variables removed
     new efed329  fixed
     new 9f9207d  fixed:axis2c-809 thanks Bill Mitchell for the patch
     new 88ee22a  adding log/trace messages
     new 0d43643  
     new dde81c9  adding logging/trace messages
     new 3fd0aaf  adding log/trace messages
     new 4e2ee77  makefile updated
     new 4f07cbe  fix for jira issue 813
     new 0e1cce5  vc project added for new samples
     new f6e4ccd  fixed:axis2c-702, thanks Lahiru for the patch
     new 18c4292  add log/trace and removing ENV_FREE
     new df8aa56  Appling the patch AXIS2C-831.
     new 6de74ad  added test cases
     new 4d8ce48  thread_exit function commented
     new 5e7ea78  If a wrong alog suite is specified, there should be a failure returned.
     new 0eb72f6  Fixing jira issue 836
     new 7190b1a  Fixing jira issue 835
     new 9e8dd70  Fixing jira issue 554
     new 06782da  default log file size for mod_axis2
     new ed235cc  Fixed seg fault when log file size is not provided
     new 661efd8  Patch applied with minor modifications for AXIS2C-812. Also done few code formatings
     new 9d90ba3  Improve thread exit when handling concurrent multiple requests.
     new a064cbb  Uncommenting thread_exit.
     new 67ef1d1  Fixing jira issue 841
     new eb15ae3  Fixed build break when --with-archive option is given
     new 954916c  Deleted unwanted line
     new aaf372d  Fixed build break when --with-archive option is given
     new 4db48e6  Fixing jira issue 842
     new 44d5ffa  Fixed a syntax error
     new 7cbd3a2  Fixed a syntax error
     new cfed94e  Fixing jira issue 844
     new 7650031  Fixing jira issue 596
     new 13ceacc  Fixing jira issue 850
     new c628518  stripping module libraries,service libraries and all binaries
     new b3014c7  Added --enable-archive option
     new 38e0c01  Added few test cases
     new 06d2925  
     new ded179f  upgrading the version to 1.2.0
     new 3c24c3f  updating the axis2.xml to remove commented lines related to xmpp transport sender savan and RM
     new 2f681f7  
     new 1971d9d  updating the project.xml file
     new a68cd3f  Fixing Axis2/C-858.
     new cc680d7  Removed unwanted files
     new 7796903  Fixed warnings
     new c1d45b2  Fixing jira issue 883
     new da66d5e  Fixed a syntax error
     new ccfc86d  Applying patch sent By Senaka for Axis2c-885
     new a40ce97  updating documention to 1.2.0
     new 7326c45  applied the patch for AXIS2C-887 888 and 892. Thanks Senaka fpr the patch.
     new 67b9a3d  applied the patch for Jira 872. Thanks Senaka for the patch
     new 3f12a9e  Applied patch for JIRA 871. Thanks Senaka
     new 17c9c09  Applied patch for JIRAs 867, 869, 870. Thanks Senaka.
     new 182fa22  Fixing AXIS2C-891, Thanks lahiru for the patch
     new 4c2d6de  Applied patches for JIRAs 878, 879. Thanks Senaka.
     new 8e1292e  Applied patches for JIRAs 875, 876. Thanks Lahiru for the patch.
     new 8d67ecc  Fixed the use of env in place of soapenv
     new a7c4cb6  Applying patch sent by Senaka for Jira issue AXIS2C-894.
     new 2b3477a  updating the version from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0
     new 37b2619  Applied patch for http digest authentication. Jira AXIS2C-896.
     new 383b086  Changed a log entry to make more sensible.
     new f3c58a4  Fixing jira issue 666. Thanks Senaka for the patch
     new 5f65aaf  updating the xdocs for the new version 1.2.0
     new 2e6b37d  
     new 77ad533  
     new d89ebe0  Fixing memory leak in wsa_mapping_list by freeing it's string elements when freeing the array
     new c71e319  Applied the patch my Manoj as the fix for AXIS2C-911
     new 5263c8c  removed commented code, moditied NOTICE file, year part to easily managable format
     new efaa2bd  added third party dependency licenses
     new 18125b1  added few unit test cases
     new a69f1bf  Jira AXIS2C-923. Added peer ip address to the msg_ctx when deployed with mod_axis2.
     new fa72bee  include openssl license since our https implmentation has dependency with it
     new ea6751a  RSA Data Security License
     new 96618e2  included copyright notice in NOTICE file
     new a0bbb20  Fixing jira issue 914
     new 684d371  Fixing jira issue 897
     new d3cefd1  Reading the ssl passphrase from property.
     new 7373c37  compile error fixed
     new bc8df08  Corrected the duplicating namespace problem. AXIS2C-913. Improved the code formatting of guththila_xml_writer.c.
     new cfa1460  Fixing jira issue 828
     new 2effd61  Fixing jira issue 852
     new 9620036  Fixing jira issue 774
     new c2d6232  Fixing jira issue 296
     new fe950ac  applied the patch for AXIS2C-929
     new ff49405  applied the patch for AXIS2C-929
     new f2fd2c5  applied the patch for AXIS2C-929
     new d8b551b  Fixed a few glitches in http transport.
     new 4e84849  trivial fixed to echo_rest sample
     new 36c5d44  solving base64_decode_len problem
     new 57423cc  Addding a ref counter to soap envelope
     new 7f58d78  
     new c45213d  updated axutil_version.h file
     new e7a3d5c  Fixed JIRA
     new bc98ad2  updated
     new 622626c  SecurityContextToken assertion and SecureConversationToken assertion support
     new cec714a  Fixing build break
     new 2affc03  update files for Axis2/C 1.2.1 release
     new 738117d  Removed a binary from the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new 8be41c9  removed generated codes from html pages
     new 09a46eb  Replaced C++ style comments
     new d34532b  removed generated code from, original html pages
     new 7c5f20a  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-845
     new f07a1cb  Fixing Issue AXIS2C-854. Applied patch diff2.txt
     new 360df62  fixed: axis2c-774, add -Wno-implicit-function-declaration to samples
     new e0ca006  fixed:880, thanks Senaka and Alastair for the input
     new d31cca7  removing \r
     new d95d80d  documents updated for 1.2.1 release
     new aae5528  fixed:axis2c-932 ,  IIS module fails with service that has the name services in it
     new b9c8cd3  axis2c-927 axiom_element_declare_default_namespace fails when no namespace already declared
     new 6eef37f  fixed axis2c-925, seg fault in axiom_soap_fault_get_text if SOAP 1.1
     new 62a9841  Adding REST support
     new 1ff0da7  fixed axis2c-857, guththila parser drops xml:id attributes from incoming elements
     new 0c496e5  security context token provider module assertion support
     new 4a9ad56  Fixed bug in mod_axis2+REST
     new e0e6dd9  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-853
     new 55c35ba  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-881. Thanks Lahiru and Alastair for the input.
     new cf97629  patch applied for axis2c-857. Thanks Lahiru
     new 6175790  
     new f421cd9  document updated for axis2c 1.2.1
     new 38129bb  applied manoj's patch on test cases
     new b5f41cf  docs update for Axis2/C 1.3.0
     new 415f71d  Added REST descriptions to services.xml in echo service
     new 3bd63cd  axis2c-945, unit test program to test om_util.c, Thanks Manoj for the Patch
     new f024ef4  Added Makefiles for new tests
     new cdf6951  Added Werror to CFLAGS
     new 9cbb622  Fixed some typos
     new aa9b66c  fixed warning , axis2c-951 thanks Manoj
     new 47e3e8b  Fixing jira issue 950
     new 5954e9d  fixed axis2c-948, axutil_base64_binary_set_plain_binary crashes, Thanks Dave for the patch
     new 23db018  Fixing jira issue 949
     new 41deee4  Added test/util directory to the build system
     new f4cac6a  Fixing jira issue 952
     new 2e6842f  Changes to get 'make check' working
     new 2cebde9  fixed build break with guththila
     new ec05434  fixed build scripts
     new 42a8db0  fixed build script
     new a6bd4e2  Added REST information to manual
     new 8e239b2  Fixed code not to store zero byte past end of buffer, by reducing size of buffer before read. Added svn:eol-style native to add/remove carriage returns on checkout/checkin to Windows. AXIS2C-818
     new 8c5e5c8  Updated manual with REST additions
     new c8904dc  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-955
     new 480b464  AXIS2C-834: In guththila_xml_writer.c, handle the situation of the default namespace, where there is no prefix, so the search of the namespace stack by prefix fails, and there is no prefix to prepend. In guththila_xml_writer_wrapper.c, invoke write_default_namespace when no prefix Add svn:eol-style native to both to remove/add CR characters from Windows
     new 1672595  Fix AXIS2C-830: Move the curl handler structure from static to the created axis2_libcurl structure. Make the create/free methods on the axis2_libcurl structure public. Change http_transport_sender.c and http_sender.c to explicitly create and tear down     the axis2_libcurl structure around the client session. Fix AXIS2C-861: Add the manage_session flag to the msg_ctx; obtain its value from manage_session flag     in the service options. If the manage_session flag is enab [...]
     new ec4ae2c  AXIS2C-857: Include rest of fix to guththila_tok_tok_cmp to compare all of token contents. Added svn:eol-style native to fix CR characters from/to Windows.
     new a4d13e5  fixed build breaks
     new 1b709f1  Fixing Build break, when built with -Werror
     new 0ff7343  Adding IssuedToken and SamlToken assertions support to neethi secpolicy implementation. Tested using example policy file extract from microsoft WS-Trust interop WSDL. Also all the Rampart/C security policy samples were succefull.
     new 7cf1067  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-954
     new d8cf593  Fixed some typos
     new 6585267  Fixed some typos
     new 480c187  Fixed some minor issues
     new 30cb743  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-956
     new 3108c95  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-953
     new d650ada  fixed axis2c-957, build break with libcurl
     new 4634ef9  fixed axis2c-958, added create_env.h to package
     new 018d8e7  fixed axis2c-961, null checking missed in base64_binary.c
     new c1d022f  fixed axis2c-962 , property_test segfaults
     new 5352ba6  updated doxyconf file
     new 88a2ef0  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-928
     new d122996  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-916
     new 301a029  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-916
     new 4183c5a  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-916
     new e330c37  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-916
     new f40607b  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-916
     new c36d274  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-916
     new aef2a37  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-856
     new c698f9f  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-947
     new 9ade028  Applying patch for JIRA Issue AXIS2C-942, with minor modifications. Thanks Manoj for the patch.
     new 95a6b61  Fixing Build Break in
     new 56638ce  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-851
     new 9a08b87  Adding Saml Token and Issued Token support to supporting tokens builder.
     new c64d645  Fixing some build breaks, warnings when running automake and, JIRA Issue AXIS2C-919
     new 7b42604  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-919
     new f251926  AXIS2C-933: Fix guththila parser to always detect EOF and end the parse, not     just some of the time. Fix detection of malloc failure in the buffer routines and abort the parse. Fix guththila_next_no_char to slide all the token to the next buffer, in the     case where the token starts well within the last buffer, i.e., start moving     at the lower of m_next and m_last_start, if set. In the guththila_next_char routines, defer variable initialization to the     inner b [...]
     new 61b7356  AXIS2C-859: In guththila_xml_parser, scan incoming text and attribute value     tokens for pre-defined entity references to escaped characters, and     replace them with the characters themselves. In guththila_xml_writer when writing a text sequence, detect the presence     of characters that need to be escaped, and replace them with the     corresponding sequence.
     new 20a8100  Fixing build break, due to unused variable.
     new 779edb7  AXIS2C-944: Fix guththila_xml_parser, guththila_xml_writer to always examine     namespace scope from the inside outwards, not just some of the time. Fix guththila_get_namespace_XXX_by_number to use consistent indexing between     validating parser and non-validating parser. Fix signed/unsigned mismatch compilation warnings. Move the guththila_token_close routines where they should be, after create/init/free.
     new 7275b58  Fixing some bugs in SamlToken and IssuedToken Assertion processing.
     new cfcd408  Fixing Duration & Test for Duration in util
     new d2bd1d2  Adding Milinda's fix to date_time test
     new f02d353  Removing test for neethi option, as it is not a part of the Axis2/C project
     new 003db2c  Fixing test for stack
     new d81bd59  Fixed some issues in stack
     new a3e2ceb  AXIS2C-957: Removed unneeded declaration of axis2_libcurl_t pointer to axis2_libcurl     structure, introduced by AXIS2C-830.  Defined instead in axis2_http_sender.h     as that include is part of the global axis2/include directory.
     new 473f1b3  AXIS2C-791: Fix http_transport_sender.c, engine.c, op_client.c to preserve and     return error status from send, rather than bashing it trying to receive     after send failed.
     new 5626f8a  included apache project that used in axis2/c
     new 36c205e  Fixing JIRA Issues, AXIS2C-940, AXIS2C-965, AXIS2C-968
     new 82a48de  Correcting Error in Fix for AXIS2C-940
     new e9f0c1e  bug fix in issuer and bootstrap policy assertion
     new 84b0524  Fixing side effects of AXIS2C-791 fix
     new 6f4a3ed  Adding error log messages
     new 3b3bf3e  Adding error log messages
     new 58eb986  Fixed the infinite loop. AXIS2C-969
     new 344b922  Fixing JIRA issue AXIS2C-969
     new 4a13fe7  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-401
     new 79cc28b  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-401
     new 17ccba6  AXIS2C-791: Implement Senaka's suggestion that env status code needs to still     indicate failure when error number is returned from lower transport layers     after send failed: replaced use of AXIS2_PARAM_CHECK where these clobbered     the env status code with success in routines that participate in the     error exit path.
     new ed3bdcf  To remove typedef conflicts..
     new f7fb20f  update authors file
     new e04e287  version updated
     new 99e43a4  update file for 1.3.0 release
     new 848f272  fixed:axis2c-971, removed entries with xmpp and iksemel
     new 1dc3c26  fixed dates and formatting
     new 22d4867  Correcting fix to side-effects of AXIS2C-791, based on discussion on the issue.
     new b549e8f  fixed:972, axiom util test binary in bin/samples directory
     new 4fc010f  Fixing Build break
     new 931f492  Null check added
     new c68b5c9  
     new 64d56b7  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new 7406c7e  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new 53a6951  Changed the version number
     new 167243c  Fixing server non-starting issue on Windows
     new 77c86a7  Signature token assertion is not propagated to symmetric binding. Corrected now.
     new 64fc6ba  fixing jira issue 710
     new 249dea9  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new bcb7261  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-974
     new 9af8416  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-975
     new 925de0d  Fixing SamlToken assertion building bug.
     new 7946d9c  Added format specifiers for printf with int64_t, uint64_t, int32_t and uint32_t
     new d451c41  Fixing bug in REST implementation reported by Dave, at [1]
     new 0a99055  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-930
     new 002ef25  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-724
     new 8eb14b5  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-959
     new f129097  Adding STRTOL functionality to util
     new bf6c45a  Null check for an optional parameter
     new bd19828  Fixing JIRA Issue, AXIS2C-899, Thanks Diluka, for the input.
     new 8a76002  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-966, and some misinterpretations that were un-noticed, when passing xml_version and encoding to the relevant parser, through the wrapper.
     new 5422880  Some modifications to REST sample, as requested on the dev-list, and some modifications to newly added defines, in order to preserve consistency
     new 86f5b97  Fixed bud(handling optional policy component) in IssuedToken builder.
     new b4c9328  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-829
     new feae75f  Extensions to Authentication on the client-side
     new f195655  Fixing bug in svc_client that prevented Robust Calls with NULL payloads
     new 42beb6a  Adding functionality to clientapi to determine the required authentication type
     new 826d438  Fix comment character count for AXIS2C-959.
     new 9248afa  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-966
     new 61380c7  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-963
     new d07c9c7  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-979
     new 5a58bf5  AXIS2C-963: Tolerate white space (AXIOM_XML_READER_SPACE) before the root element     has been found, as guththila now preserves white space text.
     new 2e6f3a4  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-981, which was a result of a request sent via e-mail by Dave
     new a407542  AXIS2C-963: Further tweak to still detect errors from axiom_stax_builder_create_om_text     while still ignoring whitespace before root element.
     new 517a9d5  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-980. Thanks Lahiru for the patch.
     new 5421f01  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-243.
     new 4b4b4b1  AXIS2C-791: Restore AXIS2_ERROR_SET on null parameter error in axis2_op_client_add_msg_ctx,     axis2_msg_ctx_get_property, axis2_msg_ctx_get_doing_rest.
     new 0fd6ccd  AXIS2C-963: Fix behavior of axiom_stax_builder_create_om_text when out-of-memory.
     new 696d765  Fixing behaviour of core, according to discussion in [1].
     new f418e97  Adding modifications to documentation based on fix related to [1]
     new 11f4b01  Adding documentation for Archive Based Deployment
     new 8b6f624  Changing location of INTERNET-DRAFT document "Tunneling SSL Through a WWW Proxy" to current
     new f57756b  Modified documentation on Archive based deployment based on input by Sanajaya
     new 7dec8ce  Fixing minor error in archive based deployment doc.
     new 2bf7b82  memory leak fix in bootstrap policy
     new 5db2c61  fixed: axis2c-985, thanks lahiru for the patch
     new d764181  Fixing Issue with libxml2, as reported in AXIS2C-979
     new 11c72ae  Fixing issue reported by Supun with patch for AXIS2C-979
     new fdaa81a  adding transport receiver configuration as per necessary for https transport.
     new 845576c  change the wsdl.It's wrong.
     new 9e6485f  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new bc3f414  Fixing Build break on Linux, caused by Fix to AXIS2C-573.
     new ae0ef5d  Added PKCS12 Key Store support to rampart_config. And fix missing return statement in token_identifier.c
     new 02b737a  pkcs12_file definition
     new e1e3205  Fixed a build break by making dummy_free_fn return void
     new a65f996  Fixing Digest Auth Implementation
     new 241d7e9  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-617
     new ddc9d6e  Fixing bug in echo_rest.c
     new 09f5f9c  Fixing Issue with Digest Authentication and REST
     new 74086ce  Adding log messages
     new ff490cc  Modifying echo_blocking_auth sample to reflect new fixes.
     new 970aa9c  Fixing Digest Authentication behaviour
     new b659514  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new 590a77a  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new 3ae2779  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new 2a31385  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new 2bdc8bb  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573)
     new 5e1aa2f  Fixing warnings on Windows (JIRA Issue AXIS2C-573), updating axis2 solutions to include all projects but the less important ones unloaded.
     new f1597a7  Improved win32 build script.
     new 5054e09  Adding http_chunked_stream to util.
     new 38e85bc  Modifying mime parser for more efficient memory usage.
     new 02884df  Moving axis2_http_cunked_stream to util.
     new 20c5f1a  changing files because of moving http_chunked_stream to util.
     new 87c1f40  Adding documentations of ehancements to Authentication support in client API
     new 5676748  Improving API documentation
     new a284e89  Improving API docs
     new d58ac22  changing the axis2_http_chunked_stream to axutil_http_chunked_stream.
     new 9c7441b  changing axis2_chunked_stream to axutil_chunked_stream.
     new 7c3699e  changing axis2_chunked_stream to axutil_chunked_stream.
     new 8c5b278  anging axis2_chunked_stream to axutil_chunked_stream.
     new 875a01c  Fixing windows build break.
     new 0f36cd1  Fixed mime parser break and also the problem with using env in place of soapenv for namespace prefix
     new 46c2c21  One more soapenv typo fixed
     new 1048772  change the README.txt
     new d3d1691  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-989
     new 62142b8  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-989
     new 2b9e678  Fixing echo_rest as requested in [1]
     new c334257  Modifying, based on [1] and making it more readable. :)..
     new 376da12  Fixing an Invalid write which cause the crash in windows.
     new 682ebc0  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-986. Thanks Kaushayle for testing this.
     new 8ff8105  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-986. Thanks Kaushayle for testing this.
     new f278622  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-991
     new 21007c0  Improving API documentation
     new e906db3  Improving API documentation
     new 32f3f33  Improving API Documentation
     new 04518b0  Improving API docs
     new 86169bb  Improving API docs
     new 0919b7d  Adding constants for new parameters.
     new e339bc6  storing chunk buffer size as members of mime_parser struct.
     new 4abd7e2  Getting the chunk buffer size for axis2_params.
     new 95c753b  Adding new parameters to axis2.xml.
     new 9c1d498  changing MAX to Max.
     new 67e9be9  changing MAX to Max
     new 36459fb  Fixing help message in echo_rest sample
     new e9b6865  Fixing help message in echo_rest sample
     new e4b6880  Fixing help message in echo_rest sample
     new 5945c1b  applied the patch for AXIS2C-993
     new 62f658b  applied the patch for AXIS2C-992
     new b15c7d9  Fixing minor errors in uri test
     new e5f79f1  Added minor fixes to rand test
     new b3be9bc  allocating len_array and buf_array dynamically.
     new 3b47b31  Fixing Build break on Windows
     new bed8032  Removed an unused variable.
     new b1c22ec  Fixing JIRA Issues AXIS2C-573, AXIS2C-941
     new a6534d7  fixed to handle when attachment size greater than configured handling size.
     new a30dbe3  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-996
     new 9949b00  fixed to handle when attachment size greater than configured handling size.
     new cd6623c  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-998
     new bb60ef1  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-999
     new b53f72c  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1000. Thanks, Frank for pointing this out.
     new 03b9a14  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-990
     new fb787f9  AXIS2C-859: Fix change to guththila_xml_writer to use the already existing     routine guththila_write_escape_character.
     new e9589aa  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-990
     new 2768cac  Fixed syntax error
     new 7efcf57  applied patch provide in axis2c-675, thanks Bill for the fix
     new 889fc49  AXIS2C-675: Include comments describing new om_element.c routines.     Fix extraneous NULL parameter error when axiom_element_get_first_child_with_qname     invoked and there are no child nodes.
     new 287acf2  Fixed picking timeout set by the user. User sets timeout with axis2_options_set_timeout_in_milli_seconds and http sender/http_sender.c picks it as a property
     new d7f362d  Fixed a crash on Windows
     new b74b758  Fixing build break due to C++ comments in code and removing other occurences of such.
     new 76b8247  Fixing bug in strrtrim
     new 550a9ca  Adding some additional checks, and eliminating accidental leaks in axutil_strrtrim.
     new e4def54  document updates for Axis2/C 1.3.0
     new 3e5e62d  finding derived key length based on algorithm suite
     new ea76e86  document updated for Axis2/C 1.3.0
     new 31279ff  Corrected invalid wsdl's.
     new c86923c  Fixing bug in axutil_dir_handler_list_services_or_modules_in_dir().
     new 033805b  vc project updated
     new b616cc3  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1004
     new fc19224  Applying patch for JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1002. Thanks Manoj for the patch
     new 1001715  null check in axiom_output_write
     new f4e2998  Adding Documentation on TCPMon tool
     new 09e63bf  changed a wsdl.
     new 15b4e4b  Added ZLIBBUILD in
     new f65ec47  Fixing Typo
     new 1e4a543  Fixing Errors in datetime
     new 38e1a12  Fixed a minor spelling error :)
     new 99c3ed9  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1006
     new 5c4700b  Installing docs to the 'make install' target
     new edee98c  installing AUTHORS to the 'make install' target
     new 5e5c7c7  Removing Codegen from solution folder, as now we use the javatool
     new a84c7dd  fixed docs problem
     new ead051b  Reverting fix to date_time that caused an interop failure
     new bb6bb23  fixed a memory leak.
     new 52732c3  revert the committ due to code freeze.
     new ed5bb0f  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1018
     new 9a8e82e  fixed a memory leak
     new cbb59d2  Fixing Issue AXIS2C-1018
     new 9476616  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1018
     new 1231b68  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1009
     new d25227f  Fixing the segfault when sending large attachments through tcpmon.
     new 8a32261  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1010
     new dcf11cd  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1012
     new ef73374  Added Axis2C/<version> as a server token.
     new 9d2e239  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1013
     new fe034c5  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1025
     new a1d1438  Improved wording.
     new d85ed4f  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1021
     new 28b28a4  Fixing AXIS2C-1014
     new 7dfd922  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1017
     new fe2ad2a  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1022
     new d5aa81d  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1023
     new 9df5282  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1032
     new 231b741  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1037
     new b2a0ebd  Fixing memory leak in properties.c
     new 4b4ca31  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1038
     new b9dae31  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1035
     new cc7d30a  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1035
     new 1a22d2e  Fixing JIRA Issues, AXIS2C-1029, AXIS2C-1031, AXIS2C-1033
     new 50bbf78  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1015
     new bbd9ce5  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1026
     new e2ed27f  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1027
     new fadad43  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1036
     new 37e3d08  Fixing typo
     new 7a3f205  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1008
     new d236a52  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1008
     new 1b06330  Fixing some minor errors in uri.c logic
     new 1678d9b  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1019
     new 936e79a  Fixing minor error
     new f413810  Fixing issue once again as previous too was not right
     new 79b483c  Using HTTP as the default scheme to support Abbreviated URLs
     new 04ef9a0  Fixing typo
     new a12536b  Adding one more fix to suit error cases
     new 919c163  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1019
     new 107061b  fix for issue AXIS2C-1042
     new bf9923d  Removing dependency in util to axiom
     new c18de15  updated the ssl client details.
     new a56e7f2  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1016
     new 5d9b417  Special provisions for IPv6 hostnames, according to RFC3986
     new ca329cc  Fixing memory leak
     new f100faf  Fixing Memory leaks in uri.c
     new be86807  Fixing typo
     new 826a07c  Adding support to retrieve query and fragment in uri.c
     new 0006f78  Improving API docs
     new fda1c85  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1020
     new 3b18f83  Fixing error in uri.c, not being able to handle file:/// due to recent fix
     new ff41a0a  Fixing yet another bug
     new a9701dc  Making more allowances
     new 38fd504  Adding changes to suit definition of path in RFC3986
     new fc5ea05  Fixing bug in setting scheme
     new 9ce2600  The port of a url is defined only if there is a host
     new 443117d  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1030
     new 03c88d3  Adding support for file:///
     new 6778977  support for EndorsingSupportingToken, SupportingToken, SignedEndorsingSupportingToken assertions.
     new 802501b  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1034
     new 69d2528  Fixing source to incorporate bug fixes to url.c. These are some instances where we've been living with bugs. :D... Glad to have them fixed.
     new 4cc0dc6  Fixing url.c to support query string & fragment, as they are assumed to be a part of url.c in the Axis2/C source.
     new e7778ec  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1045
     new e0dca57  Fixing bug in interpreting url's having query component, but no port
     new bf39610  Fixing AXIS2C-999
     new 57e6855  Adding VC 6.0 workspace and project files for Axis2/C. This is a step toward making it possible for VC 6.0 developers on Windows make use of Axis2/C. Thanks, Carl Lefran├žois for the contribution.
     new 7b5940d  Adding support for a default static WSDL path, as a result of a discussion on the dev list, [1].
     new 7cd5755  Adding the Calculator WSDL
     new a63feb2  Adding vc 6.0 projects to source distribution
     new 2529444  Documenting wsdl_path under services.xml section
     new bb265c6  Documenting how to provide a static WSDL for a service
     new 8d641b3  Adding info on --format, and --test to command line help display message
     new db838c2  Adding ability to toggle XML Formatting during execution
     new ec3e276  Fixing spelling mistake
     new 664e90d  Fixing bugs when using ltdl instead of dl
     new 4b508e3  Incorporating fixes for use of ltdl in a more justifiable manner
     new e8e146b  Modifying WSDL of sample Calculator Service
     new 7f8a2cb  Fixing Errors and Improving WSDL
     new abc7644  Modifying SOAP Actions to suit services.xml
     new fed4d0f  Fixing mtom bug in TCPMon
     new 18be2bf  Fixing mtom bug in TCPMon
     new 09ab802  Fixing mtom bug in TCPMon
     new d4f0553  Fixing Bug in formatting in TCPMon tool
     new 8bcd347  Adding Request Identification Support using UUIDs
     new ffb77bb  Adding ability to trap a resend request made to TCPMon
     new 0c3135b  Adding neccessary logic to identify request to be resent in the log_file
     new 46cfe79  Added some helpful error messages and removed unwanted code
     new 25672ab  Adding ability to read request to be resent to memory
     new f73e062  Adding the ability to revert formatting to headers and set appropriate content-length altered by formatting.
     new a0ddd3e  Adding the capability to alter Host header in order to redirect request through TCPMon itself
     new 4430dd2  Finalizing implementation of resending requests on demand.
     new 98fae51  Adding informative title for resent requests
     new ede8b91  Adding param check to prevent a segfault if NULL stream was passed due to failure in creating stream.
     new 7279b16  Fixing a bug in simple_http_svr_conn.c, so that it will respawn threads until it can bind to a socket that is free.
     new e6c9402  Fixing TCPMon issues so that Resending can be used on MS Windows too.
     new d44be2a  Getting TCPMon Resending to work on MS Windows
     new b8ea2c8  Fixing issue in specifying fractional seconds, that was limited to 0.9990, removed the limitation, and now you can have more decimal places
     new 6e587a0  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1049
     new 87af638  Fixing AXIS2C-1049
     new 893e06a  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1049
     new 5a967d9  Fixing typo
     new 22bebf1  Fixing some typos and bugs in logic
     new 631b7b5  Correcting typo, based on input from Carl
     new fd07e78  Fixed Windows build brakes.
     new dc1b66e  Fixing Issues reported in AXIS2C-1049
     new e317298  Adding support for rounding fractional second part, and removing trailing '0's
     new 37607f4  Fixing typo in time zone conversion
     new f76f012  Improving UTC support
     new d126f86  Fixing AXIS2C-1053
     new 280829f  Fixing some typos in duration.c
     new e25fc7f  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1007
     new 38eb5d9  Fixing bug in mis-reporting url port
     new 79227e4  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1007
     new 2eb66c6  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1007
     new 53c3038  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1007
     new 2e2fd18  Fixing some typos
     new dae9850  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1050, and implementing definitions made in RFC 3986.
     new 1e011e7  Fixing Issue in Content Type of Failure Response
     new 038c317  Fixing typo
     new fb3633d  Fixing typo that caused a build break
     new 92b64c1  Adding support for 405 status messages
     new 4121c70  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1054
     new c4068b3  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1054
     new 4ae88c7  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1054
     new 00a5639  Ensuring use of Appropriate Constants and Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1054
     new d518921  Fixing bug in setting User-Agent Header when resending
     new 09f9c69  Fixing a memory leak in http_worker, adding a method to report an appropriate message along with a 500 Error, fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1056, and using the more appropriate 501 Not Implemented status instead of 400 Bad Request
     new a48f675  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1056
     new bfd40d9  Fixing typo
     new c2326e0  Adding support to report 400 Bad Request for malformed URLs
     new 7c75a1c  Adding necessary infrastructure for RESTful Services to report suitable status codes using the Message Context
     new c6a0128  Fixing bug in creating request URL, and fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1057
     new 834fa59  Adding fix for properly interpreting request URL
     new 1a414aa  Fixing Issue in identifying request URL
     new 6b4b0a7  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1057
     new 922bbd0  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1059
     new 28c86d6  Adding AXIS2_WUR, AXIS2_STRING() and AXIS2_CHAR()
     new 3acb086  Fixing "Allow" Header issue in mod_axis2
     new 0b46cac  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1059
     new cf34ed2  Axis2 hackathon: Addressing module issues
     new b8f2f63  Removed an unwanted line
     new 6dd7bd6  Fixed some typos
     new 10771d5  Axis2/C hackathon: Addressing out handler
     new 92ed708  Fixed typos
     new 77a73a7  Fixed typos.
     new 4807d59  Fixed typos.
     new faa2fd1  Fixed typos
     new bbe26f4  code cleaning and adding relevent logs.
     new 7c2f1f2  Fixed typos
     new f2705a2  Fixed typos
     new 5280e98  Fixed typos
     new ea002a4  Cleaning the code and adding relevant logs
     new c524f96  Fixing jira issue 1062
     new 3b03799  Cleand the code and added relevant logs
     new 8a13517  Fixed typos
     new fc52e1d  Fixed typos
     new 65e7adc  Axis2C hackathon: Addressing handlers
     new cd5d478  Fixing typos
     new 5a49083  Adding axis2_http_accept_record to assist "Accept-*" headers
     new 712947e  Adding ability to pass Accept and Accept-Charset Header values to service through msg_ctx
     new aab1049  Fixing some typos
     new dc2154b  Deleted LICENSE for the time being
     new c7b15f3  Added LICENSE
     new 99118ef  Added LICENSE file to the tarball created by make dist
     new d1ff496  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1063
     new c2afaaa  Fixing User-Agent Header to suit definition in RFC2616, [1]. And, removing hardcoded header names in tcpmon.c
     new 7e96000  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions
     new 052ffb7  compilation error fixed
     new 8dda71e  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1061
     new b714f2d  Updated the VS 2005 project
     new f537754  Cleaned the code and added relevant logs
     new 2f4f767  Cleaned the code and added relevant log messages
     new 5cb821e  code formatted for http_client.c
     new 36b7032  Fixing jira issue 1064
     new a7e81e4  Cleaned up the code.
     new 7fd1bdd  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1060
     new e0dc20d  Fixing jira issue 1065
     new f480bc5  Cleaned up the code, added relevant log messages.
     new 7f9251d  Cleaned up the code and added relevant log messages
     new cb48664  Formatted the code.
     new 06d2123  added #ifdef AXIS2_LIBCURL_ENABLE so that it won't be included when libcurl is not specified in vc project.
     new 028835e  Formatted the code and added relevant log messages
     new e46a3c0  Fixed typos
     new 044ce97  Axis2/C Hackathon: Fixing AXIOM
     new 5f1a71a  Axis2C hackathon : Addressing module
     new 7ce825f  code formatted and more log information in http_transport_sender
     new bf6e433  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions
     new d2794a3  removed unreachable code
     new ca2d67b  removed unreachable code
     new 33a3c50  reorganized the content of the file.
     new 1649ad3  added a script to set the environment on win32.
     new 75341aa  added the appropriate casts where they are intentional.
     new 2215806  Added Apache2 license.
     new c8589a2  Include ssl client only when AXIS2_SSL_ENABLED is defined. Required for VC project.
     new fe3e9b2  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1060
     new 59c6290  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1066. Thanks Manoj for the patch.
     new 71f8c90  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1068. Thanks Manoj for the patch.
     new a9608ff  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1069. Thanks Manoj for the patch
     new 6ec5706  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1070. Applying Manoj's patch with some other fixes too.
     new a8e1a5e  Axis2C hackathon : Addressing in handler
     new 6e36d6b  moved url_encode function to axutil_url
     new ca54677  fixed return type
     new 1369f45  added all the services and clients to the VC project.
     new 6954e0b  Fixed a warning
     new 63528ea  fixing build break
     new e2c8f84  removing the remaining relative deploy paths in debug build.
     new c9c202b  Adding ability to specify custom headers and status code at server side
     new d8fa2ce  Fixing typo
     new 102451d  Axis2C hackthon : core refactoring
     new cc356e7  Axis2C hackathon:Code cleaning
     new 8c62dc9  added required libraries
     new 39222aa  Fixing bug in hash creation: adding NULL check on MALLOC() failure.
     new 08b2639  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions
     new 3e45a75  Fixing build break.
     new a9a523b  Axis2C hackathon : Error logs
     new 516575e  
     new d6b0317  Axis2/C Hackathon: Improving AXIOM
     new 9847cdf  Axis2/C Hackathon: Improving code
     new 2a4b33c  Axis2C hackathon: adding debug messages where useful
     new f801688  Axis2/C Hackathon: Improving AXIOM
     new fceb213  Axis2/C Hackathon: Improving AXIOM
     new 5cf516e  Making some comparisons case-insensitive.
     new 48bbdd3  Improving HTTP Status Code support
     new 76fdc1a  Improving HTTP Status Code support
     new 11a1b80  Improving HTTP Status Code support
     new 261418e  Adding ability to add custom headers in Client Side
     new ac127e2  Improving the Client Side support for Retrieving HTTP Response Headers
     new 998e94e  Improving Client Side Handling of status codes
     new f276b3b  Ability to handle HTTP Response Headers and the Status Code at the Client Side
     new 1c9b8a1  Axis2C hackathon : SOAP 1.1/1.2 builder helper - Code formatting and adding error logs
     new d1e5931  Fixing bug in retrieving HTTP Response Headers from Message Context
     new d303838  Fixing spelling mistake.
     new 408f292  Adding support for handling application/x-www-form-urlencoded
     new af59f13  Axis2C hackathon: Removing unneccessary ENV checks. Code formatting
     new ff16073  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions. Also adding code comments, removing garbage.
     new 1e54c10  http sender formatting
     new f850836  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions.: Also adding code comments, removing garbage.
     new 2969979  Adding code comment.
     new 00e78ca  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions.: Also adding code comments, removing garbage.
     new 98c1235  Coding conventions
     new 5ce825b  Removed AXIS2_ENV_CHECK
     new a412527  Axis2C hackathon: Removing Unnecessary Environment checks from the code
     new da66a4e  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-1078
     new 359d172  Fixing JIRA Issue AXIS2C-618
     new 61c7c41  Fixing jira issue 1074
     new e22c2cb  Fixing jira issue 1073
     new b98a3b4  Fixing jira issue 1073
     new f32766e  Fixed a missing initialization in svc_client for http_pheaders and fixed a missing AXIS2_EXTERN
     new 273e008  fixing build break on windows.
     new e576397  replace strings with defined constants
     new e0cf35a  Axis2C hackathon : AXIOM Error handling
     new d42035c  Axis2C hackathon: Error handling in SOAP
     new 136bf5b  more substitution of constants instead of strings
     new 34b6251  Axis2c hackathon : Error handling in libxml2 parser
     new e8c6b79  Fixing bug in date_time
     new f6d2db5  fixed: failure in MTOM sample
     new 64ca3ef  Fixed build break
     new 7eede6b  more comments and formatting for http_sender.c
     new 43d3b3b  (1) setting env to hash (2) build break on windows due to date_time.c modifications (casting problem) (3) copying opetions to in_flow's msg_ctx from out_flow's msg_ctx for client side.
     new 8f3c77a  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions.: Also adding code comments, removing garbage.
     new 95ebeb5  Fixing jira issue 1067
     new ec957ab  Fixing jira issue 1080
     new 1826875  Fixed build break
     new c6edc42  1. fixed echo_rest segmentation fault. 2. fixed fomatting and logs in http_sender.c
     new 9da086e  fixed mod_axis2 build failure
     new 56d5c42  Refer AXIS2C-1082
     new 412547a  Fixing issue in precision
     new fde6a52  Fixing invalid cast issue
     new b86e6c1  Makeing log messages more meaning ful and adding entry/exit traces for functions
     new 50d63fe  bug fixes in serialize method.
     new 31e6c31  code improvement to http_receiver and more detailed log messages
     new 2fdae9b  Fixing AXIS2C-1084
     new d796a9a  Fixing jira issue 1087
     new 699f3ad  Axis2C hackathon: Fixing header comments
     new 9fb2cdc  Adding meaningful log messages, modifying log messages to be meaningful, coding conventions.: Also adding code comments, removing garbage.
     new cc04845  Axis2C hackathon : Axiom headers
     new c0aa673  Fixing build break
     new 5d348c9  Fixing build break
     new 2252a8e  Axis2c hackathon : axiom element header comments
     new 7597656  Axis2c hackathon : Mime parser and axiom element headers
     new 300d034  hackathon : Axiom namespace header
     new 63ae47e  Making guththila as default parser
     new 00a86f2  Making guththila as default parser
     new 5a11f43  Hackathon : header comments
     new cda7d1e  hackathon : Axiom headers
     new 89105e3  Hackathon : SOAP Builder header
     new 6557763  hackathon : SOAP Envelope header
     new 98e9b37  Hackathon : SOAP fault code headers
     new ab42fb9  Hackathon : SOAP fault detail header
     new 5b4a2b7  Hackathon : OM SOAP fault header
     new 7e3037f  hackatho : SOAP fault node header
     new dd81473  hackathon : SOAP fault reason header
     new f76fb6b  Hackathon : SOAP fault role
     new 105111e  hackathon : SOAP fault sub code header
     new 7e1e778  fixed error logs in client side, make correction to log levels
     new 5a551fd  add log messages and removed env checks
     new 6312403  code formatted and more log messages
     new de9f135  libcurl transport , add log messages , replaced strings with macros , more logs
     new 94075ce  Hackathon : SOAP headers
     new 10be160  Hackathon : OM SOAP header block
     new c373155  Hackathon : Axiom SOAP Header
     new 7ad5bb5  Hackathon : AXIOM Stax builder header
     new 8157ba9  HAckathon : AXIOM Text header
     new 47fa3b4  replaced strings with macros and added more descriptive log messages
     new 5166e38  added more log messages and replaced strings with macros
     new e9012e9  added the dependencies for http_server.
     new 2af8460  added more log messages, replaced strings with macros and corrected log levels.
     new 46c7ad0  Hackathon : Axiom headers
     new 629a26d  Adding code comments in configuration
     new 27ed644  Adding error log messages for configuration context
     new 9d68cf5  added more log messages, replaced strings with macros. modified some methods to looks clean
     new 606f82f  axiom data source memory leak fix
     new 34d5698  fix of build break on windows
     new 0e0d940  Hackathon of client api
     new fd3fdfd  Hackathon of client api
     new 233afbd  Hackathon of client api
     new dff9c65  removed the some commented code inside guththila. removed methods which are not using.
     new 01069e5  code formatting , more log messages and comments into code.
     new c3a0665  comments , log messages and code formatting
     new 6495475  added documentation of methods in to this file
     new 025d25b  change the method documentation.
     new bcda7be  Corrected api comments for most of the comments in deployment engine. Also added some brief description at the beginning of files. Added error log messages and updated existing ones appropriately.
     new f24e862  added method discription to axiom_util.h header
     new c7b30e2  Hackathon: code improvements
     new 9c1c6bb  Hackathon:code improvements
     new e9c84dc  compiler errors fixed
     new 80f1414  Hackathon:code improvements
     new 2aafd0a  Hackathon:code improvements
     new d791265  Hackathon:code improvements
     new 201b783  Hackathon:code improvements
     new ed2f129  Added the local pool and also added the fix to change the place where the worker is created depending on weather are are using shared memory
     new fee5d66  Hackathon:code improvements
     new faa5523  Hackathon:code improvements
     new be3430f  bug fix in mod_axis2
     new dcfa90f  Removing AXIS2_ENV_CHECK
     new 9b1c742  Fixing jira issue 1091
     new e523647  Fixing jira issue 1092
     new d56e834  Fixing jira issue 1093
     new 6a801bf  Fixing jira issue 1094
     new 9d9da59  Fixing jira issues 1095, 1096, 1097, 1098, 1099
     new a1a2f15  Fixing jira issues 1080 and 1081
     new 4f55c84  Coding comments, coding conventions and meaningful log messages
     new 1f8a405  makefile updated
     new 8ca6ec1  more comments, error logs and comments added to transport
     new bf98892  compile error on windows fixed
     new 12e3dd7  
     new 2409782  Added using dlerror in case DLL loading fails.
     new c3b379f  Hackathon:code formattings
     new 267c50d  documents update for axis2/C 1.3.1 release
     new ab57880  Changed the version no of the library
     new d98dee0  Installing codegen scripts to 'make install' target
     new 6da2c3a  version updated
     new 3403b96  document updated for 1.3.1 release
     new e91bafb  Fixing jira issues 1100, 1101, 1103
     new d242f81  document update for Axis2/C 1.3.1
     new 6920642  Changes due to making guththila as default parser
     new 44de952  fixed the jira 1089
     new c6fcec4  applying patch for issue AXIS2C-1104. thank you danushka
     new ff03b60  document update to serve previous versions from archive
     new 64e2fd2  Changed the library version number
     new a011cff  Changed the library version number
     new 9a96472  Changed the library version number
     new 90c20cc  Changed the library version number
     new 4de1ba9  Changed the library version number
     new 9b41c81  Changed the library version number
     new aeee4e2  defined AXIS2_GUTHTHILA_ENABLED in guththila.h
     new 9625b50  Installing codegen scripts to one location
     new 3454426  Chnaged the file name to README from README.txt
     new 6ce825b  Fixed issue AXIS2C-1108
     new 7611691  Changed README.txt to README
     new d733560  Added DAXIS2_LIBXML2_ENABLED
     new 2e23704  Added DAXIS2_LIBXML2_ENABLED
     new 0718bc8  Stopped checking for libxml2
     new 3a8a880  fixed:axis2c-1105, thanks Steve Narin for the patch
     new a8075a9  renamed README.txt to README
     new 83f2800  Fixed guththila memory leak.
     new 9296a31  add AXIS2_LIBXML2_ENABLED logics
     new 73b874f  Fixed compilation error in sample code
     new 8230af3  made guththila = 1
     new f65cefa  Fixed a syntax error
     new 25e94cb  fixed:axis2c-1106, thanks steve for the patch
     new 304294e  fixed false error log
     new 320a0d1  Fixed some memory leaks in guththila.
     new 024cd84  Fixed invalid memory read at guthtila_xml_parser.c line 1553, inside guththila_nex_char function.
     new 5fac295  Transport_in property copy is removed from axis2_op_client_two_way_send since whole msg_ctx option is copied.
     new a620ae1  fixing memory leak
     new 7f67ace  Fixed the issue AXIS2C-1118. Include namespace validation for elements with namespaces declared in the same element.
     new ca16483  fixed memory leaks in echo sample
     new 5d82dcb  fixed memory leaks in google sample
     new d2a025b  fixed memory leak in yahoo client
     new 750de47  Updating INSTALL file
     new 3337bf5  Fixing Installation Guide
     new 7084fd3  Fixing, for more than 4 namespace declarations
     new 2c574da  fixing RAMPARTC-90. Thanks Kasun.
     new 9116c30  defining libxml2 flag if libxml2 is enabled.
     new 34c2e73  Correcting some bugs occurs when --enable-libxml2 is provided (hope this time svn work)
     new 154eb12  Fixing memory leak mentioned in Jira AXIS2C-1122
     new 9a92a92  Fixing jira
     new e82d089  changed version number 1.3.1 to 1.4.0
     new 0f19a27  changed version number from 1.3.1 to 1.4.0
     new 9b09d7c  Added SwA support
     new 13a429a  correction for the c style comment
     new 5050649  changed library version number
     new 3a431eb  fixing undefined symbol: axis2_handler_create
     new 24c010f  adding swa file transfer interface
     new e0b853f  fixed build break
     new b01fedc  Changed the Axis2/C version to 1.4.0
     new 81e799a  fixed:axis2c-1126 , build breaks when libxml2-dev not installed
     new 931c90c  documents updated for Axis2/C 1.4.0
     new 7df9116  Fixed a small mistake in the proxy settings section in axis2c manual
     new d69befa  null checking added for soap action header creation
     new 15ab617  Fixed the issue AXIS2C-1132
     new 7a2beb0  Added comments and code formatting for guththila_xml_writer.c and guththila_xml_parser.c and corresponding header
     new b4177ee  Fix for AXIS2C-1114, releasing the tokens in to the token cache
     new dd7edd8  unused code removed
     new 899c0b6  AXIS2_EXTERN added to rest functions
     new 3ced697  Fixed issue AXIS2C-1144
     new 36a3447  axiom_data_handler_set_content_type function added
     new 76ce849  mtom.c sample updated
     new fad78c2  Adding a pool allocator pointer, ref count and function pointer.
     new c3e699e  Fixing Axis2C-1079.
     new eac0fbe  Fixing MTOM sample memory leaks and part of yahoo sample memory leaks. ( and
     new f4fdbb6  Fix for JIRA
     new 7de9fc9  Fixing memeory leaks reported in
     new 8307cd8  Fixing memory leaks caused by axutil_url_encode function.
     new 5b3751f  Code formatting and documentation. AXIS2C-1137
     new 0af4554  Fixing memory leak in serialize_start_part logic.
     new a01b09b  spelling mistakes in comments fixed
     new 275a25a  build.bat file updated
     new 020e16a  bindist.bat file updated
     new 1cde824  fixing memory corruption
     new 681aace  makefile updated
     new b77d311  makefile updated to use guththila as the default parser
     new 78afe8e file updated
     new 161aa65  makefile updated
     new b6ffcbc  patch from jira applied
     new 77abcce  Applied patch Axis2C-939. Thanks Dave.
     new 0732eec  formating.
     new d67bedc  doc comments added
     new 529e1d6  doc comment added to free function
     new cf788b5  Fixing AXIS2C-1173
     new 027bae9  typos in comments corrected
     new 2f91956  typo corrected
     new 2f4ac85  Fix for JIRA Thanks Julien Billon for finding this.
     new 6d59fb8  Removing the static identifier.
     new d70cda6  doc comment updated
     new ccde5b2  type corrected
     new a347f17  vc project file updated
     new b5366e4  rest params issue fixed
     new 2e3c3ae  potential invalid read fixed
     new 0755c4b  In notify sample there were some printf fuction calls. Replaced them with LOG messages. Also when an error status code is set in notify service it was not handled in message receiver. Fixed it.
     new 761572b  Fixed AXIS2C-1176
     new c4bd9b7  Fixing spelling mistake in rp defines.
     new 87085a6  IIS 6 and 7 Integration. Now this module can work as a wild card script map for IIS 6 and 7.
     new 0e6153b  Fixed AXIS2C-1183. Now it works with empty -lp or -tp without crashing
     new 577f235  Added the AMQP related files given by Dhanushka
     new 017fd5d  Adding AMQP samples
     new 7e2392f  Adding AMQP stuff
     new 0c33f06  Fixed build issues in amqp/echo sample
     new 8f7e8af  Fixing jira issue 1130
     new a3e5e64  axis2_core_utils_get_rest_op_with_method_and_location method moved from rest dispatcher
     new 5d44af1  axis2_core_utils_get_rest_op_with_method_and_location function added
     new 7b9db94  Fixed a typo
     new f94df37  axis2_rest_disp_get_rest_op_with_method_and_location method moved to core utils
     new d3dab3e  Fixed a typo
     new ef990b9  fixed the build break for IIS module
     new 2f86611  
     new 780cf32  IIS URL mapping was incorrect for IIS 6. Fixed it.
     new 57c5e0e  Updated the Readme file
     new b091485  removing duplicated code
     new 485b28c  Added newline to the end of the file, because of compilation error
     new db954a6  wrong constant corrected
     new 8854b3d  Please refer AXIS2C-1190 and AXIS2C-1189
     new 1516ccc  AXIS2_EXTERN added to the axis2_core_utils_get_rest_op_with_method_and_location
     new f3bd05a  Fixed AXIS2C-1161
     new c2a44ec  fixed few mistakes in the install instructions
     new 856d96d  added a link to API Docs
     new a4d02e0  Applied the patch for AMQP Doc
     new 085bff1  
     new 3e4caf9  updated the manual for IIS 6 and 7
     new 751ef93  Handling the socket errors properly in Windows.
     new cd3439d  Applied the patch from 1047. thanks Dave
     new 99fb982  typo in comments corrected
     new 5504700  constant that can result in buffer overflow removed
     new b102ce2  Fixed a build break Linux AXIS2C-1194. Thanks Rajika.
     new f433f1e  fixing linux build break.
     new 7f90f04  Fixing jira issue 1158
     new b5d2659  error messages corrected
     new 06ae04a  Fixed 1195
     new 106ba26  applied the patch for axis2c-1193
     new 3053552  
     new fce2fa9  crash problem fixed
     new a046a62  applied that patch for 1193. Thanks Danushka for the patch.
     new 7c5c0bc  comments and new functions added
     new c11d74f  axis2_http_transport_utils_process_request method added
     new 7e06487  Added some useful comments in the httpd transport.
     new d8af149  Adding useful code comments
     new 17b31d0  Adding useful code comments
     new 346c76e  Fixing build break caused by no new line at the end of the file.
     new 91027b3  Corrected a typo
     new 70016f5  setting the fat32 workaround to no. Previously this was set to yes in some projects and to no in other projects. Because of that IIS failed to load with VC build Axis2/C.
     new 3df1345  introducing init and uninit methods for the newly introduced axis2_http_tranport_in_t and axis2_http_tranport_out_t methods. Fixing some errors in the axis2_http_tranport_utils_process_request
     new 8798ee2  introducing init and uninit methods for axis2_http_tranport_in_t and axis2_http_tranport_out_t
     new 2f7c3e5  Fixed Axis2C 1170
     new bed26d9  Applied the patch 1185. Thanks Rajika.
     new c8ea69f  Fixed Axi2C-1048.
     new 7206a08  Add a comment to the axiom_element_get_text method.
     new fc61316  Fixed JIRA AXIS2C-1165.
     new d4a78b8  Fixing AXIS2C-1058. Now axis2_iis_worker.c uses the common http handling functionality in the http_tranport_utils.c. The function that is used is axis2_http_tranport_utils_process_request. Also now IIS uses the newly introduced axis2_http_transport_in_t and axis2_http_transport_out_t structures to use the above function.
     new 6ab15c6  fixing some errors in the newly introduced function axis2_http_utils_process_request.
     new d69157f  fixing a typo. In axis2_op_ctx_get_response_written function the return type is axis2_bool_t. But in one place it uses AXIS2_FAILURE as a return value. Corrected it to AXIS2_FALSE.
     new bf61c47  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1199, AXIS2C-1200, AXIS2C-1201
     new b8bb246  Service url was not set. Fixing it.
     new 5b576c2  Applied the patch AXIS2C-1203. Thanks Janapriya.
     new ea0f9b5  Giving solution to AXIS2C-1202
     new 16efd36  Fixing AXIS2C-1075. Thanks Rajika
     new d81343b  Fixing AXIS2C-1040
     new 57067a4  Adding useful comments into phase resolver
     new d2bd4df  Including TCPmon include directory for its build.
     new 5229850  TCP mon build break fix.
     new 91c5ab1  Adding useful comments
     new c9ab146  Adding comments
     new f0eef19  Fixing jira issue 1116
     new 592ec23  Fixing AXIS2C-1205
     new 0532ca5  Apply Patch for Axis2C-1203. Thanks Janapriya
     new 2131d6a  Fixing 1154. Thanks Damitha for reviewing the patch.
     new 871b04b  Changing the log from ERROR to INFO in case of services folder is not found.
     new 5754057  defined axis2_unsigned_byte_t to handle xsd:unsignedByte
     new 85934be  Adding useful code comments
     new 2e07bd4  Updating the code comment
     new f828274  Adding useful code comments.
     new fdd82c4  Code formatting and comments
     new 5a6792b  Fixes to IIS. Introducing new configurations.
     new a7b3222  Fixing issue 995. Now we are freeing the worker when the pool used to init the child get destroyed.
     new d57d042  Fixing a incorrect calculation of buffer length using strlen function. The length of the stream can be taken directly.
     new 2474f25  fixing a typo
     new 7f43209  Fixing issue 1188. Thanks Damitha for reviewing.
     new 317380a  Applying coding conventions
     new 98a0356  Correcting the seg-fault in case of a on_fault method not implemented.
     new ece4dd6  Adding new line at the end of the file.
     new 19aeb7a  Fixing jira issue 1135
     new 3443923  Fixed 1212
     new d892d8e  patch applied. AXIS2C-1124. Thanks Rajika.
     new d7ede9f  patch applied Axis2c-1124. Thanks Rajika.
     new 3aadf7a  fixed the issue 1216.
     new 0f2c1af  Some code formatting
     new e762005  added information for MEP in services.xml section
     new 0fbd0f3  Edit the manual to document the recent changes to the IIS module.
     new 58916b7  Patch applied AXIS2C-1221. Thanks Federic and Rajika for the effort.
     new c866d6d  fixed a typo.
     new 03e7fa3  Update the README and INSTALL file to reflect the recent changes.
     new e04a437  Changed version numbers and fixed build break in tcpmon
     new 68c1953  Changed the version number to 1.5.0
     new 339e3a6  Changed version number to 1.5.0
     new 317351c  Changed version number
     new 9618754  Changed version number
     new 0bcdea6  Changed the version number to 1.5.0
     new 41c98a8  changing the make file to copy the axis2_iis_regedit.js file to the root of bin directory.
     new 5ff8a1d  Changing the files to the 1.5.0 release.
     new 7b03289  Changing to the 1.5.0 release.
     new 93a68b8  change the maven command to mvn
     new baeebd1  version changes.
     new bc4d295  Removing windows line endings
     new 35cda67  typo
     new e4dc221  
     new de5143c  
     new 3e22f7f  Changed version numbers of libraries
     new 80023b4  Added missing files to the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new c917413  Added missing files to the tarball created by 'make dist'
     new f1a6fbc  
     new d8425c6  
     new f6d43f2  
     new 61ec2a7  Changes to amqp make files for including header files in the distributions.
     new 4906db4  Applying patch 1226. Thanks Rajika for the Patch and Frederic for testing.
     new ac63942  adding comment
     new 9d74159  adding urn:uuid prefix to message id.
     new 0f2b2e7  Linking libaxis2_engine to libaxis2_http_receiver
     new 35f0572  missing setting added to function process_request
     new bdfd5a6  code updated
     new b793729  setting 1.5.0 in samples configure file
     new 123a104  
     new 67e5ca5  reverting the changes for issue AXIS2C-995
     new e39a554  Fixed issue AXIS2C-1238
     new b007c93  fixed the issue 1234.
     new e297576  
     new f109f76  Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-655428" from
     new be8986d  Adding mtom caching supoort for mtom.
     new b286d6b  Fixing non-optimized case.
     new e19e519  Changing a function signature in apache2_worker.c
     new a9217ef  fixing conflict between service operations and module operations.
     new c583be2  fixing the mtom changes.
     new 4d4bf67  fixing incorrect inclusion of include files.
     new 9b500a4  reverting last modification.
     new cd8ebbd  visual studio compilation settings for guththila
     new 0501d0b  Switching back to apache request pool.
     new 4223bef  Switching back to apache request pool.
     new 8a5cb0c  Free the engine in the path where engine receive already done by a handler
     new f273dd1  chunking problem for some streams fixed
     new f3db51d  Changing the mime_part list destroy function to http_transport_utils.
     new c13a704  rampart link fix
     new f5506e9  Fixing the build break.
     new 29c6f23  Fixing Axis2C-1245.
     new 2ead3e4  Fixed the memory leak decribed in AXIS2C-1249
     new 1469894  Fixes for AXIS2C-1247.
     new 3301cc7  Adding some comments.
     new e58e01d  Fixing some bugs due to inappropriate memory frees.
     new 3ea49e0  Fixing memory leak related to recent Neethi code changes.
     new 674465d  Some code formats
     new 5784ace  Removing check for msg_ctx_paused in the free function
     new 86b3d00  Fixing memory leak
     new cbb5cb3  mime parser updated to fix the interop issue
     new 55c42ad  Fixing some memory leaks in tests.
     new 1fe3c6d  fixed a typo: including the same header twice.
     new fd0ed82  Fixing AXIS2C-1250
     new 6813bcb  Minor change
     new 5620aa0  Added few utility functions for the network_handler.c.
     new ab0a46d  added the udp transport capability
     new 335119d  added the capability include udp transport.
     new 3a10b22  fixing some typos
     new 74a9370  correcting a typo
     new 78a5409  Adding comments. Removing unwanted code and code cleaning.
     new a6e53e2  function calling order corrected for head and get methods
     new e1ebcab  error in handling url path fixed for rest sending case
     new b7bb8ed  Fixed build break in Linux caused by unused variable in http_transport_util.c.
     new c333377  fixing normalizing policy reference.
     new 8612632  Fixed a build issue in MAX OS
     new ccbd04b  Moved #includes out of the extern "C" block to avoid breaking C++ applications.
     new e95d541  Adding ref counter to message context. This is needed for Sandesha2/C
     new 6c27a3c  WS-Security policy 1.2 support
     new 156540c  adding new files.
     new d459b1b  Removing qname_matcher.
     new b17056b  WS-Security Policy 1.2 and WS-Policy 1.5 support
     new f200fd3  WS-Policy 1.5 support
     new ea2f1fe  Adding log messages
     new 015a3dc  Adding log messages
     new cbb90dc  For module operations mep is not set at deployment time
     new dfbd6e2  Adding log line
     new b2568f9  fixing issue 1259
     new 649b0e5  Adding RMPolicy and mtom policy.
     new 8d38dae  Adding additional test cases.
     new a92ef35  Modifying the windows build to support rmpolicy.
     new b1e6f78  Please refer jira AXIS2C-1261
     new d2c573c  Adding rm_policy related stuff.
     new c6c6df6  Adding new context property for use separate listener
     new 30770da  Fixing Axis2/C-1263
     new e58a651  Fxing Axis2/C-1264
     new ed27038  makefile error fixed
     new 12772cc  compile errors fixed
     new 99f178e  cgi transport module added
     new b5ccd33  makefile updated
     new e121d0b  INSTALL file updated
     new 20b993b  Fixing issues 1254 and 1266.
     new dee2e51  Fixing issue 1266
     new 2e11384  Fixed warnings and build breaks
     new 55ec70e  Fixed build breaks and warnings
     new b79f18d  Added src/core/transport/http/server/CGI to the main build
     new 75fbbbe  makeing in order invocation default value to false. Also remove env_check macros
     new b55c0ca's in amqp transport has repeated entries. automake complains about this. Corrected this.
     new befc0c3  Added for CGI directory
     new 78aba86  adding rmpolicy files
     new 46b47eb  Added new line to the end of the file to avoid build break
     new 416c48f  Fixing some bugs in rm_policy and secpolicy.
     new 809b706  implementation for issue RAMPARTC-114 and RAMPARTC-113
     new b07ece5  Adding a sample services.xml which contains different level policies.
     new 2de564b  fixing libcurl build break
     new 907fe39  fixing issue 1276.
     new 3ad8541  mutex lock is unlocked incase of early return. Fixed...
     new 02c74e2  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1278
     new 69ebc0e  memory leak fix
     new 0dd81a0  spelling error corrected
     new ca6a671  Fixing jira issue 1285
     new 21a8afd  fixing jira issue 1272
     new 3e65f23  Applying patch in AXIS2C-1277
     new f1e8785  Applied patch in AXIS2C-1286
     new 072e636  fix for
     new 71ee87e  adding logic to match arbitary pattern and retrieve user parameters
     new 87beaad  adding the rest param matching logic to the first part of the url as well. in early committs it has skipped the first part of the url
     new 5534a5a  removing some internal functions from public headers
     new 4e727f5  doing a null check for the soap body before calling axiom_node_insert_sibling_before
     new 3d8f0fd  Applying the patch for AXIS2C-1291
     new df3fcbb  (1)adding neethi include files to axis2c echo service. (2)memory leak fix in hash map
     new e17b1fd  applying patch of AXIS2C-1292
     new 99d6c70  Applying patch of AXIS2C-1293
     new 560b7e4  removing ^M characters.
     new 836234e  Checking in XPath implementation for Axiom. AXIS2C-595.
     new bac4b15  dos2unix. removing win32 newlines.
     new f232751  1. s/xpath.h/axiom_xpath.h 2. removed win32 endlines from axiom_xpath.h (dos2unix)
     new 7826ca4  fixing windows build break.
     new e66a30b  applying patch given in AXIS2C-1298
     new d4edd53  applying patch given in AXIS2C-1299
     new 811329b  applying patch given in AXIS2C-1300
     new a6a6a83  MTOM sender side caching callback.
     new c924c4e  Fixes for Axis2C-1302.
     new 434def7  Fixes for Axis2C-1302
     new 7c72f95  Fixes for Axis2C-1302 and Axis2C-1301
     new b96dc9c  Fixes for Axis2C-1301
     new 4e2b569  Fixing, serializing sub tree fails when the namespace is from a parent in special occassions
     new aee9b34  fixing a mem leak, avoiding return in the middle of the loop, rather break and quit at the end freeing all the allocations
     new 7f4650e  A sample mtom_sending callback
     new 3d3898e  A Sample Caching callback
     new 3f78268  An mtom client which uses the callback
     new 6c093be  Adding new makefiles
     new 9ced097  Adding subdirectories
     new 6d47fdf  A sample service which uses the sending callback.
     new 71709cd  Adding sub directoies.
     new 9914e00  Adding sub directories.
     new bb1d6ea  Changes to mtom_client
     new 68c6881  Changes to mtom services and adding new axis2.xml parameters.
     new 43f3d4f  Fixing a build break due to previous commit.
     new 5c26fc7  adding mtom caching samples to windows build.
     new 017f863  Changing the log name.
     new f64da45  Fixing a typo in the axis2.xml.
     new 2768ed2  Fixed build break
     new 3e36eaa  Fixed build break
     new c695b4d  Fixed build break
     new 1fc35b4  fixing - adding axiom_node_create_from_buffer
     new b30e789  new function axutil_url_get_query added
     new 232986a  axutil_url_get_query added
     new b51f9f2  Fixes for AXIS2C-1302.
     new 4114b6e  Fixes for Axis2C-1302
     new 493b035  Fixing Axis2C-1302
     new c51b09a  Fixing Axis2C-1301
     new f551035  Adding fixes for httpd for Axis2C-1301.
     new dbfd182  Fixing a typo
     new cf638a1  Fix for AXIS2C-1317
     new c3ce03b  Stopped linking libmysqlclient
     new 3448198  fix for issue AXIS2C-1319
     new c9e7649  Adding content about MTOM callbacks.
     new 8b85352  windows build file for mtom callback implementation.
     new ba3253b  My very first commit
     new 9659c89  fixing problem in AIX. Fix for issue AXIS2C-1321
     new b59805a  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1253
     new a137dda  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1269
     new b1cb812  Fix for issue AXIS2C-638
     new bd1cae8  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1231
     new 2f653eb  fix for issue AXIS2C-1231
     new c96a586  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1243
     new ec087e7  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1310
     new 5266797  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1268
     new c129c13  Fixing Axis2C-1320.
     new c69e72c  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1315
     new 2b3f893  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1309
     new 3e3781d  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1311
     new 4d546eb  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1241
     new 0f99a9c  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1267
     new 8c36a94  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1230
     new 7a581ad  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1280
     new 97d9327  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1323
     new fb5cb44  Fixing Axis2C-1313
     new 6e5b8e2  Fixing AXis2C-1313
     new d8df854  spelling corrected in comment
     new 68eab92  comments corrected
     new 25e43ae  core_utils.c updated
     new a3db92d  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1169
     new abe38e7  comments corrected
     new 33f4ed2  comments corrected
     new 058aea5  Fixing indentation problems.
     new fe951b8  comments updated
     new 5ec7d9e  comment added
     new 7ab0d53  fix for issue AXIS2C-1166
     new bd1a43f  Fixing Axis2C-1324
     new 68afa29 file updated, corrected help info
     new a5d9868  install file updated
     new a2dfabb  compile error fixed
     new 2a92ed3  Fixed a build issue in src/core/transport/http/server/CGI
     new 60f4134  binary name changed
     new ddb9999  Fixing a crash when using libcurl
     new fbafb9f  Adding extern declaration of function usleep
     new c5db47d  Fixes for Axis2C-1331.
     new 91c721d  Fixes for Axis2C-1331
     new 0435d3e  giving AXIOM_ prefix to "header #define protectors" of xpath header files.
     new e4f946b  Adding XPATH project to visual studio solution.
     new 018aec4  removing axis2_util.h inclusion. axis2_util.h is a header file in axis2c/include, which is not needed to be included in xpath. including axutil_env.h and axutil_stack.h specifically...
     new 8eb0e31  correcting build order
     new 63bb2d2  Adding XPATH project to visual studio solution.
     new 0c6dc3d  Exporting function symbols
     new 25bed5a  Windows build system for XPATH library.
     new 25978e3  spelling corrected
     new a96a349  typo corrected
     new 11c3c2b  AXIS2_PLATFORM_GET_THREAD_ID definition added
     new a1ff817  HTTP codes added
     new f34f2a1  removing compiler warning of generated code
     new b004255  typo in comments corrected
     new 6f3aaba  
     new 9d76c2b  
     new 9349b68  fixing AXIS2C-1343
     new 50564e6  Spliting the mime_parser message parsing logic by seprating the attachment parsing anf soap parsing.
     new f6f43e8  Changing the header file.
     new 73d8ecb  compilation error fixed
     new 836c2c2  Changes need to support service level callback for MTOM.
     new ad4e5ee  Changes to SOAP related stuff.
     new d3411c3  header file chnages for my previous commit.
     new ce06fc3  Adding new constants.
     new 14317be  typo corrected
     new 6920c38  warning fixed
     new 0a2573b  axis2_msg_recv updated with addition of a service loading function
     new 4149710  Initializing to null.
     new 9d4264a  Handling single buffer case more correctly.
     new ddc964e  Adding enableServiceCallback parameter.
     new b180412  Changes accoording to the service level callback.
     new 7e86618  Modified the sample accoarding to the service level callback.
     new b2451fe  Changes to the client.
     new e216183  Adding some comments.
     new d5b4a21  fixed a build break 1. too many arguments to the printf statement  2. unused variables
     new 7ec71eb  Fixing the failure in the mtom sample.
     new 61f66b3  Changing the version.
     new 54a4130  changing the version.
     new 256cf5c  Adding Danushka.
     new 5f6497e  Changing the library versions.
     new 1c56453  Changed the version number to 1.6.0
     new 433a887  Updating.
     new db283fd  Updating the developer list.
     new 727e727  Updating the chagelog.
     new b6b6b21  Updating the AUTHORS file
     new 51a5222  Updated the contributors list
     new 86715b2  Fixing some interop issues.
     new 113b289  Fixing some interop issues.
     new 91ecba0  compile error fixed
     new b82202e  Changes to samples makefiles.
     new b02c442 file updated
     new be8ba08  Fixing compilation issue on following GCC version with configuration specified: Target: i486-linux-gnu Configured with: ../src/configure -v --with-pkgversion='Ubuntu 4.3.2-1ubuntu12' --with-bugurl=file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-4.3/README.Bugs --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran,objc,obj-c++ --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --with-system-zlib --libexecdir=/usr/lib --without-included-gettext --enable-threads=posix --enable-nls --with-gxx-include-dir=/usr/include/c++/4.3 --program-su [...]
     new 0b8dd1a  Fixing the log issue in the rc1.
     new a520cd8  Fixng some issues in samples.
     new 640d1e2  Added a prefix for datadir
     new 3abe8a4  Added a prefix for datadir
     new 129e0b8  Added prefix to datadir
     new 26a48f9  Changed installdir of samples
     new 63b3431  Changed the samples source location on binary distribution
     new db73d3e  Removing the dynamic invocation function.
     new 9255302  Removing the dynamic invocation function.
     new d970c02  Fixing AXIS2C-1349
     new 916466d  See AXIS2C-1353 and AXIS2C-1354
     new dc5b7d4  Adding release steps as a document.
     new e1f6a57  Adding a additional method to conf to get the handler list
     new c00166e  adding a new getter method to get the handler list
     new 6014ce2  Fixing the build break.
     new 0ecbcf3  Moving the samples to samples/bin and samples/lib directories.
     new 40ade47  Fixies for mtom service callback.
     new e851e8f  copying sample sources inside samples/src/
     new 3704c8d  
     new 53441a8  Modifying the INSTALL file for new changes.
     new 59d6556  Updating  docs
     new 932533c  Updating download.html
     new 3e85f1a  Updating the installationguide.
     new 2510fbf  Updating the INSTALL file.
     new b45d2ed  mpre updates.
     new 9346dd0  Added security phase to inflow
     new 1ac8eb6  fixing message receiver loading issue
     new 3a56b19  improving the performance in log writing.
     new 2e49879  XPath expects a dummy root node. Added that to evaluate() logic, so that it's easier for the user.
     new 7309de6  updated to match the changes in xpath.c
     new cd2855c  Instructions for creating the windows binary.
     new 44728cc  Document changes.
     new 5aafc0f  changing build options
     new 0597eff  copying changelog file
     new 2a3b587  Changes to docs.
     new d2af22f  
     new d8cdc0e  Trivial changes
     new 7fb6556  Incrementing env counter when env is copied.
     new cf656b7  Applying the patch Varuna sent for jira AXIS2C-1347.
     new 3a792e4  Commiting the patch attached for jira AXIS2C-1363. Added the test_xpath_streaming.c to the linux build.
     new ba186d4  changed axiom_xpath_context_create() function to accpet a (const axutil_env_t *)
     new 75c5656  Changing 2008 to 2009
     new 1a9faf6  Chanigng cgi link to be absolute.
     new ee135d3  Changing the qpid source location.
     new 953addc  Applying patch given in AXIS2C-1244
     new 03889b0  Adding changes due to latest qpid trunk and axis2.
     new 636863d  Fixing the conf_builder to process transport_sender elements without any parameters as child elements.
     new b773f29  adding XMPP receiver option
     new 14414b8  Adding an allocator clone
     new ab3375f  Fixing Axis2/C-1377
     new 9e9cc7c  Initializing allocator->global_pool_ref
     new ccc8100  Removing unneccessary pool switching
     new 0a16c29  hello_svc.c.html and hello_svc.c error message corrected
     new 3b7d657  hello_svc.c error message corrected
     new 5fc82f8  Malloced lenght should be increased from 1 for the null charactor.
     new 5b8414f  fixing file handler close return value
     new 70e51e1  code formatting
     new ec38684  code formatting
     new 80979c3  Adding a new macro to control logging information
     new e9619ff  compilation error fixed
     new b31ffa9  compilation error fixed
     new 741c09b  code formatting
     new 4d8438a  error fixed
     new d063db9  utility methods to create node from string, clone
     new 3819e8c  
     new 1e0b26d  fixing assertion serialization
     new 4ebb965  formatting the code
     new f2eeae4  formatting the code
     new 23bf988  formatting the code
     new 0786b4e  formatting the code
     new 231c704  formatting the code
     new b80be86  code formatting
     new fd5db60  code formatting + refactor
     new b7696a3  Fixed a spelling mistake
     new 476e06b  fixing client side dep_engine_load logic
     new d0e9c1e  code formatting + refactor + improving performance
     new 857643c  adding comments
     new 09edf15  code formatting + refactor + improving performance
     new 41e08fe  fixing mtom file read error
     new ea585cd  removing unwanted assignment
     new 70bf44a  fixing mtom missing trailing characters issue
     new bd44a69  patch provided in jira 1392 applied
     new 4727392  namespace uri comparison added to find_declared_namespace function
     new d815900  added closing file handle opened to read the static wsdl file.
     new b197d86  improving performance
     new bc02c73  improving performance
     new f58b4a3  dir_handler.c updated to compile on macos
     new f1073ef  install file updated
     new 26d2c7d  removed extern to usleep
     new 136f52e  removed unnecessary linking of
     new 041eda7  improving performance
     new 950a6d5  improving performance
     new 73244a1  fixing compilation issue in windows
     new 9917909  
     new cab7189  
     new 6396d1f  removing duplicate method added recently
     new 96cfca6  fixing the issue of additional two characters written when using callback
     new 567d998  change the static const variable to a define statement
     new 5b0e5fd  fixing issue AXIS2C-1375
     new 8a4c79d  formatting the code
     new 78c789c  fixing issue AXIS2C-1356
     new ea2d9cb  improving performance
     new b1d35ed  uncommenting header file inclusions
     new 61dd9b3  service client free function call added
     new ac80a33  applied patch attached to jira 1387
     new df5d2d3  fixing build error on windows.
     new 1f33a12  fixing xml declaration processing logic
     new c1edf87  Fixed the docs install issue
     new 6eaa7ed  makefile updated
     new f1327a6  applied fix from jira issue 1394
     new e3fee37  typo corrected
     new be67dc1  Error checking in date_time.c deserialize_date function added
     new a6fb6ca  improving performance
     new 319cb4a  Fixing RelatesTo@RelationshipType attribute with correct value
     new daffb73  fixing getAttribute issue
     new 6eae417  reseting children iterator before returning
     new 29b2d9a  Fixing dual channel listener crash
     new d3c8b98  Fixing dual channel listener crash
     new 98f6ee6  Getting msg context for dual channel
     new e4d180b  Getting msg context for dual channel
     new 8431773  Fixed a warning
     new b4c8316  See comment to AXIS2-1279
     new 6313c0c  comment corrected
     new e595ec4  crash problem fixed for a invalid rest request, typos in comments corrected.
     new adb0946  Adding AXIS2_SVC_CLIENT_CLOSED
     new 4ac5d23  Adding service client close functionality
     new 7f6a0f5  mep uri added
     new 6dad7bd  In this method axiom_element instance is used without allocating/initialising
     new 8da6d5b  reverting qname to include prefix
     new 47de37d  fix for issue AXIS2C-1402
     new 576af19  reverting changes to AXIS2C-1402
     new 2dffea7  Here status code checking is not important, because if there is no handlers then it won't enter the pending loop
     new 84ff9ea  Code formatting
     new bf45dbc  Adding close function. This is currently used by Sandesha2/C clients. However this does not include Sandesha2/C specific includes
     new 45d0879  Adding version infomation into the policy property bean
     new 288934d  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1416
     new d5aa1de  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1235
     new 0617089  Including CGI Installation instruction. Fixing issue AXIS2C-1385
     new f12d4b7  Fixing warnings for 64bit compilation
     new adac613  Fixing warnings for 64bit compilation
     new 12f984a  Fixing warnings for 64bit compilation
     new a8c4ac9  Fixing warnings for 64bit compilation
     new 9dbf9c3  Adding support for Keep Alive and http session for Axis2/C.
     new f7e64e8  Fixing warnings for 64bit compilation
     new 3807312  Fixing warnings for 64bit compilation
     new af3ac7d  Fixing compilation error on Windows.
     new 907bb93  Updating changelog
     new b5e5442  fixing compilation issue in windows
     new 7590525  Fixing windows crash due to save session + keep alive
     new e05a77d  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1325
     new 34b1918  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1413
     new e2105e6  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1366
     new fbd09b5  Adding connection to connection map is not done at response stage instead of request stage
     new 1c6031c  Fixing memory leak
     new 108693d  Fixing memory leak
     new 3ebf8b3  build_conf_ctx_with_file function bug fixed
     new 82c707d  fixing compilation issue in linux
     new 352c623  Keep alive implementation memory leak fix and removing code redundancy by abstracting into functions
     new 3d020c5  
     new 5bcef52  Fixed a seg fault by checking for operation context in case of get request
     new ff710ea  compile issue fixed on windows
     new ed24203  patch for jira 1282 applied
     new 9209ef3  Fixing memory leak
     new 4d90897  Thread specific storage implementation for unix and windows
     new f009a6a  We need to free previous request body
     new 33fe13f  axis2_msg_recv.h added new functions to set conf_ctx
     new 5d96673  
     new d9cdf3d  axis2_load_services method corrected
     new 9fae2df  compile error fixed
     new 3631294  
     new 9529a1e  I have updated the code base so that at message receiver level one can access the basic stream without going through the OM/Soap builder.
     new 66c05b9  Fixing compilation issue in windows
     new fbfd36a  tcp_receiver.c file updated
     new 456fc81  Makefiles updated
     new 326ec8d  warning in macos fixed
     new cf3acca  http_worker.c crash error fixed
     new f822259  mep uris updated
     new 3640c9b  mep checks corrected
     new 9428e5e  compile error fixed
     new 235d2e1  http_receiver new function added
     new dca9de2  
     new 69ef21f  get_epr_for_service method added
     new fd90512  
     new 56c73fc  methods added to set server ip
     new 072110f  set and get server_ip methods added
     new 90944fd  get, set server ip method added
     new 21878c3  get, set server ip methods added
     new 1491ae4  apache2_worker.c updated, crash problem fixed
     new 77a6d75  Add functionality to connect to mod_dbd in order to insert, retrieve statistical counts of service/operation access
     new d1fd20e  Adding the statistics_get_count statistics_set_count function pointers
     new 2a06b62  Adding argument to the set/get_statistics_counter function as a message context parameter
     new a016d69  
     new b07dd63  
     new 49c0bac  fixing issue AXIS2C-1422
     new 4116e2f  fixing compilation issue
     new d002618  removing unwanted -pthread options
     new d54827e  fixing issue AXIS2C-1434
     new fab987a  fixing issue AXIS2C-1438
     new f041fa5  fixing issue AXIS2C-1438
     new dafe8eb  removing unwanted version names
     new ebe3f04  compilation error fixed
     new d0bf72d  bug fixed
     new f96ec87  Adding visual studio 2008 project files
     new 0a7d8bf  
     new bd04e95  
     new 1491aba  refactoring, adding comments.
     new 84f82e0  refactoring, adding comments.
     new eb06c48  refactor + adding comments
     new 3d4b9b5  fixing the issue AXIS2C-1445
     new 3d258fd  adding comment
     new d449a63  fixing compilation issue in linux
     new 4e574f5  fixing compilation issue in linux
     new 706ba2c  added method delete_param to param container
     new 9ead934  remove_param method added
     new d837f27  remove_param method added
     new 19986a5  
     new fe78db5  Moving axis svn, part of TLP move INFRA-2441
     new 5149369  
     new f2f9a37  is_module_engaged method added
     new c34d40f  op updated
     new 0fa1e8d  typo corrected
     new 3107ad4  disengage_module method updated for svc
     new 4fafb41  
     new 109231f  
     new 057a5d6  axis2_op_disengage_module method added
     new f529840  axis2_op_disengage_module method added
     new fd76cb4  
     new d8d506e  typo corrected
     new 8297553  axis2_svc_grp_disengage_module function added
     new d2b4b6d  axis2_msg_ctx_get_doing_mtom method updated
     new be6654d  axis2_conf_disengage_module function added
     new df9d41b  raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c mep issue corrected
     new ec2eb3f  invalid url const corrected
     new c4f78cf  new param constant added
     new 545d06f  class_loader.c updated
     new 4f1379d  fixing issue AXIS2C-1433
     new 26d29e8  fixing issue AXIS2C-1422
     new 76a10f6  fixing issue 1436
     new 43d2a2c  fixing libtoolize warnings
     new a13f067  removing unwanted -lpthread
     new e57549e  removing gcc specific options from CFLAGS. Check AXIS2C-1431 for more details
     new 6662c73  changing strcasecmp to axutil_strcasecmp. Check AXIS2C-924 for more details
     new c8904d6  removing AC_PROG_CXX flags. Check AXIS2C-1427 for more details
     new 535ca1b  
     new 8d1e963  reverting patch given in axis2c-1436
     new d8f3b4e  removing comments
     new dca9f46  removing pthread options
     new 5cd6f29  fixing AXIS2C-1431;
     new 487b21c  fixing AXIS2C-1427
     new fe25bc6  removing unavailable link + some fixes for the documentations
     new cfac1be  Add modification to axis2_http_server_get_epr_for_service so that if service name is not passed it will just return the server name with ip
     new a2851d3  Upgraded the version
     new 7f2123b  Upgraded the version to 1.7.0
     new 229df2c  Upgraded the version to 1.7.0
     new b2d7855  Upgraded the version to 1.7.0
     new f5b320d  Upgraded the version to 1.7.0
     new 008af2e  Fixing documentation for issue AXIS2C-1240
     new e959583  fixing mailing address, typos and including openssl options
     new 2eca90b  updating mailing address
     new ef3a783  changing mail address, fixing release_process document
     new 7254afc  changing mailing address
     new 2046257  fixing issue AXIS2C-1240
     new 19f8924  fixing issue AXIS2C-1240
     new eb57bc3  fixing compilation issue with openssl 1.0.0 beta4
     new bef4ba6  removing hardcoded version numbers. Refer AXIS2C-1457
     new 9ae0e9d  changing version number
     new e89c944  changing version number
     new 8e7bbfb  updating release_process
     new e183697  fixing buffer overflow problem
     new cec163d  adding *.in files to fix issue AXIS2C-1457
     new beb70ea  fixed for a test case build failure
     new 81a59dc  checking error status according to AXIS2C-1362
     new a2edd36  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1441
     new 061251c  Fixing AXIS2C-1451
     new 1a83019  Fixing accedental deletion of -lpthread.
     new 149ca42  Fixing issues AXIS2C-1418 and AXIS2C-1418
     new e8305fb  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1351
     new 5435294  adding location for apache2 and apr
     new b4735d5  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1468
     new 31aca41  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1393
     new 97ed1f1  refactoring
     new 8082500  refactoring.
     new a21ea21  refactor
     new c924550  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1407
     new 1b9a4d3  refactor
     new e7e2a71  Refactor to increase performace
     new dc6abd4  refactor to improve performance
     new be208b7  refactor to improve performance
     new 037aeb2  refactor to improve performance
     new 6f6b570 modified
     new 0ed12dd  Refactor, adding comments, improving performance
     new 8476984  Fixing memory leaks
     new 904ed80  Fixing memory leaks
     new a417ebc  Fixing memory leaks
     new a45a1da  Fixing memory leaks
     new 3d741b1  Fixing invalid error loggings
     new 40bffa5  Fixing invalid error loggings
     new 1c2fa63  Adding axiom_document_build_next method
     new d8c9508  fixing testcase compilation issues
     new 420e799  Fixing memory leaks
     new 364253b  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1232
     new 6193fc2  Fixing issue AXIS2C-995
     new 694ba9e  Fixing assertion failure
     new 8e72d94  Fixing issue AXIS2C-1233
     new 72c8fd4  fixing build break in linux
     new a4cfb6c  Fixing 64bit compilation issue
     new cb2df2c  Fixing 64bit compilation issue
     new 69ad80c  Fixing 64bit compilation issue
     new 2fefb72  Fixing 64bit compilation issue
     new 600f4dd  makefile updated
     new 8a930f1  makefile updated
     new 6457471  code updated to fix crash issue
     new 0fcbd80  makefile updated
     new c91511f  makefile updated
     new 6ea11db  Should be checking first byte...not buffer pointer.
     new b6e3726  adding axiom_element_declare_namespace_assume_param_ownership method
     new 3c68fc3  
     new 4e69070  AXIS2C-1478 Changes due to port to IBM i (aka OS/400).
     new 7102403  AXIS2C-1478 Changes due to port to IBM i (aka OS/400).
     new 3ae5067  AXIS2C-1461 axutil_allocator_init(): unsafe memset() call
     new e752c1f  AXIS2C-1414 Error in length computing in util/url.c
     new bfb9476  AXIS2C-1462 axutil_log_impl_log_user() logs with AXIS2_LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG
     new 17de534  AXIS2C-1473 some leaks in thread_unix.c and thread_pool.c
     new 0aec60d  AXIS2C-1467 Dangerous macros defs in axutil_unix.h and axutil_windows.h
     new d64e82b  Minor API name correction receive to receive. kept old api for backward compatibility but removed from header file.
     new 9a100e2  AXIS2C-1426 axutil_hash_set() usage require cast (warning on AIX)
     new cb1f863  AXIS2C-1471 axiom_node_to_string() return value is not being free'ed.
     new e2d1d87  AXIS2C-1384 axutil_date_time_get_date() should be axutil_date_time_get_day()
     new 23b064c  test commit
     new 4a0c40f  minor correction
     new 9dfd7d4  op_client.c axis2_engine_receive status check added.
     new f87b81f  AXIOM_MIME_PARSER_END_OF_MIME_MAX_COUNT value increased to 1000 to allow 1000 attachments per request from previous 100.
     new a9cfc3c  Applied the patch sent by Akos Marton in axis-c-dev list, on using socklen_t * instead of int *.
     new ff2b865  msg_ctx.c corrected to handle transport url property
     new 2fafe77  error in calculating url length which was causing segfault fixed
     new b6c7667  added new constant to set must understand property
     new f0fa160  added new property to add must understand attribute to addressing headers.
     new 112982f  serialization bug in axiom fixed
     new 2312e41  Removed the error in macro AXIS2_UNZOPEN2 and warning 'unused variable ffunc'
     new d252bca  error log message changed to debug setting.
     new cf037ad  
     new ca76b1c  change version to 1.7.0
     new 5a9658d  
     new 4db63c2  
     new 6f2ff0e  
     new 6fefc6d  
     new e812b62  
     new 6ada17c  
     new 0609f18  
     new ce684c7  Fix doxygen errors
     new 591bd62  
     new 8f2ca01  Do while loop here cause problems in linux platform. So removing it.
     new 952c4dd  updated version 1.6 to 1.7
     new 941bbbf  Add sample to demonstrate the http cookie session support
     new 71a0988  
     new 155132d  Fixing memory leak in http cookie session implementation
     new 4d05e0c  
     new 28cab1b  Axis2c1470:- Applied the second modification suggested
     new d13de36  Applied change AXIS2C-1476
     new 274c8f4  Applying patch in AXIS2C-1372
     new e0ce6a4  Applied patch AXIS2C-1460
     new 383b135  Removed the unused warning
     new 9623b4d  Fixed AXIS2C-1430
     new 09273a2  Add to the api documantion to specify that copies created from hash_copy shold not be freed using axutil_hash_free. Refer AXIS2C-1446
     new 14cbcc0  Partial fix of AXIS2C-1440
     new e342b53  Please refer AXIS2C-1437
     new a727183  bug in processing empty element fixed
     new e590574  axiom building error corrected
     new a566385  building error corrected
     new 75e0cd3  
     new 0511633  building error corrected
     new a7a011c  In http 1.0 Keep-Alive false case transport sender is freed prematurely at http_transport_sender. Because of this, although soap message comes through the wire it cannot be processed.
     new 8910014  code formatting
     new 7b7a104  jira AXIS2C-1472 and jira AXIS2C-1483
     new 2f8a8e3  refer jira AXIS2C-1469
     new a0eecb0  Refer AXIS2C-1466
     new 07747e3  Removing DOS EOL encoding
     new 289a079  
     new de92a19  Patch in AXIS2C-1417 applied
     new 3acc21c  Added the simple test suite suggested in AXIS2C-1412
     new c8f8f9d  
     new 28cbbe9  refer AXIS2C-1488
     new 6ab1a28  Fixing MTOM Issue..
     new ffe02b2  makefile corrected
     new fc11c7f  build script with full options that could be useful for a dist
     new 1dff4e0  mtom with chunking issue fixed
     new 51ad877  mtom issue with chunking corrected
     new 674249f  change log files updated
     new 1f49f85  news file updated
     new a60e0e2  docs updated
     new 630772d  script updated
     new f2a261d  
     new be53b19  
     new bb19736  Adding test suite to dist build
     new 233287d  
     new 3f91d9a  archived news file updated
     new 046056b  navigation.xml file updated
     new debea74  code updated
     new 2db4a5d  
     new 82ed366  
     new 85b200c  When apache2 is installed without mod_dbd enabled and if session sample run then Apache2 seg faults. Fixed this.
     new 806f088  license added
     new 50fff83  license added
     new 93a344f  license corrected
     new c462a49  license added
     new 9dc0b15  license added
     new 6444bdd  license added
     new 343fd0e  license added
     new d52e64f  license added
     new 44f782e  license added
     new 3ed26f3  license added
     new ec8764f  license added
     new bea2ee4  license added
     new e2ef2a5  license added
     new 0cd8e73  license added
     new 78f9bda  license added
     new e2fc508  license added
     new f162371  license added
     new 54a17c7  license added
     new 32733bd  license added
     new 3c53774  license added
     new 9a68ac4  license added
     new 06f3f99  license added
     new 246f709  removing duplicated files
     new aac8430  removing duplicated files
     new cd15a51  license added
     new 1d8e6a1  license added
     new d72e115  license added
     new ca69f1c  license added
     new 11242fe  license added
     new addd603  license added
     new 19575b8  license added
     new cc005d1  license added
     new fb8e5a0  license added
     new d732ad1  license added
     new 0f23024  license added
     new f0f1b0a  license added
     new 86cdf4e  unused file removed
     new 3824ef3  license added
     new aa71514  license added
     new 5dca75e  license added
     new 155c4ec  license added
     new dd08344  license added
     new 3e65672  license added
     new 08973c7  license added
     new 54f1547  license added
     new fcfbff8  license added
     new 8002e8d  unused file removed
     new 5181bae  license added
     new 95c1a28  license added
     new 2b308a6  license added
     new 1d5ca25  license added
     new de5db95  license added
     new df5b7ca  echo off added to bat files
     new 04111dc  WSDL2C.bat file updated
     new 2c821a3  makefiles updated
     new 25a743a  makefiles updated
     new cf79ca4  makefiles corrected
     new 00b83cd  index file updated
     new 822eaea  duplicated files removed
     new bce59a3  navigation.xml file corrected
     new 512dbfb  ssl memory issue fixed, patch 1237 applied
     new 63d68e2  warning fixed
     new 7b895c2  
     new d4feb61  lists_issues.html updated
     new 059374b  axutil_property_get_scope method added
     new b41c089  Fix for jira issue 1501
     new 4c974ea  ssl_stream.c SSL_set_mode(stream_impl->ssl, SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY); added before read operation to fix the premature close error
     new 9844d82  fix to look for AXIS2C_HOME first and then at parent directory for axis2.xml
     new 5b8d77a  server code changed to look for axis2c_home first and next get the path from default location
     new 359f24b  defined constants, header length definition increase to 1024
     new 967d396  applied fix for Axis2C Jira issue 1528
     new 78589aa  applied patch with jira issue 1510. Added !defined __APPLE__ to avoid build error on macos when checking for unistd.h
     new 66ce892  Changing site links
     new 45b9e68  changing download url
     new dc23ddb  changing year
     new e722918  changing archive URL
     new 01b4bd7  Changing archive URL
     new e5e185b  changing site URLS
     new 33f00f1  Initial commit of ntlm authentication code
     new 932c0ab  Initial checkin of ntlm auth code
     new c442669  Initial checkin of ntlm auth code
     new 29d5f45  makefile and file updated to include ntlm build
     new a767d8e  compilation errors fixed on windows
     new 0080ac5  ntlm_post.c updated
     new d598329 updated
     new 4b3ada7  Updating the sample
     new 9af661b  Update samples
     new a1c8b51  update test
     new 916583b  Add flags
     new 9795799  
     new 144d629  Updating the API.
     new f5b8937  Updating the sample
     new a160c85  Adding README for the NTML client example
     new 7374591  Adding documentation for NTLM support
     new 78d6ffa  build support for libntlm
     new c41efb0  
     new add1fd8  Adding place holder files for libntlm
     new 789f8fd  vcproject updated
     new b5a7441  sender updated
     new 3f930f1  makefile updated
     new 0a7e898  
     new ceb2a29  Updating source
     new b38edb4  
     new f64e44e  compilation error fixed
     new f0f11ed  makefile updated
     new 5a65e41  ntlm code updated
     new 055e12a  ntlm_post.c file updated
     new 46f38a7  ntlm_post_with_check.c client sample updated
     new 39b7f76  makefile updated
     new 6de9f82  ntlm client project added
     new f9961b0  makefile updated
     new 059fb8a  
     new 62b848b  Improving build for NTLM
     new e103c6c  
     new 6b9c852  
     new 3debf95  
     new bea51ba  
     new 3e4913b  Fixed the build issue by removing && and moving into ifdef and ifndef statements
     new f76530c  
     new f4d9739  
     new 55503e5  Adding README to dist
     new ae2cb85  
     new 2fa6ad4  
     new 635c99f  makefile updated
     new 3a53fa0  configure file updated
     new f5d83e0 setting reverted
     new 0791767  Adding dummy impl file
     new e2ad27c  update api for NTLM
     new b178ace  makefile updated
     new 8291beb  http sender corrected to build wihtout ntlm support
     new fa3f784  makefile updated
     new 7e0af2f  download.html file updated
     new 0d7941b  http_sender.c debug messages added
     new dedb7dd  fixing the peek to support SSL by applying patch given in AXIS2C-1556.
     new f65daf1  Fixing AXIS2C-1552 with given patch. Fixes the service skeleton init with a conf
     new 3521b7a  Applied the patch given to AXIS2C-1549 that Allow shared libs to be loaded using literal filenames as well as original inferred style
     new 15d8377  disabling NTLM by default
     new 092d841  Fixing compilation issue in visual studio project
     new ac6951e  Applying patch provided for AXIS2C-1503, fixes the missing dependancies.
     new 0a23b91  added the patch gievn in AXIS2C-1439 to fix UUID when MAC addr is null
     new e24cbb0  applied date time issue fixing patch provided in AXIS2C-1500
     new e4e3dbf  applying patch AXIS2C-1522, to fix corruption
     new 9bbf26f  applied patch given in AXIS2C-1521 to fix SSL build error
     new 1e97cb3  Applied the patch provided in AXIS2C-1544 that fixes problems with shared lib
     new c907a4f  Applied patch given in AXIS2C-1557 to close the socket when in error
     new b1fb493  Fixed the source pack problem, where ntlm did not make into the source pack
     new b8e89d8  fixed build and dist scripts to use default apache2 and apr header locations
     new 0eb77fc  fixing the build issue with SSL
     new 7b09eca  Please refer to
     new 1cce098  Please refer
     new 3b28fe9  makefile updated
     new 604ad97  Some frameworks (e.g WSE) sends empty faultstring. Hence checking for empty and continue without failing.
     new 15ab556  Calling INfaultflow when received message has a fault.
     new e343191  Please refer to Fixed that problem by freeing repository listner when service load failed
     new 3a5f78a  Please refer AXIS2C-1569
     new b4857f1  patch 0001 applied from jira issue 1582
     new 94c65db  patch 0002 applied for jira issue 1582
     new f2b5d60  adding patch 0004 of jira issue 1582
     new 2b10fe7  adding patch 0004 of jira issue 1582
     new 83760d0  type fixed
     new be67ab3  fixed the ntml packaging problem for dist
     new 40b7a00  updated copyright notice
     new 32c92a1  adding script that can be used to pack the bin/src zip and tar on linux
     new 7f78419  patch applied for AXIS2C-1603
     new 0775a13  Committed patch from Alex Mantaut for issue AXIS2C-1606. Patch uses parser wrapper as it should be, build with --enable-libxml2 and --disable-guththila options on svn head. Everything compiled fine. Thanks Alex for the patch.
     new 495ed13  Applying patch for AXIS2C-1611 by Alex Mantaut. Thanks Alex ! After applying the patch, build system working fine and samples working fine.
     new 2369449  Applying patch for AXIS2C-1594. Thanks Ivan Pechorin for the patch.
     new 46fcb9c  Committing patch for AXIS2C-1597.
     new 2e7edab  svn links doc updated, added viewvc link  ( AXIS2C-1458 )
     new 42f1cb5  added path to fix compliation error when building with libxml2
     new 6f9dcc9 added to makefile to fix build errors with libxml2
     new e904f78  added to , AXIS2C-1578
     new 50a5e6b  added newlines, Fix for AXIS2C-1504
     new 95f5674  fixing issue AXIS2C-1518, content type setting corrected
     new e555021  added missing soap version setting when setting response soap envelope
     new 5c86d12  unused variables commented to fix warings with -Werror
     new 9243da7  commented variables to fix -Werror warnings
     new f56b7a5  commented unused variables to fix -Werror warnings
     new b3ffcac  unused variables commented to fix warnings with -Werror
     new 444a702  unused variables commented to fix -Werror warnings
     new d00c820  changes for issue AXIS2C-1524
     new 7f6673e  adding changes for issue AXIS2C-1524
     new 7151447  Fixed error with -Werror
     new 1d1c627  Fixed warning from -Werror
     new 3dff45b  Fixed warning with -Werror
     new ae3632f  Fixed warnings with -Werror
     new 59eedc4  Fixed warnings with -Werror
     new fce4668  Fixed warnings with -Werror
     new 1defe5a  Fixed warnings with -Werror
     new de2c7c4  Warnings fixed with -Werror
     new e4d1221  Warnings fixed with -Werror
     new 7296705  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1553
     new b93f443  Added missing setting of  service group context id
     new c43ee26  Fixed warnings with -Werror
     new a7e7b72  Fixed memory leak
     new f7def64  Applied patch AXIS2C-1526
     new 748c3ba  adding patch for Axis2C-1370 from Alex Mantaut
     new 27ef6d0  applying patch Alex Mantaut provided for 1632 to fix a memory leak
     new db04159  Readme file updated , Fixed broken links ,
     new 7a4e7f3  Replaced logs for sprintf, when log unavailable, fixes AXIS2C-1629
     new 4de9237  commting AXIS2C-1645 patch
     new 5bda65c  Fix PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG() missing macro in earlier pkg-config versions (caused configure failure on axiom) Axiom now ships with it's own pkg.m4 file in order to guarantee the minimum macros needed. Fixes issue AXIS2C-1647.
     new 6c2ce38  Fix for issue AXIS2C-1628 + test.
     new c1f2875  Fixed some mem leaks from test_xpath, in order to simplify finding mem leaks in xpath for issue AXIS2C-1650
     new 4922f2a  Modified axiom_node_detach_without_namespaces() to keep a reference to the builder if the node is the owner. Fixes AXIS2C-1650.
     new 32db86c  Modified closure of logfile to avoid in some cases closing stderr. Fixes issue AXIS2C-1655.
     new 2b5ad05  Fixes server Segfault with guththila parser. Fixes AXIS2C-1628. Thanks loentar for the patch.
     new 00d5eec  Simplify code
     new d5ed049  check pointer before free'ing
     new 68a9d66  Simplify code
     new dd8c372  Simplify/cleanup code
     new 0e102db  Simplify/cleanup code
     new 6bbcbd4  Simplify/cleanup code
     new ef13b52  Fixed Bug: AXIS2C-1677. Include the last two characters CRLF at the end of SOAP Env in Http Content-Length
     new efc955c  Fixed Bug: AXIS2C-1674. Simple HttpServer crashes when reading directories in Windows 2012 Server
     new 1756e9d  Fixed Bug: AXIS2C-1674. Simple HttpServer crashes when reading directories in Windows 2012 Server
     new 45dad29  Fixed Bug: AXIS2C-1674. Simple HttpServer crashes when reading directories in Windows 2012 Server
     new 98b8526  Fixed Bug: AXIS2C-1674. Simple HttpServer crashes when reading directories in Windows 2012 Server
     new 0c3166c  Get compatibility with anothers Web Services Frameworks, adjust payload with xmlns
     new 9905b8a  axiom_node_add_sibling function added. It can be used to generates a multipart envelop payload. Jira: AXIS2C-1687
     new cad30c0  axiom_node_add_sibling function added. It can be used to generates a multipart envelop payload. Jira: AXIS2C-1687
     new d182c6d  Replace C++-style comments with C-style comments
     new 2ca346c  Fix comment typo
     new 9388119  Optionally enable code coverage statistics
     new 51a433b  Fix WRAPPER_DIR contention between libxml2 and guththila
     new 686d1be  Add support for Google Test Framework
     new d6d4b74  Add gtest support for axiom
     new 18e8424  Switch test_om to use gtest
     new a116805  Switch test_soap to use gtest
     new 9917ee0  Switch axiom test_util to use gtest
     new 4ac967b  Switch axiom test_xpath* to use gtest
     new 212301b  Update function declaration to not conflict with C++ reserved words
     new 3a31e75  Switch guththila tests to use gtest
     new b1fae7c  Honor enable/disable-tests configure flag (neethi)
     new 564f7c2  Add gtest support to neethi build
     new 8270274  Add missing gtest makefile for neethi
     new 4a6f2c4  Convert neethi test to use gtest
     new 5fa019e  Fixes for code coverage related flags
     new abfaba4  Add missing coverage-related compiler flags (util)
     new 335280d  Add gtest support for util
     new 7ea3298  Convert all util tests to use gtest
     new c547417  Add missed Makefile for guththila
     new 8b97529  Convert core tests to use gtest
     new f4eaca6  Use helper function to add to engaged modules
     new 845e40b  Remove conflicting assertion
     new c72578b  Free log_impl on error to avoid memory leak
     new 3db7676  Fix shutdown hang on http_client test
     new cc11414  Fix guththila serialization of special chars in attr
     new e85a140  Add deserialziation test for AXIS2C-1627
     new 7ba9db8  Fix circular dependency introduced by tests for AXISC-1627
     new 5a96708  Add additional tests in guththila for AXIS2C-1627
     new 40e3bd4  Rename some vars in axiom and neethi tests for consistency
     new 0d6021b  Replace calloc with AXIS2_MALLOC in guththila tests
     new 61fa74f  Add null check in axis2_module_builder_populate_module
     new 54493e5  Apply http_transport_utils fixes from AXISC-1669
     new e24a9a7  Add configure support for AddressSanitizer
     new 86e7759  Fixes memory leaks in linked_list and link_list_test
     new 05577ea  Fix memory leaks in util tests
     new 035dbdd  Fix guththila stack issues
     new d2c933a  Improve test coverage for guththila_stack
     new ffffee0  Improve test coverage for guththila_token
     new 00b3fbf  Fix spelling errors in comments/docs
     new dd1518b  Fix memleaks in test_guththila
     new c62b4e3  Fix memleaks in test_attribute
     new 3f4c1b9  Improve tests for axiom/om
     new e7f044f  Fix memleaks in axiom/test_om
     new eeabab6  Improve axiom/test_soap tests
     new be65a78  Rename axiom_soap_fault_sub_code_get_subcode
     new b94fb9e  Explicitly return NULL on get_sub_code failure
     new 2fb6490  Improve handling of deeply-nested fault subcodes
     new cb81ab4  Fix memleaks in axiom/test_util
     new 2c740b4  Fix memleaks and double-free issues with xpath
     new efc9f41  Fix memleaks in test_xpath_streaming
     new c6a5375  Fix memleaks in tests
     new 2cdf772  Fix memleaks
     new 7349424  Fix memory leaks
     new a095e4a  Fix memleak
     new cc8d8bc  Memory and logging fixes from AXIS2C-1669
     new b3d1b09  Fix typos in https client test
     new 5abcc5e  Fix to support Apache HTTP Server 2.4
     new f70e24c  Fix ssl connect through proxy
     new bb3bf5b  More xpath memory fixes
     new 721b0ce  Fix client response status/header buffer issues
     new 9e40703  SSL connect fixes
     new b78e587  Fix memory leak in simple_reponse
     new 2a7003d  Add support for openssl 1.1.x
     new 4a1ab36  Fix memory leak in ssl connection
     new ad79d35  Fix memleak in clientapi options
     new a86bfbc  Fix assignment/equality typo in http http_client.c=
     new 7abdde9  Perform SSL hostname validation
     new 04cbb69  Fix possible null pointer dereference
     new 2eee4d2  Add SSL host validation check to X509_V_OK code path
     new 07ea39c  Don't try to add gtest sources to dist tarball
     new 0cfe04e  Fix typos in gtest makefile variables
     new cea6fe8  Add missing gtest include
     new aca29b1  Fix out-of-tree builds
     new 5921557  Fix autotools warnings about INCLUDES

The 7136 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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