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Subject svn commit: r951349 - /axis/axis2/c/core/trunk/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2010 10:13:25 GMT
Author: dimuthu
Date: Fri Jun  4 10:13:24 2010
New Revision: 951349

test commit


Modified: axis/axis2/c/core/trunk/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html
--- axis/axis2/c/core/trunk/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html (original)
+++ axis/axis2/c/core/trunk/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html Fri Jun  4 10:13:24 2010
@@ -1985,7 +1985,12 @@ release</a> and use those binaries to ge
 guide</a> on the Java tool.</p>
 <p>Before you run the tool, make sure that all the .jar library
 files that
-come with Axis2/Java are added to the CLASSPATH environment variable.</p>
+come with Axis2/Java are added to the CLASSPATH environment variable. 
+<em>Note: You can use the or WSDL2C.bat that shipped with the axis2/c binaries

+(inside the &lt;axis2_src_dir&gt;/bin/tools/wsdl2c directory) to run the tool. 
+The README comes in the directory guide you how to use that scripts.</em></p>
 <div class="subsection"><a name="17_1_Generating_Service_Skeletons"></a>
 <h3>17.1 Generating Service Skeletons</h3>
 <p>The tool can be run with the following parameters and generate

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