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From Matthew Broadhead <>
Subject Re: deleting old snapshots
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2018 13:39:54 GMT
yes i have activated the "repository-purge" consumer under Repository 
scanning -> Consumers.  maybe i also need to activate the 
"validate-checksums" consumer as that is the only one not enabled

in my snapshot repository i have the following values:
Cron Expression  0 0,30 * * * ?
Days Older  30
Retention Count  2
Delete Released Snapshots is checked

i was going to upgrade to 2.2.3 but if yours is not working either then 
there is not much point

i wonder if there is any way to trigger it from the command line?

On 19/10/2018 13:52, Stefaan Dutry wrote:
> According to my understanding it should be through the
> repository-purge consumer. (This is located under Administration >
> repository scanning > Consumers)
> Then on the repository configuration itself there are settings like
> "Delete Released Snapshots" and "retention count" and "days older"
> Unfortunately the automatic purge isn't happening on our systems either.
> (our version is 2.2.3)
> see:
> * delete released snapshots
> * repository purge by days older
> * repository purge by retention count
> * repository-purge
> But this is what's specified in the link you provided
> Regards,
> Stefaan Dutry
> Op vr 19 okt. 2018 om 13:37 schreef Jay Vyas <>:
>> Hey Matt: some of us are definetly here.  Archiva saved me when I couldn’t pay
for nexus so, I’d definetly say there are a few others in that boat.  Ufortubately nobody
has responded yet.  Next step if necessary would be filing a JIrA issue on the Apache organization
for archiva if nobody is able to help on the thread.
>>> On Oct 19, 2018, at 4:51 AM, Matthew Broadhead <>
>>> sorry to chase but is anyone still monitoring this list?  are we supposed to
move to sonatype nexus oss?  i thought apache created maven?
>>>> On 08/10/2018 20:00, Matthew Broadhead wrote:
>>>> i am using 2.2.0 and i have looked through all the settings but i don't understand
how to automatically delete old snapshots.
>>>> i followed this
but it didn't work

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