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Subject Re: Rebuilding the repository
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2016 15:28:14 GMT
Hello all,

I have now had the time to try to fix my problem.
I have stopped archiva,
then I have modified the archiva.xml to point the internal and snapshot
repositories to totally different (empty) directories.
Then I have started archiva up again.
And did a directory scan for both repositories.
However I still get lots of

    2016-10-10 17:23:48,401 [pool-6-thread-1] ERROR
[] - failed to read bundle: ed7c5e19-3418-4ab1-a810-a955469969d1:

message in the log file. And they don't stop. Archiva is writing them on
and on..

Also when browing the web UI, I get the message

    failed to retrieve item state of item

for the groupId I have snapshot versions of.

How can I get the database back into a consistent state?

Best regards

> Hi Olivier,
> only some of them were deleted.
> I will try to remove all of them and if this fixes the problem.
> Best regards
> Marco
>> Hey
>> Did  you delete all files from the repo or only few?
>> I would delete all otherwise the jackrabbit db will be really corrupted!
>> On 28 September 2016 at 20:46, <> wrote:
>>> Hi Martin,
>>> > a rescan (directories scanning action) does not help?
>>> I have done that and now the server has massive load since days (the IO
>>> connection is unfortunately very bad, so that may be the main cause).
>>> However the problems about missing bundles still persists.
>>> I have to recheck this with a new empty repository.
>>> If this doesn't help, do you have an idea on how to best recreate the
>>> repostory then?
>>> > For 2: would be great if you can create a issue in the Jira.
>>> OK, I will do that.
>>> Best regards
>>> Marco
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>> Olivier Lamy
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