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From Martin Stockhammer <>
Subject Re: Archiva to Attic? Asking contribution
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2016 19:24:13 GMT
Hi Olivier,

I like archiva, because it's simple and lightweight comparing to nexus and 
It has some advantages to the other two main repository implementations:
- You can deploy it on any application server (e.g. we use it on WebSphere)
- it does not claim to be a "multipurpose all providing" repository, it's only
 a simple maven repository with a basic set of permission roles
- it's completely open source

There are some issues that could/should be solved but I think it's ok, when 
there are no major changes the next time.
I'm willing to help (I have already sent some pull requests via github) and 
looking forward to suggestions what could be improved.

I must say, it was very easy to setup the build environment. The maven build 
and tests are working very well. And the code where I had to investigate some
issues was clear and understandable (great work!).

So if I can help, feel free to contact me. I'm subscribed to the mailing lists 



> Hi everyone,
> I'm a bit sad to say I don't have anymore a lot of time to contribute to
> the project.
> We have a very limited number of contributor.
> So we ask if you are interested to help/contribute to the project.
> Otherwise we will have to move the project to the Attic land [1]
> Let us know if you are interested!
> Cheers
> --
> Olivier Lamy on behalf of Apache Archiva PMC
> |
> [1]

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