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From Dirk Buchhorn <>
Subject Re: Strange error in 1.4-M4: repositoryId cannot be null
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 20:43:19 GMT
Hello Olivier,

today I install the current SNAPSHOT version but the error is still 
there. The fast browse view impressed me.
My focus is still on the delete functionality. I hope my explanation 
will be good enough.

I test this at work with an existing repository first but my mail is 
based on an new archiva installation with an empty repository.
I think before I clear the browser cache (at work) an artifact version 
could be deleted. But after clearing the browser cache it don't work.

- insert a new artifact (mvn release:prepare; mvn release:perform)
- do a quick search (on the first page or the upper right search field)
- the search text is shown and the first search result is displayed over 
the search text
-> bug

- delete an artifact version (the "All or no" repository is selected)
- a balloon shows the message "[version.delete.missing.repoId]"
-> I don't know if this is a bug, because the browser application maybe 
don't know this id?

- delete an artifact version (the repository that contains the artifact 
is selected)
- the program ask if I'm sure to delete the artifact -> click ok
- the server error message is displayed "repositoryId cannot be null"
-> bug not fixed for non snapshot versions (see 6th)

- delete a module works

- insert a new snapshot artifact (mvn deploy)
- delete the artifact version (the "All" repository is selected)
- a balloon shows the message "[version.delete.missing.repoId]"
-> bug?

- delete an artifact version (the snapshot repository that contains the 
artifact is selected) works
- the program ask if I'm sure to delete the artifact -> click ok
-> bug was fixed for the snapshot versions. The question is, why the 
code changes work with the M4 version. I think this is a bug in M4 too.


On 09.01.2014 23:48, Olivier Lamy wrote:
> good catch.
> I just committed the fix. (Thanks!)
> You can try snapshot build from here
>   should be part of #2218
> On 10 January 2014 06:08, Dirk Buchhorn wrote:
>> Hello,
>> we get the same error message. The problem belongs to the
>> .DefaultRepositoriesService class. In the
>> removeProjectVersion method the repositoriyId was not set. After setting
>> this id the error is away.
>> The code changes
>> Start from line 604
>>      public Boolean removeProjectVersion( String repositoryId, String
>> namespace, String projectId, String version )
>>          throws ArchivaRestServiceException
>>      {
>>          // if not a generic we can use the standard way to delete artifact
>>          if ( !VersionUtil.isGenericSnapshot( version ) )
>>          {
>>              Artifact artifact = new Artifact( namespace, projectId, version
>> );
>>             artifact.setRepositoryId( repositoryId ); // this line was
>> inserted
>>              return deleteArtifact( artifact );
>>          }
>> In the method deleteArtifact the repositoryId was read from
>> artifact.getContext(). I change this to artifact.getRepositoryId() (line
>> 711).
>> @Jeroen
>> After these changes the project can be build and only the
>> "archiva-rest-services-1.4-M4.jar" must be replaced.
>> For building the project I do the following changes in the parent pom.xml
>> file.
>> - comment the module "archiva-docs"
>> - run maven with skip tests (mvn clean package -DskipTests)
>> Kind regards
>> Dirk Buchhorn

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