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From Markus Innerebner <>
Subject Re: Question about external repositories
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 17:48:49 GMT
Hi Sasha
> to me it looks like you're client side settings are OK, it cannot even 
> find Core Maven stuff this time (so now, we're sure everthing is 
> loaded through the "mirror").
> Is the server (where Archiva runs) connected to the internet? Can you 
> use Maven from the command line there?
yes, it is connected and I can run there maven.

> You might also try a fresh install of the server, which comes with 
> defaults that allow a connection to central. So with a default Archiva 
> installation and nothing changing on the client, you should at least 
> be able to mirror core Maven artifacts.

The strange part is that downloading jars that belong to the main 
repository ( archiva is downloading, but 
the remote repositories I added are not downloaded.

It looks like there are some configuration errors, but I do not know 
which ones. Remote repository is correct,  proxy connectors are set up.

I even run everything now on an new environment (using M4). I really 
don't know what the hack I am doing wrong.

Are you using a remote repository?

cheers Markus

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