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From Sascha Vogt <>
Subject Re: Question about external repositories
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 18:08:14 GMT
Hi Markus,

to me it looks like you're client side settings are OK, it cannot even 
find Core Maven stuff this time (so now, we're sure everthing is loaded 
through the "mirror").

Is the server (where Archiva runs) connected to the internet? Can you 
use Maven from the command line there?

You might also try a fresh install of the server, which comes with 
defaults that allow a connection to central. So with a default Archiva 
installation and nothing changing on the client, you should at least be 
able to mirror core Maven artifacts.


Am 30.11.13 12:54, schrieb Markus Innerebner:
> Hi Sasha, comments are inlined/
> I added the entire log on nopaste with -X option
> see:
>> I think you should set the first mirrorOf to
>> "external:*,!apache.snapshots" otherwise the first wildcard will
>> include the second. Also I personally prefer *,!apache.snapshots as
>> I'm not sure, why one would have local file based or localhost
>> repositories and just using * is shorter / easier to understand to non
>> experienced Maven users. YMMV
> But I set external in the settings before apache.snapshot.
> Btw: my settings file is on published here:
>>> [AdminInM@ABZ01SDE test]$ mvn clean install
>> Did you try with -U ??? Otherwise Maven will not retry to download
>> from Archiva but cache the error.
> yes, but same error. Errors are in log file.
>> How does the POM look like? Is there a repository specified, which
>> holds the edu.eurac.test:test:jar:1.0 artifact? And is the correct
>> Proxy Connector added to the Archiva "internal" repository?
> yes, there is added the repository where the jars (that during building
> maven cannot find) are located with to Proxy Connector internal.
> I really do not know what I am doing wrong.
> cheers M.

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