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From Markus Innerebner <>
Subject Re: Question about external repositories
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 11:54:51 GMT
Hi Sasha, comments are inlined/

I added the entire log on nopaste with -X option

> I think you should set the first mirrorOf to 
> "external:*,!apache.snapshots" otherwise the first wildcard will 
> include the second. Also I personally prefer *,!apache.snapshots as 
> I'm not sure, why one would have local file based or localhost 
> repositories and just using * is shorter / easier to understand to non 
> experienced Maven users. YMMV

But I set external in the settings before apache.snapshot.

Btw: my settings file is on published here:

>> [AdminInM@ABZ01SDE test]$ mvn clean install
> Did you try with -U ??? Otherwise Maven will not retry to download 
> from Archiva but cache the error.
yes, but same error. Errors are in log file.

> How does the POM look like? Is there a repository specified, which 
> holds the edu.eurac.test:test:jar:1.0 artifact? And is the correct 
> Proxy Connector added to the Archiva "internal" repository?

yes, there is added the repository where the jars (that during building 
maven cannot find) are located with to Proxy Connector internal.

I really do not know what I am doing wrong.

cheers M.

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