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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Archiva 1.4-M4
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2013 07:06:18 GMT
The Apache Archiva team would like to announce the release of Archiva
1.4-M4. Archiva is available for download from the web site

Release Notes Apache Archiva 1.4-M4


[MRM-526] - cache-failure policy timeout should be easily configurable
[MRM-862] - Paginate Dependencies Page
[MRM-863] - Paginate Used By page
[MRM-1550] - scanner failed with trying to scan maven indexes
[MRM-1689] - Ability to delete a specific version of an an artifact
from the artifact screen
[MRM-1693] - exposing index downloaded from remote repositories
[MRM-1699] - Re implement remember me in new UI
[MRM-1711] - Add buttons for managing repository group as can be a
pain with long list of repositories
[MRM-1712] - Add buttons for managing proxy connectors rules as can be
a pain with long list of repositories
[MRM-1717] - open loginbox when url need authz
[MRM-1721] - Chaining user manager implementations
[MRM-1722] - Use cookie settings from redback for rememberme feature
[MRM-1723] - Provide tooltips for action icons
[MRM-1726] - merge "Artifacts" and "Artifacts Content"
[MRM-1727] - SCM Viewer info should provide a link
[MRM-1731] - Using cache to search users (and must be configurable
dynamically) on per default
[MRM-1734] - add some filtering for searching in users table
[MRM-1751] - repogroup merged index ttl configurable per repository group
[MRM-1752] - Graph visualization for dependencies
[MRM-1760] - Multiple, incompatible, log name formats

New Feature

[MRM-1707] - Allow different implementation of transfer mechanism in
the DefaultRepositoryProxyConnectors class
[MRM-1714] - using LDAP can be configurable with the ui
[MRM-1718] - ldap configuration editable with the ui.
[MRM-1732] - dynamic configuration of users cache


[MRM-1334] - problem reports appear due to relative path for Archiva repository
[MRM-1683] - Automatic generation of REST Api documentation
[MRM-1684] - feeds link behaviour seems not coherent
[MRM-1687] - artifact browser isn't sorting all items correctly.
[MRM-1692] - Archiva should allow PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer in
[MRM-1695] - Users from LDAP does not appear in User List
[MRM-1697] - Confusing behavior when session is lost
[MRM-1698] - proxy connector update are not saved
[MRM-1700] - Authentication for remote repositories doesn't work
[MRM-1701] - metadatas are not removed when a snapshot is purged
[MRM-1703] - Cannot delete project with the ui
[MRM-1705] - Feature to add custom parameters and/or headers when
requesting an external repositories
[MRM-1706] - upgrade bootstrap to 2.2.0
[MRM-1708] - When using LDAP, users can still edit their details upon login
[MRM-1709] - Default redback admin does not work anymore when using
LDAP in the new UI
[MRM-1710] - errors are not displayed in modal box when reseting password
[MRM-1713] - users list when using ldap doesn't work
[MRM-1720] - hard coded limitation of 30 for pageSize in SearchResultLimits
[MRM-1724] - Cannot manually delete artifacts via web GUI
[MRM-1725] - truncated line numbers in File Content
[MRM-1729] - add MetadataRepository#hasMetadataFacet to prevent slow
startup time
[MRM-1730] - upgrade to spring framework 3.2.0
[MRM-1736] - map roles to ldap groups
[MRM-1737] - Improve welcome page
[MRM-1739] - Document installing Archiva as a Mac OS X service with launchd
[MRM-1740] - implements LDAP user/roles creation
[MRM-1744] - updating managed repository fail to correctly update
maven index directory
[MRM-1747] - Fail to start on ibm jdk (was8)
[MRM-1748] - fail to upload supplied POM file
[MRM-1753] - Number of artifacts type is not displayed in the statistics view
[MRM-1754] - DownloadMergedIndexNonDefaultPathTest test fail
[MRM-1755] - [Patch] Activating the dependency tree tab on snapshot
artifact fails with NotSuchMethodException
[MRM-1757] - Unable to download uploaded artifact from repository


[MRM-1627] - Add documentation for Setup archiva with ldap
[MRM-1686] - stop support of struts2 webapp


[MRM-1745] - path of merged index for group configurable

Have Fun
Apache Archiva Team

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