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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Problem when Archiva cleans up snapshots of released artifacts
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 22:57:13 GMT
2013/1/22 Stallard,David <>:
> We have different repositories for snapshots and releases.  It looks
> like maybe when Archiva deletes old snapshots because a release exists,
> it leaves metadata files sitting around.  Maybe that's what is causing
> the error?
normally nope.
Did you try with a more recent version ? (1.4-Mx)
> We turned off the "delete released snapshots" option and then were able
> to upload additional snapshots, so that resolves our immediate issue.
> It just means that we will have higher disk space requirements because
> of the old snapshots which will stick around forever (our retention rule
> is to delete snapshots after 2 days, but always keep the most recent 2
> snapshots regardless of age).
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> From: Olivier Lamy []
> Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 3:30 PM
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> Subject: Re: Problem when Archiva cleans up snapshots of released
> artifacts
> 2013/1/21 Stallard,David <>:
>> We're running Archiva 1.3.5, and a few months ago we enabled the
>> repository setting which causes Archiva to delete snapshots of
>> released artifacts, which at first seemed to work fine.  We have cases
>> where snapshot builds of an artifact need to be done AFTER the
>> artifact has been released.  In these cases, maven fails to upload to
>> Archiva with either a 409 or 400 error.  This wasn't an issue until we
>> enabled the deletion of released snapshots.
>> In one example today of building a 1.1-SNAPSHOT artifact after 1.1 had
>> been released, the error was 409.  I went out to Archiva's directory
>> structure and saw that we had a 1.1-SNAPSHOT directory out there but
>> there was nothing in it except maven-metadata files.  I manually
>> deleted this directory and then did another build, and it once again
>> failed during the upload but this time with error 400.  Checking the
>> directory structure, it had once again created a 1.1-SNAPSHOT
>> directory only containing metadata files.
>> It might be unusual that we sometimes build snapshots after a version
>> has been released, but it's something that will need to continue to
>> occur.  I'm wondering if this means that we just won't be able to use
>> the "delete released snapshots" option -- I'm assuming that's the
>> source of the problem.
>> Any thoughts or suggestions on resolving this?
> A bit weird.
> As normally this option doesn't have any effect on the artifacts
> deployment parts.
> Do you deploy snapshots and release to the same repository ?
>> Thanks,
>> David
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