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From Jesse Farinacci <>
Subject Re: Archiva 1.4-M3 needs restart frequently
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 02:05:44 GMT

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 8:20 PM, Brett Porter <> wrote:
> Is 502 from Archiva itself, or a reverse proxy you have in front of it?
> Anything in the Archiva logs at that time? Perhaps you can use the "dump" function of
the service wrapper to get a thread dump that might show any information about why it doesn't

The 502 is from Archiva itself.

logs/archiva.log:2012-11-06 16:41:05,452 [qtp1145832897-27] WARN
org.apache.archiva.proxy.DefaultRepositoryProxyConnectors [] -
Transfer error from repository
"remote-repository-external-codehaus-staged" for resource
continuing to next repository. Error message: Download failure on
resource []:Failed
to transfer file:
Return code is: 502, ReasonPhrase:Bad Gateway.

So perhaps this isn't exactly an Archiva problem, however, I am pretty
sure that I had blacklisted all my remote-repository-external-* from
my com/acme/* artifacts. Is there detailed documentation, and test
cases, that this is working properly in 1.4?


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