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From Chris Mylonas <>
Subject Re: NAT question re: cloud hosting
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 02:12:17 GMT
Hi Brett,

Cool - that's good news!

Baby steps for me :)  If the machine stops for some reason, I'll just have to manually allocate
the elastic IP address again.  If there's downtime, we'll just have to wear it until we programmatically
(thru the AWS API) allocate the elasic IP to the rebooted instance.

Yes, using EBS will be my ticket for repo data.  Again, more testing.  The opencsta project
only has a few jars.
For a few other personal projects I'm working on there is a bit more of a dependency list,
which I have not used archiva for being a proxy for so not sure on the space required (javaee-api

If I can get away for the next few months of using the micro instance (minimal archiva stuff
+ no nightly builds, updates etc.) it's a good $7/month spend for getting more acquainted
with archiva.

Thank Brett

On 01/11/2011, at 12:33 PM, Brett Porter wrote:

> Yes, we do some hosted environments on there. The main thing to keep in mind is that
the IP can change if you stop it. You'll need to consider how you do DNS appropriately.
> I presume you're already versed in how to handle which repository data you will want
locally vs. EBS, etc... those choices will impact the cost quite a bit.
> - Brett
> On 01/11/2011, at 11:49 AM, Chris Mylonas wrote:
>> Hi Archiva Users,
>> I haven't used archiva for nearly 4 months due to workload and I'd like to get back
into using it to help with testing and my own project needs.
>> I initially tested an install on Rackspace Cloud which ran nicely, but the Amazon
(AWS) service provides more RAM and is cheaper (because I have a couple reserved instances)
>> Rackspace = Public IP address      vs     AWS = private IP address with NAT-ing for
a public IP address (i.e. the public address does not live on the server)
>> I will eventually (this week) test with AWS, but to expedite I ask:  does anyone
host their archiva on AWS with an elastic (public) IP?
>> Thanks
>> Chris
> --
> Brett Porter

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