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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: 100% CPU in Archiva 1.3.5
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 05:32:44 GMT
Are you able to visit the "system status" page before it becomes unresponsive and see what
is in progress, and the status of the heap?

- Brett

On 26/10/2011, at 7:48 AM, Stallard,David wrote:

> We have been running Archiva 1.3.4 for several months without issue.
> Last week, CPU usage shot up to 100% or higher...we saw it go as high as
> 300% (this is a 4-CPU host).  We were not able to tie this to any
> particular event.
> I discovered that 1.3.5 fixes a Dependency Tree issue which can cause
> high CPU usage, so yesterday we upgraded to 1.3.5.  At first the problem
> seemed resolved, but over the next 15 hours the CPU usage continued to
> increase until now we are back to having CPU usage at 100% consistently.
> When the hourly scans of internal and snapshots happen, this jumps up to
> around 200%.
> This morning Archiva became unresponsive, which is when I discovered
> that the high CPU is still an issue.  I bounced Archiva; while this made
> the system responsive again, the CPU was immediately back at 100% usage.
> The logs show no unusual activity.
> Any idea what might be happening?
> Thanks,
> David

Brett Porter

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