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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: How can I easily to deploy jar into Archiva Without Maven
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 01:48:01 GMT

On 15/09/2011, at 7:10 PM, Gang Liu wrote:

> Hi Olivier:
> Thanks for your quickly response and Sure, I will fill the issue.
> And BTW. If I want to write an upload action by myself, I have to provider all related
files, for example, the pom.xml, *.sha1, *.md5, and update Maven-metadata.xml, right?
> There's any way to make these can be done from Archiva side?

You're able to just push those files over HTTP - there's no need for another "REST" action
for that.

Archiva will generate the .sha1, .md5 and maven-metadata.xml files if you have that setting
turned on in the consumers page (create missing checksums and update metadata).

To do a generated POM more like the upload form, that's where a separate service might be
useful - though it's not very hard to come up with a generated POM file to push on your end
either - if you do an upload on the Archiva form you'll see the format it expects.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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