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From Benjamin Dreux <>
Subject Re: Acces to administration panel
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 13:40:24 GMT
Thanks for taking time to respond to my SOS message.
I tried with chrome, on this the only security option which is
offered, is use a protection against malware and phishing.
Then i tried with firefox. I did with these option activated,
-prevent when a site try to install a complementary module
-block site which a signaled as attack sites
-block sites which are signaled as fake

With chrome after i enter my credential, o don't have more options
than the option i had as guest. If i click on "login" a second time,
then a text say that I'm already logged, and all the options appears.
Then i can use the user administration option (the whole block of
option) but i can't use the option about the repositories, the link
redirect me (i can see in in the apache log, which i use as a front
end for my tomcat) to the index, which say that i'm already logged.

If i used firefox, after a successful login, all option appears
correctly, but then i can't access to the page about the repository.
There is no redirection, it look like the page load, and then nothing

Except for the apache log, i didn't see noting relevant to this situation.

Because of this i decided to use nexus instead.
But if you need it, i can respond any question about it, as long as
the project need it.

Have a good day.
2011/2/2 Brett Porter <>:
> We've had trouble tracking it down. Do you have more data for the issue?
> * What browser are you using?
> * Is Stephen's advice about the clock skew relevant to you here?
> * What security level is the browser set at? Does the user see it as an intranet site,
or an internet site?
> * Anything in the logs that seems relevant?
> * Did this happen immediately on install, or after some time using it?
> On 02/02/2011, at 2:45 AM, wrote:
>> Hi
>> I juste recently installed archiva.
>> Using my admin account, i can't do all the action i want to.
>> Exemple i can't acces "Repository group".
>> I've seen this, but there is
>> no solution for this issue.
>> Does anoy one have the same kind of issues.
>> Regards
>> --
>> Benjamin DREUX
> --
> Brett Porter

Benjamin Dreux
Chaire de logiciel libre-Finance Social et solidaire

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