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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: 100 %cpu usage
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 05:36:18 GMT

On 08/02/2011, at 11:57 PM, Benjamin Knoth wrote:

> Am 08.02.2011 12:38, schrieb Brett Porter:
>> On 08/02/2011, at 8:00 PM, Benjamin Knoth wrote:
>>> Hi Brett,
>>> this is the output.
>> Everything looks normal here - you're not running out of memory, and the scans are
>> You said the peaks coincided with the database scan in 1.3.1 - is that also the case
in 1.3.3? Do they still last 12 minutes?
> No the last output in the log file which i send you was repeated 4 times
> with a difference of +- 2 seconds. But since 5 hours it runs with 100%
> cpu usage.

Sorry, I'd like to clarify I'm understanding correctly. What I've seen is the hourly scans
completing in ~1-2 minutes (10 seconds for the repository scan, 50 seconds for the database
scan). The status panel you showed had nothing queued. However, you're still seeing continuous
100% usage of the application for over 5 hours?

How many requests is the box receiving? It doesn't appear you've got any problematic background
processing, so it might be request load.

Or is it possible that something else on the VM is constraining the resources it has? Or perhaps
forcing swap space to be used?

> It's possible that i need 2 cores of cpu or should i change the memory
> usage in archiva more than 1 GB ram. This VM have 4 GB Ram and 1 Core of
> the CPU.

1 core should be fine. The status page showed only 144M of the RAM had been allocated (and
only 48M used) out of the 991M you set aside, so that's not the issue.

The only other investigation I can think of is to do a thread dump (./bin/maestro dump). If
you are wanting to analyze it closely you could connect a profiler (like yourkit) to the running
instance as well.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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