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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Export/import of repositories?
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 02:23:13 GMT

On 12/11/2010, at 10:55 AM, Steven Siebert wrote:

>>> As far as archiva configuration goes, I really shouldn't need to do
>> anything
>>> with this since I have running instances of Archiva already, right?  Will
>>> having scanning enabled on the target instance detect the new repository
>>> structure and become a managed repository (ie start assigning users and
>> able
>>> to access it)?
>> Not quite - you'll still need to have the managed repository configuration
>> and user permissions for it established. You can copy the config snippet
>> from archiva.xml to archiva.xml - but if you're doing this regularly it'd be
>> best to help implement a migration feature for it.
> If I don't make repo configuration changes from source to destination
> (assuming they are in sync), I assume I wouldn't need to modify my
> archiva.xml file, right?  For example, if I have repos named the same on
> source and destination, importing via a file copy mechanism should work as
> long as I have scanning enabled, right?

Correct - I was just pointing out that the configuration is not within the repository itself.

> Even still, I think an import/export (and perhaps "cloning"?) migration
> feature might be helpful, so I can do everything from the web browser.
> Unlike I experience with Artifactory, where I must export to a server-local
> filesystem location, I would prefer to click export and download a
> dynamically generated zip file, and simply import on the other instance(s).

This could be possible - but worth keeping in mind the potentially large sizes involved.

>  I think an optional "export configuration" and "export users" for the
> selected repositories would complete the use cases for a migration.

Makes sense - we already have capability to export all the users.

> I'll go over my requirements once more and then submit an issue ticket and
> work on a patch.  This would be quite helpful for folks like me that have to
> work on separate enclaves (ie, government customers, banks, etc).
> What do you think?
> Thanks for all your help,
> S

Brett Porter

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