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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: How do we show more file types in the download box
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2010 22:25:13 GMT

On 16/02/2010, at 6:02 AM, Dennis Lundberg wrote:

> On 2010-02-15 01:32, Brett Porter wrote:
>> On 13/02/2010, at 10:15 AM, Dennis Lundberg wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> We have started to deploy non standard files to our Archiva. These are
>>> .exe files build by NPanday and releaselogs in text format which use
>>> .txt file extension. The releaselogs are announcements generated by the
>>> Changes Plugin.
>>> Neither of these files show up in the orange "Downloads" box in the top
>>> right corner. Is there a way to enable more file types via some
>>> configuration or does it require some programming? If it requires
>>> programming, can someone give me a hint to where in the code I should
>>> start looking?
>> Have you made sure that .exe and .txt are in the 'artifacts' list on the repository
scanning administration page, and re-scanned the repository? The download box in the current
version will take anything with the same G-A-V that is found in the database.
> No I hadn't. After adding a couple of more file name patterns under
> "artifacts" the files show up in the download box. Thanks!
> Certain file name patterns seem to give a custom label in the download
> box. A file ending in "-javadoc.jar" is not a "Jar" but rather a
> "Javadoc" in the box. Is that also configurable?
> It would be nice if our "-releaselog.txt" files would show up as
> "Releaselog" in the box.

Not at present, unfortunately it is a static member in, though the 'databaseless'
branch code has pushed that into the JSP for now. Adding system configuration to map types
and classifiers to a icon and label combination would be a welcome addition if you'd like
to file it in JIRA.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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