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From angrezy1 <>
Subject lastupdated is not showing in maven-metadata.xml
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 20:53:08 GMT

Hi all,
This is my first email sending to nabble ivy user group.
I have an issue with an artifact's maven-metadata.xml is not showing up.
Here is the environment i am working on:
Apache Archiva , Ivy, ant.

Problem: When I am Deploying artifact via the Web UI Form, I am able to see
all the attributes in maven-metadata.xml.

But when i deploy the artifact through ivy by command prompt (ant
publish-latest -Dversion=1.0.3), artifact is updating fine with latest
changes but artifact's maven-metadata.xml is missing <lastupdated> attribute
with latest time stamp.


Here is my ant publish-latest target:
<target name="publish_latest" depends="_loadantcontrib,dist" >
        <ivy:settings file="${ivy.settings.dir}/ivysettings.xml" />
        <ivy:resolve file="${ant.dir}/ivy.xml" transitive="false" />
        <ivy:findrevision organisation="${ivy.organisation}"
module="${ivy.module}" revision="latest.integration"/>
        <echo message="looking in:
        <ivy:publish resolver="ibiblio"
pubrevision="${version}" overwrite="true" update="true"/>

I sent the same message to Ivy-user group they says that "Ivy dosent/update"
any maven-metadata.xml.
Please help me on this issue, I struck at this point in process of getting
the latest artifact. 
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