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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: Roles problem in 1.1.3
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 18:35:24 GMT
On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 10:33 AM, fnord <> wrote:
> I've got new users that I've granted the "Global Repository Manager" role.
> However, when this user logs in, all they get are the "Find" options,
> "Search," "Find Artifact," and "Browse."
> The only way that I can get the "Manage" options to show up is if I make
> them a System Administrator, which I'd rather not do.
> Is there something I need to set that isn't in the GUI for this to work?

What specifically do you want the user to be able to do?  There might
be some finer-grained roles you can grant them (but they should be
there when you 'edit roles' on the user.)

We did have for someone with
the repo manager role not being able to see the upload page.  If
you're not seeing that option, then something else might be wrong.

Has the user logged out and back in since you changed their roles?
Even then, maybe the old info is cached... how long was it between
when you made the change and when they checked to see what they have
access to?


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