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From Rob ten Hove <>
Subject Any ideas? Logging user activity on repositories
Date Fri, 29 May 2009 05:20:22 GMT
Some days ago I posted a question with respect to user activity on 
repositories. Until now I did not get a single response, so allow me to 
bring this to your attention once more ;-) I also added more info to the 


Is there any way of logging user activity on repositories, i.e. artifact 
downloading/uploading? If I look at the Archiva audit log documentation 
I would say that it can handle the 'upload' part of the logging. But 
what about the 'download' part?

I connected to Archiva with Maven, HTTP wagon, using a different 
username than 'guest'. I downloaded some artifacts and looked at the 
Tomcat access log, and it contains the GET requests, but it does not 
contain the user name, although the %u (username) pattern is included in 
the log format. In the HTTP traffic I can see authentication 
information, amongst it my base64 encoded username/password. Is Archiva 
able to log this somehow, or can Tomcat do it?

I'm using:
- Archiva 1.1.2
- Maven 2.0.9
- Tomcat 5.5.26

Thanks in advance for your responses,

Rob ten Hove



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