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From Michael Hüttermann <>
Subject Re: Archiva and Maven 2.0.9, refreshing defect POM/folder
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 22:07:43 GMT
Hi Marc,

thanks for your explanation.

> from our experience I can tell you that removing corrupt artifacts from
> the
> managed repos is a common practise. Make sure to delete the entire folder
> (not just single files).

yes, I think so too .. it is a common task.

> It appears there a number of scenarios causing corrupt data either in the
> fs
> or in the Archiva db.
> If you have done this and run a repo scan, the artifact gets also removed
> from the Archiva db.
> Make sure you have enables the corresponding consumers under "Repository
> Scanning".

I followed this how-to, but unfortunately the defect foldler is still
there. :-| Pressing all those buttons does not provide a fantastic user
experience I have to say. Archiva does not provide feedback what it did
and if the scanning etc. was completed successfully.

What I did now is re-deploying the artifact/POM again manually. It works now.


Best regards

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