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From Michael Hüttermann <>
Subject Archiva and Maven 2.0.9, refreshing defect POM/folder
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 09:48:51 GMT

I use Maven 2.0.9 and Archiva 1.1.1.
In my environment the central proxy repository Archiva has a defect entry
for \internal\org\apache\maven\maven\2.0.9. After some manual and
suboptimal work there only dummy data garbage is existing in that folder. 
Actually after installing Archiva the folder was not existing at all.

OK, now I have issues with that defect entries for 2.0.9, and I removed
the whole folder \internal\org\apache\maven\maven\2.0.9 from disc. If I
trigger a "mvn install" or if I browse Archiva via web interface, I still
get and see the old and corrupt 2.0.9 version.

Now after deleting the folder I updated the database (admin:
database > update database now) and scanned my repository (admin:
repositories > scan repository now). That is obviously not enough.
Although the repository under
/archiva/repository/internal/org/apache/maven/maven does not contain the
2.0.9 folder any more, browsing Archiva still shows the corrupt folder:
/archiva/browse/org.apache.maven/maven/2.0.9 .. and even worse running
"mvn clean install" still accesses the defect 2.0.9 version.

So the question is, how can I fully and correctly refresh Archiva that it
will deliver the right 2.0.9 version for me? The correct version I see
under ?

Thank you for your time!!!

Best regards

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