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From Pankaj Tandon <>
Subject Black List at Repo Group level
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 19:17:57 GMT

Hi all,
I am playing around with Archiva with the intent of designing a strategy of
using Archiva in our corporate environment.

I would like to set up two repo groups (managed repos), one for dev and
another for prod.
Each repo group can have one or more proxy connectors to remote repos.

The idea is to have developers unrestrained access to stuff on the net. So
there will be no blacklist/whitelist set on the proxy connectors that are
associated to the dev repo group.
But the prod repo group should be restrained. So I was aiming to have
blacklist/whitelist on the proxy connectors associated to the prod repo

My question is: Why is a blacklist/whitelist  not available at managed repo
level instead of at proxy-connector level? At the proxy connector level, I
will have to repeat the BL/WL for every remote repo that the proxy connector
proxies. That doesn't smell right.

Am I missing something in the way I am laying this out?


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