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From Zach Cox <>
Subject Archiva will not stop forcing password resets!
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 15:53:52 GMT

We installed Archiva 1.1 last summer for internal project use.  When creating
every user in the system, we always uncheck the "Force User to Change
Password" checkbox in User Management, because it's incredibly annoying and
completely unnecessary for us.

However, since we installed Archiva it has forced all of our users to change
their passwords several times.  During this latest round of forced password
changes, all of the users seem to get Locked even after they successfully
change the password.  Even if I sign in as admin and unlock them, as soon as
they try to sign-in again Archiva immediately locks them and they cannot
sign in.  I'm not sure how to fix this other than to delete all of the users
and re-create them (which is just ridiculous - there has to be a better

I've seen lots of messages on the mailing list about this force password
change/locked user problem, but no one ever seems to offer any definitive
answers or workarounds.

Is there a way in Archiva 1.1 to COMPLETELY disable this forced password
changing?  Also, in Archiva 1.1 how can I ACTUALLY unlock users so they can
continue to use the system?

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