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From teacup <>
Subject Continuum and JIRA links on Other Details
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 13:03:11 GMT

Hello, all:

Whenever I browse to any of my internally-built-and-deployed artifacts and
click on '1.0-SNAPSHOT' link (or links of other listed versions), I see 'POM
Snippet', 'Other Details', and other stuff on the page.  The 'Other Details'
lists links for 'URL', 'Organization', 'Issue Tracker', and 'Continuous
Integration'.  While 'URL' and 'Organization' links work fine, the links
'Issue Tracker' (for main page of our JIRA server) and 'Continuous
Integration' (main page of our Continuum server) give me this error or

Unable to find project model for [org.myorg:myorg-common:137].

The number '137' is some other number for error on other link.  Not sure
where this number comes from.  But my main issue is why Continuum cannot
point to the corresponding server URLs configured under 'ciManagement' (for
Continuum) and 'issueManagement' (for JIRA) elements of the project's POM -
when I click those links?  I searched the Internet and found that everybody
specifies just the home page URLs of these two servers in POM.

Do I need to do something else to get it right, or is there something
missing on my part?  Thanks in advance for help.
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