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From teacup <>
Subject Managed repositories and Maven local repository
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2008 13:21:52 GMT

Hello, all:

I have been using Arhiva happily for over a year.  I have Archiva and
Contiuum both running on the same server.  But while I configured an
internal repo (under Tomcat installation -
/opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.14/data/respositories/internal) and a snapshots
directory (also under Tomcat installation -
/opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.14/data/repositories/snapshots), Continuum has its
own default local repository (/home/specialuser/.m2/repository.

Note that the user 'specialuser' owns Tomcat, Archiva, and Continuum
installations.  Anyway, so my problem is that Archiva downloads and
maintains same artifacts under its own repos (under Tomcat - see above) that
Continuum maintains under its default local repository (see above) - and
this means unnecessary duplication to me.  I mean all those huge artifact
jars are present in two places on my server.

Contiuum does not allow me (as an admin user) to change the default repo,
but Archiva does allow me to specify managed repos.  Can I update Archiva's
existing managed repos (both internal and snapshots) to point to
/home/specialuser/.m2/repository?  Because Maven does not allow any
directory names under /home/user/.m2/repository, I cannot create 'internal'
and 'snapshots' directories there and so I will have to specify the same
Maven directory for 'internal' and 'snapshots' on Archiva's Admin GUI for
managed repos.  Will that work?

Now another issue: even if I get the above setup working (and I guess it
would work just fine), now both Archiva and Continuum would be managing the
same repo (purging it, etc).  Will that be a problem?

In other words how do I eliminate the whole duplication issue?  Or is it
normal to have duplicate copies of artifacts on the same server, one each
for Archiva and Continuum?  Thanks.
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