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From "Craig A" <>
Subject Re: Getting maven_repo working with Archiva
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 18:13:12 GMT
> Copying content into 'internal' is fine, but it has to be in remote
> repository layout.  It sounds like you've copied an extra level of
> directory structure in there.

Ah, okay.

> For example, if your 3rdparty repo had 3rdparty/org/apache/struts/...
> in it, and you want to put that in 'internal', then you need to end up
> with internal/org/apache/struts, not
> internal/3rdparty/org/apache/struts.
> If you want these to be separate repositories, then move '3rdparty' up
> to be a sibling of 'internal', and configure another managed
> repository.  I recommend keeping third-party artifacts separate from
> your internally built ones.

I see - that makes sense.  Okay, I've now done so.

> Then you can configure a repository group called (for example) 'all'
> that serves both manged repos.

Sorry, what do you mean by 'repository group'?   Under administration on the
left-hand side, I don't see anything about groups, nor in the
documentation.  Just unclear what you mean by this.

So now, I have 3rdparty up so the tree is a sibling of 'internal' as you
suggested, but if I do
*http://[local url]/archiva/repository/internal/
*in a browser, this opens up fine (without being prompted for username/pw).
However, if i do
*http://[local url]/archiva/repository/3rdparty/
*i'm now prompted for username/password before it allows me to view the
contents.   So i added  "<server>" settings for the username/password on the
maven side, but it now can't seem to see any of the 3rdparty stuff.
Is there something else I need to configure?   I did look at the options I
could see and nothing related to username/password seemed to jump out at me
(including in the 'conf' directory for Archiva) to turn off the prompting
for '3rdparty' directory.

I appreciate all the help you've given so far Wendy - thanks very much!

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