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From "Brett Porter" <>
Subject Re: 502 Bad Gateway from archiva 1.1.1
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 02:17:30 GMT
2008/8/27 deckrider <>:
> Thanks for responding, your comment about archiva not responding makes
> sense, because it was only after waiting a long time that the 502 was
> finally returned.
> The conf/wrapper.conf file has not been altered as delivered from
>, but I don't see any -Xmx in it.  However I
> do see:
> # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)
> As you can see it appears to be commented out.  I'll try uncommenting it
> and making it larger.  Is there a recommended value?

That's the right way to change it.

The JVM default is usually enough - if you're seeing out of memory
with that I'd certainly like to know so we can investigate the problem
or if necedsary increase the default.

> I've lost the logs from earlier in the rush to get things working again,
> but I'll be sure to keep them if/when this happens again.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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