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From "Brett Porter" <>
Subject Re: archiva on maestro bring 409 error: Parent doesn't exist during upload of archetype
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 23:02:28 GMT
On 26/03/2008, David Delbecq <> wrote:
> Ok, i think i got misled. Does the website relates in any way
>  to Cause i downloaded on .com and it seems most recente
>  infos are on .org .... (.com is the first result on google)

This is getting offtopic for this list, but for the record...

DevZuz was acquired by Exist, so no new releases have been made
available through the DevZuz site. However, they are now available
from the Exist public repository, and will in future be announced on, and the previous DevZuz pages will be redirected there.


Brett Porter

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