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From David Schmalz <>
Subject Web Services / REST API
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 20:21:50 GMT

We just recently started to use Archiva as our Maven repository  
management tool and it fulfills already most of our requirements, so  
first thanks for providing this very useful tool.

At the moment, it looks that one area for enhancement is the  
development of a remote API to manage Archiva, for instance to create  
repositories and configure them without requiring a Web UI. As a  
second step, I would see for instance the possibility to develop Maven  
plugins to ease the management of Archiva relying on this API

My question is the following: what is the current opinion of the  
Archiva development community regarding such enhancements? Is it being  
worked on, planned but not of high priority or completely left out of  
the roadmap for a long while due to a lack of resources?

I have seen the following Wiki page about Web Services but it only  
covers repository browsing and search capabilities:

I am also wondering about a REST vs WS API, which would enable easier  
integration, for instance with non-Java applications that have limited  
(or painful...) support for WS.

Thanks for your help!

David Schmalz

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