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From Joseph Heck <>
Subject artifacts not getting indexed?
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 23:43:30 GMT

I've just started digging in to using Archiva. We've been using  
Proximity for quite a while and we're looking to upgrade/switch out,  
so I'm taking it a little slow and evaluating what's out there.

I dropped our entire artifact set into Archiva (approx 1.8GB of  
libraries, source, etc) - but afterwards I'm not able to search and  
find any of those artifacts via the searching function. In the logs, I  
can see that the repository is scanning them properly, but it just  
doesn't seem to be picking up the data from our artifacts and adding  
them to the search index.

When I started my experiments, I deployed just a few local things into  
the archiva repository, and it searched beautifully. I dumped all that  
out to test out working with the massive library set we've already  
built up - and that when the search appears to have gotten a little  

When I did the big "dump", I stopped the process altogether, deleted  
everything in the data/repository/ directory (including the .index  
directory) and loaded in the data from my original repository.

Does anyone have some suggestions on what I might be doing wrong or  
overlooking here? I can provide log snippets if that would help  
illuminate what I'm seeing...


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