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From Dietrich Schulten <>
Subject Snapshots with and without timestamps
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2008 08:50:42 GMT

Maybe there is a missing feature in archiva in the support for
timestamped snapshots, or I have missed a configuration option, or I
have found a bug in maven-ant-tasks-2.08. Well I thought I start on this
forum to find out what the problem is.

I use the maven-ant tasks together with archiva.
Version 2.0.8 deploys snapshots with timestamps. I.e. on archiva, I get
many snapshot versions listed in the Browse Repository window, in
formats such as 1.0.2-20080128.072844-1, and there is also an
1.0.2-SNAPSHOT entry which always seems to contain the latest
timestamped snapshot.
My first question is, is it supposed to be that way?

The actual layout in the archiva filesystem is 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT/...many
versions, there are no folders with timestamped names.

Now, the maven-ant dependencies task does not look for a file name with
timestamp, rather it looks for 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT, and that fails:

G:\jmplay\trunk\tools\UIDemo\build.xml:84: Unable to resolve artifact:
1) com.sic.ui:sicuicomponents:jar:1.0.2-SNAPSHOT

Obviously there is no way for the maven dependencies task to know what
the current timestamp filename might be, so I assume it would be
archiva's task to resolve the request for 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT to the latest
snapshot, maybe by always providing a copy named 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT when it
receives a new snapshot.

I noticed that maven-ant-tasks 2.0.7 did not deploy with timestamps,
they always uploaded a file named xx-SNAPSHOT, and that works with Archiva.
I've also seen that I should be able to get the same behaviour with
uniqueVersion="false" for 2.0.8, but that does not work, true or false
makes no difference, I always get timestamped versions in archiva.

I noticed that the latest timestamped snapshot is downloaded to my local
repository in .m2, but maven-dependencies does not understand that the
latest snapshot is already in the local repository, it insists on the
xx-SNAPSHOT naming.

My second question: should it be archiva's task to provide a copy of the
latest timestamped snapshot named xx-SNAPSHOT?


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