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From "Brett Porter" <>
Subject Re: Update from apache-archiva-1.0-beta-1 to apache-archiva-1.0-beta-2
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2007 01:36:24 GMT
This is a pretty straight forward thing to do - we'd welcome some smll
contribution of a doc though to make it explanatory.

It depends on what installation type you have - ie, whether you've
deployed a webapp or the standalone version.

The only thing you need to keep is the repository data directories and
configuration file (conf/ in the standalone, and/or in
~/.m2/archiva.xml). You might also retain the database and indexes to
avoid needing to regenerate them after update. These are all in the
data directory in the default standalone install.

If using the standalone, what I do is start it first time with:
$ARCHIVA_HOME/bin/macosx-universal-32/ start
By starting with the first variable, the configuration and data are
saved to the alternate path location, and then you can upgrade just by
replacing ARCHIVA_HOME without touching any data. If you're already
set up, you can move the data directory and conf/archiva.xml into a
different location and run it this way in future.

If you are using a webapp, you would have had to configure all the
locations in some way, so as long as they are outside of the webapp
directory and their configuration is retained, you simply replace the

Should anything go wrong after the update (particularly database/index
problems), you should be able to safely remove the archiva database
and the indexes. However, the users database will always need to be
retained as it contains all the login and permission information.

Hope that helps! I'll flag it, but if anyone wants to turn this into a
comprehensible doc be my guest :)


On 12/10/2007, Denis Schettl <> wrote:
> I have an apache-archiva-1.0-beta-1 - installation running. Now I want to
> upgrade to apache-archiva-1.0-beta-2 (save the complex configuration, still
> use the existing archives), but could not found any step-by-step
> documentation.
> Have somebody a good documentation for me?
> Thanks
> Denis
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