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From Matthieu Godlewski <>
Subject RE: Which maven repository manager for high availability ?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:24:00 GMT
> The chosen solution should fulfill our high availability requirement.
> The available documentation on this point is pretty poor for Archiva:
> (Confluence is down atm so I can't check, but,) What do you want to
> Past confirming that Archiva has the features you need and is stable,
> most of the work I've done with making it highly available has been
> hardware and network related.

I've got pretty poor knowledge about high availability systems so I was
wondering how this should be handled, if J2EE containers could play a
role and if there is good practices to share/replicate datas (artifacts,
metadatas, indexes, user preferences, ...?).

> As an example configuration, we have two servers running Archiva
> (actually, Maestro,) with a virtual IP device in front.  Everyone uses
> a single url that goes to the VIP, which monitors port 8080 on the
> servers to see which one is available.  Right now it's done as
> failover to a hot standby, but we eventually want it load balanced,
> and will add more repository servers as necessary.  

How do you handle repositories storage with this solution?
It's not a real issue when considering cached repository but what about
internal release (use in distributionManagement) and private

Sharing a same NFS doesn't seem a good way because it adds a possible
"point of failure" (unless setting up a high available nfs server

Not sure that rsyncing repositories partition frequently is a better

Setting every archiva instance to mirror others isn't safe either,
especially in a failover context (once artifacts are deployed in first
archiva instance, they're never replicated to others until the first
fail and it will be to late).

> We've also switched to MySQL for the user database, to take advantage
of  > its replication and admin features.

I think we will follow your advice.

> The Artifactory docs seem to be talking about having multiple
> distributed servers.   That should also work fine with Archiva, you
> could configure them to proxy requests in some hierarchy.
> In my case, all the project infrastructure is collocated, so
> distributed doesn't make sense, but it might for you.

We're in the same case now but if we succeed, this could evolve in a
multilocated structure.



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