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From "Maria Odea Ching" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Archiva 1.0 Beta 1 Release
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:51:11 GMT
Hi Everyone,

The Maven Archiva team is pleased to announce the release of Archiva 1.0Beta 1.

Archiva is a build artifact repository manager for use with build tools such
as Maven, Continuum and Ant.
It has features like repository search and browse, securing repositories,
identifying unknown artifacts and reporting of repository problems.
Aside from these, it can also act as a nearby (proxy) cache of popular
global repositories.

The latest release is now available here:

Below are the jira issues that were resolved for Archiva 1.0 Beta 1:

Release Notes - Archiva - Version 1.0-beta-1

** Sub-task
    * [MRM-275] - add "remove old snapshots" Sheduler

** Bug
    * [MRM-326] - Adding/Editing repositories doesn't have validation
    * [MRM-329] - The Reports link gives an HTTP 500
    * [MRM-347] - Undefined ${appserver.home} and ${appserver.base}
    * [MRM-373] - Unable to delete the pre-configured example network proxy
    * [MRM-425] - Search and Browse do not work for snapshots
    * [MRM-426] - Search does not work for snapshots because of different
version values in index and database when the snapshot version is unique
    * [MRM-429] - Find Artifact does not work when the applet is disabled
    * [MRM-430] - Archiva always writes to ~/.m2/archiva.xml
    * [MRM-447] - resolve jasper licensing issue by separating into a
    * [MRM-451] - regression: editing a repository on first creation of
~/.m2/archiva.xml doesn't call change listeners

** Improvement
    * [MRM-143] - improve error reporting on corrupt jars, poms, etc
    * [MRM-290] - Ability to pre-configure the Jetty port in conf/plexus.xml
    * [MRM-412] - Add support for maven1 (legacy) request to access a maven2
(default layout) repo
    * [MRM-446] - find artifact / search by checksum is not working

** New Feature
    * [MRM-294] - Repository purge feature for snapshots

The Maven Archiva team will be pushing for a 1.0 release soon.


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