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From drekka <>
Subject Giving up on Archiva
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 04:53:58 GMT

Hi all

I've now been struggling with Archiva for over two days and we are going to
drop it. All we wanted to do was:

1. Have a local company repository so that we can centrally store built
artifacts such as jars.
2. Have requests for artifacts from central automatically cached in the
repository so that when the next programmer requests it, it is downloaded
from there rather than across the net. I.e. proxying central.

Relatively speaking these should have been a piece of cake to setup. Wrong.
The first thing I tried was to setup a copy of the archiva war as per the
instructions on a number of sites. This totally failed. A core file was
missing from the war and even after I manually copied it to the un-warred
directories on the linux box, archiva still refused to boot up. Gave up on
this after a day of frustration.

Next I uploaded the archiva command line version (almost not doco'd
anywhere!). This iimediately worked and didn't have to be run in conjuction
with a web server. Much easier to setup and use. I created a company
respository and then a proxy of ibiblio which used the company repository
for storage. 

Next I started to look at how to refer to the proxy to get common stuff such
as commons-logging and log4j, etc. Here again I ran into poorly written
documentation and ended up wasting another day trying to get it to work. I
tried all sorts of configurations including adding stuff to settings.xml and
to the poms. Repositories referring to the company repository, the proxy,
mirror settings, profiles, everything I could find and all sorts of
variations on them. The only thing I could get to work was if I manually
added an artifact (junit for example) to the repository directories, I could
then see it and have the dependencies resolved and the jar downloaded rather
than from central. At no stage though, could I get the proxy functionality
to work. Accessing the proxies via the /proxy/<id> links totally failed to
resolve. No errors where logged either. The logs (now in debug) showed the
proxy code firing, failing to find the artifacts and apparently just
exiting. Not going to the company repository the proxy was pointed at or

To aggravate this further looking into the source code for archiva I found
that the proxy managers sourc code exist sin two different projects !! It's
code 's got practically zero documentation and debug which explained why
turning on debug did little in the way of helping out with diagnosing the

So basically I just don't have the time to keep trying to use this. Perhaps
in a version or two I'll take another look.


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