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From "Dirk Jablonski" <>
Subject Browsing repository (Was: Problems building Archiva)
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 17:03:54 GMT
Hi All!

My former problem with buildung just vanished by setting up my whole environment fromn scratch,
but now again I face a problem that seems to be local for me, but I'm not sure how this happens...

Archive is up and running, works fine as repository and proxy (started with built-in jetty),
but when using the browse functionality, when calling browseGroup.jsp, I get the following

/WEB-INF/jsp/browseGroup.jsp(37,6) PWC 6340: According to the TLD, rtexprvalue is true, and
deferred-value is specified for the attribute items of the tag handler org.apache.taglibs.standard.tag.rt.core.ForTokensTag,
but the argument for the setter method is not a java.lang.Object

The problem seems to be that ForTokensTag has a setItems method which takes a string param,
but while retrieving the onject from a map, it is java.lang.Object instead. Has anybody an
idea why this is happening, and maybe even why (obviously) not in all environments?

Once again, thanks in advance...

> No problems here (same configuration as you, also on Mac OS X JDK 5),  
> or on CI (Solaris x86 JDK 5).

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