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From Edwin Punzalan <>
Subject Re: Help with multiple Repositories
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2006 00:15:22 GMT
Please see my inline comments below...

I hope I am of any help,


Ryan, Scott D wrote:
> I am trying to set up a fairly complex set of repositories and am
> running into some challenges.  I think most of it is my understanding of
> the details of how Archiva is structured.  Once I get a better
> understanding I hope to help provide feedback in the user guide to help
> other users.
> So I have set up 4 managed repositories
> OpenSource
> SpecialOpenSource
> Internal
> LicensedInternal
> I have created 2 proxied repositories.
> When I run index I am able to see all the artifacts from all the managed
> repositories.  When I access the repositories using my settings.xml I am
> not able to located any of the artifacts within the managed
> repositories.  I am using http://localhost:8080/archiva/proxy as the
> repository location.  Is there something special I have to do to get it
> to download artifacts from the managed repositories.  I am getting the
> artifacts from the proxied repositories and I am assuming that those
> proxied artifacts are then stored in one of my managed repositories so I
> can run reports against them.
> 1) How do I get the managed repositories to be accessed to look for
> artifacts?  
Archiva works like an http proxy, when a mvn program requests an 
artifact from it, archiva will then try to download the artifact from 
one of the proxied repositories until it finds one.  You can't have 
archiva get artifacts unless there's a request for it.
> 2) Can I use the above URL to gain access to artifacts from all managed
> repositories or do I need to access them in some other way
There is a tab named "Browse" on the left panel which you can use to 
access proxied artifacts.
> 3) Is there a way to upload(deploy) via the proxy or through archiva to
> the managed repositories and how do I determine which repository to
> upload to
Unfortunately, not yet.
> 4) Are the artifacts downloaded from the proxied repositories stored in
> one of the managed repositories and how do I determine which managed
> repository they are stored in.
When adding a proxied repository, there is combo box in there that asks 
you to which managed repository will artifacts from this new proxied 
repository will be stored.
> I apologize if these are basic questions but I have been working with
> Archiva all weekend and am excited about the possibilities but just need
> to get some basic understanding of how it works.  I fully intend to
> document all that I learn and send it to the developers if that would be
> useful in the user guide.
> Scott D. Ryan
> Senior Java Developer/Architect
> Aurora Loan Services
> 10350 Park Meadows Drive
> Littleton, Co. 80124
> Office: (720) 945-5328
> Cell:    (303) 263-3044
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