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From Dirk Olmes <>
Subject Getting started with archiva
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 04:43:09 GMT

I wanted to take a look at archiva for some time now, finally I found
the time to do so. I did a fresh svn checkout and issued "mvn compile"
from the commandline - no success. I had to define the codehaus snapshot
repo and the apache plugin snapshot repo in my settings.xml in order to
get archiva built. Shouldn't these two repositories be listed in
archiva's toplevel pom to avoid these annoyances for normal users?

Now I'm trying to start archiva as per "Getting Started" from the
generated site. I have unpacked the plexus package, started the
bin/ and get the following error when I access the front page:

Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath.
Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK

I have taken a brief look at the and verified that the
variable TOOLS_JAR is setup correctly. Now I'm stuck.


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