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From "Ryan, Scott D" <>
Subject RE: download artefacts from managed repositories
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 18:51:55 GMT
I am having a similar issue.  I have defined several managed
repositories but the only ones that are consulted for artifacts are
those that have proxies defined.  I got around that by creating dummy
managed repositories and proxying them out to the real ones but that is
not a very secure solution.

Here are some questions that I would love to understand when setting up
my repos.

Can I push artifacts to specific managed repositories via the proxy url.
(ie. http://localhost:8080/archiva/proxy/<repoId>/)  

Can I download artifacts from only certain repositories if desired (ie.

Can I access specific repositories by name rather than all of them.
	For example I have a repository that I push artifacts to for
dev, qa, stage and prod.  When I build I want to only upload and
download to those repositories and some of my open source repos.  This
allows me to build using profiles for all of my environments without
risk of intermixing artifacts from different environments.

It would really help to clarify a set of use cases for how to set up a
group of proxied and managed repositories for a complex enterprise.
Once I understand how this all works I am more than happy to write a
section for inclusion in the user guide.

Scott D. Ryan
Senior Java Developer/Architect
Aurora Loan Services
10350 Park Meadows Drive
Littleton, Co. 80124
Office: (720) 945-5328
Cell:    (303) 263-3044

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From: Mohni, Daniel [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 9:42 AM
Subject: download artefacts from managed repositories


I was checking the daily build for archiva today and I configured
2 repositories, one proxied to ibiblio and one without proxy.

Browsing the repository I can only download artefacts from proxied
repositories. Artefacts in managed repositories are not handled.

I checked the code and found the problem in 


Only Proxied Repositories are added to the group, and therefore only
managed repositories will be searched for a requested artefact.

If I comment line 178 

// if ( !proxiedRepositories.isEmpty() )

then I can only download artefacts when I add the repoId in the url for
the download 


now all artefacts are accessible...

Is this the way it should work, or should this be changed ?

if only 1 proxied repository is defined, then the downloads will work,
because it is hendled like the default repo (Line 187-190).

-> as soon as you have more than on proxied repository (release,
   you will get problems.

If the indexer would add the repository_id to the model, the url could
be modified to contain the repo_id

now, I can have a closer look, if this is the way to go...

- Daniel

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