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From "Mohni, Daniel" <>
Subject download artefacts from managed repositories
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 15:41:31 GMT

I was checking the daily build for archiva today and I configured
2 repositories, one proxied to ibiblio and one without proxy.

Browsing the repository I can only download artefacts from proxied
repositories. Artefacts in managed repositories are not handled.

I checked the code and found the problem in 


Only Proxied Repositories are added to the group, and therefore
only managed repositories will be searched for a requested artefact.

If I comment line 178 

// if ( !proxiedRepositories.isEmpty() )

then I can only download artefacts when I add the repoId in
the url for the download 


now all artefacts are accessible...

Is this the way it should work, or should this be changed ?

if only 1 proxied repository is defined, then the downloads will
work, because it is hendled like the default repo (Line 187-190).

-> as soon as you have more than on proxied repository (release,
   you will get problems.

If the indexer would add the repository_id to the model, the url
could be modified to contain the repo_id

now, I can have a closer look, if this is the way to go...

- Daniel

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